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Part 4 & 5 : ~TORN~~

Part 4

Wiping her tears she looked at him coming down the stairs dressed in black jeans and a white shirt with his buttons open as he looked down at his hand and cursed and looked at her.

"I cant even button my shirt because of this blasting hand…Button my shirt" he commanded looked at her dressed in a pink sari approach him as he looked at her in silence ….he was right she would look extraordinary in a sari with her bosom and navel visible to him under the sari and she had her hair tided up in a bun and looked at her eyes as the eye make up emphasizing her good looks she was breathtaking and he remembered how they made love and looked at her placing her hand on his shirt and buttoning his shirt. Seeing her nervously approach him, her body language and hands….her breathing was heavy when ever she was close to him he liked seeing her on the edge and on guard as it just made him want her more

"Sir breakfast is ready…" she whispered gentle as he looked at her and nodded.

"Ramu and his father gone?" he asked taking a seat…to see her nod her head.

"Good I am going to need you to type while I dictate as I cant to anything with this hand…so you be in the study with me" he looked at her as he picked up the cup of tea and drop it unable to hold it with his fingers as he howled….She looked at the pain on his face and took hold of his hand as he looked at her wiping the tea of his trousers with the napkin…

"Are you OK sir?" she asked wiping his thigh covered in hot tea…enjoying what she was doing he looked at her stop and draw her hand…realizing what she was doing

"Like you care?" he answered looking at her lowering her gaze and seeing her place her cup of tea to his lips he looked at her.  Thats right you now know you're place as my slave…

Hearing the bangles rattling he closed his eyes as she was driving him insane in the past 5 hours as she typed on his keyboard and her fragrance in the room was killing his sense and putting him off his work..but he need to control his urges and finish off the work ready to go to London in a months time …he looked at her glued to the screen and she was good what ever he said she got within seconds and it was proving to be useful having her with him as she would ask questions and suggest thing which where making the presentation look better…

"I'll name the hotel chain after you….if I get the deal!" she looked at what seemed to be a smiled and stared at the dimples setting into his face as he read the documentation on the screen…. He looked so handsome with just a smile so human and she started to blushing think of what happened last night ….as she felt his lips on her…Wait what am I think? She thought looking at him smiling staring at the screen as she turned away…

"I'll make dinner…" he looked up at her as she headed for the door.

"I was thinking of take out ….Chinese not had that in ages…"She turned back and looked at him as he picked up the phone to order even his voice seemed softer and she nodded at him and left the room

He looked at her as she ate the take out …'she could have left me? many have in the past when I am sick yet she stays? For her family? Why do you care?' Shaking of his thought he looked at her getting up…. Feeling his hand on her wrist she looked at him questions what he was doing?

"Riddhima…I  ugh…!" she looked at him releasing her as he got up.

"Forget the dishes Ramu can clear them in the morning I am tired help me get undressed …." He looked at her eyes looking frightened and looked at her body language tighten up and grinned seeing her walk away…

Feeling her hand slowly remove his shirt he could feel her breathing heavy again like before…and turned the corner of his lip in as she avoid looking into his eyes… as she walked towards the wardrobe she stopped ….he took hold of her pallu and pulled her towards him hard…Feeling her back on his bare chest …feeling his heart beating against her back like her every own….he placed his hand good on her waist and pulled her close to him…She closed her eyes feeling his lips on her neck as his fingers dug into her waist…


It had been 2 weeks now and every evening was the same as he would make love to her and in the morning act as if it was just nothing while inside she want to know if he felt that connect she was feeling ever time he kissed her but she was scared to ask as she looked at the clock it was 10 o'clock and he was still not home feeling sleepy she closed her eyes at the dinning table…

Walking into the house he looked at her fast asleep at the dinning table her plate was untouched like his and he frowned looking at her that was 3 days now she not eaten until he came home… 'Why? If you hunger just eat…he told her before to hear I cant eat alone Sir …Stupid woman' he thought looking at her placing his hand on her head gentle he feeling the soft silk like hair and smiled….Moving forward towards her ear…seeing her long lashes closed and her red lips together tempting him on touch them…

"Darling I am home! "he smiling and frowned why did I say darling? He looked at her jerking her head and looking at him.

"Sorry sir I ugh…" he looked at her panicking and nodded his head taking a seat at the table.

"I am sorry I am late!" he said looking at her shocked face …in the past 2 week he never said sorry and thank you always commanded and she smiled looking at him as he placed the napkin on his lap avoiding her gaze knowing she would be smiling..…. What is happening to me? He shook his head as she stood next to him placing the rice on his plate…she gasped feeling his hand around her waist …feeling his powerful force pull her onto his lap.

"I want to feed you today..." he said looking at her as she was shocked by what he had done…

As he moved her hair behind her ear, she looked at him with her eyes lowered and blushing he moved his head forwards and rubbed his cheek against her and looked at her hand around his shoulder pull him towards her…he looked at her a little taken back by her touch and the way he felt her arms around him making him feel needed and he felt different touching her ….he always did when he was with her….Was it the fact she was not like the others who's services he paid for or was it the way she conducted herself in his presence…Pulling her closer to him he closed his eyes not wanting the moment to end…in her embraced…

He looked at her eyes facing her in bed…and smiled as he touched her face with the back of his fingers to see her close her eyes…there was something in her eyes now like a hidden language and for some reason he could decipher looking into the depth of her green eyes…

"I am starving!" he whispered looking at her as she blushed slight ….she remember his embrace from downstairs and how he lifted her up in his arms and took her up the stairs kissing her… and now that this physical fire was put out and she smiled shuffling on the bed to feel him pull her back…. Feeling his hands around her waist and his lips on her neck she closed her eyes feeling the sensual sensation of pleasure he was giving her..

"I will get dinner…" he whispered releasing her as he got up… She looked at him smiling at her as he looked at her placing his slippers on his feet… What is happening she though seeing him disappear…

"RIDDHIMA!" she smiled looking at him frowning as he looked over at the stove starching his head..

"Here may I sir?" he saw her moving forwards towards the stove and lit the flame.

"Armaan!" he said looking at her heading towards the cupboard…as she looked at him slightly confused as he moved forward getting the frying pan from her hand.

"Call me by my name!" he said placing the frying pan on the stove…she looked at him with his back turned and smiled coming closer to him. What is happening this evening and am I dreaming? She thought looking at him as she turned to look at her as he snapped his fingers at her she jumped.

"Sorry Sir? I was miles away… Here I heat the food and…" she looked at him laughing as she stopped… it was the first time she heard him laugh truly laugh and looked at him taking in the sight of him….he stopped and looked at her.

"Go inside! I will make something…" he said firmly as she looked at him

"Ji Sir!" she answered …he looked at her leaving the room.

What is happening to me? He thought smiling as he placed the oil in the pan….

"Mmmmm!" he looked at her with the dosta in her mouth very surprised as the spice titillated her tongue he smiled looking at her as he ate…

"I had my own cart on the road when I was 11years on Juhi beach it paid for my studies and I worked as a food delivery boy to the near by colonel as well in the evenings…" he looked at her as she stopped eating and was staring at him.

"Sir you had a rough child hood?" he looked at the tears in her eyes and looked at her..

"hmm eat up Riddhima!" she looked at him look away and took hold of his hand as he turned to see the lone tear run down his face.

"I have misjudge you sir…and I am sorry!" he looked at her as she wiped her tears away and let go of his hand and ate her food in silence…

Part 5

He smiled holding the phone to hear her answer 'Malik Residency. Riddhima speaking…'

"Hi Riddhima speaking….I have left some files there…Can you get Ramu to bring it over please…I am sending the driver over…" she smiled and looked to see Ramu had not arrived from his trip to get the groceries…

"Yes Sir!" placing the receiver down she …went to get the files….

Looking at the clock and then driver looking at her she picked up the files and head out with him.

"Hi can I see Mr Malik please!" She stood outside the reception area looking at the receptionist behind the desk… with her headset on and a frown looking at her.

"Do you have an appointment?" the girl looking at her from head to toes and looked over at the guard….Riddhima looked at her looking at the tall big guard.

"Please call him he needs…"

"He not to be disturbed and look I don't want to be rude we get a lot of women coming here asking for him and he gets upset and we can not allow you to go and see him…Especially without an appointment…" Riddhima looked at her a little taken back.

"Can you call him and tell him Riddhima is here?"

"Riddhima who ? nature of you're call?" The receptionist ask looking at her getting annoyed….

"Look Please! Call Mr Malik! He knows me! I am his…." She stopped what am I? She saw the receptionist signal the guard and looked a little scared as she moved back.

"Madam please!" the guard said stepping forward.

"DON'T TOUCH ME!" she screamed looking at the guard grab hold of her arm…

"WHAT THE HELL?" they stopped seeing Armaan appear from the lift looking at the scene in front of him… As the guard held Riddhima's arm holding her and jerked her towards the large glass door hard.

"GET YOU'RE HANDS OFF HER!" he shouted as everyone appeared out off the office….Seeing Riddhima run towards him sobbing he took her into his arms as she sobbed burying her head in his chest as he placed his arm around her….Looking at her as she sobbed in his hold as he stared at the members of Staff looking at him.

"I am sorry…. Ramu had not come home and I bought the files and they where so rude and…." She felt him release her and cup her face in his hand …

"It's Ok!" he looked over at the staff members looking at him

"If you ever stop her from coming in this office …you will be leaving with you're termination letter… Do I make myself clear!" he shout pointing at them and turned away taking hold of her hand and lead her into the lift as she looked at him seething in anger…

"Who am I sir? How do I address myself? What do I say? " he turned to look at her in the lift next to him and sighed closing his eyes.

She looked up at him as he looked over at his assistant looking at him as she placed the tray of coffee on he table.. Riddhima noticed how pretty she was and how she looked at him as just stared at the laptop screen… She looked over towards Riddhima as she smiled to get a frown and seeing the dirty look from her Riddhima knew what she was thinking …she was his bit on the side and looked down towards the table.

"Sir would that be all? I will make…"

"Leave us! Riddhima will make the coffee… Thank you Muskhan…" he looked up at her face as she smiled at him …Riddhima looked at the cold stare she gave her as she left the office… leaning forward she took hold of the coffee pot..

"Just black no sugar with my coffee…" he said with his head in the file.

She looked at him as at home he would have sugar in the tea and coffee here was without sugar… He looked at her as he heard her gentle place the coffee cup before him…

"We been invited to a party tomorrow night …its time I took you out!" he said looking at her…

"That way no one will question who you are once the magazine click our pics and I tell everyone you're with me…" he grinned looking at her place her cup on the table

"As what?" he looked at her and frowned

She looked at him frowning at her and lowered her eyes.

"No one will ask any questions after tomorrow's party….Thank you for the files Riddhima!" he said softly looking at her as she smiled back at him and blushed slightly..


"So you are the one?" Riddhima stopped to look over at Muskhan as she left his office…. She saw Muskhan looking at the monitor screen as she approached her.

"Hi I am…"

"The new flavour of the month….you do know he is with my all day before he comes home to you…" Muskhan said looking at her as she was taken back by her statement..

"You work with him so I guess he is with you…" Riddhima turned to leave and sighed.

"Look I don't know what he paying you but honey in reality I have been the one and last woman in his life… you are just time pass…If you don't believe me then I suggest you do you're homework on him and read the paper page 3 ….you're just the bed warmer to him and when he looses interest it will be me every time….cheap hookers I don't know why he bothers…."  Riddhima closed her eyes in the car on the way home as the reality of Muskhan's words sunk in as the tears ran down her face.…..

"I am insignificant to him…I know I am…" she looked at Shivji in the house.

"He feels nothing for me but I sense something… Please give me the strength to face everything…"

He walked into the house and frown she was forever in the shine holding her hands together in another world and humble to a statue for what? …Shaking his head he sat on the Sofa and turned on the TV.

He looked at her approach him with a cup of tea and smiled at him. As he was engrossed watching the tv she placed the cup on the glass coffee table and head towards the kitchen….

"Riddhima?" he called and looked at the clock it was late and he was engrossed in sports and got up from his seat…. Hearing a gentle humming noise he followed her voice to the kitchen…

He looked at her with her back to him with her sari pallu tucked away as she stood bare footed on her toes trying to grab the contain on the top shelf …smiling he walked over towards her unheard to her and stood behind her and he leaned forward against her body as she stopped feeling him as he leaned forward …she closed her eyes as he ran his hand gentle up her arm to her fingers…. Feeling her body gentle sinking into his as the back of her head gentle just settled on to his cheat…this was driving him crazy as she would just react in such a manner and surrender into him…his one touch made her irresistible to him as he placed the container down he looked down at her to see her breathing heavy again…turning her around to face him he placed his hands on her waist as she stood before him her long lashings lowered and her emerald eyes hidden from him…. What kind of spell did she cast? As he was drawn to her without knowing it and in the office when she left he thought only about her and sighed….. she was silently attacking him in ways unknown to him and he was in awe of her…. Her gentleness, the way she was with him and how he watch her sleep in bed holding him with her head gentle resting on his chest… normally the girls he was with would just make love to him but there was no emotional attachment but with her there was… and making love to her was totally different like an experience he not felt before …it was like he was not only making love to her body but her souls as well and she obeyed his every command to fulfil his desires and in return he would give her pleasure like no other caressing her body in so many ways… he was looking forwards to just hold her in bed now and he felt contented with just that?

"Sir?" breaking from his spell he looked down at her

"Dinner is burning?" she giggled as he let go of her …seeing her rescue the pots.

"Where Ramu and his father not seen them?" he looked at her picking up the raw carrot which where chopped and washed before him on the black marble surface.

"I have sent them home and they will not be here for the reset of this week and next…" he looked at her and raised his eyebrow.

"His sisters getting married and …" he sensed her silence and looked at her as her body slightly clammed up.

"Hmm kaam chor's" he looked at her placed her hand on the large metal spoon.

"I can handle the chores Sir!"

"ARMAAN! Say my name woman!" she turned to look at her with the carrot in his mouth…hearing the crunch she nodded.

"Armaan ji uh I have given them some money and they request you attend …"

"I don't go to family functions…and wedding I avoid!  Full of rubbish boy side will make demands and the girls side will bow there head in front of them…it just a business deal and nothing else…" he said taking hold of another carrot.

"What about love sir?" feeling a hand hit her buttock hard she jumped howling and looked at him grinning at her.

"Armaan and you say sir again ….i'll …" he moved closer to her as she stood stunned.

"I'll hit you there again and harder and then i…." He leaned forwards and whispered in her ear making her turn a red he not seen before and she turned and hit him on the chest as he looked at her surprised and she stopped realizing what she done…

"I am sorry sir!" *smack* he looked at her howling as he grinned.

"I warned you and …." He looked at her as she frowned at him.

"Get out of my kitchen Armaan ji!" he smiled and leaned forwards and kissed her….breaking feel from her lips as she stood breathless in front of him he placed his hand on her chin and looked into her eyes…

"Finally! Good girl! Remember this is you're house you're in charge and give the orders around here…" he chuckled as he turned and ….*smack* he turned to look at her as she smack his buttocks catching him of guard…as he looked at her with her head lowered…he chuckled leaving the kitchen.

She need to be a little more normal and her formality and reserve ness was getting boring he sighed. She need to stand up for herself in this world I am going to have to teach her that!…. seeing her coming out of the kitchen carrying the dishes.. he looked at her setting the table and headed towards her….



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