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Part 3: Love Endures All

He Lean on You…Only You..!!


Nikki Was Driving when she look at ridhima stopping on one of the 3 way road. One side she have stopped and other two side one on right leading to Ridhima’s House while on the left leading to Armaan’s house. The Silent Question was answered with one simple line “U know it, where to Nikki.”
Nodding silently Nikki took the right decision by taking the Left Turn. Parking the Car They moved down walking up to the Entrance Door. “Ridhima yahan ki Keys, Vo toh....” she left the sentence in the middle when she saw ridhima taking out a key out from her hand bag. Looking at Nikki ridhima tried to justify “Vo armaan ne mujhe keys…” but was cut by Nikki in mid “It’s okay ridhima you
don’t need to give me any justification. I am asking you anything. It’s between you too so don’t mind to provide any clarification about it to me. Just let it be and be in flow.” Both exchange look when armaan tug at ridhima’s dhupatta once again tugging on her emotions. “Ye kiska ghar mein, mein pehli yahan aaya hun kya.” He asked her ridhima who was trying to regain her composes but nikki butt in to help her. “Armaan Ye Ghar Ridhima ka Hai aur tumne pehli he ghar photos mein dekha hoga remember ridhima ne tumhe kuch photos dikhai thi car mein.”
Armaan smile remembering them and nodded his head in yes and then run inside seeing television set in the living area. Searching for the remote he was about to switch on the television but then with small face came up to ridhima “Kya mein TV dekh sakta hun”. Ridhima was firstly don’t know what to say but then nodded her head in yes. “Jo Tumhara maan kare  tum vo kar sakte ho.” Getting the permission he ran back to the couch kept in front of the TV and then switching it on he played the Cartoon Channel where Tom And Jerry Was playing. Watching it with innocent eyes she was having a permanent smile on his face. Both the girls were still on the door way when nikki turn to ridhima saying “Ab mein chalti hun ridhima bahut tym ho gaya hain. Almost raat ho rahi hain aur mein sanjeevni mein bhi inform kiya bina hi chali gai thi ek baar sanjeevni ja ke mein Apne Ghar chali jaungi  phir kal ko aati hun mein.”
Hearing her ridhima was left nervous “Par Nikki mein akele kaise armaan…” but she was stopped in mid way “Ridhima ye tumhe bhi pata ahin ki chahey armaan ko kuch bhi yaad nahi ho. Chahey vo ek bacha bana hua hain par ridhima ye tumhe bhi pata hain ki vo abhi bhi dil mein kahin na kahin tumhare sath hi safe feel kar raha hain.”
Ridhima was a bit doubtful about it, noticing her expression Nikki continued “Ridhima Tum kyun kamzor padh jati ho, abhi toh armaan ko Tumhari sab se jayada jarurat hain. Aur is baar armaan nahi tum armaan ki takat banaogi. Ridhima tumhe shayad notice nahi kiya kyun ki tumhe aada hain armaan ke attention be saalon se par mein ne notice kiya hai. Aise mein jab armaan ke liya hum dono hi anjaan the tab bhi armaan baar baar tumhe hi sawal kar raha tha kyun ki uske dil ko pata hain ki kuch bhi ho tumse usko apne saawalon ke jawab milenge, jab humein subha road cross karni thi tab bhi armaan ne mera na balki Tumhara haath pakda tha dar ke, jab ki mein wahi thi aur tum do kadam piche. Aur jab armaan ko purani baatein yaad kar ke sir dard hua tha tab bhi vo Tumhari side lean hua tha. He Lean On You…Only You..!!”
“Ridhima tum ye baatein shayad note nahi karti par mein ne ki thi aur ye sab baatien ye hi batati hai ki vo aaj bhi bhale hi sab bhul gaya ho par abhi bhi kahin na kahin tumhe tumhare ehsas se janta hain. Uska dil use bata raha hai ki tum usko har tarah se bacha logi use save feel ho raha hain tumhare sath bus uska dimag bhul gaya hain.So ridhima daro nahi bus apne armaan ko uski takat do aur dekhna Tumhari takat use bahut jaldi Phir pehli jaisa kar dengi.”
Ridhima was hearing her with all attention when Nikki cup her face with one of her palm caressing it with friendly love “Hmmm”. Gesturing a yes to her Ridhima Spoke “Thank you Nikki… Aaj mera saath dene ke liya, mujhe samjhane ke liya. Shayad akele mein ye sab nahi kar pati. Thank you so much”
“Chal Chup rahe. Bahut tameez seekh ke aai hain kya Boston (After attack ridhima went to Boston Running away from Armaan’s memories) se jo aab doston ko thank you bol rahi hain.” Ridhima smile at her “Abhi armaan theek ho jaye toh tujse bhi ladna hain aur armaan se bhi tum dono ki ache se khabar lungi mein. Dono ke dono bhag gaye bina kisi ko kuch bataye, bina mile. Abhi armaan theek ho jaye baad mein dekhti hun tum dono ko toh mein. Chal ab mein nikalti hun. Tu bhi araam kar le Kal bahut bada hone wala hain.”
Bidding bye to her ridhima close the door behind her. Resting her back to the door ridhima look at armaan enjoying the cartoon yet and then taking deep breath she moved in. walking up to him ridhima said “armaan chalo khana kha lo.” They have picked up their dinner while coming home. “Armaan shake his head in no. denying to have his dinner.”
“Armaan chalo mana nahi karte chalo dinner kar lo.” Armaan look at her once and then again said no “Nahi mujhe nahi khana.”
“Armaan Dekho jid nahi karte. Chalo khana kha lo.” Ridhima said taking served plate in her hand.
“Na” denying once again he run away from ridhima as his cartoon was also over. Ridhima moved behind him with plate in her one hand and a bite in her other hand. “Armaan aise nahi karte tum khaoge nahi toh strong kaise banoge.” Hearing it armaan stop for a second but as soon as ridhima reach near him he again ran to another side. “Nahi”
“armaan….” This game went on for 15 minutes armaan running away from ridhima and ridhima running behind him with plate in her hand. After sometime when ridhima was exhausted totally she sat on one of the chair of the dining table. Armaan was having fun running here and there happy delighted with the fact of finally having some to pamper him.
“Theek hain maat khao tum. Mein bhi nahi khaungi phir chahey mera ko kitni hi bhuk kyun na lagi ho. Jab ek dost nahi khata toh dusra dost kaise kha sakta hain.”
Pouting his lips armaan wait for some time but then moved towards ridhima with pout face and sat on the chair in front of her Molding a bite he forward her asking her to eat without speaking a word.. But ridhima didn’t have it. “Sorry” armaan said holding on of his ears with other free hand as one of his hand is busy holding a bite in front of her lips.
Ridhima shake her head, moving his hand towards his own mouth she asked him “Pehle tum khao.” He denied once again “Nahi”
Ridhima showed him eyes “Armaan...” When he said with pout “Mera ko Story sunni hain.” Ridhima was first shocked that he was doing all this drama just for a Story but then she remind her self that he is a kid from his mind so smiling to his cute innocent demand ridhima feed him his dinner while telling a story of a princess and 7 dwarf men. Which she continued from the part of princess mother entry while making armaan sleep properly tucking him in his bed? When she was sure he is asleep she moved down the living room. Settling herself on the triple setter couch she was think now what to do but when she fall asleep then and there only she never came to know as she was totally exhausted with the turning of the events since the time she have landed.
Next Day ridhima woke up with the sun rise falling on her face disturbing her sleep. She haven’t opened her eyes yet when she felt some moment near her tummy. Opening her eyes looking down she saw armaan turning his face towards her tummy wanting to get back to his peaceful sleep. Ridhima first smile at him as he was there resting his head in her laps turning to dig his face more into her seeking safeness while hugging teddy in his arms along with her dhupatta in his fist.
Ridhima cares his hairs calling his name she tried to wake him up. He woke up after 2-3 calls and her soft cares. Sitting up holding his teddy he yawn loudly then look at ridhima with baby face. “Vo Mujhe akele dar lag raha tha. Mein tumhe dunhd raha tha.. phir yahan so gaya. Sorry”
“Its okay armaan Dost toh hep karne ke liya hi hote hain na.” armaan nodded his head in yes. “Chalo tum brush kar ke aao mein tumhare liya milk bana deti hun.” Listening to her “Tchh Dudh nahi please…”
Smiling ridhima thought Armaan tum chahe sab bhul gaye ho par tum badle bilkul nahi ho.. Aaj bhi.. “Agar Dudh nahi piyoge toh Strong kaise banoge.” Ridhima question him to which he didn’t opposed but neither said yes just pouted thinking ridhima will not ask him again but when he came back brushing his teeth he went to show it to ridhima that he have done his brushing “Ehhh… See I have done my brushing” showing his set of teeth to ridhima “Mein ne Tumhari baat maani aab please mera ko dudh nahi pina” but to his bad luck she came up with the glass full of something in it. “please” he said with pleading eyes pouting. “Okay nahi piyenge but bus ek sip kar ke dekho nahi acha laga toh nahi piyenge.” Agreeing to her he took a sip and liked it so much that he never place the glass back without finishing it. With twinkle in his eyes he asked once finished. “Ye kya tha.”
“Tumhe pasand aaya” ridhima question him to which he replied “Bahut. Kya tha” seeing the shine in his eyes ridhima told him “Ye Hot Chocolate tha.” “Mera ko Roz milega…?” he questioned ridhima making her smile widely before nodding to his query. “Roz milega.”
Hugging ridhima in excitement he said “Thank you dost” Ridhima hugged him back charging her drained courage and confidence. Though hug was sweet and simple friendly type still it gave ridhima the much needed energy to fight.
Ridhima prepare was preparing their lunch armaan was sitting beside ridhima on the one of the platform in the kitchen. “Armaan Tum yahan kyun bethe ho jaake aram se bahar betho dekho Cartoon aa rahi hogi…” armaan just shake his head in no. “Nahi mein wahan akele nahi bethunga. Mein yahin bethunga aur teddy bhi yahin bethne ko bol raha hain. Hain Na teddy hum yahan bethenge na Dost ke pass.” He asked teddy in last and himself shake teddy’s head in yes. Smiling widely he said to ridhima “See Teddy bhi ye hi chahata hain” Ridhima shake her head on his cuteness she was getting back to her work when she got call from Nikki informing that they got appointment of 3’0’ clock.
Talking to her getting details and their schedule she put her phone down to see armaan looking at her expectedly. “Tumhari Dost aa rahi hain tum se mile Phir hum ghumne jayenge.”
“Wahooo.. Kahan jayenge hum” pehle hum Khana kayenge Phir hum sab ghumne jayenge.. phir shopping pe jayenge… Aur armaan ke liy abhut sari shopping karenge. Phir evening mein wapas aa jayenge.” RIhdima told him the plan of the day when armaan asked “Aur Dost ki shopping?”
“Apki Dost ke pass toh bahut sare kapde hain already” ridhima told him “Nahi phir bhi hum dost ke liya bhi shopping karenge.” Armaan exclaimed with authority like tone informing her that they will shop not only for him but for her also.
Ridhima smiled at him then after sometime Nikki Rang the bell but before ridhima can move to open the door armaan rush to open the door can welcome his friend Nikki.
Having Teddy in one hand armaan wave his other hand to Nikki “Hello Dost. Chalo jaldi chalo lunch karte hain mera ko na bahut bhuk lagi hain.” He almost drag Nikki to the table and sat down with her on the chair.  Laughing at his childishness Nikki after a minute got up. “Kahan ja rahi ho betho na mera ko bhuk lagi hain” armaan asked her “Armaan bhuk lagi hain toh khana toh lana padega na. Mein aur ridhima khana leke aate hain. Okay”
Armaan look on the table and kept his hand on his mouth giggling hihihi okay.” And sat on the chair playing with the spoon and talking to the teddy side by side.
Soon both the girls sat the table. Ridhima serve Nikki first then she sat with a plate filled placed between her and armaan. As armaan is a kid that is needed to be feed by someone that is none other than aur heroin Ridhima. She was busy feeding him when he turn one of the spoon towards her that she have kept in front of his mouth to have food from, he turn the spoon to her saying “Dost ko bhi Bhuk lagi hogi na” Ridhima have it silently without uttering another word. Feeding him and herself side by side ridhima as admiring armaan for his care he saw showing unknowingly to her even now.
After that they all go out towards the hospital when armaan kept clinging to Ridhima feeling scared of new people around him. They entered a cabin when armaan was asked to lay on the bed he was not hearing to the doctor of what he was saying but hiding behind ridhima feeling scared. Ridhima took the matter in her hand, turning around she cup armaan’s face. “Armaan look up at me... Dekho meri taraf.” Armaan slowly lift his head to look up at her “Armaan Bus tumhe yahan Letna hain koi kuch nahi karega.”
“Nahi mein nahi letunga… Mein nahi.”
“Armaan listen to me kuch nahi hoga mein bhi toh hun na mein tumhe kuch nahi hone dungi.”
“Nahi mera ko dar lagta hain”
“Armaan Plea eek bar bus let jao Dard hua toh hum doctor ki hupp kar denge.”
“Nahi mein nahi letunga.”
“Acha ek kam karte hain pehle mein leti hun… uske bad toh tum letoge na”
“Nahi… tumhe dard hoga toh mujhe acha nahi lagega. Armaan said hugging ridhima close to himself.”
“Armaan its okay kuch nahi hoga believe mein.” Ridhima said caresign his back trying to calm him down. And the magic worked he was calm now.
Ridhima was about to lay down on the bed but armaan stopped. “Mein… Mein let jaunga… Tum rahne do Tumhe Dard hoga toh mujhe acha nahi lagega…” armaan said to ridhima with teary eyes she got up hiding her tears from him and then let him lay on the bed. Asking Doctor to continue with his checkup. Armaan was not leaving ridhima’s hand all that while.
Doctor ran some scan some test on armaan and talked to ridhima while armaan was busy playing with the paper weight kept on the desk of the doctor. Ridhima There are 20% chances only that Mr.Armaan Will regain his senses back to normal to start life of a normal man.
“Doctor I want you to continue with whatever treatment you want to give it to him. Call any doctor consult anyone you want but I want to go ahead with this treatment. You have given me high hopes even if there would have been only 2% then also I would have continued and here I got 20% chance it’s just a great sign for me. I want my armaan back as he was when I met him.”
Doctor nodded his head in Yes. “Doctor can I Tell me the detail about his case.” Doctor was looking at her with confusion on his face. Seeing this ridhima said “Actually I am a Doctor too. In Sanjeevni Hospital.” The Doctor in front of him was shocked.
“Aap Sanjeevni chod ke yahan aai hai. Par kyun..? I heard that there is Dr.Mailk who have Brilliance in handling these kind of cases.” Doctor gave words to his anxiety.
Ridhima smiled while caressing armaan’s hair lightly who looked at her for a second then get back to his game he was playing with the paper weight smiling and talking to himself.
“sahi kaha Apne Doctor. Dr.Malik Have brilliance in handling these kind of cases and the case you are handling is of none other than Dr.Malik Itself. Jis doctor ki aap baat kar rahein hai vo ye hi jinka case aap handle karne walen hain.”
“Par Ye sab kaise. I mean… How”

“U must have heard about the Shootout that happen last year in Sanjeevni.” Doctor nodded his head indicating ridhima to continue “Actually Us incident mein Mujhe Goli lagi thi backbone mein aur mein balance nahi kar pai thi aur armaan bhi mujhe sambhal nahi paya mera saath saath vo bhi piche gir gaya. Aur us mein vo jab Gira toh uska sir ek table pe jake laga bahut jor se aur table ke kuch hisse armaan ke back side neck mein andar chale gaye aur us karan kuch nerves block ho gai hai. Aur tab se hi armaan aisa ho gaya.”

Doctor was shocked after hearing her out. After sometime doctor asked “Mein Ek aur scan karna chahata hun inka. Apne Ye baat pehle nahi batai nahi toh pehle hi shayad koi solution mil jata.”


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