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part 3 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

Ridhima stood there completely numb after what she just heard and as Armaan felt her leave his hand and look at him with wide eyes he realized what he just said and mentally cursed himself for getting so lost and blurting out the truth. “Ridh…” he tried saying something but was cut off by her chocked voice “Ma…main…Ar…Aru ki….tum…tumhari…mai..main” she blabbered as tears welled up in her eyes. “Ridhima meri baat…” said Armaan walking towards her and trying to hold her but she just kept walking back and tried framing a straight question but was not able to “Mai…Main…kai…
kaise.” Armaan saw her blink her eyes rapidly and once again tried approaching her but she would just not let him hold her, she seemed to be in deep shock and just continued to ask some random questions with broken words and before he could do anything he saw her loose her balance and immediately came forward to hold her and soon enough she fainted in his arms. “Rid…Ridhima open your eyes…Open your eyes baby…pleas akhein kholo” he said worriedly tapping her cheeks in an attempt to get some response from her but all in vain. He suddenly remembered what the doctor had told him and a shiver ran down his spine…
“You have to be very careful Mr. Mallik ek galat kadam aur unki jaan bhi ja sakti hai”
“Nahi…tumhe kuch…kuch… nahi hoga…kuch bhi nahi” he said assuring himself as he instantly carried her to their room yelling at Maria to call the doctor ASAP.
After sometime the doctor had come over and was checking her up while Armaan along with Shashank and Padma who had come over as soon as they got the news of what had happened waited for the doctor to finish his checkup. As soon as the doctor finished he turned towards the three of them “Dekhiye, I had already told you that any kind of shock can be dangerous for her phir bhi yeh sab…I think you do not realize the gravity of the situation, kya aap jante hai aaj jo unhe shock mila hai…she could have died on the spot (Fiction guys, not a doctor here so just writing based on my imagination)” said the doctor making all three of them gasp. “Doctor…aap yeh kya…Ridh…Ridhima theek hai na…Pleas kuch boliye…is she okay” asked Armaan getting completely worked up as the fear of losing her gripped his heart while Padma and Shahsank too got worried hearing him. “Mr. Malik calm down…She is alright for now. See I did not mean to scare you lekin maine jo bhi kaha sach kaha and believe it or not it was a close catch. Unka brain filhal bohot weak hai, unke accident ko abhi kuch hi hafte hue hai, we need to give her some time to heal. For now she is fine, she was just shocked and plus she seems a little stressed out so us vajah se faint hui hai she should come around in some time. When she wakes up she will definitely have some questions and ab main suggest karunga ki aap unhe sab sach bataiye, ho sakta hai that she remembers something but there is an equal chance of her not remembering anything, you just have to make sure that she does not stress herself…Unhe kuch yaad ata hai to well and good or agar nahi ata hai then don’t force her either. Maine kuch medicines likhi hai just add it to her prescription aur agar koi problem hui to let me know…” Said the doctor while writing some medicine name on a piece of paper. “Woh…Woh theek to ho jayegi na, she will be fine right?” asked Armaan and the doctor felt really bad hearing his shaky voice. “Jitna pyaar aap unse karte hai…koi chance hi nahi hai ki woh theek na ho. Just be with her and give her some time, I am sure she will be fine” he replied patting Armaan’s back lightly to which he just nodded and thereafter the doctor left with Shashank who had come to escort him till the door. While Padma too left to check on Arima who was sleeping in the other room…Once everyone left Armaan slowly walked towards bed where Ridhima laid still unconscious. He sat beside her and for a few minutes just stared at her face. She looked pale and weak but still to him she was the most beautiful woman on this planet. He bent down and placed a loving kiss on her forehead letting his lips linger for some time. “I love you…” he whispered against her skin as a tear made its way out his eyes.
After an hour or so Ridhima started gaining her senses “Ridhima bache…akhein kholo, open your eyes…dekho hum sab yahi hai tumhare pass” said Padma who sat beside her gaining the attention of Sahshank and Armaan who stood a little aside talking about some doctor who was known to be the best in such cases. On hearing Padma, Shashank immediately went and sat on the other side of Ridhima waiting for her to open her eyes while Armaan stood where he was and just kept watching her. He was relieved that she was coming back to her senses but at the same time he was a little scared of her reaction now that she knew the truth and so he just stood there watching and waiting for his princess to open her eyes. After a few minutes Ridhima finally managed to open her eyes and the first thing she saw was Padma and Shashank sitting beside her while she lay on bed, it took her a minute to understand what was happening but as soon as she remembered what Armaan told her she sprung up on bed “Ma…Maa…kyaa yeh sach…Main…main Arima ki…main kaise” she asked getting all worked up “Ridhima beta, calm down aap shant ho jao” said Shahsank running a loving hand on her head but she obviously could not calm down. “Papa…aap batao mujhe…Mujhe jana hai papa…Muj…Mujhe kuch yaad hi nahi araha….kuch yaad nahi araha…” she said crying bitterly and fisting her hair angry at herself for not being able to remember. All three of them were worried seeing her state afraid that she might stress herself a little more than required “Ridhi…” Padma was about to say something when Armaan who all along stood silently walked towards them “Mama…Kya main Ridhima se do minute baat kar sakta hoon?” he asked and getting the cue both She and Shahsank left the room giving the couple the much needed privacy. Armaan sat in front of Ridhima who had her face covered in her palms as she continued to cry. For a few seconds he just sat there looking at her, his own eyes welling up seeing her so helpless but he knew it was not the time to break down he had to be strong now more than ever for her, for them. “Ridhima…” he called her name softly but she did not budge she did not know what to say, how to react, she did not even know if what he said earlier was true or not. “Ridhima…listen to me” he said again this time he himself moved her hands away from her face and though she resisted yet he somehow managed to succeed. “Meri taraf dekho Ridhima…Look at me” he said with so much care and authority that she could not help but actually do as told. “Ridhima I know that you don’t remember anything and believe me it’s okay, tumhe khudko is baat ke liye itna stress dene ki zarurat nahi hai. I know you have many questions and the most important one being if what I told you about our relationship is true or not, haina?” he asked to which she just nodded her head slightly sniffing making him smile a little in spite of himself. “Ridhima maine jo bhi tumse kaha woh sab sach tha…Tum hi meri patni ho and tum Hi Aru ki maa ho. You are her mother. We have been married since the last four years Ridhima and they have truly been the most beautiful years of my life…” he said not once breaking his gaze from hers. “Four years…” she whispered trying to absorb this. “Ch…Chaar sal ho gaye?” she asked in a mere whisper to which he nodded his head. “Par muj…mujhe…mujhe kuch yaad nahi araha Armaan…Kuch bhi nahi…I…I am trying lek…lekin…” she said crying helplessly making his heart bleed as well. “Hey…hey shh Ridhima relax…Just…just calm down…” “I can’t calm down Armaan…I can’t. “ She cried cutting him in between. “Humari shadi ko chaar sal ho gaye hai an…and I can’t remember anything about it….Nothing…. Aur…Aur…Ma..maa ko to sab pata hota hai na? To…to how did I not recognize my own daughter? Woh…woh mere samne tadap rahi thi aur mai…maine kuch nahi kiya? Kai…kaise ho sakti hoon main uski maa…kaise?” she spoke in between her hiccups and before either of them could say anything else they heard a loud cry coming from the other room. “Aru…” Ridhima whispered and before Armaan could say or do something she herself got up and immediately went towards the room where the ailing baby wailed in her grandmother’s arms. Ridhima instantly took her in her arms and rocked her side ways to soothe her “Shh…Kya ho gaya mele baby ko….Shhh its okay….bashhh” she coed. Ridhima was so busy in comforting Arima that she never realized when Armaan had come there and was just observing the duo. When Arima had calmed down a little Armaan walked towards the bed where both his princesses were seated “Tumhara dimag shayad sab bhul gaya hai lekin tumhara dil kuch nahi bhula hai Ridhima. Tabhi to tum Aru ka rona panch minute bhi bardasht nahi kar payi…Bimar woh hai lekin dard tumhe ho raha hai…Janti ho kyu?” he asked her gently caressing Arima’s hair who still laid on her mother’s lap. When Rihima did not say anything he himself spoke up “Kyuki Tum Maa ho uski…Aur ma ka dil na Ridhima sab janta hai. Tumhare dil ne to Aru ko pehle din se hi pehchan liya tha…Yaad hai jis din tum hospital se ayi thi and she was crying, tum kitni restless ho gayi thi…” he said reminding her of how restless she felt hearing Arima’s cries. “Tumhara dil sab janta hai Ridhima…Woh aaj bhi Arima se utna hi pyaar karta hai…Aur shayad mujhse bh” He said making her look up at him and for a few minutes she just stared deep into his eyes while he did the same. She knew she felt something very deep for him but was it love she did not know. Till yesterday she thought she had to be away from Armaan because he is married and she felt she was getting too attached to him and today she finds out that the person whom he was married to was none other but herself and that too since the last four years. As nice as it seemed it was obviously a little too much to take in for anybody. They were both brought out of their eye lock with a small whimper which was made by none other than their little baby. “I…I think ise bhook lagi hai” said Ridhima gently rubbing Arima’s back. “Hmm…I’ll just get her bottle” replied Armaan turning to go out when Ridhima stopped him. “Uhmm Armaan…” “Kya hua Ridhima, Do you want to say something? “he asked seeing her a little hesitant. “Uhmm…Woh…Uhmm…Can…Can I feed her? I…I mean woh bottle feed theek se nahi leti na and Muskaan ne bhi kaha…I…I am sorry agar tumhe bura laga to…Main…” “Hey...Hey relax, mujhe bilkul bura nahi laga Ridhima and mujhe bura lagega bhi kyu in fact I am very happy aur vaise bhi for this you don’t need anyone’s permission Ridhima...Not even mine…Lekin” he said cutting her in between. “Lekin?” she asked him. “Ridhima are you sure you want to do it, main janta hoon this news has really taken you off guard and tumhe thoda time lagega to accept it and you can definitely take your time. Main nahi chhata ki tum kuch bhi sirf isiliye karo because you feel that’s it’s your responsibility to do it. I want you to do things only when you are willing to do them” he said making her respect him more than what she already did. “I…I want to do this” she said assuring him and he just smiled because he knew she was not lying or putting up a pretense he could see it in her eyes “I’ll be out if you need anything….” He said smiling at her before leaving the room letting her feed Arima and also think over whatever he had explained her earlier. “Armaan Ridhima theek to hai na? How did she react to everything?” asked a very anxious Padma. “Ab woh theek hai…” he replied looking towards the shut door and smiling a little.
On the other hand Ridhima thought about everything that Armaan had told her and she was much calmer now she knew what she had to do and that was talk to Armaan. Also feeding Arima managed to give her a lot of peace, a kind of calm which she never imagined she could get. She looked at the baby in her arms and a smile automatically formed on her lips seeing her snuggle up her chest after filling her little tummy. “I am sorry my baby…Maine apko bohot pareshan kiya hai na, bohot wait karwaya na apko…I am really sorry my baby…But I really love you and I promise you I will always love you” She said as a tear slipped out her eye while she just hugged Arima closer to herself...After sometime Ridhima walked out of the room with Arima in her arms and came to the living room where Armaan, Shashank and Padma were eagerly waiting for her. As soon as they saw her they all got up and Padma immediately rushed to her and asked her if she was okay “Mama…I am absolutely fine…Aap bilkul tension mat lijiye” Ridhima said assuring her. They all spoke for a little while with Arima still in Ridhima’s arms, she kept on whimpering in between because of her fever but she was definitely much better being in her Mama’s arms. Both Armaan and Ridhima where a little lost and this was obviously noticed by both Shashank and Padma and so they decided to take their leave since it was anyway getting late. “Arey Mama aap log dinner to karke jaiye…” Armaan tried protesting but they politely refused and soon enough left after giving loads of instructions to both of them to take care of themselves and also making them promise to visit soon. Once they left an awkward silence spread across the house. The both were seated in the living room but no one of them spoke a word which was so unlike them. There was a time where they could talk to each other all day about anything and today they were sitting trying to frame the right sentences to talk to each other. “Uhmm did you check her temperature?” asked Armaan breaking the almost suffocating silence “Uh…Ha kiya tha...It’s still 101.5” she replied while caressing Arima who was almost asleep in her lap. “Hmm…Its going to be time for her second dose in sometime” replied Armaan looking at Arima to which Ridhima just nodded and once again the deafening silence took place. Ridhima knew she had to talk to him now, this was not something that could be delayed for long and so gathering all the courage she had she finally spoke up “Armaan…” “Hmm…” he replied instantly as if just waiting for her to say something….”Armaan…I…I need to talk to you” she said and he very well knew what she wanted to talk about and also how nervous she was so in order to make her feel a bit relaxed he said “I know…Uhmm ek kaam karte hai first let’s make Aru sleep inside and then let’s go talk in the balcony, the weather is also good you will feel better.” Touched was an understatement she was in awe with the way he always thought about her and her comfort before everything else. He did not even know what her decision would be she could completely refuse to stay in that house and she was sure he would still love her the same way. Nodding at him she got up and made Arima sleep in their (her) room she then walked towards the balcony and kept the door open just in case Arima woke up while Armaan just followed her and stood right beside her leaning on the railway and waiting for her to talk “Maine bohot koshish ki, ki mujhe kuch yaad aye…Humare bare main, humare pyaar ke bare main, humari shaadi ke bare main…Ar...Aru ke bare mein…Lekin mujhe kuch yaad nahi araha…Nothing” she said with a slightly chocked voice as she stood staring at the dark starry night while Armaan had his gaze fixed on her. “Main nahi janti ki kya sahi hai, kya nahi…Main nahi janti pehle kya hua tha lekin ha in the last few weeks if there is someone who I have considered as my own…then it’s you, shayad jaise tumne kaha mera dil tumhe aur Aru ko pehchan gaya” she said now facing him who had a small smile on his lips after hearing her. “But…” she paused making him frown. “But what Ridhima?” he asked her as a frown replaced his earlier smile as sudden gush of anxiety took over him while he waited for her to speak ahead. “But I need some time Armaan…Some time to accept these changes, to understand my own feelings. Kal tak mujhe yah baat sata rahi thi ki shayad main kisi aur ki amanat par apna haq jata rahi hu…Lekin aaj mujhe pata chalta hai ki woh to meri hi amanat thi…And I don’t know why but I feel so numb…Main janti hoon Armaan ki as a wife you have a lot of expectations from me and I promise you ek din main woh sab pura bhi karungi…Lekin abhi main khud main hi uljhi hu Armaan…I feel so lost...I…I don’t know….” she couldn’t help but stop as her throat blocked because of the lump that had formed in it. Armaan’s eyes to had turned a little misty seeing her state, he knew she loved him, he could see it her eyes but she was just too confused with all the changes that literally occurred overnight not even giving her time to absorb them. He stepped forward and very gently took her hands in his while she just looked down not knowing how to face him after what she said. “I love you Ridhima…” He said making her instantly look up only to see eons of love in his eyes that were glued on her. This was definitely not what she had expected him to say. “I know ki tumhare dil main kya chal raha hai…I know how helpless you are feeling for not remembering anything jabki is main tumhari koi galti nahi hai. I also know that you love me but are just a little confused with your feelings which is absolutely normal…Tumne waqt manga na mujhse…Main tumhe apni puri zindagi deta hoon Ridhima…Take all the time you want and I promise you jab bhi tum dekhogi you will always fine me there waiting for you because like I said I love You, kal bhi karta tha, aaj bhi karta hoon aur hamesha karta rahunga” he said looking straight into her eyes that had turned moist seeing the amount of love he held in his heart for her and before she could react he moved closer and placed his lips on her forehead placing a tender kiss making her close her eyes as she savored his touch and thanked every possible God above to send him in her life.
Later that night as decided Armaan gave Ridhima some time and so they continued to sleep in separate rooms till she was ready to take the next step. Arima was sleeping with Ridhima since she refused to leave her and also Ridhima was also more comfortable having her in front of her eyes and though she was reluctant in saying it Armaan understood and himself suggested to let Arima sleep with her…It was past midnight when Arima who’s fever seemed to have increased got up crying her lungs out in utter discomfort hearing which Ridhima who was sleeping right beside her got up too “Arey…kya ho gaya baby ko…Shh, what happened sweetie?” she said as she sat up and took the crying baby in her arms only to feel her skin burning hot. “Iska fever to kafi bad gaya hai…Oh god ab kya karu…I can’t even give her the medicine right now” thought Ridhima getting really worried as she glanced at the wall clock and did a mental calculation of when was her next dose due. Arima kept wailing feeling very uncomfortable because of her fever making Ridhima’s heart sink “Bashh baby…Shh stop crying shona…” She said rocking her in her arms trying hard to calm her down but nothing seemed to be working. She just did not know what to do, tears welled up in her eyes as well as she felt miserable for not being able to do anything for the little angel …Not being able to think of anything else she kept Arima on the bed and immediately went to wake Armaan up, she knocked on his door twice but on getting no response she just walked in only to find him in deep sleep and she felt very bad for having to wake him up because she could clearly see how exhausted he was otherwise as far as she knew him he was a very light sleeper but just the fact that he did not even flinch with the sound of her entering showed how emotionally and physically drained he was but she had no choice she had to wake him up. “Armaan…” she said gently shaking him through his shoulders to which he just stirred a bit, she really would have let him sleep but Arima’s loud wails really made her impatient and she shook him again, a little harder this time “Armaan…please utho” and thankfully he did wake up. “Ridhima…Kya hua? Tum…tum yaha? And… and why are you crying?” he asked getting up and rubbing his sleepy eyes but seeing her teary eyes he was alarmed. “Ar…Armaan woh Aru…uska…uska Fever…bohot zyada bad gaya…she is crying…main…I…I don’t know” she fumbled feeling utterly helpless. Armaan heard Arima’s wails and himself got worried but he knew he had to be calm right now, for both Arima and Ridhima. “Ridhima…Don’t worry main hoon na…Tum chalo ill just get the thermometer and come” he said lightly patting her face to assure her and getting up from bed he quickly went to get the thermometer from the cabinet while as told she went to her room and sat with Arima, trying her best to ease her. Soon enough Armaan with a thermometer and a bowl of water in his hands, seeing Arima cry so bitterly made his heart bleed too but he somehow controlled himself and walked towards the bed where Ridhima sat rocking Arima in her arms…”Kya hua dada ki princess ko? Hmm?...Shh…Stop crying bacha…” he cooed taking Arima in his arms and feeling how hot she was he too got scared. He immediately checked her fever and seeing the thermometer give a reading of 103 degrees only he knew how much effort it took him to not freak out. “Armaan…Yeh...yeh to bohot high hai…ab kya kya karenge” asked a very scared Ridhima “Relax Ridhima she will be fine…Uhmm abhi davai to nahi de sakte it’s too early for that ek kaam karte hai lets place some cold strips on her head shayad fever kam ho jayega. I have got the water tum pleas ek handkerchief laa dogi” he told and her and nodding at him she got up at once to get it while he tucked Arima under the sheets lightly patting her chest to make her feel better but she seemed to be in a lot of pain which was clearly visible with her cries “Bashh bash my baby…Abhi theek ho jayega” he said while placing a loving kiss on head. Ridhima came back in hardly two minutes and sitting beside Arima started placing the wet handkerchief on her head while Armaan who sat on her side tenderly massaged her hands and legs to lessen her pain a little and soon enough with all the love being showered on her she did feel a little better and her cries finally subsided to tiny sniffles. “I shouldn’t have been so indifferent towards her all these days…Yeh sab meri vajah se hua hai” said Ridhima feeling very guilty. “It’s not your fault Ridhima…I know gusse main maine bhi tumse bohot kuch keh diya lekin it really isn’t your fault…” he replied looking up at her while she too looked at him and unknowingly got lost in those blue eyes that showed nothing but immense love for her. A small whimper from Arima managed to break their daze “Aur vaise bhi meri princess to bohot strong hai…She is dada’s strong girl” he said bending towards Arima and lightly blowing air on her tummy making her smile momentarily but later shout in irritation which was caused because of her fever “Acha acha shory shory…Ab dada tang nahi karenge” he apologized quickly seeing his little jhasi ki rani ready to scream her lungs out making Ridhima also smile a little seeing how cutely he was talking to Arima… They kept patting her till she finally fell into a light sleep, a slight move or slight noise from their end and she instantly got up crying and they knew she was just getting cranky because of her fever and so they just continued patting and caressing her hair to make her feel a little comfortable. It was around 4 am when Armaan got up and Ridhima instantly panicked what if Arima started crying again or worse if her fever increased again….How would she handle everything alone. Armaan who seemed to have understood her fears at once spoke up “Don’t worry Ridhima…Main yahi couch par hoon…Tum bhi thodi der sojao…Your still on medication and you have hardly slept, abhi jab tak Aru so rahi hai it’s better that you too catch on some sleep and like I said tum tension mat lo main yahi hoon.” He could see how much relief his words gave her and seeing her nod he just smiled and grabbing a pillow walked towards the couch “Goodnight Ridhima” he wished her before shutting his eyes. She on the other hand wanted to stop him and ask him to sleep on the bed, she knew the couch was not very comfortable but somehow she could not do so and so she just wished him goodnight back and lying down placed a protective arm around Arima. After sometime when he was sure she was asleep he opened his eyes and looked towards the bed where both his angels slept peacefully and a soft sigh escaped his lips unknowingly maybe but Arima had somehow brought them a step closer and though he hated the reason for it, he could not help but feel happy at the slight development he had seen in Ridhima. It gave him hope that probably things were not as bad as it seemed maybe it won’t take as long as he feared for her to actually accept him in every sense. Looking up he prayed to the almighty to get them back together and make them the same happy family that once upon a time where thereafter he too slept off letting his tired body rest for a while.
It had been a week since that day and though things were still not perfect they weren’t that bad either. They were at least back to acting like friends, Armaan would make sure that she did not shut herself from anything and though he gave her all the space she needed yet he was always with her like her rock at all times. Ridhima on the other hand had slowly started coming to terms with the fact that she was married and also a mother and though she was still knew to it yet her heart seemed to be getting comfortable with this truth. Armaan had asked her if she would be okay if he put all their pictures back in the room and much to his surprise she did not object at all and this made him very happy. He and in fact even she knew that deep down she had already accepted their relationship he could see the love for him in her eyes but something stopped her from accepting it and confessing possibly because it all felt so good to be true. Since that night Armaan use to sleep on the couch as Arima’s fever kept rising and falling for the first two days and after that it seemed to be an unspoken agreement between them that he would sleep there only and he was more than happy because that way he was closer to both his angels and he could see that Ridhima too seemed okay with it so that gave him all the more relief.
It was a Friday night and they were supposed to go Rahul and Muskaan’s house as it was their anniversary and they had thrown a grand party to celebrate it. Ridhima had already bathed Arima and was only left to change her which she planned on doing later on so that she does not end up spoiling her dress. In the meanwhile she herself got ready in an elegant black saree. She was just putting her earnings on when Armaan who had to rush to office for some work came back. “Sorry Ridhima thoda late…” he started saying as he entered the room but couldn’t continue as his breath got stuck in his throat seeing her dressed in that saree looking ravishing as ever. “Armaan…Tum agaye main bas tumhe call karne hi wali thi…we are really getting late. Go take a quick shower till then I’ll get Aru dressed aur tumhare liye coffee bhi leke ati hoon,tum thag gaye honge na” she said while tightening the screw of her earing completely oblivious to his state of mind. On the other side Armaan had not heard a word of what she said he was completely lost in her he still stood by the door just looking at her. Ridhima finally finished getting ready and getting up was just going to go down to get him some coffee when she felt a tug on her hand turning around she saw Armaan standing holding her had…”Huh? Armaan kya hua kuch chahiye tha?” she asked wondering why he still hadn’t gone for a shower and why did he stop her. Armaan said nothing but just nodded his head while still holding her hand. “Uhmm bolo…kya chahiye?” she asked but this time he said nothing and just kept his gaze fixed on her face it was then that she realized that he had actually not spoken a word since he came back. She suddenly became aware of his intense gaze on her and unknowingly became very conscious…He took small steps towards her while she walked back with every step “Ar…Armaan, tum…tum tayar….hummein late…” she fumbled through words as he kept walking towards her and she kept walking back till her back hit the door behind. He placed both his hands on the door caging her in between and came extremely close to her making her heartbeat increase ten folds. He leaned in towards her making her shut her eyes as she could feel his hot breath caress her face. She suddenly felt his cold fingers on her bare back and involuntarily clutched his shirt in her fists in an attempt to calm her racing heart… She then felt his fingers go down and take hold of the knot of her blouse that had probably opened up without her knowing about it. He tied it for her and stepping back saw that she still had her eyes shut tight and his shirt held tightly in her fists, he smiled seeing the effect he had on her, some things just never changed he thought and honestly he was glad it didn’t. He gently took her hands prying them away from his shirt making her slowly open her eyes only to meet a pair of grayish blue eyes that held nothing but love in them…”You look gorgeous” he said looking deep in her eyes while she did the same. Before she could say something he bend down and placed a loving kiss on her forehead after which he left her hand and turning around he rushed to the washroom to take a shower to cool his thoughts that had gone really wild seeing her in that saree. Stepping under the cool shower he thought about what had just happened…Thank God he was able to control himself and just tied her knot because from the very second he lay his eyes on her only he knew what efforts it took him to not crash her against him and kiss her endlessly. Ridhima on the other hand was no far behind she could still feel his fingers on her back and his lips on her forehead. She placed a hand on her chest and could feel her heart literally thump against her chest. She was still lost in the moment and was brought back only by a scream from Arima who seemed to have dropped her favorite teddy. So putting a break to her mind that had started running overtime she walked over to the little cutie-pie and started dressing her up in her little white frock…After some time Armaan came out and quickly got dressed in a well-tailored black blazer and black suit which he paired with a crisp white shirt. He had his coffee that Ridhima had gotten for him and soon enough the three of them had left for the party. Neither of the two spoke about what had happened earlier, Armaan had noticed her shy smile and that was enough for him to know that she had no objection with whatever happened and he was actually happy because he could see her react positively to his touch and more importantly to him.
~At The Party~

They party was on in full swing, Rahul and Muskaan looked stunning and happy together. Armaan and Rahul were catching up with some old friends who were trying very hard to get little Arima’s attention who had all along been in her dada’s arms while Muskaan had taken Ridhima to introduce her to some of her friends. They all were busy enjoying amongst themselves, talking and catching up on each other’s life but even then both Armaan and Ridhima had been stealing glances at each other, in all honesty all they actually wanted was each other’s company but well Rahul and Muskaan had been great support for them at all phases of life and today was their day so they had to be there for them…Muskaan who was telling Ridhima about this new restaurant she had been too recently was suddenly called by someone and so excusing herself she went with that person leaving Ridhima alone there. She sighed and looked here and there feeling a little awkward to be standing alone, she glanced towards Armaan who was trying to lure Arima to come back to him from Rahul’s arms who had surely bribed the little monster. She couldn’t help smiling at how Armaan pouted at Arima who looked deep in thought of whether she should relent or no…She was lost admiring Armaan and Arima when she felt a tap on her shoulder turning around she found a man who looked round about her age, he was well built and formally dressed. “Hey?…Ridhima” he exclaimed with a bright smile while Ridhima stood confused because she had no clue who he was but for courtesy sake she smiled back and greeted him with a small hi. “What’s up yaar…Kitne saal ho gaye…Tum to college ke bad se gayab hi ho gayi…Maine kitna dhunda tumhe but tum mili hi nahi…God I missed you so much” he blabbered continuously and then out of nowhere he engulfed her in a hug. The guy happened to be one of their college classmates Mohit Khanna, he always had a crush on Ridhima and had tried every way possible to get close to her but well our heroine was obviously too much into our hero to pay attention to anyone else. Ridhima really felt uncomfortable with this sudden hug but she said nothing because the way he spoke seemed like he had known her for years but try as hard she couldn’t remember anything. So she just quickly got out of his hold and gave a small smile, he noticed that she seemed a little indifferent but then he just ignored it too happy to be meeting her after so long. He went on talking about anything and everything while Ridhima Just stood there being really uncomfortable because first she had no idea who this guy was and second the way he looked at her, tried to get hold of her hand time and again just made her really awkward. She just plastered a fake smile and kept nodding time and again to acknowledge what he was saying. Just then as if by some divine miracle she felt a strong arm creep around her waist starling her for a mere second but on looking up at the person an instant smile spread across her waist. “Hey sweetheart...Main kabse tumhe dhund raha tha aur Tum Yaha ho” he said smiling at her. “Uhmm Armaan (yes of course it was Armaan) woh...” she kind of fumbled pointing towards Mohit who looked really upset at seeing Armaan. “Oh...Hello Khanna” greeted Armaan curtly now facing him. “Malik” Mohit replied back with a tight smile the two of them obviously did not like each other but Ridhima was unknown to this and so she was really confused seeing them behave with each other like this. “Uhmm Armaan woh Mohit was saying something about our college days...” said Ridhima trying to break the ice. “Yes actually...Main bas Ridhima se humara first year ke Bare Main baat kar raha tha where we both got paired for a dance at the fresher’s party....Kitna maza Aya tha nahi Ridhima? “asked Mohit on purpose and looked at Armaan with a sly smile reminding him as well of that incident. Mohit knew they were married and he did not have any such intentions of getting her back in his life, yes he still had a crush on her but that’s that. However seeing Armaan he couldn’t really control himself let’s just say the college rivalry they had still burned bright. “Ohh how nice...Lekin I am surprised ki tumhe Kisis ne nahi bataya? “ asked Armaan trying to feign innocence. “Kya nahi bataya?” Asked a confused Mohit “Arey Yahi ki Kuch din pehle hi Ridhima ka accident hua tha because of which she has lost her memory” said Armaan keeping his hood fixed on Ridhima, this was not something he was interested in telling the world about but this man better be told who he is messing with. “What?” Asked a perplexed Mohit looking towards Ridhima who nervously put a strand of her hair behind her ears. “Yes! and kya hai na doctor ne isse Kisi bhi stress lene se mana kiya hai so we have made a conscious effort of only reminding her about things and people that are IMPORTANT” Said Armaan looking at him dead in the eye “Armaan...” Ridhima interrupted really confused at his behavior but he just gave her a look and she instantly shut her mouth. “Vaise to I am really sorry to have interrupted your discussion but if you don’t mind kya main APNI WIFE ke sath dance kar sakta hu?” Asked Armaan cocking his eyebrow and without waiting for a reply he turned towards Ridhima “Chale sweetheart? “ he said guiding her towards the dance floor were some couples were already present while Mohit just stood there watching the two of them go with and with a slight pinch in his heart he too turned to leave from there.

~On The Dance Floor~
Armaan had held Ridhima’s waist from one hand and his other hand held her hand that was close to his chest while Ridhima’s free hand had been firmly placed on his shoulder as the two of them swayed rhythmically to the music looking deeply into each other’s eyes.

Kacchi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se
Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde na faasley

They kept moving slowly just enjoying being in each other’s arms. Armaan had longed for this moment since the day she had met with an accident and surprisingly enough Ridhima too felt very good just being in his arms. They were so lost in each other that they had totally become oblivion about the people around them… A flick of hers kept coming near her eyes disturbing her which he saw and so he slowly blew over face moving the flick away and making her shut her eyes feeling his hot breath on her skin while he smiled seeing her reaction… How he wished to just hold her like that forever in his arms, how he longed for her to say those magical words to him, how he wished for everything to become how it was before.

Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri
Mere sohneya sunn le meri
Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu milaa ke

She slowly opened her eyes only to find him looking at her with all the love in the world and this really left a warm feeling in her heart. ”Ek baat puchu?” she whispered while they continued to move on the beats of the music. “Hmm...” he nodded as he took her hand that he held and placed it on his shoulder while he too placed his free hand on the other side of her waist pulling her closer to himself. “Tum…Tumne Mohit se ise tarah kyu baat ki? I mean…Woh to bas college ke din yaad kar raha than na?” she finally asked not being able to hold herself back. His face hardened at her question while his eyes grew tense, she sensed the sudden change in his body language and felt guilty for asking him this. She looked down feeling bad for spoiling his mood when he spoke up “Maine dekha tha when you were alone with him tum bohot uncomfortable thi…You were very restless and I did not like it, isliye main waha aya tumhare pass…Aur” He stopped in between while she looked up and probed him to continue “Aur?” “Mujhe nahi acha lagta jab koi tumhe aise dekhta hai…I just don’t like it…Ek ajeeb sa dard hota hai mere dill main…Aur Mohit ko tum pe college ke time se crush tha and this always annoyed me…Aaj bhi he was trying to claim you on his side and I hated it…You’re mine and only mine…Right?” He asked now fearing what if she said no and this very thought killed him a million times. But much to his relief he saw her nod her head slowly giving a whole new reason for him to flash his dimples…

Tenu lakhan ton chhupa ke rakhaan
Akkhaan te sajaa ke tu ae meri wafaa
Rakh apna bana ke
Main tere layi aan
Tere layi aan yaaran
Naa paavin kade dooriyan

He leaned his head and placed an affectionate kiss on her forehead letting his lips linger for a little while. He twirled her very slowly and when she came back he placed all her weight on himself as he did not want her to stress her already sore ribs. And on a reflex her hands moved from his shoulders to his neck grasping him closer to herself for support.

Main jeena haan tera…
Main jeena haan tera
Tu jeena hai mera
Dass lena ki nakhra dikha ke

They were now dancing so close that they could actually feel each other’s heartbeat. Armaan had been looking at her with hat soft look in his eyes making her blush more than what she already was. Unable to handle his gaze she hugged him tighter hiding her face on his chest. He closed his eyes sighing blissfully for having her so close after ages, he placed his chin over her head and dropping a kiss on the top of head he continued swayed her lightly savoring every second of being this close with her.

Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke


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