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part 35 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Armaan bag the project that he was working on from few days, happy about the achievement he had he came home all happy before even karan aur shubhanakr may walk in. Moving directly inside he went to his room to freshen up and see his lady.

Once he was inside the room she called her “Ridhima” she was sitting on bed with some papers around, not expecting him at this moment ridhima got scared with his sudden call and the papers in her hand went flying in the air falling on floors and some on the bed itself. She look up to see Armaan smiling radiantly at her, keeping his bag away he came up to her holding her hand he pulled her on her feet just to hug her.

The Whole event was so sudden for her that it made her numb to react but then Armaan keep hugging her she came into reality and hugged him back with smile on her face. Holding her from arms he back away a bit to look in her eyes still holding onto her “Mein bahut khush hun ridhima Itne di se mein jis project pe kaam kar raha tha nna I get the project with a bang with many more perks” his eyes were sparkling happiness Before she can say anything He hugged her once again showing and sharing all his excitement.

Ridhima was all smiling seeing him so happy and excited for the achievement. “Mein Abhi Fresh hoke aata hun phir aaj hum sab Kahin bahar chalenge Dinner ke liya… Ehh So excieted.”Saying so he went to freshen up. Shaking her head at his excitement she thought she have seen this kind of excitement in kids only when they would have scored highest in the class they get as much as excited as Armaan is right  now. They go running to their mother’s flaunting their marks card proudly and her he came to her flaunting his project.

She laugh at her own way of comparing his actions. Turning around she saw the papers scattered, collecting them she kept them back in the drawer.

Once he was freshen up he went down with ridhima to see keerti nandani sitting together talking about something. They saw Armaan coming from his room in casual cloths, seeing which nandani asked “arye Armaan tu aaj jaldi aa gaya beta” to which he smile sitting beside her, hugging her sideways while ridhima went to sit beside her di.

“haan maa Bahut din se mein late aa raha tha ek project ke chakar mein aur gues what I got that project so I came early to spend time with everyone.” Armaan said relaxing back on couch.

“Hmmm… Tabhi aate hi tum room chale gaye the humse mile bina, kyun maa” keerti tease Armaan with meaningful look hearing which Armaan and ridhima blushed a bit.

“nahi vo toh mein Fresh hone ke liya gaya tha” Armaan said controlling his smile trying to defend himself.

“Hunh…. Bachu hum bhi kabhi tumhari jagha the” nandani said pulling his ears.

“Maa Chodo na dard ho raha hai” Armaan complained winching like a baby.

“Acha bata Kab ya aur Project kounsa tera papa ne toh kuch nahi bataya”
“Mein half hour pehle hi aaya tha bus aur vo project…” it was left in middle with other voice over.
“Project Kounsa Project Bhai.” Karan asked coming in with shubhankar by his side.
“Arye kya baat aaj sab itni jaldi jaldi aa gaye” Keerti said moving in kitchen to bring water.

“Haan bus kaam pura ho gaya toh… by the way koun se project ki baat ho rahi thi” shubhankar questioned looking at Armaan.

“Wahi jis pe Armaan itne din se kam kar raha tha” nandani said as a matter of fact.
“Armaan koun sa project”.
“Papa vo mein ne bahar se ek project mein dealing ki hai so”
“Bahar se matlab” shubhankar asked taking a glass of water keerti brought.
“Matlab bhaiya I was planning something and for that I wanted funds so I deal in that project from Virani’s”
“Armaan tumhe funds chahiye toh ghar mein hai toh hamare pass phi raise bahar se kyun”
‘Actually papa vo Ye ek cheej mein apne aap karna chahata hun, I know mein aap se bolta toh aap ya bhaiya dono hi mana nahi karte par papa I wanted to do this.”
“par Armaan …”
“Shubhankar rahne do na… Armaan khud ke liya kuch kar raha hai toh karne do waise bhi bahut samjhdar hai hamara Armaan”
‘Haan aur vo ye bhi janta hai ki kya sahi hai kya bura. So aap dono shaant raho koi kuch nahi kahega mera bete ko”
Both Karan and shubhankar raise their hands in defeat will Armaan enjoyed hugging his mother and bhabhi, who just kissed him on his forehead from either sides. Everyone smile seeing ladies loving the smallest Malik boy of the house. To which karan called ridhima near him, making her sit between himself and shubhankar he looked at shubhankar who understood his look and next minute both of them were kissing ridhima’s forehead.

Everyone have a great bonding in the house if Armaan is loved more by ladies of the house then ridhima is loved more by the gents of the house. Or vise-versa in some situations which happens to be boys vs. girls situation.

Later they all get ready to go for a family dinner. Everyone were enjoying it to fullest pulling Armaan ridhima’s leg or sometimes Armaan just question his bhaiya making both shubhankar keerti blush as well. “Bhabhi Aapko kuch chaiye aur” Armaan asked her.

“Nahi bus I am done.”
“Kyun bhabhi aapko khate ka maan nahi hai kya” he asked trying to tease her
“Armaan” keerti was surprise of his direct teasing
“Arye mein ne suna hai aise mein khate ka maan karta hai bahut” shrugging his shoulder he said.
“Awww mera bechar bhai… beta jab ridhima hogi na keerti ki jagah tab mein puchunga tera se” shubhankar said making ridhima blush badly.
“Arye par is mein ajeeb kya hai” he was confused with shubhankar reply.
“Vo toh tab tu hi mujhe batana” he said laughing.

Ridhima was blushing at the turn of the topic in her direction, Armaan was all shrugging shoulder in dismissal. Shubhankar who was teasing them was laughing at him, keerti smile seeing her baby sister all happy in her life, while the elder family members were just smiling admiring their kids.

Since it was Saturday next day.
Ridhima asked “papa kal toh aap sab ki chute hai na… toh kya hum aab kahin aur chal sakte hai, itni dino baad sab ek saath bahar aaye hai kahin chalet hai na”

Seeing ridhima asking something from them so openly for the first time he nodded, knowing she was thoughtful about them before asking so there seems no reason to deny. “Of course, that’s great idea ridhima chalo phir batao kahan jana hai sab ko.” Everyone thought for a sec when keerti suggested “Movie Chale”.

At this shubhankar and Armaan shouted “Avengers Infinity War” But seeing their parents standing with them who might not like it Armaan said “Waise Hum ‘Raazi’ bhi chal sakte hai hai na bhaiya”. “Haan Kyun nahi” he backed him. Karan who was giving the look to both the boys laugh with Armaan’s suggestion “kyun bhai Avengers mein kya dikat hai, Bacho tumhare maa baap itni bhi boring nahi hai” he said patting Shubhankar back.

Shubhankar went to bring the ticket but they didn’t have ticket for all 6 seat together but they got 2-2 seats in descending rows, asking for other screening if possible they only got negative reply from the ticketing boy. Having no option as they both wanted to see it badly they talk and came with 6 tickets.

“Papa vo seats alag alag mili hai show almost housefull hai” shubhankar told him
“Kis ka idea tha ye alag alag ticket ka” karan asked teasing the boys. Both of them blushed hearing their father teasing them in so low voice “Hum bhi teaters gaye hai bhai…. Au raise hi bahane banate the” he told them winkling.

“Arye nahi papa sach mein houseful hai to ye hi ticket mili bus sachi” Armaan try to justify. Pulling his cheeks karan said “Jhoote” he said moving in taking this 2 tickets with nandani in his arms leaving boys behind.

Armaan look at shubhankar after hearing his father said him ‘jhoota’, but shubhankar shake his head seeing him looking at himself with innocent eyes. Smiling he said “Papa jante hai tu sach bol raha hai, bus tujhe tease kar rahe the.” Armaan blushed again getting the point now.

He thought god pap bhi na. I have never blushed this much in life the amount I blushed today or may from the day I have confessed with ridhima, my wife. It feels so complete to just call her name followed by my wife designation. Knowing she is with me not for just that word but from her heart she follows that word, we may have not been on that husband wife level but just that fact that we both with our hear love this husband Wife word just in each other context. I mean it’s with us, it doesn’t mean that hearing someone being in that relation give us vibe, and it’s just ours for us. I may not explain it but I feel it and make her feel same along with me was, is and will be enough for me, for her, for us.

I am not a person to go with words but I Prefer feelings and action to those feelings.

And soon everyone were sitting in the theater watching the ‘Avengers Infinity War”
(I wasn’t able to see it so I bring them to see it :P ) After the movie they were all happy as they have finally seen the movie they all wanted too but wasn’t saying due to boy’s busy schedule.

While coming back Armaan Said “Papa kal kahin bahar chale like family picnic or something” hearing him keerti got excited which you can blame to all hormones “Haan Papa Please.” Smiling he agreed “Okay I have no issues”.

“Par jayenge kahan” nandani asked “Maa kyun na hum sab ‘Mahabuleshawar’ chale ek din rukh ke suday wapas aa jayenge”. “haan bhaiya mein kab se jana chahata tha wahan weedend pe par kabhi plan hi nahi bana” Armaan agreed to shubhankar.

“So everyone is okay with it” Armaan asked everyone nodded so he looked at keerti “Par bhabhi is it okay for you” She nodded. “So it final we will leave tomorrow by 7 so as to avoid the early traffic of the day” Karan said finalizing the trip.

Next day

They reached to a hotel they have book last night over the phone checking vacancy for 3 rooms. Taking their small bags with them they all decided to freshen up and take rest for an hour as boys were tiered of driving long distance.

Armaan ridhima were in their room when ridhima walked in the washroom to freshen up. Armaan who have already took shower laid in bed with legs hanging out, putting his arm on his forehead while other one spread out on bed, trying to get some sleep he closed his eyes but got no sleep as she was never a person to sleep back once awake.

Ridhima came out all freshen up and seeing Armaan laid like that she thought he must have slept so keeping her stuff away from her hand she just crawl on the bed before laying herself. She just move and laid her head on his chest taking his arm folded it around her she snuggle into him trying to catch her sleep in his arms.

Armaan who wasn’t sleeping have felt all her moment on the bed but never open his eyes, he knew thy have been sleeping like that for a while now but knowing he is awake make ridhima shy away so letting her think that he Is sleeping was best idea. So pretending the same he remain still, soon ridhima was in sleep but Armaan he have smile on his face with happy thoughts in mind.

Soon I found myself lost in this last couple of week. If I look back, Though I was all busy those two weeks, waking up early leaving off to the office and walking at late hours in night, wanting just to lay and went dead for a day to the world but somehow I found myself more fresh by just walking in my room. That sweet smell lingering in the room now a days, I won’t just say cherry on cake but I would quote it as sugar in cake she was there. Sometimes working on few papers and sometime sleeping on the study table only with glasses on, pen in hands while head resting on the papers.

But the moment I walk in or try to take her glasses away from her eyes she would get up and then we would have diner together talking about one or other thing. I as another ritual would update her about my day, the meeting I was in. I also keep in mind taking her suggestions at times as even she belongs to same field.

There were certain unsaid, unasked things between, but I am in hope that someday it all will be said and asked to me and I will say or ask her the things freely without even a hint of hesitation in our talks. Sometimes we use to get in conditions that looks awkward in starting but gradually we have worked it out. Such was the situation when one day we both wake up in each other’s arms, I know we both thought that the other person is not aware of our Sleeping position but the silence that day in between said it all.

That day I thought to talk about it with ridhima. New things will always seems to be shy to accept or even odd at times but that’s how we will grow strong together isn’t It.? Asking such question to myself and getting positive answer to it, I decided it will be in best interest for both of us.

As I walk in that night ridhima was sitting lost in her own self, today there was neither papers were scattered around nor was she asleep while waiting. She look at him as he opened the door, sitting up straight she just corrected her hairs that were coming on her face she got up to go, bring us dinner.

But then I Stopped her, dinner can wait as having dinner in this silence will only be us eating for sake of it. So I stopped her holding her hand she was behind me we were facing opposite sides but hands were in hold. She stopped and turn around to look at me as this was the first time I have stopped her like that.

This was the thing I was thinking about in morning. These small new gestures I want to make them accepted already the unaccepted, I mean that’s how we will be getting strong.

“Armaan… Dinner” was the only thing that she said. Pulling her back I faces her but still she was looking other side. “Ridhima” I called her slowly. She might have closed her eyes, I don’t know I have guessed that as he breathing suggested me so.

“Ridhima I know you know this that we woke up in a hugging position.” I said to her to here only my name with a please with it “Armaan Please”. I just smiled but I need to sort this.

“Ridhima Do you feel regret for that” Armaan asked smiling he already knew the answer but he just asked to make her face him as she wasn’t ready to look at him “Nahi armaan, Kabhi nahi” came an promote reply from her turning around looking in my eyes. Seeing me smile at her she knew what I trying to do as she the very next moment turn around shying.

“Ridhima see we both know that we love each other and trying to get it into our mind and heart fully but then we can’t stop these small things to happen. I know it’s all new to you, believe me it’s all new for me as well. I guess if we keep getting silent towards each other after new-new development then I guess it will be always awkward for us to share new feeling with each other. I don’t know how to act or react as well but I guess it’s just be cool with this, let’s just smile over it and let it happen as it is happening.” Armaan tried to make sense but he was himself getting confused.

“I saw some dream last night, a disturbing one. I woke a bit but the seeing u beside me I just shifted a bit towards you and slept keeping my head on your shoulder, in a while you just kept your hand over my shoulder I just felt safe so I slept like that only. First I thought to shift away in sometime as I don’t know if you would like it or not, but then I never woke up” I heard her confess. When out of nowhere I heard myself utter “Yes I Felt very bad about it ridhima.” I confessed to her my true feeling.
She just utter a “sorry” to which I just replied “Okay let’s set a deal here”

With Luv

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