Thursday, 9 August 2018

part 26 : Shades of Love (AR)


Rahul : muskaan, you ready?

Muskaan : haan ullu ke pathe.. dikhta nahin hai kya?

Rahul : tu aek bhi sentence gussa hone ke biggar nahin bol sakti na?

Muskaan : nahin bol sakti main.. bas?

Rahul : god help you

Muskaan : god mujhe toh madad kar denga.. tujhe kaun madad karenga?

Rahul: mujhe madad karne wale bohot hain

Muskaan : whatever

Rahul : ya whatever

Rahul and muskaan went to the site, for the first part of their plan..

Rahul and muskaan behaved like they were talking to each other and bumped into nikki

Rahul : dhayan se nahin chal sakti kya

Muskaan : mein dhyaan se hi chal rahi thi.. tu dhyan se chal

Nikki : excuse me?

Muskaan : ye toh bilkul armaan sir jaisi hain na

Nikkita: armaan sir?

Rahul : Dr. armaan.. sab ke jaise ye bhi uske piche hain

Nikkita: armaan sir yahan kaam karte hain?

Muskaan : haan yahan pe doctor hain

Rahul :  unke parents ki death ke baad yahin pe kaam karte hain

Nikkita: parents ki death?

Rahul : haan unke parents ki death ho gayyi.. phir orphanage mein bada hua woh.. phir mujhe pata chala ke woh mera bhai hai.. tabse ham dono sath mein hain

Nikkita: yane billy sir ki death ho gayyi?

Rahul : tumhare papa ne hi toh mara tha unko

Nikkita:  mere papa ke baton mein aake mujhe pata hi nahin chala mein kya kar rahi thi.. issime maine aek dost kho diya

Muskaan : woh aapke dost the?

Nikkita(sobbing): bohot ache dost.. phir papa ka ghagda ho gayya.. aur papa ne armaan ko kehdia ke ye dosti sirf naam ki thi.. tab toh maine bhi papa ki batein aake apne aap ko samjha liya ke ye dosti sirf naam ki thi.. lekin abhi ahsaas ho raha hai ki shayad nahin thi ye dosti naam ki

 Rahul : waise uncle hain kidhar?

Nikkita: jail mein

Muskaan : jail?

Nikkita: haan maine papa ke against report file ki thi.. unhone mujh se kahke armaan ke company ke reports churaye the.. yeh aek crime ke act mein included hain.. toh woh jail mein hai

Muskaan : accha aek second

Muskaan drags rahul into a room

Muskaan : yaar isko kuch mat bol tuh

Rahul: kyun.. isko toh main road pe hi chodunga

Muskaan : iski zindagi ase bhi bohot kharab hain.. isse aur kharab mat kar

Rahul : muskaan tujhe koi andaza nahin hai isne armaan bhai ke saath kya kiya tha

Muskaan : lekin abhi aaj agar armaan riddhima ke saath khush hai toh woh nikki ke waje se hai

Rahul : kaise?

Muskaan : nikki ridzy se flight mein milli thi aur armaan ke bare mein kaha tha.. phir ridzy ne mujhe kaha tha ki use armaan ke bare mein jaan na hai.. aur phir woh air hostress dress wala idea bhi nikki ne hi diya tha.. woh bag bhi nikki ne hi chori kiya tha, jiske waje se ridzy ko hospital aana pada mere saath aur udhar uski mulazat armaan se hui

rahul : lein nikki ko kaise pata tha ke ridzy teri dost hain aur woh hospital jayengi agar uske paas chabi nahin hai toh

muskaan : usne ridzy ka purse churaya, aur usme mera naam tha,isiliye airport mein land hotehi usne mujhe contact kiya aur mujhe kaha use sanjeevani leke jaane ko.. kyunki armaan ko woh jaroor pasand ayengi

rahul : toh armaan riddhima ka plan nikki ka tha?

Muskaan : haan.. usse armaan ki taste pata thi.. aur use laga ki ridzy use khush rakhegi.. toh usne yeh sab kiya.. usse armaan ke bare mein acha impression diya.. uska purse chori kiya, aur usse armaan se milne ko  majhbur kiya.

Rahul : tujhe ye pata tha toh phir tune mera saath kyun diya ye plan mein

Muskaan (caught off guard) : mein.. woh..

Rahul thought he knew why muskaan supported him.. and he was happy to know that she reciprocated the same feelings for him.. cause he didn't know how,why,when,where but for some strange reason, and as strange as it may sound, he thought he was falling for her

Rahul : why did you support me?

Muksaan : woh mein

Rahul : woh tum

Muskaan : woh mein tumhare saath rehne ke liye accept kiya tha

And then she realized what she had just said.. had she indirectly told him that she loved him.. she just hoped he wouldn't get it, but she was wrong, he caught it immediately, and that was obvious, due to the involuntary smile on his face

Rahul : accha?

Muskaan : woh main

Rahul : just say it

Muskaan : woh main.. woh.. i like you

Rahul : like you? Mujhe laga you?

Muskaan :  you kya?

Rahul : you love me

Muskaan : pagal hogaye ho kya?

Rahul : haan..

Muskaan : huh?

Rahul : tumhare liye

Muskaan : mein bhi

And then she realized that she shouldn't have said that either.. why was her heart deceiving her.. why couldn't she just say no? but she knew that she had to face the truth now.. that through hatred, she had actually started loving him.. or probably it was never hatred.. it was just.. just that she was hurt.. that he was using her for a stupid plan of his.. but then she realized.. why me? There were hundreds of other people he could have chosen.. why me? Was he not being that selfish after all? Was he already in love with me when he chose me?

Muskaan : acha nikki bahar wait kar rahi hogi

Rahul : i love you.. i always did.. from the very beginning

Muskaan : nikki koh kya bolna hai abhi

Rahul : just say it and then we'll go to nikki.. just say it once

Muskaan : say what?

Rahul : you know what

Muskaan : i love you

Rahul just went forward and hugged her.. the hug lasted for a long time, and when they got out of it, they saw nikki standing at the door, with wide eyes, and her face expressing clear shock..

Nikki: you both love each other?

Rahul: ya why?

Nikki: i mean armaan's brother.. mean,stubborn,arrogant,introvert and muksaan, sweet, bubly,extrovert... you are completely different people


Morning 8 am

The alarm rings, full volume, that irritates armaan.. he had hardly got any sleep and there is another disturbance..

On the other hand, riddhima, who was right beside him, gets up and tries to switch off the alarm, that was on the other side of the bed, and is shocked to see armaan beside her, on her bed..

Riddhima(thinking): not again.. how do i wake this sleeping beauty again?

Riddhima gets up from the bed and brings a bucket of hot water and pours it all on armaan

Armaan : riddhima.. are you crazy.. is this how you wake a person up?

Riddhima: yes... specially when they are sleeping on MY bed

Armaan : this is your bed? Whatever.. you are behaving like i was sleeping with you in your bed

Riddhima: exactly

Armaan : what? No.. that was not true.. but wait.. this is first floor room towards the left

Riddhima: this is right armaan.. have you forgotten your directions?

Armaan : let me show you

They go outside the room, towards the stairs

Armaan : look this is towards the

Riddhima: right

Armaan : right?

Riddhima: ya right.. that is left.. and plus it says guest room?

Armaan : actually you're right

Riddhima: told you

Armaan : anyway, why did you wake me up at 8 am in the morning?

Riddhima: you're in australia.. so explore my world

Armaan : you get up at 8 am?

Riddhima: yup.. anyway, follow me

Armaan : where are we going?

Riddhima: hmm.. armaan.. dress up in red and black.. thats the colour code for today

Armaan : red and black.. what kind of a combination is that

Ridhima: you'll find out

Armaan still couldn't believe that riddhima made him get up at 8 am in the morning and wear a red and black shirt? What kind of a combination is that?

While armaan was still deciding what to wear, Riddhima came out in a beautiful red and black dress

riddhima: god armaan you aren't ready yet?

Armaan : god riddhima.. for you the choice is simple, but for me, i mean red and black?

Then he turned back to see what riddhima was wearing, and he was simply let amazed.. she never failed to amaze him..

Riddhima: god armaan get ready fast

Armaan : 2 minutes

Riddhima: i dont even lke to be 2 minutes late

Armaan : whatever

They headed towards another huge mansion just 2 minutes away from riddhima's mansion

Armaan : and who's house is this?

Riddhima: sid

Armaan : sid is back?

Riddhima: yup.. sanjeevani called me up and told me he is back.. his duty starts at 12.. so we're all here to give him surprise..

Armaan : and you had to include me into it?

Riddhima: ofcourse.. he wanted to meet you ever since i told him about you

Armaan and riddhima entered the house to see hundreds of people dressed in red and black.. and a christmas tree in the centre

Armaan : today is christmas? I had almost forgotten about it

Riddhima: and yes.. this is a surprise christmas party for sid

Armaan : did i ever tell you, you guys are odd.. poor sid

Riddhima: oh really? Look at that!

Armaan turned back to look at sid with a wide grin on his face looking at him and riddhima

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