Wednesday, 15 August 2018

part 5 : Love Endures All

After spending quality amount with them Padma went back to her home where as ridhima tried to talk to armaan about his affection to Padma, though she know things but still she want him to talk it out.  But before ridhima can say anything to him he asked her “Padma Maa Kab aayegi dubara” he asked with longing in his eyes, when ridhima hear him saying Padma Maa She was so happy yet sentimental at it that she can’t hold her tears back. Already his situation have broken her and these little moments that she is getting were making her cry her eyes out easily.

“Kya kaha tumne armaan” armaan getting scared said “Vo…Vo Padma Aunty phir kab aaayengi” Ridhima saw him getting scared a bit while saying it so she moved towards him, he moved a step back but ridhima moved her hand up to cares his cheek but armaan felt afraid but when he saw her not moving or hitting him he looked at her to see her smilingly calling him nodding her head, he moved ahead slowly. “Armaan tum dar kyun rahe ho.” She asked him what if she know the answer she want to hear it from him. “Vo mein ne tum.. Tumhari mom ko… ko Maa bola toh.”

“Toh… Toh Kya hua” She asked. Shaking his head in no he said “Nahi… tumhe bura laga” armaan asked still scared of it but soon his fear vanish with ridhima’s reply “Bilkul nahi… Maa toh Maa hoti hain na. Aur Maa ko Maa hi toh bulate hain.” Ridhima assured him that she is not at all angry with him calling her Mother as Maa.

Nodding enthusiastically to her reply he again asked “Toh batao na Maa phir kab aayengi. Mera ko khelna hain unke sath aur phir bahut sari kahani bhi sunni hain. Aur phir unki Laps pe sir rakhe bhi sona hain… aur phir mein…..” but he was cut by ridhima “Bus Bus…. Aram se Armaan.” He pouted seeing her stopping him from speaking, so he turn his back to her pouting making angry face but ridhima smiled at him. “Acha ek kaam karte hain”

Still mad at her for stopping him he asked still giving her his back. “Kya”

“Next Time jab Mom aayengi na Toh hum unhe yahin rokh lenge” she suggested him, he turn around hearing such a great idea from his dost. Ridhima raised her eye brows asking him how was her idea when armaan asked excietedly “Sachi. Vo Rukh jayengi?”
“Kyun nahi rukhengi Jab unka ye beta unhe rokega toh vo pakka rukh jayengi.” Ridhima said pointing her finger towards him. He first look at himself as she was pointing at him then back at ridhima getting all happily excited about it.

Ridhima Gave armaan his medicine which he hate to have it even after creating fuss he wasn’t getting rid of those medicine at last he have to have them she ridhima said “Armaan If you won’t have these then Mein Mom ko nahi bulaungi phir”
“Nahi mein kha lunnga… Par tum Maa ko bulaogi na phir se.” Armaan asked taking medicine from her not wanting to not meet Padma. Ridhima too nodded her head assuring him she will definitely call her again.
Armaan sat down on the couch behind then later slide down on the floor while ridhima was sat on sofa beside him. Armaan rest his head on her laps, ridhima kept her one hand on his arms around her laps and other in his hairs.  “Meri Mom toh mera se milne bhi nahi aati.” Armaan suddenly said it gain ridhima’s full attention on his words.
“Meri mom toh pata nahi kahan hain. Unhe toh meri fikar bhi nahi hain. Kabhi mera ko kuch bana ke nahi khilati, kabhi bhi mujhe stories nahi sunati. Mujhse milne bhi nahi aati, kabhi mujhe pyaar bhi nahi karti” armaan spoke all this still resting his head on her laps. “Mein itna bura hun kya….?” He asked her looking at her with tears flowing from his eyes.
Ridhima wipe his tears with all love “Bilkul bhi nhai. Mera armaan toh duniya ka sab se acha insaan hain, vo bura kaise ho sakta hain, aur itna pyaara sa hain armaan toh koi pyaar kaise nahi karega armaan ko”.
“Phir meri Mom mera se pyaar kyun nahi karti. Mera ko akela chod ke chali gai vo. Bilkul akela chod diya mujhe mein ne kuch galat kiya tha kya” armaan asked expectedly looking at ridhima bringing her in dilemma of what to say to him, she can’t lie to him nor she can say anything that might cause armaan to her his own mother, she have to pick her words carefully before letting them come out of her mouth. This armaan is not the mature one, he is the baby armaan who don’t know how to take the words according to the tone of the person. She knew what armaan’s mom felt about missing onto his childhood, his mom cried in front of her asking her to never leave armaan when they meet due to their roka a year back. She know how she might be feeling for not living her only son’s childishness.
“Armaan Tum toh big boy ho na.” armaan nodded his head immediately without delaying it. Ridhima continued “Tumhari mom toh tumse bahut pyaar karti hian”
“Phir kabhi aati kyun nahi mera se milne” he asked with innocent eyes.
“Vo kya hain na armaan itna special hain ki god ne usko mom bhi special di hain. Jo sirf armaan ko hi nahi baaki un bachon ko bhi pyaar karti hain jiski maa nahi hoti.” Ridhima tried to make him understand things.
“Par mera ko bhi toh Mom ka pyaar chaiye na.” armaan complained
“Haan par armaan ki Mom ko lagta hain unka baby bahut samjhdar hain vo samjhta hian kibaaki bachon ko bhi pyaar chaiye jinhe koi pyaar nahi karta armaan unke saath apni mom ka pyaar share karta hain. Mera armaan toh kitn aacha aur samjhdar hain na” ridhima asked him and he to nodded at her talks but then after a minute he asked “Toh mein mom ko bulunga toh vo mera pass aayengi.?” He questioned her with hope in his eyes.
Caressing his face she said “Kyun nahi jaise armaan unse pyaar rakta hain vais hi vo bhi toh armaan se pyaar karti hain aur miss bhi bahut karti hain apne pyaare se armaan ko.” Armaan became happy hearing her. He quickly got up and go to bring the cordless phone to ridhima “Mera ko Mom se baat karni hain mera ko phone mila  ke do na please…” armaan said it to ridhima with puppy face and smile on his lips.
Ridhima too smiled hearing him getting impatient to talk to his mom knowing she too love him back the same way he loved and misses her. She dialed Ananya’s number, in 3rd ring she picked up the call.
“Hello” came the voice with questioning tone.
“Maa mein Ridhima Bol rahi hun.” Ridhima said only to hear Ananya question her “Par ridhima beta aap Ghar ke Landline se kaise.”
“Maa vo mein Boston se aai toh mujhe sab pata laga ki mera se jhooth bola gay tha Toh mein Armaan ko….” Her sentence were left in middle and Ananya heard her speaking to someone else hearing her little distance voice. “Ek minute rukho toh” ridhima said that and then came back to attend the call.
“Haan maa vo armaan aapse baat karega” ridhima told her but Ananya exclaimed as like question “Armaan”
“Ji Maa Vo… Armaan is still not recovered he is like 8 years baby he missing you Maa.” Ridhima told her armaan’s state in English as this babay mind armaan don’t know English. Ananya understood the situation and then talk to armaan “Kahan hain armaan” she asked.
“Yahin hai Ghusse mein khada hain ki mein apse baat kar rahi hun aur usko nahi karne se rahi hun… lijiye baat kijiye aap” ridhima said giving phone to armaan. He instantly forgot his anger, moving back to her he hold the cordless with both his hands.
“Hello Mom” armaan called out on call hearing which Ananya got tears in his eyes “Hello bacha.” Ananya replied back composing herself. “Kaise hain mera bacha” she asked.
“Mein acha hun. Aap kab aaogi. Mera ko milna hai apse. Mera ko aapki bahut yaad aati hain” he complained innocently to her. “Bahut jaldi aaungi. Mera ko pata hi nahi tha mera beta mujhe itna miss kar raha hain. Pata hota toh mein pehle hi aa jati.” Armaan became happy hearing her
“Sachi aap aaoge” armaan want to be ensured.
“Haan Kyun nahi mera beta bulaye aur mein na aaun aisa ho sakta hain bhala” ananaya aksed armaan “Mein kal hi aa rahi hun apne bete ke pass.”
“I love you maa. I miss you” armaan said on call which cause a set of tears to escape from 2 pairs of eyes Ananya and ridhima
“I love you too beta I missed you too.” Ananya said “acha beta ridhima ko phone dena” she asked and this time armaan happily gave cordless back to ridhima.
“Ji Maa.” Ridhima answered while taking the call from armaan.
“Haa Maa. Mein Parso hi Armaan ke saath yahan ghar aa gai thi.”ridhima replied to what Ananya was asking her.
“Doctor ko Dikhaya tha unho ne bola hai 60% chances yes hain.”
“Ji maa aap fikar mat karo mein aapna bhi pura dhayan rakhugi”
“Pakka Promise aur baaki aapka beta hai na mera khayal rakhne ko”
“Hain maa Jab Mom Aaai Thi toh …” Ridhima narrated her the incident of where Padma was lovingly hit her and armaan get all mad at Padma initially before getting her motherly affection. Ananya smiled hearing this, Ridhima continued “Pata hai maa, Armaan Mujhe chod ke isliya gaya tha ki use laga tha ki uske bachon wala dimag kahin mujhe harm nahi pahuchaye kahin vo apne mental health ke chalte mera liya harmful na ban jaye par dekho na maa. Mera armaan toh aabhi bhi apni ridhima ko utna hi pyaar karta hai aur utni hi care karta hain bus dhang badal gaya hai thoda sa pyaar aur care karne ka. Aisa pyaar karne wale ko bhi Bhagwan itni saza kyun de raha hain Maa. Mein janti hun mujhe armaan ke liya strong rahna hain par mein andar se puri tut chuki hun maa.”
“Himat hi toh tut rahi hain maa. Jab armaan question ke saath mujhe dekhta hain toh bahut dard hota hain. par phir dil ko samjhati hun ki thode hi time ki baat hain phir mera armaan pehle jaise ho jayegi.” Ridhima sniffed her tears and then smile hearing Ananya giving her all courage and strength with her words.
“Ji Maa. Thank you maa. Aap Kab tak aogi” Ananya replied something to which ridhima felt sad before but then said “Koi nahi maa Jab Wahan sab theek ho jaye aa jaiyega mein armaan ko sambhal lungi.
And there conversation end with greetings.
There Day went like that ridhima taking great care of him agreeing with his every demand not denying him for anything. But side by side ridhima have given armaan a task to show her how beautiful he can create his signature, his whole day went in inventing new fonts of his own name and that was a total fun activity for him. He would write his own name in one or the other way and then show it to ridhima who could giggle along him as he would have made faces in the letter occurring in his name. But after whole day fun armaan made a perfect signature out of his name that even ridhima appreciated. Then they both retired to his room and since that day armaan was sleeping in ridhima’s ads he feel save like that else if ridhima would leave him after he slept then in morning she would find armaan back with her.
Everyday armaan would sleep with perfect peace but today was something different. Today even though armaan was in her arms only still he was not finding peace. He was rolling his head here there whispering things in his sleepy state. Ridhima get disturbed with his moment she was tiered of all day work that she wanted to ignore it initially but then later she found her sleep vanished hearing armaan whispering the Name she never imagine to hear from him in this state of his mind. “Basket” taking this name in his sleep he was rolling his head here there. May be seeing a bad dream or relieving a bad memory of his past where he was seeing negatives of his past where ridhima was adamant to not leave him with those guy in Sanjeevni who were considered terrorist risking her life she kept standing beside him and in last all the fight struggle when ridhima got hit by the bullet. By the end of the dream he wake up with force sitting back on the bed shouting “BASKETT”
He was panting with sweat on his forehead ridhima who was till now caressing his hair due to all the whispering earlier she too sat with him turning to make armaan turn his face towards her but he was in shock and tears in his eyes. “Armaan meri taraf dekho” but he was still not out of his dream “Armaan… Armaan”
At last coming out of the dream he had he looked towards ridhima who wipe his tears but then next second armaan didn’t remember anything about the dream, as soon as he become conscious he have forgotten what he have seen in dream. He simply look at ridhima like small kid, though he have forgotten the dream but the fear of the dream was still lying in him. So seeing ridhima opening her arms welcoming him to hug her he instantly did that resting his head near her heart.
Ridhima too hugged him rocking him like a mother will do to her child. Armaan was sobbing scared of the dream effect that was left behind. “Shh Armaan… Sirf Ek bura sapna tha. SHhh… Its okay Mein hun na tumhare pass… Shhh” while consoling ridhima left two-three kisses in his hairs
After sometime when she didn’t hear sniffing sound she bend her head down to find him sleeping with peace on his face. Shaking her head she carefully made him lay back on bed properly from his sitting position not disturbing his sleep. She was lost in her thoughts of the past they shared from day they met till today sometimes she smile sometime let the tears flow. It was the only time of the day when she can cry without letting armaan question her.

Next Day

It’s been few days since they talk to Ananya on phone and today she was landing in Mumbai coming back to her son. Armaan was too excited since morning as he got to know from ridhima that today his Mom is coming and when he got to know that even his Padma Maa was coming his happiness was flowing out from his words he was planning one or the other thing every moment of the day telling ridhima everything that he will do with both of his mothers.
Later When Ananya Came armaan hugged her too dearly not wanting to leave her but he left her pouting when ridhima asked him to let her freshen up and rest for some time so later they can have lot of fun when even Padma will come.
First he was not wanting to leave her but later left her seeing she was a bit tiered. Ananya rest for some time before joining them as even Padma have arrived by now. Having bit of talking which mainly consist of all the three ladies in the house pampering armaan to no limits. He was feeling like the luckiest of all the kids in the world he was loving all the attention he was getting after all kids always need attention.


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