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part 27: Shades of Love (AR)

Sid : hey guys.. hey ridzy.. and you are her fiance right? Armaan?

Riddhima went ahead to hug sid, and sid returned the hug, only to see a fuming armaan in front of him.. and... he decided to play a game with him.. he knew armaan loved her.. he knew she loved armaan... he knew they were engaged.. but why skip an opportunity to tease a person, whoever it may be?

Armaan moved ahead, and separated the two of them, standing in between the two of them

Armaan :hi sid.. so you are a great friend of riddhima? almost like a brother?

Sid: brother? Who's the brother here? I prefer being a great friend

Armaan : whatever... you are already a brother for her.. right riddhima

Riddhima: hmm.. guys.. i'll just come back

Armaan : where are you going?

Riddhima: sid's room

Armaan : i'll come with you

Sid: she is not a kid.. let her go alone

Armaan : well i need to freshen up..

Sid: there is a washroom towards the left over here..

Riddhima: god sid.. why are you after him

Sid tried to keep an innocent face for some time, but after one glance at armaan and riddhima's faces, and he started laughing

Riddhima: what sid? Why are you after him? And btw armaan, he is already my rakhi brother so forget the only great friend nonsense

Sid: ya look.. the bug and prominent rakhi she gave me.. to make me remember her at all times.. specially while shopping

Riddhima: and that is why i didn't dare to return to mumbai.. i'd be married to my brother

Sid: and you actually thought i'd get you married like this?

Riddhima : you never know..

Armaan : hmm.. riddhima you needed to go to sid's room right?

Riddhima:  ya..i'll be back

After riddhima left, armaan looked back at sid with an irritated expression

Armaan : what was that for?

Sid: well that is me.. Dr. armaan malik

Armaan : but you nearly killed me there

Sid: i know.. that look on your face

Armaan : whatever

Sid: anyway, saale ji, engagement mubarkho

Armaan : thanks.. but please tell me that you didn't tell anyone?

Sid: only anji

Armaan : really? That is as good as telling everyone

Sid: you really think she is that greedy armaan? She gave up her love for you for her sister.. and now i don't know what condition she is in.. i don't know if she was able to stop atul

Armaan : she loves atul

Sid: yup.. but atul is gonna get married.. god knows what will happen

Armaan : are you like some matchmaker or something?

Sid: well yes.. i specialize in it..

Armaan : anyway, how is sanjeevani?

Sid: great.. they are all dying to see riddhima..

Armaan : riddhima works over there?

Sid: used to

Armaan : before she started writing right?

Sid: nope.. before she got popular?

Armaan : i didn't follow you

Sid: the day her novel was a success and she won miss australia, people used to cut their wrists and meet with accidents just so that they can see riddhima in the hospital.. they just needed a reason to enter the hospital and see her, and if lucky, be treated by her

Armaan : that is why she was removed?

Sid: she opted out of it.. because sanjeevani became very populated and had no space to breathe.. so she opted out of it and became a full time writer

Armaan : and her dad also made her an entrepreneur now

Sid: i know.. how odd would it seem?... husband and brother working under riddhima

Armaan : you make a great person.. a great brother, a great friend, a great husband.. in the future ofcourse..

Sid : yup.. saala cum friend.. not a bad combination..

Armaan : you mean to be saala.. you make me feel married

Sid: its just a question of time isn't  it?

Armaan : i don't knw.. but riddhima doesn't seem keen to get married

Sid: she obviously wants to get married.. but isn't it too soon? Her engagement broke 2 months ago.. she got engaged twice in a span of 6 months.. it's happening a bit too fast.. like for how long have you known each other before you got engaged?

Armaan :  a week?

Sid:  a week. And you expect her to make a life changing decision in a week? The same girl to took 15 minutes to decide whether to accept my help or not, even when she was stuck in the worst of circumstances and had practically no other option?

Armaan : i guess you are right

Sid: i am the love guru after all

Armaan : really love guru?

Sid:yup.. and before you ask me, the next step for you would be to take her out for dinner or a movie or something.. or it would get boring you know

Armaan : dinner? I'd rather take her... to a beach.. followed by a game of ... hmm.. say..

Sid: basket ball

Armaan : basket ball?

Sid: yup.. trust me she'll love it.. she loves basket ball..

Armaan : thanks love guru

Sid: well just because you are such a great friend of mine, let me tell you, whatever you do, don't wear white when you go out with riddhima

Armaan : why?

Sid(smiling): you'll come to know

@ sanjeevani

Anjali ran outside the hospital, and drove to atul's house, where she spotted atul packing his bags up

Anjali: atul please can you listen to me once

Atul : sure.. it's gonna be for the last time anyway

Anjali: why are you getting married?

Atul : for my parents.. they want to see me happily married and settled

Anjali: will you be "happily"  married?

Atul : ofcourse i am getting married to the love of my life afterall

Anjali: you love someone

Atul : yes

Anjali : who is she?

Atul : you know her very well

Anjali: i know her?

Atul : very well

Anjali: who do i know? Riddhima, muskaan.. no please tell me it is not muskaan

Atul : muskaan is like my sister.. there is someone you are missing

Anjali: nikki?

Atul : nikki won't get married any time soon anji

Anjali: and why?

Atul : because she has a designer contract for 3 years and she is expected to be present everyday.. she won't be able to take marriage leave and all

Anjali: so who in the world is it atul?

Atul : guess

Anjali: ENOUGH.. enough of this guessing game.. dont test my patience.. if you dont tell me the name in the next 15 seconds.. i guess i am gonna kill someone


@ muskaan-rahul

Muskaan : rahul yaar.. nikki ke liye bhura lag raha hai mujhe.. ye sab i mean

Rahul : isne armaan ka bhura haal kar diya tha.. armaan ne 3-4 saal tak kisi ladki se baat tak nahin ki.. lekin riddhima.. pata nahin kya hua use, jo usne riddhima se 6-7 ghante tak non-stop baat ki aur uska pura past bata diya

Muskaan : kya past?

Rahul : usne riddhima ko bata diya ke woh orphanage mein bada hua.. ke woh aek millionaire hain.. tamanna ne uske waje se hospital chod dia.. nikki ke bare mein.. sab kuch

Muskaan : toh usme bhura kya hain.. riddhima ne bhi sab bataya hoga

Rahul : kya bataya usne?

Muskaan : vivek ke baare mein.. sid ke baare main.. australia mein internship.. phir usne writer kyun bana.. pura bataya hoga na usne bhi..

Rahul : ye vivek kaun hai?

Muskaan : riddhima ka mangetar tha

Rahul's face turned pale and he froze at his spot as soon as she said that

Rahul : vivek khanna?

Muskaan : haan kyon?

Rahul : woh.. vivek ki mangetar thi?

Muskaan : haan kyon?

Rahul : vivek armaan ka jaani dushman hai.. aur mera bhai.. uske dushman ke girlfriend se pyaar karrta hain toh unke rishte mein toh problems aana confirmed hain

Rahul (changing the topic):waise, tumhari internship kab khatam ho rahi hain?

Muskaan : 3 saal kyon?

Rahul : shaadi ki date fix karni thi..

Muskaan : shaadi.. rahul.. maine tumhe bataya nahin, ke mein engaged hoon?

Rahul : engagement todna kya bada kaan hai?

Muskaan : rahul mein mere parents se iske baare mein baat nahin kar sakti

Rahul : toh bhai karenga.. waise bhi imagine kar.. tuh aur riddhima same ghar mein

Muskaan smiled at that thought

Muskaan : maza ayenga

@ abhi-nikki

Abhi : nikki listen to me for heaven sake

Nikki : what? Didn't you throw me out of the house yesterday when i was drunk

Abhi : ya and you would have shouted at me if i hadn't.. what would i have done?

Nikki : whatever.. but how can you leave me alone like that?

Abhi : so why do you get drunk?

Nikki: cause that is the only time i spend with you.. when i am drunk and you come home immediately to take care of me.. if i wasn't drunk, you wouldn't have come back from sanjeevani at all

Abhi :dont tell me that is why you drink?

Nikki : ofcourse

Abhi : well you could have told me instead of becoming an alcoholic?

Nikki : tell you what? To leave your work and come home because i want to spend time with you? Would you have come?

Abhi : but you said something abut armaan last night

Nikki : that is why you threw me out? Because i said something about armaan?

Abhi : i thought you and he..

Nikki : he is engaged to riddhima abhi

Abhi : riddhima..? gosh some people are just genuinely lucky

Nikki : what did you just say?

Abhi : armaan is lucky to get someone like riddhima..

Nikki : really? And you aren't?

Abhi : ofcourse i am.. but promise never to get drunk again

Nikki : if you promise to spend more time with me

Abhi : deal

Nikki : deal

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