Sunday, 12 August 2018

part 29: Shades of Love (AR)

@ australia

Armaan: riddhima.. answer me for heaven sake! What's wrong?

Riddhima came out of her shock hearing armaan scream at her

Riddhima: huh what?

Armaan : i have been asking you what has happened for the past half an hour, and incase you have not noticed, it is closing time for this beach and we need to leave

Riddhima: drop me home armaan

Armaan : huh?

Riddhima: drop me home

Armaan : what's wrong with you? Incase you have forgotten, we are staying at the same place.. obviously i have to drop you home?

Riddhima: oh ya.. sorry i forgot

Armaan : you are scaring me to death now.. what happened?

Riddhima: divorce

Armaan : whose?

Riddhima: mom-dad are going for a divorce because i got engaged to you without telling them and left for australia.. there was a big misunderstanding

Armaan : so what do you want to do?

Riddhima: anjali told me that i have only 2 options...

Armaan : and what are they?

Riddhima: chose one of them or

Armaan : or...?

Riddhima: armaan lets go home

Armaan : or what riddhima?

Riddhima: armaan we'll talk later. Let's go home now

Armaan : it is the question of life and death now.. OR what?


@ sanjeevani

Muskaan and atul walk upto anjali, who is still in a state of shock, unable to comprehend anything

Atul : kya hua anjali

Muskaan : anjali.. kya hua?

Anjali : divorce.. main atul se shadi nahin kar sakti... ridzy  armaan ke sath engagement ke baad australia chale gayyi..


Anjali : woh toh bohot pehle ho gayyi

Atul: maine kya kiya? Tum mujhse shaadi kyon nahin kar sakti?

Anjali : main tumse shaadi kar sakti hoon.. lekin abhi nahin.. baadme

Muskaan : woh sab chod.. riddhima ki engagement ho gayyi aur usne humein bataya tak nahin?

Muskaan was about to call riddhima up on her cellphone when anjali interupted her

Anjali : usse kuch mat bol.. waise bhi abhi usko armaan aur mom-dad ke beech mein phasla karna hain.. use abhi kuch mat bol

Muskaan : lekin woh aise kaise kar sakti hain?  main riddhima ko iske liye kabhi  maaf nahin kar sakti.. meri uski dosti khatam

Anjali : muskaan riddhima india aa rahi hai.. use aek mauka de apne aap ko explain karne ka

Muskaan : sirf aek mauqa

Atul : lekin tumne aisa kyon kiya? Puri shaadi ki tayari ke baad?

Anjali : listen to me once and for all.. riddhima and me will not change our decisions.. what we have done is right.. now instead of scolding us for what was our past, tell us what to do for heaven sake

Atul : abb jab tumne sabhi rishte todd diye, main kyon bolun kuch bhi? Good bye anjali


Atul : kya hua abb?

Anjali : fine i am ready to get married to you happy?

Atul : very

@ home

Anjali reaches home in order to convince hwe dad and mom once

Anjali : dad i am ready to get married

Shashank : and why would i be bothered?

Anjali : dad for god's sake be calm and listen to me once

Shashank : why should i when i don't have any right over you anymore?

Anjali : dad you are impossible

Shashank : too bad

Anjali : for you

Shashank:  for you.. anyway good bye

Anjali : good bye dad

Shashank : and say goodbye to riddhima too

Anjali : we'll see

Shashank : we'll see


Armaan and riddhima left the moment she said that.. they had a silent ride back home and went directly into their respective rooms without saying anything to each other.. armaan had completely left it to riddhima.. it was her decision and he would accept anything she decides to do, as it was about her life and her future after all..

On the other hand, riddhima didn't know what had gone wrong in the past week.. one week back, her life was perfect in australia, and today, she had got engaged, ran away to australia, and had to decide between 3 very important people in her life... but she knew one thing.. this decision could change her life.. she knew leaving armaan wouldn't be the wisest thing to do.. as he was nowhere involved in this.. it wasn't his fault at all.. it was their combined decision to ge engaged and come to australia.. and he certainly didn't deserve this.. and she knew one more thing.. that none of them would ever be able to forget each other or fall in love again..

Riddhima had passed a sleepless night that night, and at 5 o'clock, next morning, her phone rang again, and to her horror, it was anjali's call.. she would have loved  if anjali had called otherwise, but in the situation they were in right now, it was the last thing she wanted.. but she knew that anjali was nowhere in fault too.. why was she suffering.. it was between mom and dad afterall, and she was the person who was responsible for it.. why was she being affected so much..and why in the world wasn't anjali mad at her?

Her chain of thoughts were broken as she heard the ringtone of her phone get louder with time.. she finally answered the phone and knew that the next 5 minutes, what she had decided to do now were gonna make or break her life

Riddhima: hi anjali

Anjali : ridzy.. you know why i have called

Riddhima: yes di

Anjali : so what is your decision?

Riddhima: di i cannot leave armaan

Anji : so mom or dad?

Riddhima: i dont know.. but i cannot leave armaan

Anji : you know my decision don't you ridzy?

Riddhima: mom right?

Anji ; you guessed it right.. now i am waiting for your decision.. the court proceedings start in 2 hours.. we need your decision right now

Riddhima: i love both of them di

Anji : you know you have to decide.. so you'd rather tell me

Riddhima: mom

Anji : gosh ridzy.. i am so happy

Riddhima: i can't leave you di.. having one person out of my life is better than having 2 out of my life

Anji : i love you so much

Riddhima: i know

Anji : huh?

Riddhima: i mean i love you too

Anji : btw, i am getting married to atul.. so come back in time for the wedding atleast

Riddhima: really? I am so happy.. atul is a great person..

Anji : i know

Riddhima: dont worry.. i'll be there.. anyway gotto check on armaan and tell him about my decision.. talk to you later

Anji : ya sure.. bye

Riddhima: bye

Riddhima left her room to enter the guest room where armaan was staying and was horrified by what she saw

riddhima: armaan

armaan who was in the balcony ran out as soon as he heard riddhima screaming..

riddhima: armaan , what the heck is this.. i mean look at the condition of the room.. you dont even know how to keep your room clean and maintain cleanliness .. seriously.. i dont even feel like stepping into you room.. it is disgusting.. seriously.. you've stayed here for 2 days and have converted it into a garbage can.. how can you be so unclean and unhygienic.. i wonder how i am gonna adjust with this for the rest of my life.. it's just eww..


riddhima: you are a limit armaan.. how dare you say something like that.. i mean look at the condition your room.. it's the messiest room i have ever seen i my life.. please clean it up

armaan  just looked at her in amazement.. but she went on and on and on.. how in the world could someone speak so much ? but he needed to shut her up immediately or she would surely amke it into the book of world records..

he knew how to stop her.. oh yes he did.. he took a shirt he had worn yesterday and threw it onto her

riddhima: armaan i am gonna kill you.. how dare you throw this stupid shirt of yours onto me.. i wonder how i am gonna tolerate you all my life

armaan was thinking of what to say to her, when he realised the meaning of what she had said.. " all my life", did that mean that she had a made a decision in favour of him ?

armaan : all your life?

Riddhima : yes armaan i can't leave you.. i can't live without you..

Armaan : but riddhima, are you sure

Riddhima: i've never been more sure in my life

Armaan : i love you

Riddhima: i love you too

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