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part 33 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

After party was over Armaan asked all their friends to stay for the night they can catch up with each other life. Seeing him trying to open up His gang smile which Armaan too acknowledge with nod.
All of them changed into something comfortable as ridhima provided them few night cloths to try. Walking out they ask Armaan what to do and what not. Knowing the weather outside is worth to enjoy they decided to enjoy settle on terrace this way the elders too will have full rest without disturbance.

They all catch up on each other life laughing on shaurya and sonali’s batter over few things in past year and atul’s craziness.
Muskaan too told them about certain gay client they got huge project from who was all over Rahul which they can’t even avoid being huge project and then the ways Rahul have to entertain that client feeling disgusting himself.
Nikki told them how she have been giving birth to new babies and their cute antics.
It was 3am by the time they all finished their stories when muskaan said
Muskaan – yaar kuch karona… bore ho rahe hain aise bethe-bethe toh.
Sonali – hain yaar… kuch toh karo kitne boring ho gaye ho tum Sab.
Abhi – what about we play a game.
Anjali – nahi yaar game nahi…
Rahul – hain yaar waise bhi game kya khelenga.
Nikki – why not we all put hypothetical conditions here to the couple of honor to answer us and so as all others too.
Muskaan – that’s awesome let’s play aur answer bhi hypothetically practical hone chaiye...
Sonali – let’s one ask the question he have in his mind hypothetical one and all of us will answer to that question from the options given.
Anji – agreed..!
Atul – then let us start. The question asked by boys will be answered by girls, vise-versa.
Ridhima – yeah go ahead… who is asking first.
Armaan – let ask it on a spin of bottle.
Shaurya – I’ll bring the bottle.
And soon the game started.
Rahul – agar tumhara partner kam ka bhahana deke vacation chala jaye toh kya karogi…??
OPTIONS – Phone kar ke pareshan karogi – Jasoosi Karogi – Ya tum bhi vacation par nikal jaoge.
Anjali – mein toh apne vacation par chali jaungi apne dosto ke sath.
Armaan – wah kya baat hain anji atul apna enjoy kare tum aapna.
Muskaan – Mein bhi Anjali ko join kar lungi….
Nikki – mein toh abhi pe Jasoosi karungi
Rahul – Abhi sochle kya karega.. *laughing*
Ridhima – Phone karke Pareshan Karungi. *Ridhima said winking at armaan*
Shaurya – tu toh gaya Armaan ho gaya tera holiday… congratulations bro.
Sonali – jayad khush mat ho tumhara bhi mein vo hi hal karungi phone kar kar ke.
Armaan smile wickedly – congratulation’s brother.
Shaurya – hain theek hain jayada khush na ho.
Abhi – matlab Nikki sirf tum ho jo mujhpe vishwas nahi karti…!!
Rahul – hain Nikki itna tucha Vishwas.
Nikki – oye jayada na bol warna muskaan ko bolke tera piche bhi lagwa dungi samjha…
Rahul – mein toh majak kar raha tha tu bhi serious ho jati hain.
Muskaan – Agar ksiika partner adrak (Ginger) ki tarah Charo taraf se phel jata hain toh tum kya karoga…??
Khud weight put on karogey – Gym Mein exercise karwaoga – ya Kisi fit insaan ko dhundoge.
Shaurya – mein toh dusra koi dhund lunga…
Sonali – what ruko mein batati hun tumhe…
Sonali run after shaurya to kill him
Atul – mein toh anji ke liya weight gain kar lunga...
Anji – shut up atul *anji don’t know how to blush so she hide it behind shut up*
Rahul – mein toh muskaan ko khub bhagaunga…
Abhi – sath mein nikki ko bhi bhagadena meri side se...
And the both boys hi-fi with each other to get glares from girls, they shrug off laughing.
Armaan – I don’t think she will put on wait but if she do then I will try match her and then both will exercise…
Everyone – aise nahi one answer.
Armaan – will put on weight.
Making ridhima blush a little.
Shaurya – tumhare sath hote hua tumhara partner Kisi aur ke sath flirt kare toh kya karogi…???
U too will flirt with someone – you will taunts him – Aur you will beat you patner in public
Ridhima – mera hote huamera partner flirt karega toh mein taunt marungi
Muskaan – I will beat him in public kankhajure hi himat kaise hui kisi aur ko dekhne ki...
Muskaan grab rahul’s collar
Rahul – abbey sach mein nahi kar raha kisi se flirt.
Muskaan – kar ke toh dekh data thod dungi.
Nikki – mein khud kisi aur se flirt karne lagungi.
Anji – yeah taste of your own medicine, I will flirt too…
Armaan – atul toh bechara tumse hi nahi kuch bol pata kisi aur se kya bolega Anji...
Ridhima – aww so cute...
Sonali – mein toh taunt mar mar ke mar dungi shaurya ko.
Abhi – Agar hum tumhe tumhare vacation par akela chode toh kya karogey…??
Dhindora pit ke sab ko bataogi – humein ko Tarsaungi – Taunt mar ke mar dogi.
Ridhima – Tarsaungi….
Ridhima Said simply. Nikki was shocked hearing her while Armaan who was drinking water spill it out.
Nikki asked “Ridhima tumhe pata hai na tarsaungi kya hai…” To which Ridhima replied “haan Matlab room mein nahi aane dungi”. Everyone laugh at her innocence while she look at Armaan with kid like face.
Armaan smiled at her before saying ‘Ridhima it’s not that tarsana it’s like… that 8th class bio chapter 6.” First ridhima was confused then it make sense to her. She just gulp recalling what she said… shying she said “mein abhi aati hun” but muskaan pulled her back on her seat “Koi nahi beth ja koi kuch nahi bol raha”
Muskaan – Okay so mein Dhindora pitungi, sab ko batungi.
Nikki – Mein taunt mar mar ke mar dungi is abhi ko.
Sonali – Mein Dhindhora pitungi.
Anjali – Mein Tarsaungi atul ko khub.
Sonali – tumhe pata chala Hum aapne ex se mil rahe hain toh kya karoge…??
Ghusa hoke kuch samay baat nahi karogey – ya Tum bhi aapne ex se Milne nikal jaoge – kisi bade se shikayat karogey.
Rahul – mein toh aapne ex se Milne nikal jaoga.
Atul - Ghusa hoke kuch samay baat nahi karunga.
Armaan – Mein bhi Ghusa ho jaungi aur baat nahi karunga ek din ke liya.
Shaurya – mein iski mummy se iski complain karunga.
Abhi – mein Toh Apne Ex milne chala junga kyun ki phir kab time milega. *With his reply Nikki hit him while hi laugh.*
Anjali said “okay Okay now let’s change it a bit. Hum question puchenge aur uss situation mein Hamre patner kaise react karenge ye batana hai.
“Seems Fun” Nikki said getting more excited.
Rahul – agar Hum Tumhari mom se ladai karti hain toh ye log kya karenga….??
Argument Sort karogey – Dono ko separate house mein rakhoge – ya shanti Se wahan se chale jayenge aur dono ko apas mein sort karne denge
Riddhima – argument sort karwayega simple.
Muskaan – Ye kankhagura toh naya ghar banwa dega iske bus mein nahi kuch karna.
Atul – Atul bhi Sort karwayega argument ko.
Nikki – ye Mr.moody toh wahan se bhag jayega hum dono ladte rah jayenge.
Sonali - Dono ko separate house mein rakega.
Sonali – if you get much large amount of money what will you do..??
Will Donate it – Invest it in Property or something – Or will By Stuff for everyone and finish all money in shopping.
Armaan – Ridhima Donate karegi orphanage mein. *Rdihima smile nodding*
Atul – Anjali invest karegi. *Anjali Roll her eyes*
Shauraya – Sonali Will too invest.
Rahul – Ye bhootni toh sare paise shopping mein udha degi. *Muskaan elbowed in rahul’s tummy*
Abhi – And Nikki Will Donate it in Old age home.
Rahul – agar Kisi se hum logo ka bahut bada nuksan ho jaye toh kya karenge…??
Police case karega – insaan ko maafi de dega kyun ki insaan important hai – Ya use paise le lega
Mukaan – ye kamina Paise le kar chup ho jayega.
Rahul “hooo muskaan tu aisa sochti hai”
Nikki – Stop you guys. Anyway Abhi Case karega waise bhi is law and regulations bahut pyaari hai.
*abhi winced hearing her aking face*
Ridhima – maafi dega armaan.
*Armaan smile with her answer*
Anjali – Atul kya hi ladega use toh shanti pasand ahi toh maaf kar dega.
Sonali – Shaurya Case karega.
Shaurya – agar hum bankrupt ho jaye toh kya karenge..??
Partner ki help le lega – koi bhi kam karega family ke liya
Anjali – Atul bhi kuch bhi kam karega
Ridhima – ye bhi koi bhi kam karenga family ke liya bina bataye.
Nikki – thought doctor profession never goes down but still ye koi bhi kaam karega par ghar pe batayega bhi nahi.
Sonali – Ye toh mera se hi help lega.
Muskaan – aur ye kankhajura bhi meri hi help lega kuch kaam hota bhi hai isse.
Rahul – agar kabhi Kisi deal ke liya ek saal ke liya Jana padhe aur tumhe Na le ja payee aur phir ek saal baad aaye toh kya karege..??
Family Ke sath time spend karoge – YaDosto ke sath nikal jaoge kahin – ya partner ke sath Vacation pe joge
Ridhima – I guess family time kyun ki family mein sab aa jaate hain.
Anjali – Atul bhi family ke sath rahega.
Sonali – Ye toh Doston mein nikal jayega.
Nikki – He have to take me to vacation. *all laugh at her ‘HAVE TO’ word*
Muskaan – ye Dosto mein Nikal jayega kameena.
“Okay now lets end this and see kis ke answer apne patner se match kare hai” Sonali said to which muskaan said “haan… but sonali to disappoint you Armaan ridhima jeete hai aur Anjali atul second hain. According to knowing their partner.”
“Hunh” all girls huff looking at their partner saying with their murderous eyes ‘Tumhe toh mein dek lungi’ and poor guys can only bedn their head for second before looking at their partner asking sorry with just sign not voice.
It’s been 4am by now so they call it night moving down with girls in one room and boys in other room. Everyone feel asleep instantly as soon as they hit the bed, but they move so much in sleep that it was impossible for both Armaan ridhima to sleep in their respective room for day.
As they can’t sleep like that they thought to sleep on the couch in the living room but when they walk out they saw each other coming out.
“Vo muskaan” ridhima said where at same time Armaan said “Vo atul” both smile hearing they speak at same time.
“uhmm couch” once again both of them said at same time.

Smiling and nodding they just move to couch. Debating how to sleep now in their own minds. Ridhima was about to say something when Armaan moved away and then he moved two couch parallel to each other joining the two. And soon both sleep holding hands.

Aayushi K.

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