Tuesday, 14 August 2018

part 4 : Love Endures All

Something in Her touch

Returning from the hospital ridhima was too happy. That 20 % has increased to 60%. Doctor have given her few medicine to include in his diet. Coming back home ridhima and Nikki moved towards kitchen to get done with cooking dinner. They were talking about old days when armaan came to ridhima tugging her dhupatta “Mein Bore ho raha hun… mera ko khelna hain.”
“Aur kya khelna hain aapko.” Ridhima asked with the smile.

“Kya khelna hain….!” Armaan spoke in the thinking manner scratching his head cutely looking with smile up to ridhima and Nikki.

“Snake ladders khelen” Nikki suggested him. To which he nodded with all enthusiasm.
“Haan Snake and ladders please…” armaan pleaded but ridhima showed her back to him. Armaan was a bit disappointed “Please” he pleaded again tugging at her dhupatta.
“Okay par ek shart pe tum davai loge khane ke baad. Mujhe tang nahi karoge aur Na hi dawai kahin phekoge.” Armaan pout hearing her demand.

“Mera ko nahi khelna phir” he denied and went out to be sat on the couch.
“Dawai toh khani padhegi na armaan. Agar aap dawai nahi khoge toh phir…..” she left her sentence in the mid not getting what to say to him ahead so as he will agree to have his dose of daily medicine.
“Toh Phir..?” he asked her but ridhima was still thinking what to reply to him. When Nikki who was standing a bit far piped in speaking “Toh phir aapke baki ke friends bhi aapse nahi milenge.”
“Mera aur bhi dost hain vo aayenge mera se milne” armaan said getting excited.
“Haan armaan ke toh bahut sare dost hain. Bahut sare best friends’ hain armaan ke toh” Nikki answered
“Nahi sirf Ridhima meri Best Dost hain aur koi nahi.” Armaan said getting childishly possessive about her while hugging her around her waist resting his head on her shoulder as she was sitting beside him.
“Okay ridhima aapki Best Dost hain par baki phir aapse milne nahi aayenge” Nikki told him.
“Par kyun mein ne kya kiya” armaan asked feeling sad about that fact his friends won’t meet him.
“Agar armaan ridhima ki baat nahi sunega toh baaki dost sochenge ki jab armaan apne Best dost ki baat nahi sunta jab ki vo toh armaan ki best dost toh vo toh bus armaan ke sirf dost hain. Vo phir naraz ho jaenge aur armaan se milne nahi aayenge.” Nikki told this to him with little sadness.
“Nahi mein dost ki baat sununga. Par dawai bahut gandi hoti hain.. bahut gandi gandi taste hota hain dawai na.” Armaan complained
“Soch lo armaan doston se milna hai ya phir nahi.” Nikki asked him instantly
“Milna hain…. Theek Hai mein kha lunga.” Armaan agreed to her. “Par mera ko toffee chaiye uske baad roz.” He demaned
“Deal” Nikki said to get smile from Armaan and then he left ridhima as he kept hugging her after he declared her as his Best Dost.
“Chalo Dost aab khelen snake and ladders.” He asked leaving ridhima and shaking her as she was lost somewhere. She came out of her thought and look at armaan nodding to him
“Mein abhi playing board leke aati hun okay.” Ridhima said cupping his face, he nodded his head and then smilingly kept sitting there talking to his teddy telling him that they will now play Snake and ladders.
Moving towards Nikki holding her hand “Thank you Nikki. I am really greatly ki Bhagwan ne mujhe tum jaise friend di hain. Nahi toh pata nahi mein kaise ye sab akele handle karti. Thank you nahi bolungi mein kyun ki I know we passed that stage of Friendship but still Nikki I can’t really do this alone.”
“Toh Who asked you to do it all alone. Ridhima armaan mera bhi bahut acha dost raha hain. Aur bahut baar usne bhi meri help ki hain, I know mein uska ehsan nahi utar sakti na hi vo koi ehsan tha ye toh dosto ka kaam hota hain na. Apne Doston ki muskin mein help karna”
“Dost Lao na playing boar mera ko khelna hain.” Armaan said seeing ridhima standing there only. Nodding to him ridhima moved in one of the room where extra things are kept. Once when ridhima came to his house armaan gave her the tour of his house telling her about all the rooms in the house and the way he used them, from one of those armaan mentioned it to ridhima that there is one room where he have dumped all hi childhood things. Searching for the playing board there for few minutes ridhima was succefull in getting it but along with it came out the Sketch book of armaan she guessed.
Ridhima opened it and saw some beautiful Sketched made by him, ridhima was admiring those sketches “Armaan ne mujhe kabhi bataya nahi ki vo itni achi sketching bhi kar leta hain” then she thought “par armaan ne kabhi bhi apne bachpan ki baat hi nahi kari kyun ki vo hamesha hurt ho jata tha apne parents ko yaad kar ke.” Ridhima was called out again
“Dost jaldi aao na” armaan called her and she closing the book kept it on a table kept there and closing the door moved to living room.
Soon the 3 of them where playing joyfully. After half an hour later armaan was sulking “mein Nahi khelunga.” Ridhima Nikki smiled at him
“Armaan ye toh bus ek game hain koi baat nahi” Ridhima tried to manifoy him.
“Nahi mein nahi ye game ganda hain. Aur ye snake bahut ganta hain. Hamesha mera ko hi kat ta hai.. Mein 99 pe jaata hu aur ye mera ko itna niche la deta hai. Ye snake ganda hain. Mein nahi khelunga.” He was making ridhima and Nikki laugh at his innocence and cuteness. Seeing this he pouted more folding his hands on his chest. But when he saw both his dost not stopng but keep on laughing at him she pouted more, turning his back to them he spoke “Jao mein tum dono se bhi baat nahi karunga. Tum Dono bhi bahut gande ho mujpe has rahe ho na. mein nahi khelunga tumhare saath.” With sad face he keep quit.
After few seconds her spoke up again “Hawwww kahin tumne toh nahi bola na us snake ko meri hi goti ko marne ko.Hawwww” he asked pointing towards Both of them. It did nothing but make both of the girls to laugh more and more at his cuteness.
While laughing Nikki spoke up holding her tummy from one hand and other hand was supporting her to sit straight as she was laughing rolling around. “Dekhio ridhima tera bache sach mein bahut bahut cute honge aur bahut pyaare hi hone wale hain. Tera maan nahi kara karega unhe chod ke sanjeevni aane ka.”
Nodding her head in yes ridhima kept laughing along with Nikki.
At Night Ridhima tried to make armaan sleep on in his room but he deny it “Nahi mein akele nahi sounga. Mera ko dar lagta hain. Mein tumhare pass sounga” armaan said with Obstinacy in his voice.
“Par armaan hum aise kaise soyenge.” Ridhima questioned him.
“Tum bhi yahin so jao. Dekho na bed bahut bada hain tum girogi nahi promise” armaan said showing her his extended arms showing how big the bed is.
“Par armaan” ridhima tried to resist but armaan was not ready to listen to her. He kept holding her hand in his grip not letting her go. Giving up to his stubbornness ridhima settle down on the bed sitting resting her back to the bed post when armaan lay down in her laps holding her. But when he didn’t felt sleepy even after 30 min nearly he asked ridhima to lay down as she was sleep instead of him. She deny first than later she to lay down thinking once he will be sleepy she will go out of the room. But armaan never fall asleep but ridhima did. Soon armaan to start feeling sleepy but he was afraid that something from under the bed will pop out so he moved closer to ridhima. He was almost clinging to her, ridhima in sleep opened her arms making armaan sleep in the cocoon of her love. She was totally unknown and unconscious of her action but nothing matter for now it was providing both of them the warm security and love which flow in their hearts. Armaan to fall sleep with in minute.
In morning when ridhima woke up she felt some weight on her arms and upper chest. Opening her eyes she saw armaan clinging to her resting his head on her shoulder and partially on her arm, where as her arms where tightly wrapped around him.
First ridhima have tears in her eyes seeing him sleeping like that so so close to her, they were in each other arms. She have always dreamt of her morning to get started like this since the day she have fallen in love with this amazing person. She have dreamt of starting her day seeing the handsome cute face of her love when he would be waking up that instant to see her looking at him like and he would lovingly wish her Good Morning with sweet kiss. They would have hugged before getting started with the rest of the day.
She was having tears in eyes and smile on her lips imaging all her dreams but reality was far away from what she dreamt off… Though both of them are together, armaan was in her arms sleeping peacefully. But he doesn’t remember their love. He doesn’t remember her. He doesn’t remember their friends. He doesn’t remember about Sanjeevni. He doesn’t remember anything at all.
She wiped her tears away from her face when she saw armaan looking at her “Kya hua dost. Mein tumhare haat pe so gaya tha toh dard ho raha hain kya dost.”
Ridhima shake her head in no “Phir… phir kya hua tum ro kyun rahi ho.” He asked.
“Vo kuch nahi aankh mein kuch chala gaya.” Ridhima made an excuse. But armaan he too look up for few minutes he keep looking up when ridhima asked “Upar kya dekh rahe ho tum”
“Vo mein dekh raha tha kya gira upar se par mera ko kuch nahi dikha.’ Pouting her replied her. Smiling at him she cares his face wiping the last bit of tears that appeared with his touching caring reply.
“Vo machar chala gaya hoga. Tum chinta nahi karo abhi theek ho jayegi.” Ridhima assured him.
“Machar bhi bilkul budhu hain use pata nahi ki ankhe koi jaane ki cheej nahi hain. ankho mein koi darwaja thodi hai” . “Mein dekhun” he asked ridhima if he can see her eyes. Before she can denied it armaan was already so near her holding open her eyes with both his hands, blowing air in her eyes he sat back “ab theek hua” he asked with so innocent eyes that she smiled widely.
“Wah.. Armaan toh bahut acha doctor banega. Abhi se armaan sab theek kar deta hain.” she appreciated him. Armaan get all excited hearing her out and asked “Sachi mein Doctor banunga na”.
“Muchi…. Mera armaan abut acha Doctor banega.” Ridhima praised him. “Now No more masti Go Brush your teeth and have a bath. Then we will have breakfast.”
Armaan Ran away from there to freshen up, ridhima she move towards the kitchen to make breakfast and milk for armaan.
There was a ring of a door bell.
Ridhima went to see who might have come. Opening the door she saw Padma Standing there with a bag in her hand. “Maa” ridhima exclaimed out of surprise then hugged her dearly.
“Mein andar aaun” Padma asked as she knew ridhima have forgotten the fact that they are still on the doorway. Realizing where they are standing ridhima moved out of her way letting her walk in.
“Maa aapko kaise pata Mein…” ridhima left her sentence in middle only.
“Nikki Se baat hui thi meri. Tum toh apna phone ghar pe hi bhul gai thi jaane se pehle toh mein ne Nikki se baat ki usne bataya ki tum yahan ho toh mein tumhare kuch kapde aur baki ki needful saman leke aa gai yahan.”
“Thank you so much maa.” Ridhima hugged her while thanking her. Holding her a bit away from herself Padma asked “Marun aabhi ek… Maa ko thank you bolti hain sharam nahi aati. Bahut baadi ho gai hai. Hunh.” Padma asked hitting ridhima playfully on her cheeks making her smile.
Armaan came at that same moment when Padma was playfully hitting on her cheeks expressing her love care. But it didn’t seem same to armaan he thought that someone is hitting his dost. “Aap koun ho” armaan asked looking at Padma “Aur meri Dost Ko kyun maar rahi ho.” Getting afraid of Padma he asked it.
Before Padma can say something to him ridhima spoke. “Armaan Ye mujhe maar nahi rahi hai.” But armaan was not ready to understand that “Nahi mein ne dekha abhi khud inhone tumhe maara” He said pointing to his own cheek indicating her that he have seen her (Padma) hitting her (Ridhima).
“Armaan ye meri Maa hain ye mujhe Mar nahi rahi thi bus aise hi pyaar kar rahi thi.” Ridhima tried to make him understand.
“Ye Mar ke pyaar karti hain…?” He asked now getting afraid of Padma. But this time Padma hold ridhima’s hand before she can reply. Ridhima look at her Mom to see her shaking her head indicating her not to say anything further. She have understood how is armaan’s health doing with all his reactions.
Leaving ridhima behind she move towards armaan who was getting afraid and calling ridhima in fear “Dost.” “Dost” but ridhima neither moved nor said something to him letting her mother handle it. She Remember Nikki telling her In fear he calls her only, and that was the truth only she can see that. She knew that her mother have always adore armaan as her son even she was getting emotional looking him in this state.

Reaching near armaan Padma just hugged him dearly like a son, crying out her eyes seeing the boy who have always filled the space of her son since he walked in their life was suffering so much. And armaan he suddenly felt all his fears going away he felt unknown calmness as soon as she hugged him, he went silent and all peaceful the moment Padma hugged him. Slowly he too moved his hands around Padma’s shoulder hugging her. Resting his head on her shoulders. There was something in her Touch that love, that feeling of someone close.

Ridhima standing bit away saw this and smile with tears flowing from her eyes. She have always shown anger and irritation whenever Padma would have favour armaan and taking all her love that belonged to her. But from heart she always adored them together. She knew armaan have missed his mother all his childhood due to his parents differences and her mother have missed having a son. She have adored loved them more at those moment from her heart but always showed something else on her face which even Padma and armaan knew but none of them ever showed it. And now she was having just happy tears in her eyes seeing them hugging while armaan is calm resting his face on her shoulder and Padma was caressing his back with all motherly affection.

Armaan was all comfortable with Padma too now. Now it was Padma who was feeding armaan and he was having his food without any fuss. Ridhima was amazed seeing him getting so easy with Padma so soon. But then she saw something in his eyes making her have tears again in her eyes. His eyes were seeking a lot of mother’s love being back to his childish state of mind he must be missing his mother a lot and this was causing all this sudden affection and calmness in him.


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