Tuesday, 21 August 2018

part 5 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

Armaan rushed out of the kitchen to find a teary Ridhima standing with Arima in her arms. “Rid..Ridhima kya hua…Tum tum itni zor se kyu chilayi?…And why are you crying kya hua?” he asked her really worried. “Ar…Armaan..Aruuu” she replied with a choked voice and a wide smile looking towards Arima who was smiling at her and trying to grab her hair in her little fist, but Armaan who was really scared with her scream did not notice either of their smiles. “Aru…Ky..kya hua Aru ko…is she alright” he asked still worried as he took her from his Ridhima’s arms and looked at her thoroughly as if checking for some injury or something “Armaan, Aru ne…Aru ne abhi Mama bola” she said still choking on her happy tears making him look towards her in complete shock
“WHAT?” he asked to which she nodded. “Ha Armaan…usne abhi…abhi Mama bola…Mujhe mama bola…” she replied with a dazzling smile which soon transferred onto him as well making him forget his earlier panic. “Aru…bacha phir se bolo na… say Mama….M-A-M-A” He said getting very excited to hear his baby’s first word. “Ha Aru…Ek baar bolo na…say M-A-M-A…aapne abhi bola na…Dada ko sunao” Ridhima said cupping her cheek and trying to make her say it again but the little baby seemed to have been enjoying all the sudden attention and just giggled at her parents making Ridhima pout and Armaan chuckle. “Acha aap mat bolo phir M-A-M-A jayegi ghumi karne without Arima…Bye M-A-M-A” he said on purpose and eyed Ridhima to go with the plan and as expected just as Ridhima turned to leave and took a few steps the little baby who though did not understand much but seeing her mom go without her she did not like it and so she finally said what they both had been trying to make her say since a while… “MAM…MAM…” She said jumping towards Ridhima who at once turned towards her with a huge smile, which was mirrored by Armaan’s face as well. “Armaan…Tumne suna…she said Mama…she called me Mama…I am her mom Armaan…Usne mujhe Mama kaha” said Ridhima hugging Arima who was now in her arms, closer to himself while Armaan just stood there with a watery smile admiring the two most important people in his life.”Armaan…tumne suna na?” Ridhima asked again seeing him lost to which he nodded his head and wiped away the lone tear that had slipped his eyes. “Maine suna bhi aur dekha bhi…After all Aru’s first word had to be for her mom right?” he said wiping Ridhima’s tears and cupping her face while she just nodded her head with that enchanting smile intact. Without wasting a second more he took both his angels in his arms, he knew Arima calling Ridhima MAMA must have really calmed her restless heart and he was right because ever since he had told her about their relationship this was the first time he had seen her smile so whole heartedly and this really warmed up his heart. On the other hand Ridhima suddenly felt at home, she felt so good, so happy…so in love. In that moment she knew for sure that this was her family and she loved it to bits, this was what heart beat for, she looked up from Armaan’s chest only to find his eyes already casted towards her “Thank You…” she whispered and he did not even need to ask the reason. “Uhuh…Thank You” he replied caressing Arima’s head lightly while keeping his eyes on her and then lovingly bend down and placed a sweet kiss on her head. They were bought lost in each other’s eyes till their daughter let out a scream demanding their attention because after all she made an achievement na so she deserves the attention right. They both giggled seeing her cute little frown and Ridhima Just cuddled her closer placing a tight kiss on her cheeks “Mama...Loveshh Aru” she cooed and Armaan could not help but widen his already bright smile “ And Dada also loves his princess” he replied taking her in his arms and tossing her up in the air making her laugh happily....Thereafter they all enjoyed their brunch in a much happier mood, talking about anything and everything and more importantly just enjoying each other’s company
A few days had passed since that day and everything was going on wonderfully. In the last few days Ridhima had come to realize that what she felt for Armaan was actually love and that left a nice fuzzy feeling inside her. She was just waiting for the perfect opportunity to confess her feelings to him and till then she was just enjoying this feeling of being in love and being loved. On the other hand Armaan had been a little busy with a project but even amidst his busy schedules he would never forget to call her every now and then to ask her about her health and also to make sure that she has not skipped any medicine or meal in his absence and these gestures of his always left Ridhima touched. She had finally accepted that this was where she belonged to and she was not willing to have it any other way…It was evening time when Ridhima was in the kitchen checking on dinner while Arima was seated on her rug in the living room, left freely to play with her toys. Just then the doorbell rang and knowing who it was Ridhima instantly went to open the door asking the servants to keep a check on what she had been cooking earlier. Running with lightning speed she opened the door with a huge smile to find Armaan standing there with his laptop bag in one hand and his blazer carefully folded on the other, his hair was messed up and his tie was loosened as well, in short he looked worn out but yet good enough for any girl to drool. “Hey” he greeted her with a smile and coming in placed a light peck on her forehead something which he knew that she loved. “Hi…” she replied taking his blazer and bag from him as he tiredly walked towards the couch. “You look very tired…Aaj bohot kaam tha kya?” she asked coming and sitting beside him. “Hmm…it was a long day, back to back meetings and one of then ran overtime” he replied flexing his aching shoulders. “Hmm… Tum thodi der aram se baitho I’ll go get you a coffee…Have it and you’ll feel much better” she said getting up to get him a coffee but he stopped her while holding her hand “Nahi Ridhima…I don’t feel like having it…” he said “Are par…Tum kitne thake hue ho, and I am sure your head is also paining to thodi se pee lo na, aaram milega” she tried to reason while he just smiled at how well she gauged his headache. “Zyada dard nahi hai Ridhima, theek ho jayega and I seriously don’t feel like having coffee…I have had a lot of it today and I really can’t have one more…Isliye tum woh chodo and yaha ao sit with me for some time na” he said honestly to which she finally nodded and sat back beside him as per his request. “So how was your day? Davai le li tha na tumne?” he asked lightly brushing off a strand of her from her shiver a little at his touch “Haan Armaan I took them already don’t worry…And my day was okay, just the usual” she replied with a light smile making him smile as well. They both sat for a while updating each other about their day and talking about any random topic, Ridhima could see how tired he was but yet he had a smile on his face that showed how content he was to just have her beside him after a busy day. “Armaan tum bohot zyada tired lag rahe ho…Why don’t you go freshen up till then I’ll get dinner ready” She said seeing him rub his temple time and again because of the constant headache. Hearing her he nodded actually wanting to do just the same and was just getting up when he felt a sudden tug on his trousers looking down an instant smile spread across his face seeing his little princess sitting beside his feet in her white and blue nigh suit with arms raised asking him to pick her up “Aleee my baby….Apko to maine dekha hi nahi…How are you my princess? Dadda mished you shooo much…sho much” he cooed taking her in his arms and kissing her face making her giggle. “Even Aru missed dada shooo much….Right baby” said Ridhima lightly pinching her cheek to which she cutely turned her face away. Now that the little princess was there she was not going to leave daddy dearest so soon especially not when she finally got to meet him after the whole day and so Arima just sat on his lap and blabbered god knows what and for how long. Ridhima just laughed seeing how Armaan also nodded and replied something or the other as if really understanding every word that she spoke, God both their expressions were priceless and she could not help but capture all of it on her phone. “Acha ab basss…Aru baby dada is tired na aur apko bhi bhuki lagi hai na to aao mama pass and Armaan tum bhi jake fresh ho jaye…Kafi der ho gayi hai ab” Ridhima said breaking the non-stop chatter between the father daughter duo who pouted hearing her but knowing there was no escape they had to give in and so Armaan finally got up after kissing Arima and passing her to Ridhima where she went without any fuss because it was indeed time for her meal.

After a good, long shower Armaan came out dressed in a pair of back vest and tracks with his hair still wet from the shower only to see the room dimly lit while Ridhima was gently patting a nearly asleep Arima who lay on the center of the bed. “So gayi?” he whispered coming and standing beside the bed making Ridhima look up at him…”Hmm…bas abhi soyi hai…Tum chalo dinner is ready I’ll just change and come” she replied gently getting up from the bed so as to not disturb the baby and went to the washroom to change her clothes….After some time she came out changed in her pink nightie only to find Armaan busy reading some mail on his phone…”Arey tum gaye nahi?” she asked him breaking his gaze from the phone. “Uhuh I was waiting for you and tab take ek mail padh raha tha anyway ab chale I am famished” he replied making her shake her head a little at how he still had the energy to check his mail inspite of being so drained. Soon enough they both went downstairs to have their dinner where they spoke about anything and everything. “Ridhima next week tumhara checkup hai…Yaad hai na tumhe” he said eating a spoonful from his plate and getting no response from her he looked up only to see her fiddling with her food making him sigh. He knew she hated those checkups one because it would always be followed by a very painful injection and two because it always made her feel low that she was not able to remember anything in spite of all the medication and time gone by. “Heyy…” he said lightly placing his hand over hers breaking her reverie she tried plastering a smile on her face but failed miserably and just looked away not wanting to meet his gaze. “Don’t worry main hoon na tumhare sath…Its going to be absolutely fine okay” he said assuring as he turned her face towards him, as he saw her still look a little unsure he asked again “Okay???” and a smile finally curved up on his face as he saw her nod. “That’s like my girl…” he said patting her cheek making her adore him all the more. She kept looking at him wondering how and when did she get so lucky to have him in her life and also as to how did she not realize earlier that what she felt for him was love and only love. “Oye…Earth to…kaha khoyi ho?” he asked snapping his fingers breaking her chain on thoughts, shaking her head she continued to have her food while he too shrugged his shoulders and continued with his dinner…They finished their dinner just sometime back and Ridhima was instructing the maids who were cleaning the dining room while Armaan sat in the living room randomly switching through some channels. Just then they heard a small cry from the baby monitor hearing which Ridhima was instantly on her toes to go and check on her little baby but Armaan stopped her saying he’ll go and asked her to finish her work fast and come to sleep, nodding at him she let him go while she tried her best to wind up as soon as possible…After a good twenty minutes she came back to the room only to see the cutest sight ever, Armaan who was sat on the bed with his legs stretched out had held Arima firmly on his chest and both of them had dosed off in the same position with a cute pout on both their faces. Ridhima could not help but adore both her sweethearts who looked so damn sweet, she knew Armaan was exhausted and that’s why he probably dosed off on the bed itself while putting Arima back to sleep. She walked towards them and very carefully took Arima from him so as to let him sleep comfortably and placed her on the center of the bed but unfortunately the movement woke him up. “Ridhima…Uhmm sorry woh pata nahi ise sulate sulate kab aakh lag gayi” he said in his sleepy groggy voice. “It’s okay Armaan…Tum kafi thag bhi gaye ho na, tum aaj yahi sojao you already have a headache the couch won’t be comfortable” She suggested genuinely. “Uhmm nahi Ridhima its okay….Ill manage” he said smiling lightly and getting up not wanting her to feel awkward at all but he was surprised when he felt her stop him by holding his hand “Armaan…pls zid mat karo…the couch is not very comfortable and tumhara sir dard bad jayega…” she said again but he just shook his head “Ridhima I know you won’t be comfortable sharing the bed with me as of yet and mere hote hue tum couch pe so yeh main hone nahi dunga so let it be as it is and don’t worry I’ll be fine” he replied with a small smile leaving her speechless. He once again turned to leave but she stopped him one more time “I trust you Armaan” she said shocking him out of his wits. She got up and stood in front of him “I know tum aise kuch nahi karoge jise ki I don’t feel comfortable, itna bharosa hai mujhe tum par Armaan and that’s why I am telling you ki tum bed par hi sojao because I WANT you to” she said looking straight into his eyes trying to convey just how much she respected and trusted him. “Ab to mana nahi karoge na?” she asked seeing him standing their silently and he just shook his head smiling at her and both of them went and laid on their respective sides with Arima in between them. “Ridhima…” he called her after a few minutes, “Hmm…” she replied looking up at him “I love you” he said staring deep into green orbs and much to his surprise he saw her blush and not feel awkward unlike the previous days. “Goodnight Armaan” she replied and closed her eyes making him smile his million dollar smile “Goodnight Ridhima” he whispered looking at her intently before closing his eyes as well. Today he felt alive again, the way Ridhima conveyed her trust on him had touched his heart in a way that words would never be able to describe, he was just so happy, so content and he hopped to feel like this for the rest of his life because now he could clearly see the grey skies fading away from their lives and he was ready to welcome the new sunrise.

A few more days went by with all three of them sleeping together on the same bed and being really comfortable with it. And call it luck or something Ridhima had found out that Armaan’s birthday was just around the corner and she had decided that she would confess her feelings to him on that day and so Mrs. Malik of course with the little Miss. Malik were super busy preparing for his birthday. Armaan could see a different glow on Ridhima’s face, he often caught her being very excited about something but he was so busy with this new project of his that he did not have time to ask her anything.


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