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part 34 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Everything started settling down back to normal. Armaan started handling business with his father and shubhankar bhaiya. Ridhima Stayed in house working around with keerti and then waited for Armaan to come so they can have dinner together.

There was no different day today only different that ridhima faced today was that she got call from Armaan that he will be late so she should sleep having dinner not to stay back waiting for him.
A bit sad with the fact that she have to eat alone she just sat in her room, there were days after her mother father went to god and keerti di married her jiju she was alone thought by choice, those were the days she was habitual of eating alone but now those habit were lost somewhere as if they were never there. The thought of having to eat alone felt alien.

Taking a jog to the memory she recall all the time when she found Armaan by her side. They were set up by her di and jiju to talk about something that they are sharing now, Wedded Life.
“The first impression that he left on me was when he was talking to a waiter, people tend to treat the workers at such places as shit thinking how low they are from them as they are serving them, but when she saw Armaan interacting with them with smile and politeness I knew he is a person with whom I can think about my life ahead. It was not the only thing. As we meet each other on one or other day I observe his small-small gestures that keep sticking to nerves as a stick notes which was gradually filling the nerve and reaching the heart.”

“He did made me comfortable with people in his life on very first day we meet. Just this give you another chit to keep holding on to the person. I asked him if we can get married in the place where my parents use to stay and he instantly agreed putting my wish up and making people understand y, He was already into the shoes of defending my words or actions to other though it was to my di itself back then. Then he walk with me to the room to take my parents blessings from the photographs that were hanging in my parent’s room. There was a series if I keep counting about the things that made me fall for him may be an infinite series.”

“Others may not see or count on the things that I am counting on as to some they may feel basic, to some this may look as the duty that one is doing as they think when one get married they sign up for it but no it just for one’s respect and care, and some may think that I am just blotting over nothing. But I know what it takes to make changes in your routine even if it was small changes as at this age one get habitual of the habits he nurture.”

“He had made her fall had for himself even when his fear was taking best of him. He have that unknown trust on her that she will understand his fear, will protect him. Even though he had lost the sanity resulting from the torture still he made m forgot every other thing. That was situations I know but I just can’t avoid noticing it. Isn’t that was you do when you start falling, before noticing your feeling yourself for other person you tend to see all the positive points that you can give to the person irrespective fact that few things gets situations or coincident, still we praise the person. For me that looks like a sign of us caring too much and loving that person.”

Snap of fingers is what it take to announce his arrival not the sound of the door not even the changing in the light state from off to on. And here he is towering over her with the smile and questioning raised eyes breaking her chain of past reliving moments and thoughts over it.

“Why haven’t you slept Ridhima? Its 1am already and you are still up aren’t you tiered of all day work you keep doing around the house.” He asked seeing her still up sitting lost in dark room.
“nahi vo I was just… anyway mein dinner laati hun” she said moving not wanting say what she was thinking lost it might be bit embarrassing saying she was thinking about him only.

Armaan smile at his wife seeing her taking exit from the room. What if they have confessed they are still are new into this, they are in love but in new love. They don’t know how to react with the fact that this love is mutual still they feel to let other have space. They want to be the part of each other every step they take and at the same time they don’t want to step into the boundary of other person.
Thinking about it Armaan thought to take it easy or to talk it out. He don’t want to force her in neither he want to let loose with flow that may take forever. He want to talk to her about it but on second thought that may get bit weird to explain his thoughts or what she can expect or do between them.
Here ridhima too was in dilemma while heating the dinner and arranging it. Taking tray in her hand she took a deep breath, reaching her room she open the door to see Armaan nowhere in the room.
Keeping the food on table she saw his night cloths on the bed. She turn around smiling at the fact of his miss matching of the cloths he took out, taking the out of combo part from bed she move to the almira to take out the matching pair for him. She move back to the bed to keep it on the bed when her gaze fall on Armaan coming out of with just towel around his waist with wet hairs sticking to his forehead. Looking eye full of him ridhima turn around as if she saw something very out of place thing.

Armaan smile at her once again, he was not planning on it but this may be a small start he thought before moving to her without trying to change his state. “Ridhima” he called her from back of her but she didn’t try to turn back instead being rigid about her direction to look in she nervously played with her fingers. He once again called her “Ridhima” but still no change.

Holding onto her shoulder he made her turn around but initially she resisted but then turn when he didn’t left her shoulder. “Armaan vo aap aise...” ridhima fumble.

“Ridhima look at me” Armaan kind of ordered her gently. She look at him in eyes before looking down again, “it’s okay ridhima I am your life partner for life you can look at me in any condition it not any odd thing to see when you walk in room. I mean I know this was impromptu but on other note for other days it just that its natural you know. Today we may not at that level but on day we will be sharing something that will bring our baby to the world” Armaan took a pause and saw a small blush on her face with adorable smile. He continued “but if you will shying like this then that day will take ages to come” hearing him she was kind of surprise that made her look at him in horror.
“Hmm, that horror look of yours at words are giving me other imagination world” Armaan pulled her leg just to make it normal back between them else they won’t be able to have dinner tonight with all blushing and smiling.

Hitting lightly on his chest ridhima just moved towards the table where she kept their dinner before. “kuch bhi Armaan… pehle theek se kapde pahaniye aur dinner ke liya aaiye mujhe bahut bhook lag rahi hai” as soon as she said she bit her tongue knowing now he will chide her for not having dinner before.

“Ridhima tum ne...” but he was cut short by her in middle “Armaan please na meri akele khane ki adat chali gai hain. Aab mujse akele khana khaya nahi jaata.” Ridhima said with pout on her lips. Smiling at her he walk out in balcony “Ek minute” putting his towel on the drying cloth stand outside he came back sitting beside her to have dinner with her.

Ridhima serve in one plate first to give it to Armaan he hold on to the plate she was forwarding from one hand while from other he hold her hand stopping her from making other plate. She look at him with raised eye brows. When he just look into his plate making a bit forward it to her, surprise at his act ridhima didn’t reacted initially seeing which Armaan felt as he might be rushing into things so he was about to take his hand back as she didn’t made a move. Taking his hand back

When she saw him taking his hand back she caught hold of his hand in hers bringing back up to her level to have the bit he was forwarding before. Armaan smiled showing his dimple at her way of acknowledging his care and then his smile gets deep realizing he must have shocked her making her not react at that time. As he was lost realizing and justifying her react action to himself ridhima made a bit for him from the same plate forwarding it. Both have their dinner like this as leaving it after one bite didn’t seems to be appealing to the couple.

After they were done ridhima move to put the plates in the kitchen while Armaan wash his hands and made bed for them as he have thrown his few stuff on bed when he walked in, putting them in one side he take out the blanket from the pull out draws in bed.

Ridhima walk back in room to be welcomed with the dim light and bed made while Armaan was checking something in his phone before keeping in away after a second. Smiling at him she moved towards her side of the bed, while he lay back on his side too. He held his hand up with palm facing ridhima’s side, ridhima looked at his hand and gradually move her hand from her stomach to hold his hand.
Within a minute they both were asleep lost in the dream trying to see what actually their dreams look like having each other to themselves.
Few days went in all this where their dinner time started having a ritual the unsaid one as we can specify. Few days in row Armaan came late as the project he was handling were from other Country and due that they have time lapse to manage to.

Which also set not only late return of Armaan back home but also Armaan ridhima’s dinner forwarding first bite as they say to themselves which continue until plate with food is polished off completely. Then comes a day when he have no office to go too, they were having dinner with family but since they are having their dinner in unique way since 5 days now so having dinner from their own hand seems not great idea.

They both share a look before starting. Ridhima look down, seeing her making a morsel Armaan too look down in his plate to start with his dinner. He was about to have it when he saw a hand reaching his plate and when that hand moved away he saw a morsel in his plate made, torn, filled, molded ready to eat. He look on the side from where that hand came in and go back to its owner ( :P ) knowing the rightful owner of that hand a smile adore on his face. The bite he was holding in his hand ready to eat he put that bite he made for himself in the plate from where the bite in his plate came from.

This small incident was noticed by 2 pair of eyes which belongs to nandani, shubhankar. This little exchange offer that Armaan ridhima played seems cute to them. Not wanting to break their small opening up step they just look around to see if anyone else sees that or not, both nandani shubhankar share a look which did revealed that they have seen Armaan ridhima’s moment but neither of them saying a word they smiled knowingly.

What if Keerti and karan haven’t seen the interaction between couple before, missing onto other secret silent interaction on table can’t missed as then it would be partiality to them. Unlike to the previous spectator of previous secret silent interaction, these new spectators didn’t seems to keep silence.

“What are you two smiling at” Karan asked looking at nandani and shubhankar gaining attention of them among Armaan ridhima’s as well. “Nothing papa bus aise hi” shubhankar try to dismiss the topic as Armaan ridhima have all ears to them only now. “arye Aise hi kya, humein bhi batao hum bhi smile kar lenge” Karan demanded.
“Karan chup chap dinner karo” nandani ordered eying him to shut up. Afraid to get scolding in front to their kids Karan bend his head down to go back to his dinner. Seeing Karan like that everyone sniffed their laughter.
Later that night everyone retire to their rooms calling it night after having some chit chat over a cup of coffee prepared by nandani who have to scold her daughters to sit back with their partners and enjoy which she will make coffee for all.
In Shubhankar-keerti Room
“Mein bahut khush hun keerti” he said keeping his phone back on the bedside table done checking tomorrows meetings. “Kya hua, tabl pe bhi tum aur maa sile kar rahe the” keerti asked taking out the duvets. “Mujhe lagta hai jaise princess or baacha are falling for each other or they already have fallen” shubhankar said being all excited.
“Acha” keerti asked all charged up suddenly. “Tumhe kaise pata Armaan ne tumse kuch bola kya” she asked. “nahi armaan ne toh kuch nahi kahan aur na hi ridhima ne kuc kahan” shubhanar said, seeing her ready to fire other question he said “iss pehle tum pucho toh mein bata deta hun, mein aisa is liya bol raha hun kyun ki mein ne aaj armaan ridhima Ko…” and his voice fade out with smiling keerti in scene.
Scene cut short and shifted where a hand is pulling the door close walking out with towel.
Nandani-Karan’s room
“karan aaj tumne kuch notice kiya” nandani asked him. “Aaj Kab, kya noice karna tha” karan asked scratching his head. “Oh hoo dinner table pe, Dinner table pe tumne kuch notice kiya”
“Dinner table pe..” Thinking “Arye haan tum aur shubhankar ko notice kiya tha kya planning chal raha tum dono maa beta mein..Hmmm” karan said mischievously.

“Oh hoo karan tum kya pagal ho mein kuch aur bolna chaha rahi hun tum ho ki… khair chodo. Anyway mein bol rahi thi aaj mein ne na armaan ridhima ko ….” Again the words went silent only Karan seems smiling brightly second by second as his wife nandani was telling him while applying cream on her legs and arms about their son’s growing relation with his wife into something so beautiful and cute that one will adore.

Unknown to the fact that they are the center of today’s topic in both couple’s room they slept peaceful smiling where it’s not just the hand they are holding today but Armaan was holding ridhima to himself while she rest her head on his shoulder.

This progress in their sleeping pattern was also changing day by day which might be another story worth to hear about. But maybe some other day when they will be sitting idle thinking about their relation or may be to specific ‘love’.

With Love

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