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part 4 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

The dance was something that both of them would cherish all their life, the song as if played only for them had defined their actual feelings and they seemed so content after it…The party was nearly over and some guests had started leaving as well. Armaan and Ridhima sat on a secluded table as Arima was getting a little cranky due to all the loud noises. They were quietly having their dinner with Arima in Armaan’s lap who had removed his blazer and draped it around her tiny frame to shield her from the cold while Ridhima fed both herself and him…They were just about done with their dinner when Rahul came calling for Armaan as he needed some help with moving something aside which happened to be a little heavy, nodding at him he got up passing an almost asleep Arima to Ridhima he went away to help Rahul. Ridhima was lightly patting Arima while talking to Muskaan who had
come with Rahul but styed back with Ridhima. Both the ladies went on talking about anything and everything when out of nowhere they heard some random giggling sounds turning around they found Armaan who stood near a table while three girls who were dressed as compete fashion models stood around him giggling and chatting away and what was worse was that he too was giggling with them. “Ohoo they at last god hold of Armaan…Agaar aaj inhe Armaan se baat karne ka chance nahi milta na to yeh bohot dukhi hoke jati yaha se…In fact I think yehe yaha ayi hi Armaan se milne ke liye hai” said Muskaan chuckling and shaking her head while she too looked at the scene ahead. “Mtalab?Yeh teeno hai kaun and what do you mean by Armaan se milne ayi hai?” asked a frowning Ridhima who still had her eyes fixed on those three butterflies who were laughing away and touching Armaan time and again for no goddam reason. “Arey…Yeh humare neighbours hai and they have a huge…HUGE crush on Armaan, jab dekho titliyo ki tarah uske agey peeche ghumte rehte hai…We all and Armaan himself finds them so funny hum humseha bad main haste hai speiaclly at how Armaan tries to avoid them…Aaj bhi dekho na he was successful in avoiding them the whole evening and last main jake unke hath laga” said Muskaan without noticing Ridhima’s reaction. After a few minutes Muskaan got up to see off some guest while Ridhima just sat there still looking towards Armaan who was laughing away with those weirdos. “Jis tarah se has raha hai does not seem like he was trying to avoid them at all…huh…Aise bhi kya joke mara hai unhone jo iski hasi band hi nahi ho rahi…huh mujhe kya jo karna hai kare, I don’t care” she thought frowning angrily and turned her face the other side but in just a few seconds she turned it back not able to control herself and boy it was a bad decision because just then she saw one of them place her hand on Armaan’s shoulder and that really angered her for no apparent reason…”Urghh mujhe kyu itna gussa araha hai…He can talk with whoever he likes I shouldn’t bother…Huh” she tried to reason with herself but try as hard she was just not liking this interaction of him with these girls. Armaan on the other hand had happened to catch a glimpse of her angry face and instantly knew that Mrs. Malik was jealous actually VERY JELOUS and so he stayed there a little longer and laughed at their useless jokes because he wanted to see Ridhima’s reaction, he wanted to see if him being with someone else affected her like it did before and seeing the play of emotions on her face he knew he had managed to hit a bull’s-eye. Ridhima on the other hand was getting restless by the minute and she did not even understand why seeing him with someone else was affecting her so much. Not able to hold herself anymore she was trying to think of something to get him away from those girls and then suddenly an idea came to her mind and a smile instantly came on her face…She got up holding Arima who was more or asleep in her arms and walked towards him. “Armaan…” she called him by tapping his shoulder while the three girls frowned on seeing her there. “Hey Ridhima…Tum kab aayi maine to dekha hi nahi” he said feigning innocence while the girls suddenly smiled thinking he was actually lost in them. “ Of course apni in titliyo se frusta mile tab hi to notice karoge na” she thought now glaring at those girls who seemed least affected. “Hey…kaha kho gayi…Kya hua koi kaam tha?” he asked putting a pause on her thoughts…”Uhmm ha who actually Aru almost so gayi hai and all this noise is making her really uncomfortable to main soch rahi thi if we should go home…Kafi der bhi ho gayi hai and abhi abhi to yeh bukhar se theek hui hai it’s not good for her to be out for so long” she said trying to sound convincing enough while Armaan tried hard to not laugh at her excuse. “Hmm I guess you’re right chalo chalet hai…Give me I’ll hold her” he replied taking Arima from her hands and then he turned towards the girls who had an instant smile seeing him turned back towards him “Sorry ladies it’s time for daddy duties so I’ll meet you next time” he said and much to their disappointment while Ridhima’s heart did summersaults seeing their dejected faces. Thereafter walked away holding Arima in one hand and holding Ridhima’s hand with the other…They bid Rahul and Muskaan goodbye and were now walking towards their car in compete silence “Vaise Ridhimaa mujhe nahi pata tha ki koi itna jealous bhi ho sakta hai” said Armaan breaking the silence and looking at her with a mischievous smile. “What Rubbish main koi jealous welous nahi thi…” she retorted back immediately. “Acha par maine to tumhara naam nahi liya to tumhe kyu laga main tumhare bare main bol raha tha?” he asked her trying so hard to not laugh at her face that looked like a two year old baby who was caught stealing some candy. “Uhmm…Woh…main…maine aise hi kaha tha ki main jealous nahi thi” she replied back mentally slapping herself for not being able to come back with an appropriate answer. “Achaaa” he said suppressing his smile as he passed Arima to her while she sat on the passenger seat while she said nothing. Armaan smiled at her and getting into the driver’s seat drove them back to their home. They were driving in complete silence with Armaan glancing now and then at Ridhima who was lovingly rubbing Arima’s back and was consciously trying to avoid looking at him, but then it’s not every day that you get to tease Mrs. Malik so he was obviously not going to let go so easily and so maintaining a poker face and looking straight ahead at the road he called her “Ridhima…” “Huh…h..haa” she replied back stammering “You know woh Tina hai na…Arey wahi jise main abhi baat kar raha tha, the tall one out of the three” he said making her remember while she just nodded with a small scowl why did he have to talk about her she thought. “Ha to she was saying ki kafi time se woh mujhse mil nahi payi…You know work and all na” he said trying to keep up with his straight face as her face got redder by the minute. “Ha to she was saying that we should catch up for coffee or something soon…Aur mujhe bhi sahi laga to maine bhi bola ki hai bhai we should maybe after office hours or during the lunch break…” “WHAT” she yelled making Arima flinch a little and Armaan chuckle seeing her face.“I…I mean kyu…woh…woh to tumhari dost bhi nahi hai…and…and aise randomly…mat…mtalab its very sudden na” she said trying hard to not show how much it affected her while she caressed Arima’s head to settle her back to sleep. Armaan on the other hand was having a really hard time to control himself from laughing out loud, God she looked so cute right now that he just wanted to go and pull her tomato red cheeks right away “Are dost nahi hai to kya hua…Thoda milenge batein karenge to hi to dosti banegi” he replied with a smile while she frowned even more. “Arey par…tum…tumhara kam… matlab tumhe bohot kaam bhi rehta hai na…Tum…Tum kitni busy rehte ho to aise main yeh plan, it might get very hectic na” she said and mentally praised herself for coming up with such a valid excuse but little did she know that her husband was a step ahead this time. “Hmm yeh to hai but koi nahi, ill manage after all its just about some time management” he said shutting her up there and then. She sat mum not knowing what to do while he was having the time of his life seeing the numerous emotions flashing across her face. “One minute…kahi tum…Oh My God…kahin tum jealous to nahi feel kar rahi na ki main uske sath jar aha hoon” he asked acting all shocked. “Na..nahi bilkul nahi why will I be jealous…Tum..tum jao jaha jana hai… jiske sath bhi jana hai…Mujhe kya” she said trying to be nonchalant about it but both of them knew that given a choice she would find that Tina and probably just throw her down some cliff. “Hmm…Phir theek hai…I’ll meet her soon” he said smiling that killer smile of his while she gave him a fake sarcastic smile in return. The rest of the drive was completely silent while Armaan was having a really hard time to not burst out laughing while she was mentally already slapping him for even agreeing to go with that Tina.

“Huh…vaise to kehta rehta hai he loves me phir us Tina ko haa kyu bola”
“Huh lekin mujhe kya let him do what he wants…”
“Arey but aise kaise I am his wife he can’t do this na”
“Lekin maine hi to abhi tak is rishte ko nahi apnaya…Of course he can do what he wants, he has full right to do so”
“Arey lekin Arima…aise acha thodi lagta hai ki uska dada kisis random ladki ke sath date par jaaye…Log kya kahenge”
“Lekin mujhe itna bura kyu lag raha hai…Am I really jealous??”
“No no of course not woh to bas main uske ache ke liye bol rahi thi na…Okay fine maybe I am a little jealous…Urghhh I hate this Tina”

Lost in these thoughts she never realized when they had reached home. It only when Armaan had pulled the car at the parking that she realized that they had reached home, she tried getting down but it was difficult to handle Arima along with the saree so he asked her to wait and getting down he walked towards her and gently taking Arima from her he helped her to get down as well. After locking the car he was just walking in when she held his wrist from behind stopping him. He turned around still holding Arima in one hand and cocked his eyebrows asking her why she stopped him. She did not know how to say what she had to but taking a deep breath she tried and gathered some courage “Mujh…Mujhe acha nahi laga jab…jab tum un ladkiyo se baat kar rahe the…I…I did not like it” she said looking down at her fingers while he had a huge smile hearing her words but somehow he controlled it and asker her “Kyu?” she looked up for a second perplexed at is question but then seeing his intense gaze she once again looked down. He walked a step closer and pulled her chin up gently making her look up at him “Kyu Ridhima? Tumhe acha kyu nahi laga jab main unse baat kar raha tha” he asked seriously looking straight into her eyes. She stayed mum for a few seconds and then finally answered once again dropping he gaze from him “I…I don’t know” “You know it Ridhima” he replied back instantly shocking her for the gazillionth time this evening. “You know it very well par bas tum accept nahi karna chahti and I have no complains maine tumse wada kiya hai that I will give you all the time in the world and I have no intensions of breaking my promise lekin ha itna zarur kahunga ki apne dill ki baat ko suno Ridhima, don’t run away from what your heart is telling you” he said looking at her affectionately while she too had her gaze locked at him. For a few seconds they stayed like that just looking into each other’s eyes letting the silence do all the talking…However after sometime Armaan felt Arima stir a little in his arms and so he brock the eye lock and turned to leave but stopped again and turned back “Aur ha main kisi Tina ke sath kahi nahi ja raha…If there is anybody who I would like to go on a date with then it’s you and only YOU” he said and giving her one last look he walked in while she stood there for a few second watching his retreating figure and also replaying all that he just said to her.
The night had been a rather long one for Ridhima, she couldn’t get any sleep because whole night she kept thinking about what Armaan had told her. She was sure she felt something for him but was it love? But wasn’t it too soon to be able to declare that its love was what she thought. The whole night had passed with these thoughts for her and it was not before the wee hours of the morning that she actually fell asleep but that too did not last long because she kept feeling a dull ache around her ribs that was making it very difficult for her to sleep. It was probably the cold weather outside (at least in the story we can assume it’s cold :p) and all the exhaustion that had caused the pain to rise and so unable to sleep any further she glanced at the small clock that visible from the dim light in the room and seeing that it was already seven am she decided to just get up and take a bath. She looked towards the couch where Armaan was in deep sleep and then beside her where the little munchkin was asleep as well. Placing pillows on her side just in case Arima woke up or rolled over she got up from bed which was a task in itself with her painful ribs and went for a bath hoping that the hot body helps in easing her pain…After a good thirty minutes she came out of the bathroom dressed in a casual top and leggings with hair still wet and cheeks red. As she walked out she found Armaan sitting on the bed rocking a now awake Arima in his arms, she must have woken him up she thought. On hearing the sound of the bathroom door open Armaan turned to look at Ridhima “Hey…Tum itna jaldi uth gayi aur naha bhi liya?” he asked walking towards her after carefully placing Arima on the bed. “Uhmm ha woh neend khul gayi to I thought I’ll take a shower” she replied not really wanting to bother him with her pain. He on the other hand felt something to be fishy, she looked fresh after the shower but her eyes were red as if she had not slept the whole night he and her face looked a little pale as well he was just going to ask her when they heard a small whimper from Arima “Uhmm…I guess she is hungry…I’ll go feed her” she said and thanked God for this perfect timing because she was sure two more minutes and he would have surely found out that she wasn’t well Armaan just saw her go and sighed he did have an idea of why she must have not slept but why did she look so pale was what bothered him more, however having no choice he went to take a bath himself while Ridhima fed Arima…After a while he walked out dressed in some causal track pants and a T-shirt only to find Arima done with her meal and now laying on the bed playing with her little stuff toy while Ridhima sat with her legs stretched out and eyes closed, so much so that she did not even notice that he had come out of the washroom. He walked towards her and gently placed a hand on her shoulder startling her as she had kind of dozed off “Hey…relax its me…Kya hua you look very tired and a little pale too…Taibyat to theek hai na tumhari?”He asked placing a hand on her forehead to check if she was running a fever which thankfully she was not. “Uhmm ha…ha I am fine just a little tired after the party…” she replied while he just continued to look at her as of trying to read what’s wrong. “Uhmm Armaan tum bhi na, chodo yeh sab chalo chalkar breakfast karte…Ouchh” she said getting up with a jerk only to experience a shooting pain in her ribs which made her let out a huge groan, she was going to fall back hard on the bed but luckily he held her on time and helped her sit down on the bed. “Hey hey hey…Ridh…Ridhima kya hua? Tum theek ho…kya hua, is…is it hurting you somewhere” he asked getting all worked up as he saw her sit with her eyes shut tightly while her hand held the right side of her abdomen tightly . He crouched down beside her and gently caressed her face which made her open her eyes slowly and he was really surprised to see them rather moist…”Rid..Ridhima kya hua? Tum…Tumhe kahi dard ho raha hai, its hurting you somewhere na…Ridhima please mujhe batao…Tell me what’s wrong so I can help you baby” he said wiping the lone tear that had escaped her eyes, as calm as he showed to be he was actually fighting a war inside him seeing her in so much pain. Not able to handle the pain any longer she nodded “My…My ribs” she spoke in a low tone as even speaking was a task for her at the moment. The jerk with which she got up had really increased the pain almost making it difficult for her to even breathe. Armaan was really worried seeing her in so much pain he knew it was the cold weather that had aggravated it and that it was nothing to panic about as the doctor had already informed him that this could happen but still he couldn’t help the concern. “Acha...okay okay shhh...It will be just try to relax...Main abhi Davai Deta hoon and you’ll be absolutely fine okay...Just give me two minutes baby” he said carefully making her sit back with her back propped up on pillows while he rushed down to get her medicine...After five minutes he came back and found her in the same position that he had left her in, her eyes still shut tightly was an indication enough that her pain hadn’t lessened one bit even Arima seemed to have understood that something was wrong and so she just lay there quietly not doing anything much but looking at Ridhima from time to time. His heart ached seeing her go through so much pain but he knew he had to be strong so that he could take care of her and so gulping the lump that had formed in his throat he walked towards her “Ridhima...” he said sitting on the bed facing her. On hearing him she opens her tear filled eyes which literally stabbed his heart...”Yeh lo Thoda sa Kuch kha lo phir Davai lelo you’ll feel better hmm” he said passing her a piece of the apple that he got for her but she just scrunched her nose and turned her head away not at all wanting to eat “Na...Nahi Armaan...I can...can’t eat anything now...muj...mujhe nahi chaiye pls...jus....just give me the medicine” she said with a lot of difficulty as she held on to her ribs tightly. “Ridhima...I can’t do that bacha....You have to eat something nahi to Davai bhi asar nahi karegi na” he said lovingly trying to make her understand but she just shook her head not able to bare the pain making him sigh deeply “Acha bas do pieces Khalo I won’t force you more” he tried to coax her and seeing her about to retort he spoke again “please...For me...” and that surely worked because after a minute though reluctant but she agreed making him smile a little. After which he fed her those two pieces and immediately gave her the tablet which she gulped down instantly, he carefully laid her down and sitting down beside her he picked up the heat pad that he got along with him to give her some warm compress which made her hiss a little “Shh...Bas abhi theek Ho jayega hmm....Shh bas” he kept whispering sweet nothings to her, caressing her hair now and then as he applied the warm compress while she looked at him with her half open eyes, the concern, the love everything was evident in his eyes and for some reason it stirred something in her heart as well. Soon enough under the effect of the medicine and his care she fell into sleep while he stayed there just looking at her, he gently rubbed off the tear stains from her face and very carefully placed a kiss on her forehead making sure not to disturb her as the tear he had been holding for so long finally made its way out of his eyes. He rested his head beside her for a few seconds praying to the almighty to just keep her alright, after all that they had been through he was sure of anything if there was anything in the world that had the power to break him so deeply it was her pain… He came out of his thoughts when he heard Arima make some noises probably trying to grab their attention and he instantly got up and took her in his arms and making sure Ridhima was asleep and well tucked in the blanket he waked out taking Arima because he knew she wouldn’t let Ridhima sleep.
After a few hours of the much needed sleep Ridhima woke up feeling much better than before she looked around to see that she was absolutely alone in the room for a minute she panicked not seeing Arima but remembering that Armaan was home she relaxed assuming that he had probably taken her out so that she could sleep peacefully. After a few minutes she slowly got up and sat herself on the bed and just then Armaan who was coming to wake her up entered with Arima in his arms “Arey…Mama to pehle si uthi hui hai, hum to avai unhe uthane ki planning kar rahe the…” Armaan said pinching Arima’s cheek making her giggle and then looked towards Ridhima with his dimpled smile as well. Ridhima too was smiling seeing them, she loved when Armaan spoke to Arima addressing her(Ridhima) as her(Arima) mother it made her feel special, though she herself hadn’t addressed herself much as her mom but she always felt good when Armaan did, it was like a reassurance that yes this bundle of joy was hers. “Alley…Meri princess to bohot khush lag rahi hai lagta hai apne dada ko bohot pareshan kiya haina” said Ridhima taking Arima from Armaan as she was literally jumping from his arms to go to her; she nuzzled her little nose making her smile her toothless smile. Armaan who sat in front of her on the bed smiled seeing both his angels smiling “Ab kaisa feel kar rahi ho? Dard to nahi hai na abhi?” he asked placing his hand on her lap and making her look up at him. “I am feeling much better and ab zyada dard bhi nahi hai” she replied honestly making him smile. “Hmm…vaise Ridhima next time agar tumhe aise dard ho to please mujhe usi waqt bata diya karo…do not wait for it to get worse…Tum nahi janti aaj tumhe aise dekh kar meri jaan hi chali gayi…Agar tumhe kuch…” he stopped mid-way not even wanting to think about any such thing. He had turned his head the other away clearly upset with the way she had tried hiding her pain, she on the other hand had sensed that he really got scared seeing her in so much pain and instantly felt guilty for putting him through so much stress. “Armaan…I am sorry…Main…I should have told you before lekin main tumhe pareshan nahi karna chahti thi but I guess I ended up worrying you more…I am sorry” she said looking down guiltily making him. “Ridhima…I have told you before and I am telling you again tum meri kisi bhi preshani ki vajah ban hi nahi sakti so please get this out of your head” he said making himself very clear as he took hold of her hand and looked straight in her eyes “And yes aaj jo tumne bewakufi ki hai uske liye I am really upset with you matlab how could you have taken yourself for granted aur tum kya sara din aise hi dard main baithne ka soch rahi thi? What are you superwoman” he said scolding her a little making her pout a little “I am sorry…Ab aise nahi karungi” she said so cutely that he couldn’t help but smile. “Yeh acha hai pehle galti karo phi raise cutely sorry bolo so that I can’t even say no…Huh” he said acting to be angry but she knew that she was forgiven and so a huge smile was now on her face which soon transferred to his face as well…”Acha ab chalo tumne breakfast to skip kar hi diya but lunch to karna hai na” he said getting up and taking Arima from her. “Uhuh and don’t even try and saying no because I am definitely not listening isliye jaldi se utho and chalo” he said seeing her all ready to refuse making her frown at how he was treating her like a two year old. He then gave her his hand and helped her get up. He guided her towards the dining room and made her sit on the chair and then made Arima sit on her high chair right beside her “Aru…bacha mama ka dhyan rakhna dada abhi arahe okay baby” he said placing a kiss on her head as he walked inside the kitchen to get their lunch while she shook her head at how he was telling a four month old baby to take care of her… Ridhima was talking and playing with Arima while Armaan was heating the pasta that he had specially made for Ridhima, he was just taking a plate to fill the pasta in when he suddenly heard Ridhima scarem his name making him drop the plate and instantly rush out.


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