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part 24 & 25 : Shades of Love (AR)

part 24 : 

@ sanjeevani:

Sid: anji, ridzy's engaged

Anji: what?

Sid: ridzy got engaged anji..

Anji: to whom?

Sid: to armaan

Anji : yay.. i knew it.. i knew she loves armaan..

Sid: you knew?

Anji : ofcourse.. that video.. the way they behave.. its obvious..

Sid: and you're actually happy?

Anji : ofcourse

Sid: but.. she got engaged and didn't even tell you

Anji : ya.. so?.. she'ss tell me when she returns i am sure

Sid: she will return after a few months

Anji : months?

Sid: she took a flight to australia

Anji : to australia? And she didnt even tell you

Sid: she wanted to.. but then she came to know that we were going to lonavala.. and she had to leave to australia

Anji: i knew she was intelligent..

sid: ofcourse she is..

anji : but dad's gonna get a heartattack

sid: but it's better than we getting married

anji : yup.. but there are great girls over here.. if not to ridzy, you can get married to someone else

sid: oh no.. spare me the horror..

anji : fine.. your wish.. but let me warn you.. you'll lose your heart in sanjeevani

sid: we'll see

anji : we'll surely see


Armaan got into the bed beside riddhima, and put the light off.. the bed was small enough to bring them into an awkward position, almost leaning onto one another..

After 5 hours:

Air hostress: sir,madam, we have reached australia..sir..maam

Riddhima opens her eyes and tries to adjust to the brightness, and notices armaan sleeping almost over her.. and the air hostress standing infront of them with a nervous expression on her face

Air hostress: maam.. we have reached australia

Riddhima: ya sure

Riddhima tried to wake armaan up, but he just refused to get up and this just irritated riddhima.. she wouldn't be able to get off until he moves

@ sanjeevani:

Anji : atul.. i am so happy

Anjali goes and hugs atul and atul smiles

Atul : i know

And atul walks away

Anjali : whats up with you?

Atul : no nothing.. enjoy in lonavala with sid

Anjali : that i will (thinking of dad's reaction)

Atul puts up a fake smile and turns to leave

Anjali: atul i have to tell you something

Atul : i have a patient to attend to right now anjali.. i will talk to you later

Anjali knew he was trying to get away from her.. and she thought she knew why

Anjali : atul,sid is not my boyfriend.. he is ridzy's friend

Atul stops walking and looks back at her

Atul : i know

Anjali : then what's up?

Atul : nothing anji.. good luck with life

Anjali: huh?

Atul : goodbye forever?

Anjali : where are you going?

Atul : i am going back to delhi.. to get married.. so goodbye

Anjali  didnt know why, but she felt bad, probably because she losing yet another person.. but it was not the same this time..

@ australia:

Riddhima: armaan

Armaan just turns in his sleep tightening his grip on riddhima... he was in no mood to get up.. this just made riddhima more uncomfortable, with armaan being so close to her, and the air hostress staring at them like they were murdering her family.. it couldn't have been any worse..

Air hostres: ahem ahem

Riddhima looked at the air hsotress with a helpless expression and the airhostress excused herself..

Riddhima was getting nervous as armaan was too close for comfort..

Riddhima(shouting near his ears) : armaan

Armaan got up with a jerk and grinned sheepishly when he realized the position in which they were..

Riddhima: we've reached

Armaan : really? So soon?

Riddhima: it's been 5 hours..

Armaan : it takes 5 hours to reach australia?

Riddhima: we got a late take off or something.. anyway, we need to leave now...

Armaan : oh ya sure..


part 25 :

Armaan : here we come australia

Riddhima: oh god armaan.. get the luggage off..

Armaan :i knew you can't do it.. delicate darling

Riddhima: huh? How dare you?

Armaan : move.. let me get the luggage off

Riddhima: ughh.. you..

Armaan : you can say all that later.. now move so i can get the luggage off delicate darling

Riddhima: ughh

Riddhima moves aside and armaan pats himself for irritating riddhima successfully.. they get off the jet to be received by a group of people of around armaan's age.. a few girls and a few guys

Riddhima: hey guys

Riddhima goes and hugs each of them, while armaan joins riddhima, waiting for an introduction

Riddhima: oh this is armaan, my friend from india, and armaan they are my friends from australia

Armaan (thinking) : friend from india?? I need an explanation

Armaan (putting up an artificial smile) : hey guys

Girl 1 : nice catch huh

Riddhima: i know right

And then she realized what she had just said... oops.. that was not supposed to be said..

She noticed her friends giving her a suspicious glare..  and then armaan noticed a man glaring at armaan from far away.. as soon as armaan saw him, he turned around to leave

Armaan : riddhima,can i talk to you?

Girl 2: so impatient?

Riddhima: cut it out ... anyway, good to see you all.. meet you guys later

Armaan and riddhima left in riddhima's car with her driver

Armaan : who were they?

Riddhima: they're from sanjeevani.. guess sid sent them to receive me

Armaan : and why did you tell them that i was a friend from india?

Riddhima: if they get to know, the media will get to know , if the media gets to know, then they are gonna spy on us everywhere  for juicy gossip... so play safe

Armaan : oh god.. you do so much to avoid being in the news?

Riddhima: yup.. i am not an attention seeking person

Armaan : ya right

Riddhima: it is right

Armaan : that is why you were in your dad's hospital in an air hostress's dress looking terribly out of place

Riddhima: i told you that i had escaped

Armaan : but you could have changed

Riddhima: no i couldn't

Armaan : why?

Riddhima: because i didn't have a change of clothes

Armaan : really.. and the dress you wore for the trip to lonavala and the dress you are wearing now.. it's all attention seeking

Riddhima: no it is not

Armaan : ofcourse it is.. you know how difficult it was for me to keep my eyes of you

Riddhima: ha ha ha ha

Armaan : it is not funny..

Riddhima: ofcourse it is.. you should have looked at your expressions while you were saying that

Armaan leaned onto her and was now very close to her

Armaan : is it still funny?

Riddhima: armaan....

Armaan came even closer to her and his face was inches away from hers

Armaan : is it still funny

Riddhima : armaan we...

Armaan : we what?

Riddhima: we've reached

Armaan : really? So soon?

Riddhima: yup..i live close to the airport.. it's beneficial as i travel quite often

Armaan got off the car to look at the mansion in front of him

armaan : that is your house?

Riddhima: yup.. bought it a year ago..

Armaan : it's wow..

Riddhima: thanks.. but i still like your house better

Armaan : you've seen it?

Riddhima: yup.. i had tried to apologize immediately after i called you hitler.. so i followed you to your house

Armaan : and you like it better than yours?

Riddhima: ofcourse.. it's perfect.. it's like home.. heavenly.. it feels full and comfortable.. it's not a house.. it's home.. cozy and comfortable..

Armaan : and this?

Riddhima: this house feels empty.. i mean it's a mansion with just me living in it..

Armaan : not any more

Riddhima (slightly blushing at his comment) : yup.. not anymore

@ sanjeevani:

Shashank : sid, you ready to go to lonavala?

Sid: actually sir, i have an emergency case.. i have to go back to australia immediately

Shashank : ok.. can't ignore patients..

Sid : exactly

Sid did not want her father to go to lonavala and find her missing as he will then lose the respect and trust he had for her..

Sid leaves shashank's cabin to find anjali sitting on a bench and crying?

Sid: anji ?

Anjali(sobbing): hey sid

Sid: what's wrong?

Anjali: atul is getting married

Sid: i heard.. so?

Anjali(sobbing): i dont know.. it feels like i have lost another person.. how much ever i try to be happy, i end up crying.. i dont know but i feel bad.. i feel like i have lost

Sid: there is no medicine for this disease anji

Anji : what disease?

Sid: love..

Anji : love?

Sid: yup.. these are the symptoms of love.. but unfortunately, there is no medicine for it..

Anjali: impossible

Sid: you don't control anything.. god does..

Anjali: *sigh*

Sid: you're in love ... don't let him go

Anjali: you sure?

Sid: yup anji.. trust me.. he loves you too.. i've seen it in his eyes.. go for it..

Anjali: thanks sid

Sid: anytime

Sid(thinking): two love stories found for riddhima's story... armaan-riddhima, and atul-anjali.. what next?

@ australia:

Armaan : wow.. this is nice.. you should have been an interior designer

Riddhima: ac...

Armaan (before she could complete) : no.. actually you are too many things already.. author, doctor,'s enough for 3 lifetimes.. forget this life

Riddhima: i know... but life is too short to waste..

Armaan  (grinning) : really?

Riddhima (thinking): what is he upto now? What did i say wrong? Life is too short to waste... oh no.. he did not take it that way...

Armaan (coming closer): life is too short to waste

Riddhima(steeping back) : i didn't mean it that way

Armaan (covering the gap between them) : then what did you mean?

Riddhima(nervous): uhmm.. actually..i'm sleepy.. lets talk later?

Armaan (realising that she is actually very tired): ya sure

Riddhima: oh by the way, your room is on the first floor.. towards the left

Armaan : sure.. you go i'll watch the news and come

Riddhima: sure

Armaan switched on the tv in the hall to watch the news and was surprised at was supposed to be the latest news

Channel 1:

riddhima rai, miss australia 2008 , author of many bestselling novels, back in australia..

channel 2:

most eligible bachelor 2009 with miss australia 2008

armaan (thinking) : how did they capture pictures of our flight journey?

Channel 3:

Beautiful riddhima rai finally seriously in love?

With that armaan switched off the television.. why couldn't they just leave their personal life personal?

Armaan left to his bedroom.. first floor towards the left.. that was what she had said..

Armaan entered the room

he thought he had seen riddhima sleeping on the bed in the room, but dismissed the thought as a fragment of his imagination

he went and slept on the bed, both unknown to the fact that that was not his immagination, but reality..

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