Thursday, 30 August 2018

part 36 : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Now neat Part

Coming back in present due to her moments. She was hiding her face in my chest as by mistake I hit the lights switch bring the brightness in the room causing her sleep to disturb. Smiling I remove the hairs that were coming on her face and got lost back where I was before he moved.
“Okay let’s set a deal here” as I said that she look up at me trying to read my face but I must say her worried expression changed after a moment her eye set on me. Which instantly give me a thought ‘Am I that transparent with my feelings or thoughts’ but pushing it away I just thought to put the already running topic a good end rather starting with other new one.

“Since its all first, for both of us then let’s set a deal that is we both will not will not get silent to each other, hmm? I mean okay if we shy about it initially we will say or ask what our mind or heart want to ask we will not keep it in mind thinking what other will thing, because if we keep getting in such situations then we won’t be okay with each other all the time we will be time try to avoid each other which neither of us want” at this ridhima just shake her head in no looking down.
I just smile at her child like act. “Okay so it’s fixed we will say or ask anything anytime and...” I left in middle to let her complete it for him, she heard me stop so she looked up with baby face and then seeing me not speaking ahead waiting for her to continue she said looking in my eyes “And we will go with flow without any hesitation of new development in midst of us and will help each other not to got to in that different zone.”
After that I just cup her face in my palms, kissing her forehead I just looked at her. She was shying with all the new thing that started to happen between us and this was only making me smile. She wasn’t saying anything just having a shy smile on her face which resisted my smile to leave me.
Now it been a week since then, now we sleep like that only. That day when I kissed her forehead, the day after I was leaving for office all decked up. She came with my phone in her grip I smiled at her warmly taking it keeping it in my pocket. I looked down for a second when she just cup my face in one hand and kissed me on my cheeks before running away from the room.
“I Had great Chat last night” muttering to himself he just left for the day as she didn’t see her in living room either knowing she must be hiding knowingly so not making it obvious to family I just left smiling.
Back in present, he is thinking I knew these things would be talking time word are easier than action, but her not saying was also helping as she wasn’t resisting also, she was getting with flow. Letting me know gradually day by day what she really feels with her actions.
My chain of though broke with the knock on the door she snuggle more in me due to disturbance, I just adore her but before I can get lost again, I heard the knock again. So letting her sleep on pillow carefully I march to look who it is, there was room service with the breakfast “Sir, Mr. Malik have ordered breakfast for you” smiling at him I just took trolley from him before pulling it in.
Putting Trolley near the table I went to be to wake ridhima up “Ridhima” she just hmm-ed with smile on her face” Armaan just keep adoring her. He tried once again, this time ridhima just open her eyes to look at him “Hmm” once again came her response. “Breakfast” saying so he just pulled her hand up making her sit on the bed still half hidden in the blankets.
She was for sure having great sleep as she was about to fell back on the bed to get back to her sleep when Armaan catch hold on her hand pulling her back on her buts to keep sitting. “uhn hunnnn Sono do na Armaan” she was sleep as hell as last night she haven’t slept well, she even forgot that she have so casually told Armaan to let her sleep without referring aap and all to him. Thought she was in sleep but this small instance made Armaan’s day. Small thing bring brightest smile on one’s face rather than big things.
Laughing at her he just brought the tray near bed, as he was back he saw ridhima once again laying back on bed. Shaking his head at her childish act he once for final time pulled her hand making her sit on her buts once again. Making faces in her sleep she just fell on sideways this time the side where Armaan was sitting on.
So basically she was sitting with his support, her shake her to wake her up to have breakfast but all she utter after no of tries is that ‘Tum hi khila do na’ making him shock at her open demand first time. She have put her demand after their conversion few weeks back but in indirect ways, this was first open, direct demand.
Having a great time in her sleep she was unknown what she was saying or making Armaan do. While Armaan was in his own way enjoying it , enjoying to pamper her, enjoying to feed her, enjoying taking care of her.
Taking the try from side Armaan bite by bite made ridhima have it. Initially she was not opening her mouth even when Armaan just pulled her chin down which made her open her mouth, as her mouth opens up he put the bite in when but she didn’t close it back shaking his head at her he push her chin up making her chew it in between to by pushing her chin. In-between he made her sip cold coffee too calling her “Ridhima take a sip… Ridhima sip it” after tries she sip it in between. After her breakfast was done Armaan let her lay back while he sat having his own breakfast. Ridhima who lay back turn around to sleep peacefully making Armaan muffle a laugh.
After an Hour or so she woke up rubbing her eyes. Armaan was siting taking bed post support with closed eyes with ear phones plugged in. She look at him then at the time, as it was just 10 she moved her hand towards him, pulling his ear phones from one ear she rest her head on his laps.
Putting that pulled out earphone piece in her ears she heard him listening to the One of the ‘selena Gomez’ Songs ‘Wolves’ it took time for her to get the song as at one go one can’t get it right may be because of the change of English accent people follow in different part of the worlds.
[Verse 1]
In your eyes, there's a heavy blue
One to love, and one to lose
Sweet divide, a heavy truth
Water or wine, don't make me choose
I wanna feel the way that we did that summer night, night
Drunk on a feeling, alone with the stars in the sky
I've been running through the jungle
I've been running with the wolves
To get to you, to get to you
I've been down the darkest alleys
Saw the dark side of the moon
To get to you, to get to you
I've looked for love in every stranger
Took too much to ease the anger
All for you, yeah, all for you
I've been running through the jungle
I've been crying with the wolves
To get to you, to get to you, to get to you
To get to you
To get to you
Hearing the lyrics she just smiled, it felt lovely to her may be one can take it in different ways according to the situations. Firstly people may take it a desperate song one is singing after break up to catch up with the lover who might have move on.
Secondly, the person with positive nature or new in love or already in love would take it as the person singing the song is telling how far or deep he have run to find the true love , which he have found and telling to the person about his journey trying to reach her.
After they hear few more song with Armaan caressing her hairs as she was resting her head in his laps while she just played with the fingers of his hand that she was holding. She get up after some time to freshen up for the day as they will go out sightseeing with family.
As she got up Armaan to stand up putting his phone along with earphones in side table when he saw ridhima sitting back on the bed with her cloths in hand to go have bath. Seeing her sitting back Armaan asked “Kya hua beth kyun gai” when he heard ridhima say “Armaan I don’t know why am feeling too full” hearing her Armaan just laugh at her confusing the poor soul.
“Tum has kyun rahe ho” she asked confused. Controlling his laughter he walk up to her saying “Just take your tongue out and move it over your lips” doing as she was said to do she tasted some salt. That confused her further. This time she just looked at him wanting him to answer her confusion.
Face palming himself for a second Armaan told her all the demand she did while sleeping in her too loveable sleep. Ridhima first felt that he was joking but he made her see the breakfast tray trolley. Her eyes widen realizing what she did but before she goes in different zone he just cupped her face and kissed her forehead. “I loved pampering the child in you” the embarrassment that was about to find the way to her face from her heart was replaced by the rushing blushing signal from heart. She just kissed his cheeks thanking him “Aur ye apka reward for being best-est hubby” Armaan smile showing his dimples but to tease her he said ‘There is no word like best-est ridhima” she just hit him on his hands playfully. Soon they were ready and waiting for other to join them in lobby.
Later that day he keeps on teasing her about her being the baby in the morning in front of the family in one or the other way making her blush while he just enjoyed her expression but it confused other family members.
By the evening Armaan was playing volley ball with Karan while shubhankar was just doing commentary as it was his turn to rest. Ladies were sitting watching them when a fight break in Armaan and his father as his father was doing cheating which Armaan pointed but being elder to all he never accept his fault. Ridhima was all smiling seeing all cute nok jhok between father and son when out of nowhere Karan just pulled her on the ground declaring ridhima is in his team, now he will play dual while Armaan will be single to which shubhankar said “arye aise kaise mera bhai akela kyun khele ga aap ridhima ko rakho mein aur Armaan apko hara denge” saying so he just high-fi with Armaan.
The game begin though keerti wanted to play too but being pregnant no one allowed her in the ground. Making faces sulking she just sat in the corner with nandani beside her who was smiling seeing all of them behaving like kids. Here beside her keerti was sulking while on the ground Karan pulled ridhima acting like so offensive kid who was wrongly abused of cheating.
They played the game again this time Karan was all sincere as he didn’t only feel the need to cheat as ridhima was already beating the boys alone badly with the scores. By the end of the game boys were panting for breath while Karan and ridhima came walking with smile. Getting cranky on their own defeat Armaan just sit a bit away huffing puffing but shubhankar walked up to keerti asking her if she is okay, or if she want anything.
Ridhima took hold of the water bottle before moving to Armaan. He was still sulking a bit when he saw a hand in front of his face with water bottle instead of taking the bottle he turn his face avoiding her showing fake anger. “Armaan kya aap bhi bacho ki tarah” she said that only when he look at her smiling “I was kidding only but I am too tiered only because of you” he said pouting. Ridhima just pulled her tied dhupatta from her waist and cleared Armaan’s sweat off his forehead. Getting support he lean on her resting his head on her tummy as he was sitting while she was standing.
Family happened to look at them to call them so they can leave but seeing them they felt no need to disturb them so for time being they too started talking in themselves to let Armaan ridhima have their own sweet time.
They know the need of time that every couple need without which the relationship never nurture to its best. Also knowing the conditions they have face they wanted to give them more time to be with each other to talk past present and future.
By the End of the day they all were seen in the mall shopping like hell and to all the shopping keerti being the center of attraction for everyone in the family. They walk into the Mother Care Outlet in the mall and made keerti sit in one seat as they don’t want to stress her or baby. Initially keerti was enjoying the pampering and the shopping everyone was doing or rather try to do for baby or her but then all her happy face was gone.
Happy face was gone as everyone from nandani to ridhima, from Karan to Armaan all were running in different directions to bring one or other thing to ask keerti if she like it for baby or herself or not, but before keerti could have reply one or the other would reject that thing in the others hand who would run back to counter searching more beautiful thing. This keep happening when keerti just moved out when everyone were facing counter guy for new stuff to see. Everyone turn around to come back to her once again to show her the stuff they took but they didn’t found keerti on her seat but just shubhankar sitting there.
“Shub Keerti kahan gai” karan asked “papa vo” before he can finish it “Bhai bahabhi theek toh hai na” asked armaan all worried “Kya hua di ko” came worried words from ridhima “Kahan Gai hai Keerti” nandani asked. All were firing questions at him when he showed them his hand. All stopped speaking “Vo bahar gai hai aap sab aise hi sab reject kare ja rahe ho toh she said ki Mein kuch khane ko lene ja rahi hun kisi ko kuch acha nahi lagega” he said keerti’s word from what she said laughing, hearing which everyone pouted.
Leaving everything behind karan hit shubhankar on head “Tune use akele jane diya Idiot” saying so he rush behind to search her in food court and others followed his lead. Shubhankar who was left behind said a sorry to the shop keeper for all the fuss his family created and then laughing adoring his family he too made exit from the shop following all others.
Reaching food court they saw keerti sitting in one table, reaching her Armaan asked “Aap kya khaogi bhabhi” keerti told him what she wanted to have along that ridhima, nandani and Karan to give their order to Armaan. Seeing him having difficulty remembering all the orders from the family shubhankar got up to help him order and bring families dinner.
Being in food court everyone have ordered different eatables from different outlets making boys run around the whole court firstly to place order then later to collect their order. By the time they were done getting everyone’s order on table they sat in their own seats attacking the food without waiting for others making their ladies laugh at them.
After having their dinner in the food court they all left for the day calling it night and deciding what to do the next day before leaving mahabuleshwar.


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