Monday, 27 August 2018

Part 6 : ~TORN~~

"He changes so much! He's like smiling a lot more… I think I should ask him! But I am scared he'll get upset? Hmmm I ask him on the way to the party… he looking forward to the party, I'm not sure why? …" he looked at her coming into the house and she was at her normal spot bowing her head at him as he sat there with a grin on his face looking at him… 'you're  made of clay remember that?' he thought looking at the statue… he turned away going to his room.

"You look breathtaking in that black sari!" he whispered in the limo next to her. She had a blue heavy stitched blouse and the black sari with the blue stones just made her look beautiful with her figure showing..

"Thank you…S…Armaan Ji!" he turned the corner of his mouth in remembering him slapping her in the kitchen and looked at her blushing. As he chuckled and she looked at him taken back….he changed in so many ways…

"Can I ask you about something?" he looked at her and nodded.

"I want to go to Di's wedding next weekend!" he looked at her and sighed looking away towards the black windows..

"Forget you're past and …" feeling her hand take his he turned to look at her

"I'll come back to you I promise… I need to say good bye and…" feeling his hand on her cheek she looked into his eyes…

"You will get nothing but tears and if you want to go then…" feeling her arms around him he lowered his eyes and sighed… she only goin to get hurt the world is nothing like she thinks and she going to learn the hard way…

"Thanks you Sir I mean Armaan Ji…" he looked at her and smiled.


"Hi Armaan!" he looked at her with her arm tucked in his as the camera's went off and smiled heading towards the crowd in the corner of the hall… Riddhima was a little taken back as she saw the girls on pole sticks dancing with hardly nothing on and to the music and there where Tellywood stars she spotted and members of high society all looking at them as they entered as they where all busy socializing…

"Rahul!" feeling Armaan release her she saw him hug a tall slim man who looked at her with hazel eyes as she smiled looking at him and the crowd.

"Salle where you been? If I did not see you today I would have …" Riddhima looked at Armaan smiling brightly as he looked at his friend telling him off..

"I've been busy!" he answered look at him…

"I can see wow gorgeous!" Riddhima smiled as she took hold of Armaans arm not liking the way everyone had noticed her and looked her up and down.

"Everyone met Riddhima my assistant…" she looked at him smiling at everyone as he looked at Rahul and his date…

Feeling someone take hold of her hand she looked to find Rahul kiss her hand and she pulled it back sharply to hear him chuckle as Armaan looked at him.

"What?" Armaan said looking at him

"Nothing she not used to me I guess!" feeling Riddhima hold his arm tightly he looked at her with her head lowered.

"Yeah I guess not…. Look I see Nana…excuse me!"  Armaan said leaving them.

"Riddhima chill! It's normal for everyone to kiss you're hand here and …"

"I don't like being touched that way Ji… if it's not by you I feel…." He stopped and looked at her shaking his head at her with a large smile.

"Ok greet everyone with Nameste …they will back off…" he smiled as he released her and looked over at Nana and his wife…

"So Riddhima what do you do?" Riddhima looked at the Lovely madam smiling at her as Armaan and Nana were talking business.

"I'm assisting Armaan…" she said and lowered her eyes.

"Oh! You don't seem to be one of those type…I guess I was wrong!" feeling her eyes fill you she looked over at Lovely looking at her as she placed the cold drink to her lips.

"Actually… Riddhima going to helping me re-design the extension to the house…she got a degree in interior decorating…I have not asked her yet…" Armaan said  looked at her taking hold of her hand…she looked at him a little shocked how did he now? And he turned and winked at her.

"Oh I am sorry…I misunderstood!" Lovely looked at him smiling as Armaan looked at her. I know you're game and if I was not getting advise from you're husband I would have…. Why am I getting mad? He thought smiling his fake smile at everyone greeting him.

"Riddhima excuse me… much as I hate these things you get the inside gossip to the business world here…I be back in a while.." she nodded her head as she watched him walk into the crowd leaving her at the table…

"Omg he is with her?…. That man is disgusting bring hookers to the party….looking at her you think she was a decent girl… Man its really true he is completely sex mad…Every month he brings some new female ….If he was not a powerful and rich guys he never come to party like this….i wish he leave the trash at home instead of inflecting it upon us…." Riddhima closed her eyes hearing the whispers around her gathering her things she got up and looked for him but he was not there….seeing the balcony she headed for it…the fresh air would make her feel better…

"Hey?!" feeling a hand grasp her hand she knew it was him as he looked at her.

"Dance with me?!…" he said smiling…leading her away to the dance floor… Feeling everyone's eyes upon them he pulled her close to him…

"Let give them something to talk about!" he chuckled…moving the loose strains from her face…placing her arms around his neck she looked at him tearfully.

"Look at me Riddhima…just me…" he commanded to see her nod looking into his eyes…

Dil kho gaya,

Ho gaya kisi ka,

Ab raasta mil gaya,

Khushi ka..

Aankhon mein hai khwab sa,

Kisi ka..

Ab raasta mil gaya,

Khushi ka..

Rishta naya rabba,

Dil chu raha hai,

Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..

[Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba

Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore..]- 2 times

as they bodies swayed to the music she just looked into his eyes and lost herself in the song…. Feeling his body holding her the turmoil she felt minutes slip away as she looked into his eyes ….he held her and smiled knowing eyes and camera where clicking away while they danced and now there will not question her… but why did she hold some significant feeling inside him. Which made him worry about her and he kept looking over at her at the table to see if she was ok?…. The words to the song hit him ….he was getting lost in her….

Ek heer thi aur tha ek raanjhan,

Kehte hai mere gaon mein,

Sacha ho dil to,

Sau mushkilen ho,

Jhukta naseeba pao mein,

Ho ho

Aanchal tera rabba,

Falak ban gaya hai,

Ab iska nahi, koi ore, koi chore..

[Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba

Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore..]- 2 times

Feeling his cheek rub her she felt her heart race as he moved his fingers up her waist to feel her back… gasping she looked at him with her eyes lowered and reset her head on his shoulder feeling his feet move and lead her to the realms of her dream into the song….

Dil kho gaya,

Ho gaya kisi ka,

Ab raasta mil gaya,

Khushi ka..

Aankhon mein hai khwab sa,

Kisi ka..

Ab raasta mil gaya,

Khushi ka..

Rishta naya rabba,

Dil chu raha hai,

Kheeche mujhe koi dore, teri ore..

[Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore, hai rabba

Teri ore, teri ore, teri ore..]- 2 times


She waited for him to return and looked over at the people whispering but after the dance she did not care… he was important to her now and she knew why and he was all that mattered …

"Hi!" She turned to look at Rahul staring at her holding his drink in his hand.

"Waiting for Armaan…he told me to get you? He's in the green room!" Riddhima looked at him.  He was his friend and they way they met at the party and Armaan was talking to him after the dance too…He told her he was a good friend of his as well.

"He'll get mad if you don't come…you know what his angers like!" Riddhima nodded her head seeing the smile on his lips as he looked at her…

She enter the room and looked behind her to see him lock the door and stepped back…looking around….

"Armaan Ji! SIR!" he looked at her with eyes flied with lust.

"He's with Sareeta…my date… we agreed to swap for the night…its our normal deal at these events…" Feeling her legs wobble she looked at him moving forward and stumbling onto the sofa…looking at her in tears fearing what would happen

"He would not do that with me?" she said sobbing whispering as he moved closer to her and pulled her hard towards him

"He is a Haramee I know his from college we go through the same girls and we always swap…" Feeling him on top of her she pushed him off her

"Please don't touch me …. Please!" he looked at her crawling along the sofa to the edge trying to get away from him…

" Shut up or I'll hurt you!" he moved forwards and took hold of her shoulders and pulled her towards him and she sobbed shaking her head back to feel his tongue on her face as he licked her cheek…. Closing her eyes she pulled back with all her force…shaking her head with her hands on his cheat pushing him off..

"NO NO Please I am begging you!" she pleaded …but he was not responding and she felt his eyes fall on her pallu as she fought to pull away out of his hold…

"What wrong he's not touch you like this B****!" he managed to pull off the pallu  and ripped the shoulders of her blouse…feeling his fingernails ripping through her skin she prayed closing her eyes…. 'He would not do this to me?' ….Rahul stared at her in front of him…feeling a sudden jerk he stumbled on the floor and felt something hit his face…Opening his eyes he saw Armaan looking at him and he looked at him in disbelieve getting up shaking to face him.

"WTF? Rahul?" Armaan looked at him seething in anger…. He heard a cry and something told him that something was terrible wrong and his feet stopped at the door… hearing the muffled cries he could not stop himself and opened the door forcefully…Too See Riddhima pushing Rahul away as he ripped her blouse..

"What? You asked me for women? I am doing the same?" Rahul looked at him holding his jaw not believing his friend hit him.

"Rahul?" Armaan looked back at her wrapping her arms around her knees with her head buried in her lap…her Sari was undone and she looked a wreck in her petticoat and blouse…

"I told you she not like them and …"

"Yeah I wanted a taste… cant believe you hit me for that …" Rahul said pointing at Riddhima as she sobbed… Feeling his rage he lunged at Rahul holding him by the collars..

"She's different …" he shouted

" Armaan? You're going to what?" Rahul hissed back at him as Armaan released him and pushed him hard against the wall.

"WTF you hit me over a woman! I will …" Feeling his anger take over  he held Rahul against the wall with his hands

"RAHUL!" seeing Rahul face he looked at him seeing himself in his eyes and loosened his grip..

"You're a joke Armaan! She not worth it man… leave the room it take me an hour.." Rahul said moving forward to be pulled back against the wall again and he looked at him to see his finger in his face as Armaan shook his head.

"WHAT DON'T TELL ME YOU LOVE HER?" Rahul said in disgust as Armaan pointed at the door.

"We're finished Rahul…" Armaan said turned his back on Rahul and looked at Riddhima….Hearing the door closed he closed his eyes, running his fingers through his hair…

Moving forward towards her he took off his jacket and as he tried to place it on her shoulders he saw her jump back away from him.

"Please don't hurt me! I am begging you! Armaan ji would not do this to me this is a mistake!" he looked into her green lifeless eyes as he moved forwards. She did not recognise him and feeling his frustration he looked at her…

"Riddhima it's me!" he looked for a response to see her eyes flickering filled with tears trying to register…Moving forwards he placed his Jacket on her shoulder when suddenly she jerked forward taking hold of him sobbing…


He looked at her bedroom door and placed her into the room and leaned against the door and closed his eyes pushing his hand through his hair…..she was so silent throughout the journey when he went closer to her she just withdraw herself and not respond….

Pulling his covers he got into bed with a deep sigh… maybe going to her sisters weeding will make her feel better …I take her myself…he thought turning off the light…

Feeling something moist land on his arm he opened his eyes to see her head resting near his arm as she kneeling on the floor with her eyes closed…he got up and lifted her up as he looked at her face she sobbed and took hold of him…

"I am sorry!" he whispered pulling her next to him in bed… feeling her arms tighten up around him he pulled her close to her and touched her arms to feel her as her face reflected her pain…. and he looked at her arms seeing the pain Rahul caused her and moved forward and kissed her shoulder to feel her hiss so lightly

"I will never let anything like that happen again…. I promise!"

"Cross you're heart?" she whispered…. he looked at her as he wiped her tears

"Cross my heart!" pulling her close to him.


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