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part 3 : Frozen (AR mini ff)


"Ridz..Riiidz..Where are you? Ridzyyy...Oh God!!! Where the hell is this girl? Don't know what's wrong with her. She has been so lost and aloof ever since she has got back from Mumbai..wonder if something happened there. I really hope she is happy about this marriage and has not agreed for it under any pressure. But what could be the pressure?? Mum dad just suggested for this rishta, never did they force he into agreeing. But they did look really keen for it to happen and my little innocent sister can never so NO to mum dad. Is this why she agreed or is really happy about it all??? Hmmmm..kuch to gadbad hai..Pata lagana padega" Anjali searched the entire house for Riddhima muttering to herself, trying every permutation and combination to find out the reason behind Riddhima's aloofness.

Anjali is 6 years elder to Riddhima. She is married to Atul Joshi, a software engineer in Bangalore. They have been married since last 5 years and are blessed with a beautiful 4 years old baby girl named Prachi. They had fallen in love at the very first sight. Atul is a very balanced person with his head screwed on tight. Both Anjali and Atul love Riddhima like their own kid. They don't consider a difference between Riddhima and Prachi. But Riddhima's nature to take all the problems and blames on her head has made Anjali protective about her. One thing that Anjali can't stand is her little sister getting hurt. She loves her way too much.

Riddhima has always shared her problems with Anjali no matter how trivial they are. And that's what is disturbing Anjali all the more. Her little sister, who used to run to her even if her doll used to break, is just not the same. Anjali is getting convinced that there is definitely something that has been bothering Riddhima but she is holding back for some reason. She has to get to the core of it now and the beginning would be Mumbai as she is pretty sure that Mumbai has something to do with Riddhima's current behavior. With a determined look on her face she turned towards backyard, the last destination of her search for Riddhima. And BINGO !!!!! There she is, sitting on the swing and lost in her own thought just like she has been since last two weeks.

"Abhi tak to shaadi bhi nahi hui aur abhi se hi apne hone wale pati ke khayalon mein itni khoi hui hai ki meri aawaz bhi sunai nahi de rahi" Anjali faked a hurt look on her face and burst out laughing a few seconds later. Riddhima just gave a sad smile and resumed her thinking mode, acutely aware of Anjali's gaze on her. "Why can't you smile for a change??? Try karke dekh, it's not that tough". Riddhima's eyes shot up to look at Anjali as she remembered saying the same line to Armaan on the day when they actually became friends.

Riddhima tried hard to control the tears welling up in her eyes but Anjali was quick to notice every little change on her face. This strengthen her belief that Riddhima is definitely hiding something but kept mum as she knew this was not the right time. She has to get to the bottom of this before confronting Riddhima. Somewhere she was hurt thinking that for the very first time her little sister is not confiding in her. While on the other side Riddhima was also feeling guilty for not entrusting her sister with her problems but she didn't know whether Anjali knew the truth about her adoption or not and if she doesn't then how will she react after learning the truth. Not that she ever doubted her sister's love but she hasn't reconciled with the truth herself. She knows that even if Anjali got to know about her adoption, she will love her just as much but she didn't want to put her sister to the emotional turmoil that she is going through.

Things were much better until the truth was revealed to her. She wishes she hadn't toppled over the adoption deed when she visited her parents on her trip to Delhi for a conference. The same evening her parents proposed her to get married to Siddhant and herself being in such emotionally disturbed state she said yes without giving it much thought as she didn't want to take away her parents happiness after all what they have done for her.

Everything in her life changed after that fateful day. She came back to Mumbai the next morning and resigned from Creative advertising the very same day. Not to give Armaan the chance to meet her, she immediately wrote that letter to him and left it at his place. The only person she confided in was Muskaan as she couldn't hold on to her emotions for any longer and broke down as soon as she saw her. Muskaan tried to explain her that what she is doing is not right and she should talk to her parents. But Riddhima had made up her mind till then and took a promise from Muskaan to not tell anybody the truth about her and also the fact that her parents have completed all the formalities to shift to Bangalore and will be moving out of their Delhi home the same evening.

After packing all her stuff she flew to Bangalore as per decided between her and her parents since Siddhant and his family are also from the same place and it would easier to hold ceremonies for the wedding. Now, sitting here all she can think is that she is headed up a road where there would be nothing but despair and heartache by a shattered dream.


"Be ready by 10, will pick you up from your place" Riddhima smile on reading the message. "Don't know what he is upto now" she muttered to herself sleepily. She always wondered how much he has changed in last 1 year. Gone were the angry you man expressions. One would always find him smiling now, showing off the cutest dimples she had ever seen. He would pamper her like a princess and take care of her like a baby. She felt on top of the world when he showers her with love. Sometimes she asks herself "Is he the same Armaan I knew about a year ago?" Smiling at her thoughts, she looked at the watch with crooked eyes and jumped out of bed in a split second. It was 9.30 already and Armaan would be outside her building sharp at 10 and would deafen the entire building with continues honking.

She rushed to take a shower and came out of washroom after 25 minutes completely dresses. But as soon as she came out, a hand covered her mouth from behind and she was pinned to wall. Scared out of her wits, she closed her eyes tightly but relaxed the next moment when the other person kissed her forehead. She opened her eyes to find Armaan looking at her with all the love in his eyes. "You look beautiful" he whispered near her lips. Riddhima blushed and looked down as she couldn't hold his passionate gaze.

The next moment everything went blur and she found herself clinging to Armaan for support. He kissed her with fervor and the intensity rose when he found her reciprocating the kiss with equal passion. He held her from her waist to support her and she ruffled his hair with one hand and pulled him closer with the other. They broke the kiss when they both couldn't hold on to their breaths for any longer. Both were left breathless. They joined their foreheads and closed their eyes to savor the beautiful moment they just shared.

But Armaan was shocked as Riddhima pushed him away after a few minutes "You scared the shit out of me. Don't you dare do that ever again. And what the hell are you doing here. Heck, how did you get in?" she shouted at him angrily for scaring her a while ago. He suddenly pulled her closer to stop her complaints and it did, just as he had expected. He gave her his characteristic smile and she got really confused but got suspicious the next moment thinking he is definitely upto to something. But before she could say anything, Armaan said "stop racking that tiny brain of your Riddhima and pack your clothes for 2 days."

Riddhima was completely lost as to what he is saying. Pack your clothes????She didn't understand and gave him a blank look. "Oh god!!! How much do you think Riddhima? Pehle hi chota sa dimag hai tumahare pass, itna sochogi to khatam ho jaega." He said cheekily and got his punishment as soon as he uttered those words. Riddhima punched him hard on his arm and pushed him away. He fell on bed laughing his head off seeing her angry face. He stopped after sometime on noticing her irritated look. "Ok baba sorry, I was just kidding. But seriously pack your stuff for two days and please hurry up. We are late already". Curiosity got the better of her and she asked curiously "are we going on holiday?" Armaan smiled looking at her childlike curious face on learning about a holiday. Kissing her cheek he said "Yes princess. We are going on a holiday. Just you and me". Riddhima squealed in delighted and hugged him tightly "kaha ja rahe hai hum Armaan batao na". Armaan laughed seeing her how easy it is to make her happy and how even smallest of things can get her all excited and hyper.

Well, this what he loved about her the most. Her bubbly and full of life attitude was what had attracted him to her in the first place. "Armaan!!! Batao na please. I really want to know. Please batao na" she shook him when she noticed him gazing at her with lost expression. "That's a surprise. Now would please mind packing up fast or you plan to stay in the same clothes for next two day?? Not that I mind but you stink pretty much waise hi so if you wouldn't take a shower for two days, I am sure to faint due to lack of fresh oxygen." Saying this he made a run for his life as he was sure Riddhima would kill him if he stays infront of her for a moment longer. "You jerk, you moron, you chipmunk. I am not going to leave you. How dare you say that? ARMAAN MALLIK YOU ARE DEAD" she ran after him calling him names until he ran out of the apartment asking her to come down soon.

"I am sorry yaar. I swear I was just kidding. Please baat karo na". Armaan pleaded to get her to talk to him. It's been an hour almost since they left Riddhima's apartment but she wasn't talking to him. Hell! She wasn't even looking at him and he was trying his best to cajole her in everyway possible but nothing seems to be working this time.

While on other hand, Riddhima was enjoying every bit of the attention she was getting. She wasn't angry in the least. She knew he was just joking but she loved it when he manofy her. Armaan was getting restless by the minute and just wanted her to speak to him. Suddenly a plan struck Armaan's mind and he gave a naughty smile to himself. He slowed down the car and suddenly and stopped it at the side of the road. Riddhima turned towards him and looked at him questioningly but he didn't say anything and just kept looking ahead.

After a couple of minutes Riddhima asked "why have you stopped the car? Don't tell me that we are going to spend two days sitting in a car parked at the side of a highway" Armaan patted himself mentally. He knew how eager she would be reach where they were going and that's exactly why he stopped the car. "Until and unless you talk to me, I won't drive further" "Stop behaving like a child Armaan and drive" she saw her plan to trouble him failing plus she really wanted to know where they were headed. So if Armaan wouldn't drive they are sure to reach late.

She felt helpless and thought to give in. All this while Armaan was observing her expressions and knew what she was thinking. He was sure he had won this round and was counting back from 5. And as soon as he reached 1, she spoke "Ok fine I am talking to you and am not angry. Happy now??" He giggled and hugged her looking at her cute face. She knew he knew what she was thinking and smiled at his antics to get her to speak to him again. Finally Armaan resumed their journey happily with both of them again bantering and pulling each other's leg.


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