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part 6 : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

It was late in the evening and Armaan was still stuck in his office because of the final presentations for the project, he had already texted Ridhima to have her dinner and not wait for him because he had no idea what time will he be home. At around eleven in the night he was done with his meetings and needless to say he was exhausted. He walked out of his office checking his phone to see if Ridhima had messaged him and he was surprised to find no text but thought that she must have forgotten and so getting into the car he drove back home wanting nothing more than to just see his angels and get some sleep but little did he know what was actually in store for him. Reaching home in record time he entered only to be greeted by the darkness of the night. Assuming Ridhima and Arima to be asleep he straight away went to his room as he was anyway too tired to bother about dinner. However he was shocked to not find Ridhima there and even more so because he saw Arima sleeping in her crib
because ever since they had been sharing a room, Arima was sleeping on their bed with them. Moving in he saw a black shirt and a pair of his black jeans placed neatly on the bed along with a note:

I have been wanting to tell you something since a long time…Something that I possibly knew all along but was just scared to accept it but not anymore, ab main khud se aur jhoot nahi keh sakti and frankly speaking main kehna bhi nahi jati. Armaan tumhi ne kaha tha na ki mujhe apne dil ke baat suni chahiye, aaj main wahi kar rahi hoon Armaan sab kuch bhulkar sirf aur sirf apne dil ki baat sun rahi hoon aur isliye aaj main khud ko nahi rokna chahti Armaan. Kya tum meri madat karoge apne dil ke bataye hue raste par chalne ke liye? Main janti hoon tum mujhe mana nahi karoge, mera dil kehta hai ki you won’t refuse…I want you to wear this and meet me in the terrace; I’ll be waiting for you…

Armaan read the note and was a little confused as to what was it that she wanted to tell him at this time of the night. His mind was too tired to think and join the dots of what her words meant but for some reason he was not worried rather he was getting a very positive vibe. However keeping all thoughts aside he decided to just do as told and so immediately went to the washroom to freshen up before changing into the clothes she left for him…
After sometime he reached the terrace all dressed up but was astounded to find it pitch dark “Ridhima…” he called her wondering where she was and why was it so dark if she was up here. “Ridh…” he was going to call her again but stopped when he felt a sudden gush of light making him shut his eyes momentarily, but as soon as he opened his eyes he was left spell bound. The whole terrace was decorated with blue fairy lights giving it a very pretty yet elegant look, a ton load of white balloons covered the floor and right in the center there was a table set for a nice dinner for two and beside that was a trolley that had a ravishing cake with the words “Happy Birthday Armaan” iced on it placed on it along with a gift warped box beside it… He was dazed at all the d├ęcor and was deeply touched with all the efforts that’s she had taken for his birthday which he had conveniently forgot about. He was looking around taking in the beauty of the place and mentally appreciating her hard work when he finally got to hear the voice that he had been dying to hear ever since he had walked inside the house. “Armaan…Main nahi janti ki main tumse pehle kab mili, kab pyaar hua, kab shadi hui…I don’t remember any of it, hard as I try I really don’t but if there is anything that I remember then it’s this ki jab se us accident ke baad maine akhein kholi hai tab maine humesha tumhe apne paas paya hai, every time that I have felt lonely I have found you beside me. Mere har dard, har takleef, har woh waqt jab main khud bhi nahi janti thi ki mere sath kya ho raha hai, kyu ho raha hai…Tum the…You were always there Armaan. Yaha tak ki…yaha tak ki jab maine tumse humare rishte ko apnane ke liye waqt manga to tumne mujhse bina kuch puche bina koi expectations rakhe mujhe who diya jabki agar tum chahte to mujh par apna pura haq jama sakte the…But you did not do that, you waited Armaan…You waited for me…” his eyes had turned a little moist hearing her and he looked around desperate to have a look at her but couldn’t spot her anywhere but once again he heard her voice “Maine tumhe bohot wait karwaya na Armaan, bohot tadpaya…Humare rishte tak ko maine nahi apnaya and whether or not you say it but I know how much this hurt you…I am sorry…I am really sorry Armaan for all the times when you needed your wife and found yourself alone. I am sorry for making you miss me in spite of being right here…I am so sorry.” He could hear her voice chock and he himself was having a hard time to gulp back his tears. He stopped searching for her and just continued to listen to whatever she had to say, he knew she was somewhere around and would show up very soon so he just waited for her to finish what she had to. “Armaan there are exactly seven minutes left for your birthday to start and before you enter into another beautiful year of your life main tumse kuch kehna chahti hoon…Kuch aise jo jana tumhare liye bohot zaruri hai…” she paused making him frown but soon his frown vanished as he finally saw her coming into view looking absolutely breathtaking in the plain red saree that was perfectly wrapped around her svelte figure, hair left open to play along with the wind and just a pair if silver studs adoring her ears. He realized that she had all along hidden herself behind some pillar but so lost in her words that he hadn’t noticed at all. “Main nahi janti ki pehle humara rishta kaise tha lekin main yeh janti hoon ki aaj meri life ka sabse khoobsurat rishta tumse juda hai…Main nahi janti ki pehle hum ek dusre se kitna pyaar karte the lekin main yeh janti hoon ki aaj agar koi mujhse puche ki pyaar kya hai to mera jawab tum honge…” she said with a teary voice and with every word that she spoke she stepped closer to him till she was finally standing right in front of him. While he just stood there watching her with tears now flowing freely from his eyes. “Armaan yaad hai us din party ke bad jab maine tumse kaha tha ki mujhe nahi acha laga jab woh ladkiya tumhare kareeb ayi aur tumne mujhse pucha tha ki kyu mujhe acha nahi laga and I said I don’t know…Yaad hai?” she asked every softly to which he just nodded keeping his watery gaze fixed with hers “Mujhe pata chal gaya Armaa…Actually shayad janti to us waqt bhi thi par manne se dar rahi thi…But aaj main tumhare sawal ka jawab dena chahti hoon Armaan. Mujhe us din bura laga kyuki…kyuki” she stopped for a second closing her eyes not being able to speak any further when he gently held her from her shoulders and pulled her closer “Kyuki?” he asked in a mere whisper making her open her eyes only to get lost in his deep blue eyes that clearly showed how eager he was to hear her speak up. “Kyuki main tumse bohot bohot pyaar karti hoon Armaan. Kab? Kaise? I don’t know all that but I know that I love you a lot and as selfish as this sounds lekin mujhe bilkul acha nahi lagta ki tum mujhe chodke kisi aur ke pass jao…” she said the last bit with a pout making him chuckle amidst his tears while he brought his thumb to swipe off her tears. “Bohot jhoot bol liya Armaan khud se bhi aur tumse bhi…Ab main tumse aur dur nahi reh sakti…Tumne sahi kaha tha Armaan mere dimag ko yaad rahe na rahe lekin mere dil ne tumhe zarur pehchan liya and my heart is only wanting to be with you…Forever…I love you” she said earnestly and before she knew it she was engulfed in a tight hug which was equally reciprocated by her. They hugged each other as tight as possible crying their eyes out and trying to absorb each other’s presence. Armaan parted lightly and kissed every part of her face just to make sure that this is not a dream and once again pulled her in his enclosing her in his arms and wanting to just stay there forever. Just then Ridhima’s eyes landed on her watch that showed the time and without wasting a second she tilted her head towards his ears and whispered “Happy Birthday Armaan” placing a small kiss on his cheek right beside his dimple making him smile widely. He broke the hug making sure to still hold her in his arms “Thank you sweetheart…This was the best gift I could have ever got” he said lightly wiping her tears away but she just shook her head sniffing a little making him frown a little, he shook his head the same way and then asked “Kyu?” “abhi ek gift baki hai…” she said pointing towards the small box gift that was neatly wrapped and kept beside the cake. He raised his eyes asking her through his eyes what it was but she just signaled him to wait for a second and taking the box in her hand she went down on her knee really confusing him “Rid…” he was just going to ask her what she was doing but the very second she opened the box he went mum. There in that box lay her mangal sutra and a box of sindoor, since her accident he had kept these with him very carefully and in spite of her knowing the truth he had never given it to her because he wanted to give her all the space she needed without forcing her into anything and this really made her respect him all the more. It was just the other day when she opened his cupboard that she had seen this and taken it with her without letting him know. “Yeh…Yeh tumhare pass?” he asked a little shocked at how she found it “Kyu? Isn’t it supposed to be with me?” she retorted trying to lighten the atmosphere because she knew this was an emotional moment for the both of them. “Armaan jab maine tumse humare is rishte ko apnane ke liye waqt manga tha woh isliye tha kyuki main khud hi bohot uljhi thi. I was so shocked with how everything came up and I needed some time to sink it in…Lekin aaj…Aaj yeh mere liye meri life ki sabse khoobsurat sachai hai and I have accepted this relationship whole heartedly…Aur main chahti hoon ki is rishte ki nishani bhi humseha mere pass rahe to remind me how lucky I am to have you in my life” she said with tears glistening in her eyes while he too couldn’t hold back his tears that kept leaking through his eyes. “Sooo Mr. Armaan Malik will you make me wear this again as a token of our love? Will you give me the right to be called your wife in every sense?’’ she asked him and too chocked with emotions he just nodded his head still crying and bending down he held her shoulders and made her stand up. He looked at the box in her hands and then at her face that was wet with tears but looked so happy. Without saying anything he first took the mangal sutra and very gently tied it around her neck while she closed her eyes savoring every moment in her heart, he then took the small box of sindoor and taking a pinch from it he filled her parted hair and then placed lingering kiss right there and thereafter he once again ensconced her in his arms whispering a heart felt I love you against her hair. They stood there in the same position for a few minutes just so content with how everything was turning out, this was definitely a day that both of them would cherish forever… After a few minutes Ridhima broke the hug realizing that they had still not cut his birthday cake or had dinner “Armaan maine itne mehenet se cake banaya and tumhe kata bhi nahi…That’s not fair” she said with a slight pout making him chuckle at how cute she looked .“Abhi kar lete hai chalo” he replied happily and taking her hand in his he walked in front of the table and making her stand in front of him he gave her the knife and holding her hand he finally cut the cake….They fed each other a bite and thereafter sat to have their dinner which was filled with loads of masti and romance from Mr. Malik who was leaving no stone unturned to make his beautiful wife blush. After their dinner Armaan asked her for a dance which she happily agreed to….

He had his arms around her waist while she had hers locked around his neck as they gently swayed to the light beats playing through Armaan’s phone. “Main yeh birthday kabhi nahi bhulunga Ridhima this was the best birthday of my life…I got back my most precious possession, I got you back today and I can never thank you enough for that” he said looking deeply into her eyes to convey how much he meant each word. “I was always yours Armaan…Ridhima Armaan se dur ho hi nahi sakti, who dono to ek hi hai na” she replied to which he just nodded with a smile and a light peck on her head as they continued to sway to the song. They were both lost in each other’s eyes that showed how much they were yearning to just be in each other’s arms. Ridhima could clearly see the passion burning in those grayish blue orbs and that look was enough to melt her there and then. Not able to handle the intensity in his eyes she hid her face on his chest pressing her body closer to him and unknowingly placing her lips right beside his chest which was visible because of his first two shirt buttons that were open making him tightened his hold around her waist.

Bahon ke darmiyan
Do pyaar mil rahe hain
Bahon ke darmiyan
Do pyaar mil rahe hain

As they moved along the song he lightly caressed her bare waist making her shiver feeling his cold and long fingers against her skin while he smiled seeing the effect he had on her. Holding her hand in his he twirled her around so that her back was now pressed against his chest. His one hand very slowly crept around her bare waist pulling her closer to himself while the other hand traced her bare arm till it reached her fingers which he very gently entwined with his making her shut her eyes at this proximity. “If you don’t want this to Tum mujhe abhi rok lo Ridhima because after this I don’t think I will be able to hold myself back aur main Aisa Kuch nahi karna chahti jismeij tumhara Marzi shamil na Ho “ he whispered in her ears as he lightly bit her earlobe making her moan a little and tightly clutch his hand that was on her waist. She did not say anything for a few seconds and he thought that she was probably not too comfortable with what was happening and though a little disappointed but still with no complains he was about to back off but just as she felt him loosen his grip a little she held back his hand tighter “Aur Agar Main Kahoon ki I want the same phir?” She asked with a heartbeat ready to come out of her chest, eyes still closed and her back still resting against his chest.

Jaane kya bole mann
Dole sun ke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan

An instant smile lit up his face as he heard her and he very gently bend down and placed a light but wet kiss on her shoulder making her entire body contract under his hold. Thereafter in a swift movement he turned her around making her come face to face with him... He held her securely from her waist and leaning forward he caressed her entire face with his nose tip making her go week in the knees. “Open your eyes Ridhima....” he whispered placing soft kisses on her close eyelids but she just held his shirt tightly in her fist and shook her head too shy to meet his gaze. “Please sweetheart...Main Tumhari Akhon Main Khud ko dekhna chahta hoon Ridhima” he said again with so much passion that she could not help but do as told only to lose herself in a pool of love that he held in his eyes. He smiled seeing her eyes open and felt immensely happy on reading the same passion that he held in her eyes. He lightly caressed her lower lip with his thumb and bending down placed a light kiss right beside her lip as if teasing her only to be rewarded with her patent frown making him chuckle lightly and then with the softest of touches he bend down and captured her lips in a slow passionate kiss.

Khulte bandh hote
Labhon ki ye ankahi
Mujhse keh rahi hai
Ki badhne de bekhudi
Mil yoon ki daud jaayein
Nas nas mein bijliyaan

As the kiss went on her hands crept behind his head pulling him closer to herself while he kept on brushing her waist with his cold fingers. The kiss poured out all the longing and pain that they had suffered being away from each other. After a few minutes they broke apart panting for air and feeling extremely coy she hugged him real tight hiding herself completely against him while he too held her closer to himself letting her get a grip on her thumping heart...He swayed her lightly as the music still hummed in the background and digging his face the crock of her neck he began placing a trail of kisses making her arch her neck which unknowingly just gave him more access to her. He continued placing wet kisses along her collar bone making her shiver deeply under his hold. He was so sure that had he not been holding her she would not have even been able to stand on her feet and so the next second he bend down and placing his arms under knees picked her up bridal style and carried her down to their room.

Aasmaan ko bhi ye
Haseen raaz hai pasand
Uljhi uljhi saanson ki
Aawaaz hai pasand
Moti luta rahi hai
Saawan ki badliyaan

Entering their room he gently laid her down on the bed and himself got in the bed hovering over her tiny frame. He lightly caressed her parted hair where the sindoor was still bright red as if assuring himself that she had now officially come back to him. She looked at him look at her lovingly and she knew he was still so overwhelmed with how the night had turned out after all it was he who has waited for her all these days and so she very gently cupped his cheek in her palm making him close his eyes and lean on to the comforting touch “I love you...” she said staring deeply at him making him slowly opened his eyes and with that killer smile of his he replied an “I love you too...” and one again took her lips in a sensuous kiss. In between the kiss he brushed her bare waist and slowly felt her hands go around his back to feel him but his shirt did not let her do so making her frown and him smile at her. He broke to kiss making her frown deeper but as she saw him take out his shirt her frown simply disappeared as a deep red blush took over. Soon enough he bend down now rolling her over him and taking her hands placed it on his back letting her feel him all she wanted. She caressed his well toned back and placed light kisses here and there which did nothing but increase his impatience and when he could no longer bare her sweet torture he once again turned her around and entwining their fingers tightly he placed his lips on hers taking her into a deep frenzy kiss and by the bed of the night he had marked her as his once again.

Bahon ke darmiyan
Do pyaar mil rahe hain
Jaane kya bole mann
Dole sun ke badan
Dhadkan bani zubaan
Bahon ke darmiyan..

The next morning Armaan who had been lazily sleeping on the bed with just his boxers felt something soft on his face but feeling too sleepy he just scrunched his nose a little and turned his face away, but once again he felt some soft taps on his strong muscular arms and this time he could no longer ignore it because the taps were backed by some whining blabbers that he knew was done by none other than his darling daughter making him chuckle even in his sleepy state. Finally when the little one kept whining and fisting his shoulder he turned around opening his sleepy eyes only to see the cutest sight ever. There sat his little angel still in her night suit with a gift wrapped box that was too huge for her to hold but still she kept her hand firmly on it while her other hand was doing the honors of waking him up. Smiling widely at her he lazily got up taking her in his arms “Hmm...To aap Hai jo kabse dada ko mar mar ke utha Rahe Ho hmm ?Mera Naughty-Naughty Baby” he said settling her neatly on his lap and lightly tickling her making her giggle a bit but soon turned her attention towards the box she held earlier making him look at it as well. “And what do we have here?” He asked taking the box in his hands and was pleasantly surprised to read the card attached to it:

“Happy Birthday Dada...I lubbbb you the most”

A million dollar smile came up on his face, this was definitely not something that he was expecting and now seeing this cute little surprise he could not contain his heart’s excitement. It was his first birthday as a father and so this little gesture which he knew was done my Ridhima really made him very happy. “Ale mela Baby...This is shooo sweet..Even dada loved you the most...Chalo let’s open it together” he said excitedly making her clap her hands in glee and soon enough he opened rather she opened the gift and he gladly let her. Inside was the best gift he could ever imagine....There was a thick rimmed picture frame that held a picture of a crawling Arima and Armaan crawling right behind her almost hovering over her tiny body and when Arima realized that her dada was behind her she looked back at him and gave her best smile which was beautifully captured by Ridhima back then. What next caught his attention were the words engraved on the upper portion of the frame that read #1FatherDaughter but what actually melted his heart the most were the tiny hand printed engraved on the lower portion of the frame and it did not take him a second to guess who’s hand printed were those. He turned his gaze towards Arima who was now playing with the tone wrapper making him chuckle with moist eyes, and could not help but just pull her closer and cuddle her against his chest “I love you sooo much my baby...So so much” he said being a little overwhelmed and planted a loving kiss on her head. “Vaise Aru...Mama ko bol do ki she can now come out from behind the curtain...” he said ruffling Arima’s hair and looking towards the balcony where he knew Ridhima was hiding behind the curtain. Hearing him she came out smiling sheepishly t how well he knew her while he just winked at her. “Happy Birthday...” she wished coming closer towards the bed and sitting beside him. “Thank you...” he replied lightly pecking her head making her smile. “Vaise kafi Achi planning ki Tum dono ne ha...I am surprised” said Armaan looking towards her and Arima who was now crawling around the bed. “Obviously humari planning to humesha hi achi hoti hai...Haina Aru” Ridhima replied back tickling Arima a bit making her giggle. “Achaaaaa?” Asked Armaan and slowly moved closer making her move back. “Uh...Ha...Haan” she replied fumbling a bit as he kept moving closer. “Really now?” He asked now coming face to face with her making it difficult for her even to breath. “Y...yes” she replied with closed eyes as he gently caressed her face. “Really Ridhima?” He asked again now blowing a little on her face making her heart almost jump out of her chest. “Ar...Armaan....Pl...Please” she quivered feeling his hot breath against her skin making him smile at how easily her body responded to his touch. As much as he wanted to go further he knew he couldn’t because Arima was right there and would soon enough demand their attention and so placing a light peck on her lips he gently moved back making her open her eyes in surprise. “Well sweetheart I would have loved to go on but I am very sure that if I start I won’t be able to stop myself and you wouldn’t want us to do anything in front of Arima. So to save myself the torture of being disturbed then I decided to stop now” he said seeing her questioning gaze making her blush a deep shade of red and to hide that blush she just smacked his chest a little with her patent Armaan making him laugh at how some things never change. “Thank you...” he whispered taking her in a side hug as she rested her head on his shoulder. Ridhima looked up at him hearing his thank you and just smiled because she knew it was for the surprise that she planned along with Arima. “You’re most welcome hubby “ she replied winking at him making him chuckle and kiss her temple as they both sat smiling, watching Arima still analyze the gift wrapper.
A week had passed by since Armaan’s birthday and life had been beautiful in every sense. Ever since Ridhima had confessed Armaan’s happiness knew no bounds, he would leave no chance to romance with her and though Ridhima tried to act annoyed but she couldn’t deny that she loved every moment of them being together. As for Arima well even she seemed to have sense the happiness in her parents which automatically passed on her as well.
Armaan and Ridhima had just walked out of the hospital after Ridhima’s checkup and though she was fine otherwise but her memory had not shown any sign of improvement which made her feel a little dejected. They sat in the car and were driving towards Gupta house where they had dropped Arima earlier and also because Padma had arranged for a small Pooja for the two of them because they had been through so much the last few days. Armaan looked towards Ridhima and who was silently looking outside the window; he knew she always felt low after these checkups because of the lack of improvement in her memory. He had sent her reports to one of the best neurosurgeons who resided in Banglore and he did get some hope from him but he had refrained from telling Ridhima about this till he had gotten a hundred percent assurance lest things did not workout in their favor. “Ridhima’’ he called her breaking her chain of thoughts. “Hmm?” she replied turning towards him “Tum theek ho sir dard to nahi ho raha na? Aur tumhara hath is it paining after the injection?” he asked her to which she just shook her head and once again turned her head towards the window making him sigh deeply. “Ridhima…bacha its okay aise upset hone se kya hoga? You will remember everything slowly…” He said softly turning to look at her as he continued driving. “and what if I don’t?” she asked in a low tone still not looking at him. “Then too it won’t make a difference. Ridhima aaj hum sath hai, sab theek hai so God forbid you don’t remember anything then too it won’t make a difference because we are together and forever we shall be, Right?” he replied taking her hand in his as they halted at a signal while she finally looked up at him with a lone tear slipping down her eye “Right?” he asked again nodding his head and asking her to do the same while he wiped off that tear and the next second he finally saw her slowly nod her head as well. Taking her hand in he placed a light kiss on it mumbling an I love you and blinking his eyes telling her everything would be fine. Just then the signal started and he started driving again but in just a few seconds he felt her lean her head on his shoulder and whisper an “I love you too” making him smile and turning his head a little he placed a soft kiss on her temple and just continued driving in now a comfortable silence.
Soon they reached Gupta Mansion and found everything ready for the Pooja that was just about to start. A few neighbors and some close friends including Rahul and Muskaan too had come for it. Ridhima had gone to check on Arima who had been sleeping in her old room while Armaan, Rahul and Muskaan stayed back in the hall helping Padma and Shashank with the last minute preparations. After sometime the Panditji called everyone as it was time for the Pooja so Armaan had gone to call Ridhima. He entered her room to find her holding Arima against her shoulder and lightly rubbing her back while Arima who seemed to have just gotten up from her sleep. ‘’Arey my baby aap uth gaye” asked Armaan walking towards the duo making both of them turn towards him. “Hmm…bas abhi abhi nend khuli hai” replied Ridhima still caressing her back lovingly as she knew she would be a little cranky since she just got up. “Hmm…Acha mama is calling us down, Pooja start karni hai so we better get going” he said getting up from the bed where he sat just a minute ago and took Arima from her. Soon enough they went down and sat together for the Pooja with Arima sitting on Armaan’s lap and playing with his fingers….After an hour or so the Pooja ended with some guests leaving and some staying back for dinner. Ridhima was just going to the kitchen when she bumped into a lady who apparently was their (Gupta’s) neighbor but obviously Ridhima did not remember her. “Arey Ridhima…Kaisi hai tu? Main to aaj bas tujhse milne ayi hoon. Kitna bada accident ho gaya tera bataya Padma ne mujhe…Ab theek hai na tu?” asked the lady all at once “Uhmm haan…haan Aunty ab main theek hoon” Ridhima fumbled not really knowing what to say. Just then Padma came seeing them and greeted the lady “Ridhima…Yeh Mrs. Mehta hai, she stays in the nearby house” informed Padma making Ridhima nod her head and smile at the lady. Someone happen to call Padma and so she had to excuse herself leaving Ridhima alone with Mrs. Mehta. “Ridhima teri yaadasht abhi tak vapas nahi aayi? “ She asked a little shocked making Ridhima shift a little uncomfortably in her place as she slowly shook her head. “Ohhh Mujhe laga Padma ne Pooja rakhwayi hai cuz you got your memory back lekin…I am sorry beta mujhe pata nahi tha” The lady said while Ridhima just smiled a little and told her that it’s okay. “Vaise beta if you don’t mind to main kuch bolu?” Asked Mrs. Mehta “Jee Aunty boliye na…” replied Ridhima with a polite smile. “Beta it’s been almost two months since your accident…Tumhe nahi lagta tumhari yaadasht abhi tak vapas ajani chahiye thi?” she said and hearing her Ridhima just lowered her head not knowing to say because this very fact had been bothering her just as much. ‘Beta galat mat samaj but I think you should try some other means apart from your regular treatment as well” “Jee???” asked Ridhima perplexed at what she said. “Haa beta..I had a friend who had the same problem, six months passed by and no medicine worked on her, use kuch bhi yaad nahi aya and finally she went for medical hypnosis and dekho aaj use sab yaad hai.” Stated Mrs. Mehta. “Hypnosis? Aur woh…woh theek ho gayi? Just like that?” asked Ridhima a little confused to which Mrs. Mehta nodded very confidently. “Bilkul tum chaho to main abhi tumhe us doctor ka number deti hoon…” offered Mrs. Mehta but before Ridhima could reply they heard a firm yet very toned voice from behind “Thank you very much but that will not be needed…” looking behind Ridhima saw Armaan walking towards them with Arima snuggled up in his arms. “Beta I was just trying to help her ….” Defended Mrs. Mehta on seeing Armaan give her a not so pleased expression. “I really appreciate your concern for my wife but I think I can take care of her. To aap bilkul tension mat lijiye because I am there for her” he replied looking at Mrs. Mehta straight in the eye stating his point loud and clear while the lady was left with no option but to just nod her head and leave from there. “Ridhima I think we should leave…Kafi der ho gayi hai and Aru is also getting cranky with too many people around.” He said patting Arima’s back who was whimpering against his chest. “Hmm…Lets go” agreed Ridhima and soon enough after meeting Padma and Shashank they left for their house. Neither of them spoke about what Mrs. Mehta had said. For Armaan it was a clear cut no and he assumed that Ridhima too would not be in favor of such frivolous ideas but Ridhima had actually not found the idea too bad. However seeing how clearly Armaan had refused the idea she decided against bringing the topic up lest he gets upset with her.


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