Saturday, 25 August 2018

part 67 : An Arranged love Marriage

It was difficult to say if he was fortunate or unfortunate that he had called for his driver tonight as he sat in the back seat with his totally wasted wife.
"Mujhe bohot bhoook lagi hai!!
The count was lost as she had poked his arm again with anew demand making him pity himself;
"Haan bas kuch der mein ghar-----

"Nahiii... mujhe abhiii bhook lagi hai, mujhe kuch khane ko do! ... *Gasp*
She put forth her hand wavering it at him as if he was pull out some snack from air for her.

"Kya... kya hua!?

"Iceee-cream. Armaan vo dekhiye ice cream parlour. Bhaiyaaa gaaadi roko mujhe ice cream khani hai!
Even if the driver did not wish to, the car automatically came to a halt as her shriek startled him and Armaan's eyes turned as wide as they could but he had successfully pulled her back in her seat before she could even reach the door.
"Nahi... Salil tumhe gaadi rokne ke liye kisne kaha? Start the car, Riddhima tum ghar jaake kha lena jitna man kare.

"Nahi mujhe ice-cream hi khaani hai!!

"Yeah right! As if aisi haalat mein I am going to let you do that and make things even worse for me!
He rolled his eyes at her, murmuring to himself which she couldn't catch and hence she narrowed her eyes and leaned closer staring at his face suspiciously;
"Kya kya? Kya bola aapne abhi abhi?

"Kuch nahi, bas ghar chalo fir kuch kha lena.

"Nahiii naaa... aap jaan bujhke aisa kar rahe hai na. Sab cheejon ke liye mana kar rahe hai mujhe. I hate you Armaan.
She pouted almost bursting into tears so he quickly defended himself which only backfired;
Nahi Ri----

"Dekha... Firse nahi!!

"Lekin main toh bas----

"Bhaiya music chalaiye, mujhe yaha boring logon se baat nahi karni.
She ordered the driver folding her hands against her chest and the guy couldn't help chuckle only until he saw Armaan glaring at him. The entire ride she was singing along the radio almost deafening both the poor guys, one could not say anything considering he worked for them and the other was bound for lifetime with her to even utter a word so they just endured it. The torture ended soon and they sighed in relief as they entered the house gate, but that relief was short lived for Armaan though.
"Riddhima meri baat suno... ab hum andar jaayenge tab jyada shor mat karna, Mom dad already so gaye honge! Okay?
Riddhima looked at him and blinked her eyes furiously and he almost thought she actually heard it all, but then a sweet-evil smile made way on her face and he knew she was completely oblivious to hear or understand anything. The driver happily hopped down the car giving them enough time to get inside the house so he could park the car later in peace. Somehow Armaan was hoping that now since they had reached home it would be less troublesome to handle her, but boy was he wrong!! The moment he had stepped down he heard her shriek and ran to her side;
"Kya? Kya hua?

"Earthquakeee!! Armaan earthquake!!
Her scream was loud enough to catch the attention of all the guards nearby. They all were startled for a minute but then looking at her soon they were all trying their best to stifle their laughter, more so seeing their helpless Boss, Armaan; completely at her mercy. All the poor guy could do was face-palm while trying to shush her;
"Riddhima chillao mat, koi earthquake nahi aaya hua!

"Arey... lekin dekhiye sab kuch hil raha hai... Aur *gasp* Armaan aap do- do kyun dikh rahe hai? Oh nooo do- do Armaan! Hehehehe...
And the giggles continued while he tried to make her stand straight cursing through his gritted teeth. The faint murmurs could be heard clearly through the silent night and Armaan just threw a glare at the guards who were probably just too amused at her sudden loud reactions, as she was always so calm and humble, but they all dispersed instantly on noticing Armaan's glare. It was hard to get her stop giggling, but he somehow managed and picked her up to get in without her stumbling on things and waking the whole house. She was too out of her senses, when they had reached the room she had literally gone crazy like a wild child messing up the whole bed and everything she had access to. Armaan was actually surprised at her stamina, the destruction of their room and was having a hard time to keep up with her.
"Riddhima tum karrr kyaa rahi ho... vapas karo use!

She had gotten hold of his ab roller and was messing with it which was actually a task considering she wasn't able to even handle the tiny weight in her state. With a lot of efforts he snatched it out of her hold and settled her on the bed, as quick as he could manage, he handed her night dress to get changed;
"Go and get changed Riddhima aur so jao.

"Naiii... mujhe nahi sona.

Armaan was really tired by now, after such a long day, a party to follow and get an absolutely drunk wife home was too much of a task in a single day. The clothes were tossed down and she was almost about to get away but he held her back taking a deep breath.
"Riddhima yaar----- Fine! Don't sleep par please go and change fir we will decide about it.
She tried to retort but he pushed her inside the washroom and closed the door leaving her with no choice. While she was locked in to change, he had just changed his pants and discarded his shirt to change into a fresh one when she walked out surprising him. He turned around wondering how she was done so quickly but one look and he realized WHY! She had put on the long shirt which almost reached her knees and skipped on the pants, but what caught his attention were the buttons. She had managed to put on 4 of them, each one of them wrong! Any other day except for the days when she was unwell, she would have hidden her face for days for being in front of him in just a shirt, but the drinks were definitely taking a toll and she could not care right now. Armaan couldn't help smile; all his tiredness, anguish washing off at the cute mess standing in front of him. A minute later he noticed her staring down at him when he realized he was still shirtless, but then totally dropped the idea of putting one on when he saw her eyes stuck on him. After another minute he cleared his throat when her blinking eyes moved up to his face and saw a huge smirk plastered on his face which brought her frown back.
"Like what you see Mrs. Mallik?
Suddenly she was reminded that she was upset with him and before he could understand she started throwing pillows one, then another, and another and then the whole bunch at him that she had access to.
"Wha---- what the! Riddhima... Kya kar rahi ho stop it!

 "I hate you Armaan.

By now she had managed to get him on the floor while she sat on top of him straddling his waist he held her hand only making her fight against his hold;
"What is the matter with you...!?

"Armaan main na... I hate you... Ahhh...
She had tried to hit him again when his wrist watch had brushed her skin rashly pretty much giving her another scratch, a deeper one though and he had instantly noticed but she still wouldn't stop. Sighing at her stubbornness he somehow held his hand away and discarded the watch while her tiny fists attacked his chest;
"Baby stop please... Tumhe lag jayegi! Uff... Ye ladki na.
Though her hands were too tiny, not that they did not hurt, but he was actually more worried about her because she was pretty much getting herself hurt by anything and everything around her in an attempt to harm him. So he decided to move before she actually got seriously injured and made her stop while he shifted up along with her and settled her on his lap;
"*Sigh* this is better, ab karo jo karna chahti ho lek---
Before he could even finish she had resumed smacking his chest and initially he wanted to simply push her off completely annoyed now. The very drunk wife of his though would have hit the floor straight on her back by just his slight defense but cared least so he simply held her waist tight keeping her in place and let her have her way. After a minute or two her movements slowly stilled as she grew tired as expected when he raised a brow;
"So done there? Ab can I know mujhpe itna pyaar kyu barsaya ja raha hai?

"Becau--- because... I ha----te you!
She concluded once again getting off him and he immediately let go groaning frustrated at her words.
"One more time you say that and I swear----

"What? What are you going to do? Huh? Ab mujhe ghar se bhi nikal doge?
Armaan frowned hard as she actually held his cheeks pinching them hard like you would to a kid, but her words surprised her too much and he quickly shrugged her hand down while she got off him;

"What? What are you even----- Tum pagal ho gayi ho kya?

"Haan haan main hi pagal ho--- *gasp*
She was really furious and tried to snap at him with her hands against her hips but that slight action made her stumble on her own feet. Armaan had caught her arm right in time preventing her hard fall once again but she shrugged it off;
"Haath mat lagaiye mujhe. Aap hum---- humesha ---- aisa hi karte hai, mujhse bina pooche mere baarein mein kaise faisla le sakte hai aap? I don't want to go away... especially now!

"How can you be sooo upset about this? It's just a few days.

"You know its not just about being away Armaan, par us waqt I mean----  aapko poochna toh chahiye----

"I did ask you!

"Yeah right!!

"And don't you act smart, I should be the one upset here.
The change of topic might take her fazed mind off the topic and change her mood he thought, but he was proven wrong the next minute;
"Haan ho jaaiye naraj, you don't even love me anymore.

Armaan was caught off guard by her accusation, he could bear anything but that;
"Are you forgetting it's "OUR very first anniversary, not just yours.  I am also a small part of it you know!?
He uttered somewhat angry and more so hurt.

"Toh fir apna faisla badal leejiye na Armaan. Mujhe mat bhejiye...
She looked down with her big innocent eyes pleading at him;
"What if it takes too long an-----

Armaan sighed and pulled her down placing her securely in his lap again. Her legs instantly dangled to one side as she wound his neck and he pulled her closer holding her chin;
"Heyy... Look at me. Now, your mind is not going to register or make sense if I explain anything right now so I'll leave that for tomorrow. But you HAVE to remember this, I am not doing this to hurt you, I might be mad at you but I would never hurt you like this Riddhima.

"Ughhh--- I hate ---

"Shhh, don't!... Stop it Riddhima. Stop saying that!

"Nahi, I won't. Aap har baar aisa nahi kar sakte Armaan. I am not--- listening to you this--- time. Meri bhi koi marzi hai, I won't go!

Armaan's gaze held her captive and she whimpered on the loss of his touch as his grip loosened;
"If that's how you look at it, then don't go. I don't want to "control you as you say! Tumhe jo sahi lage vo tum karo, after all main kaha tumhare barein sochta hu before I do anything, right?

Armaan was all set to push her off him and walk away. The hurt was evident in his voice, he was adamant at times he knew, but he never overlooked her wishes or decisions, he just wished for her to have the best of everything in every way. He was startled when her attacks started again. The poor guy got no time to think or defend her hard smacks;
"Dekhaaa... that's what you always do. Kyuuu? Maine aisa kab kaha---- EK toh... aap meri taraf dhyaan bhi nahi dete aaj kal, aap bilkul pyaar nahi karte--- ab mujhe. I know! Aur ab --- aise ye sab, you want me to leave. Mujhe bhi nahi--- rehna aapke paas. Aap bane rahiye akdu, I hate you!

"And there she goes again!
All the hurt and anguish long forgotten he finally decided to give up. Without any efforts he lifted and settled her on the bed but as he looked up he noticed her face held a pout as she cried without a tear making him frown;
"What now?

She lifted her wrist in front of him, her eyes holding an obvious accusation as she whined;
"It hurts!

That confused him a bit but then remembered their conversation in his cabin. How could he not melt at that, also there was a little guilt knowing he was responsible. He delicately took hold of her hand to earn an instant moan as he touched the bruised skin. The light brush and caresses he left against the mark with his thumb quietened her for a few seconds losing herself in his touch, but that did not last long. She was back to her whining soon but his hand stayed, soothing her skin.
"Now say you are sorry!


"Say you are Sorryyy naaa!!
The pitch of her voice had reached a level up again and he had to shush her;
"Shhh... Riddhima??
His eyes widened with shock turning into a glare only to make her fake-sob again. But before she could continue, his lips replaced his thumb against her wrist stopping her whines and suck in a deep breath;
"You need to keep it down ok!?
Riddhima forgot how upset and angry she was as he held her wrist tenderly and sucked and kissed it gingerly;
"I am sorry that I hurt you. Does it feel better?
The dropping gaze was her reply enough which brought an instant smile on his face, but he held her chin making her look up;
"Should I get an ointment? Does it still hurt?
She simply shook her head and he thought she had sobered much but then she looked up and accused;
"But I am still mad at you. Aap bohot bure hai Armaan aur... aur--- aap badal gaye hai. Aap ab mujhse pyaar bhi nahi karte, bas jhagadte rehte hai mere saath.

"Haan maine chup ke se duri shaadi kar li hai, aur mere do bachhe bhi hai. Milna chahogi?
He raised his eyebrow suggestively only trying to get even with her, least expecting her to believe it to be true; but well she did!!
"*Gasp* Armaaan?

Armaan facepalmed as her eyes were about to pop out of her sockets and shook his head;
"Oh God... I am just messing with you baba, tum bhi na! You have been saying that a lott today! Why do you think so Baby? What's wrong?
Armaan cupped her cheek caressing it softly as he sensed the seriousness in her voice.

"Aisa hi haiii! Main jaanti hu. Aaj aapne... itna jhagda kiya mujhse--- aur, aur---- kal bhi meri baat bhi nahi suni----- Maine maafi maangi thi fir bhi----Aur... Aur party mein aaj itna... Ignore kiya mujhe. Main akeli baithi thi vaha, aapko pata tha... mujhe pasand nahi --- parties mein lekin---- aap ... Fir bhi mujhe----- aur main akeli----- aap dekha nahi...
She spoke in broken words, stuttering, as the alcohol was making it harder to do anything but he knew exactly well as to what she was saying;
"That does not prove that I don't love you anymore!
He chuckled at her accusation nonetheless said sincerely but she simply shook her head and scowled at him;
"Dekha aap has rahe hai---- mujhpe, majak uda rahe hai mera. Ughhh... I hateee you Armaan!

He groaned frustrated at her words and also due to the hard smack on his chest;
"Nahii!! I hate you. Bolungi main, I HATE YOUUU!!

"NO! You do not!
Armaan snapped through his gritted teeth but it only made her happy that it triggered him so she repeated firmly;
"But I do... I hate you! I H.A.T.E YOU ARMAN MAL----liii----umm-----!
As she poked his chest with every word smiling in victory seeing him angry, but fumbled as suddenly she was cut midway when he could take no more and smashed his lips against her. There was no doubt she would have landed flat on her back but his hand held the back of her head keeping her in place not letting her fall back. Initially she did whimper in the beginning but soon her hands found his nape as he nibbled her lower lip. She moaned feeling his other hand caress her cheek but he did not deepen the kiss, he pulled away soon making her frown. Pulling her up he made her sit straight as he corrected her buttons while she kept blinking at him as he spoke;
"Yes I am mad for what you did, actually I was furious and----
Riddhima pouted and tried to shrug his hands away as he unbuttoned her second last button growing even more upset at his words but he glared at her and continued his task and words anyway;
"Aaj jo bhi tumne kiya just to make me mad, I am truly upset about all of that. Haan peechle kuch waqt mein bohot jhagde hue hai humare, lekin what you fail to realize is that you are one stupid woman who makes me crazy as hell and make me want to pull out my hair but also kiss you hard at the same time.
That seized all her retorts and whines as he looked up at her and smiled, done with fixing her shirt;
"Never ever say or think anything like that, because even if you make me lose my sanity, I had still love you the same!
He declared staring straight at her and her lips automatically curved into a smile;
"Sach Armaaan?
She asked her eyes twinkling in hope making him smile.

She giggled like a happy kid at his words and once again pulled his cheek making him hiss;
"Armaaan... Aap bohooot cute ho.

Armaan was surprised at her sudden change in behavior but was happy seeing her smile so brightly. Though he was startled soon as she pulled him down in a hug making him stumble causing both of them to go down hard on the bed but she cared least. She held him in a death grip and he simply chuckled at her antics soon engulfing her in his arms. But as soon as he did that he realized it wasn't such a great idea as he was still shirtless and her lips touching his bare chest sent a shiver down both of their spines. He had planned on detangling but her lips moved against his skin and he froze as the atmosphere had changed quickly anad the temperature of the room saored. As they lay on their one side facing each other, her hands had perfect access to his entire back. A deep groan escaped his lips and she snuggled close, biting his collar bone. His smile was completed wiped away by her actions, the drunk state always brought out her bold side, but he wasn't never sure if he was to be happy about it!
"Ri... ddhima... Baby don't!
She kissed his chest mumbling incoherently making him gulp hard,
"I lo--ve you Armaan...

Fighting against every fibre in his body he still tried to pull away; only to be jammed against her soft frame and all his sensibility left him the minute she moved up and nibbled on his earlobe. His hand automatically found her nape as she trailed a path along his jaw. The soft caresses that his hand made against the back of her head encouraged her actions and she almost rolled them over coming on top of him showering kisses against his exposed neck. All the air fom his lungs was sucked as her hands roamed freely against his chest and abs leaving him cursing;
"f**k... Jaan ple--ase stop! You are not---- ughhh----
Armaan gripped her wrists groaning with frustration trying his best to keep a distance but his words were lost on her and she looked up at him, her eyes filled with passion, brimming with love, smiling a sweet smile and the loosest of strings he held onto were lost. The minute her lips descended on his, he cared least if she was drunk or was not in senses enough to understand her actions. His hands just let go and held her head. He tilted his head for a better angle deepening the kiss as he pulled her closer. Riddhima cupped his cheek while the other rested against his chest for support. He was itching to roll her over and that would have been effortless taking in her current status but he let her take complete control. Her legs straddled his waist and holding his nape she pulled him up which he quickly obliged. As her fingers curled in his hair scraping his nape along the way he let his hands trail down to grip her bare thighs as her shirt rode up, keeping her firm against his body.

However hard it seemed he knew he was close to lose all his control and would regret giving in instead of taking care of her, the next morning. So though it killed him; he swiftly pulled her up fisting her hair gently and rolled her under him with her hands pinned above her head, kissing her roughly penting out all the frustration through the kiss. She groaned under him unhappy that he held back and wouldn't deepen the kiss either, leaving her all the more restless.

Reluctant as ever, using all his might he detached his lips and looked down to find her staring back at him confused and sullen. Nonetheless she lifted her head to finish the kiss but he turned his face away clenching his jaw tight as the kiss was placed on his cheek instead. With both his arms resting on either sides of her head he stayed still for a minute with eyes shut tightly, panting hard; grabbing hold of himself.
"Armaaan?? Kya hua?
She whispered hoarsely seeing his lack of response snapping him back and he turned to face her finally to see her look at him with innocent questioning eyes.
"Baby, aren't you something!? You are definitely planning to test me... To kill me, aren't you!?

She just kept blinking at him unaware and confused, ironically; still looking innocent as hell after she almost had him undone by her small "innocent act. He placed a small peck against her lips;
"Tum abhi hosh mein nahi ho... Unfortuantely!! It's not right.

She groaned at him but he held her hand against his chest smiling at her sweetly seeing her pout.
"Haan baccha! I know that's my name...
He giggled at her but continued while she kept staring at him still confused and unclear of his distant behavior;
"Don't make it difficult than it already is woman!! Just... let go, aur so jao ab isse pehle ki I lose it completely... bohot der ho gayi hai.

Armaan rolled over to his side hoping she would give in as her eyes looked dead tired anyway and he was sure she was almost dozing off. He hoped and prayed she had remember every moment of the night; the following morning, because he could bet nothing could compare to the blush that would taint her cheeks then. For two minutes the room grew pin drop silent, and only their hard breathing and heart beats could be heard. Though the short silence of the room was lost and he almost fell off; startled as hell as she sprang up straight on the bed next instant;
"Nahiii... Mujhe nahiii sona!!

"What the fu-----
He caught his hand tight against his chest in an attempt to check if his heart was still in a working condition. That instant shriek and her springing up on bed like a statue was quite a scary scene to witness as it happened out of nowhere.

"Pagalll ho gayi ho kya?

"Aapne mujhe paaagalll bolaaa?????
She asked with in as high pitch tone as she could manage, pointing at him in a wavering manner since it became difficult to be still anymore under the alcohol's strong effect. That instantly brought him up on his feet with eyes wide as hell while he looked up to check if nobody was barging into the room wondering if they were under an attack.

"Nahiii... Bilkul nahi. Pagal aur tum? Bilkul nahi baby. Main... pagal main jo aapko kabhi aisa kuch kahu!
He quickly covered up before she woke the whole town with her whines only to have her giggle, happy with his acceptance;
"Hehehehe... ok!

"Baby... Vo sab theek hai, lekin abhi raat ke 1 baj rahe hai. Is waqt sona nahi hai toh kya karogi? Subah kaise uthogi?

"Mujhe baaa-------ummm ------
Again as she had begun in a loud voice he muffled her words against his hand covering her mouth and bent down at her level muttering through his gritted teeth gathering all the patience in the world he could, so that he did not knock her out, out of annoyance;
"Shh shhh!! Riddhima dekho aise chillao mat, I can hear very well... "ab tak atleast. Toh pyaar se, dheeere se bolo main sun lunga, OK?

Riddhima nodded obediently and he let go;
"Hmm ab bolo, so jaye hum? Please!!

She pouted and was about to open her mouth but he glared at her with a raised brow and she simply shut her mouth but shook her head vigorously making him sigh hard. Armaan opened his eyes as he felt a poke at his shoulder and found her leaning in to reach his ear so he bent in lower still hovering over her;
"Mujhe na... bahar jana hai! Khuli hawa mein, yaha band... room mein naiii rehna.
She whispered softly against his ear fiddling with her fingers in her lap but keeping low as warned making him smile but frown at her words anyway;
"Is waqt kaha jayenge hum baccha? Aur main bohot thak gaya hu abhi, hum kal chalte hai na! Jahaaa bologi vaha le chalunga.

The pout had now turned to a scowl and she was looking up quite unhappy so he suggested completely giving up;
"Dekho ab is waqt kahi bahar toh nahi jaa sakte, toh ek kaam karte hai. Hum upar terrace pe chale? Jitna waqt chaho vaha baitho, jooo chahe karo I won't stop you I promise! Chalega?
He suggested hoping hard of her approval cuz he was thisss close of banging his head hard. Though it looked like she would deny and she almost would have but somehow even her tipsy mind caught his tired eyes and she nodded giving in. Armaan had just inhaled a breath of relief when she was up on her feet to walk out but he dragged her back by her arm;
"Nahiii baba!! Aise nahi.

"Ab kya hai Armaan, ab maine maan li na aapki baat. Mujhe janaaa hai... vaha... upar!
Riddhima still whisper-shouted but now with her hands against her hips blinking at him furiously. She looked too cute to deny her anything at the moment but he knew better than falling for her charms at the moment and simply kissed her nose-tip;
"Yes I know, bas aise nahi. Dooo minute ruk jao Jana, main bas abhi aaya! Let me just grab a shirt.

Riddhima stood playing with her hair looking around the room and he moved as quick as his feet allowed staring at her all the while, afraid that she had sneak out given a chance. But he took alittle longer than needed, shuffling without any reason in the wardrobe, since he needed some time to get a grip and calm his raging hormones. Stirring a tornado of desires probably unaware of it, she was back to being crazy self, and he was just trying to get in his own control to say the least.

 Though he knew no one was awake to have a look of her attire, but he knew she had kill him, roast him alive and eat him when she would be back to her senses; that he let her out in just a shirt, even worse, HIS shirt. So he decided to take the precautionary measures to save his own life. Putting on the first shirt he could reach, he pulled out her cover up robe and walked back to her;
"Here, ye pehenlo fir chalte hai.
Surprisingly she did not retort and quickly he turned to leave when she held his wrist;
"Nahi... pehle ghoda ban!

"Say what?
Armaan asked perplexed of her demand but she simply stared back waiting for him to act soon on her words;
"Riddhima... what... you... what? ----

"Armaan ghoda baniye na... I want a piggy back ride. I am too tired to walk... pleassshhh!
Armaan could bet his life he had strangle any other person for that obnoxious demand, infact his fingers almost curled and itched at her as he cursed softly under his breath; but somehow; she had turned out to be an exception. Exhaustion poured from every pore of his body and he was more than ready to just hit the bed, even so, he could not refuse her and was down in front of her in a minute shaking his head at his own hopelessness.
"Sahi kaha hai kisine beta, pyaar ache khaase insaan se kya kya karwa leta hai!
He chuckled at his own misery while she climbed on his back. He locked his arms tight against her thigh while she wound her arms around his neck resting her head on his shoulder swaying happily;
"Chal mere ghode tik tik tik... Hehehehe...

He could deny all he wished but as a matter of fact, she did have her ways of getting him do whatever she wished. All the way up she kept dangling her legs inspite of his warning since it made it difficult for him to balance, but all his words fell on deaf ears. Sucessfully, without having a hard fall surprisingly, he settled her and locked the terrace doo just in case, to hear her squeal. Armaan frowned as she was just jumping in her place holding the parapet muttering incoherently under her breath. He cleared his throat tapping her shoulder causing her lose her balance but he managed to hold her in place;
"Ye... Kya kar rahi ho?

"Mujhe chadhna hai upar!!

"Upar? Aisi haalat mein... bilkul nahi!

"Armaan pleaseee na. Mujhe yaha baithna hai... upar bithao!
Request and pleadings were long forgotten and she awaited for him to oblige with her hands against her hip ordering him bluntly. The height seemed out of her reach to get up on her own and her dizzy state was no help either. Armaan looked at her stumped, staring back with a raised brow stating clearly that her demand was not appreciated.
"Beta tum kal hosh mein aao, fir tumse hisaab leta hu main ache se!

But he was in for another shock when she simply dragged him down pulling onto his ear trying to get him down to her level;
"Oww oww owww... Chodo, chodooo Riddhima.

"Toh uthaooo naaa!

Armaan held her jaw pulling her up cutting her words short;
"Riddhimaaa baby I swear I will spank you now if you don't stop shouting!

She whined once again looking up at him with her doe eyes leaving him with not many choices and he sighed;
"Fineee! But you must behave and not move out of my hold ... AT ALL!

"Haan, Ok!
She instantly gave in clapping her hands happily making him chuckle at her excitement; all her anger and irritation washing away taking along his tiredness. A bright smile of hers could lit up his whole world, he concluded for the nth time.
He offered his hand that she happily held onto and he pecked her cheek before lifting her up. Riddhima squirmed a bit due to her foggy mind but he locked his arms instantly against her waist keeping her steady;
"Wooow! Armaan it's so beautiful na.

"YOU are beautiful baby!
That coloured her cheeks almost instantly. He adjusted her robe covering her legs properly as they hung on the other end, pulling her closer in his hold to keep her warm. They sat in utter silence for a few minutes, she was busy noticing the night beauty of the quiet city while he admired her. Suddenly something struck her and she uttered;
"Aap bohot boore hai Armaan!

He sighed as the peaceful silence was disturbed with an accusation;
"And she's back! Ab kya kiya hai maine?

She turned a little in his hold as he was busy playing with her hair;
"Us din... Mom Dad ke saamne aapne mujhe kyu data?

"You should be grateful enough ki unhone bhi tumhe sunai nahi hai, varna vo kuch kam naaraz nahi the tumse. You really got them worried too! Vo toh mujhe ghusse mein dekh kar vo shaant the, tumse kisi ne kuch kaha nahi.

"Fir bhiii... Aapko sabke saamne mujhe vo sab kehne ki kya jaroorat thi? Main toh----
She pointed out with a scowl but stopped as his hold grew tight and he snapped;
"I will advice you to Shut up Riddhima! You don't want to dig into that topic while you are barely able to hold yourself together.
The annoyance and anger in his eyes were crystal clear as he spoke up in a no-nonsense tone and she definitely was in senses enough to understand that it wasn't a great idea to mess with him when he had that look on his face! But that did not stop her from being upset at him;
"Dekha... firse mujhpe ghussa kar rahe hai aap! I don't like you Armaan, aapko kabhi nahi bataungi main kuch bhi... aise hi chali jaungi agli baar bhi, aap dekhna fir-----

His patience lost at her words and he snapped making her flinch hard at the sudden raise in his voice;
 "Riddhimaaa!! Enough of this drama, get down... room mein chalke chup chap so jao bohot waqt ho gaya hai, tumhari is bakwas ke liye waqt nahi hai mere paas!
He had swiftly pulled her down to her feet and was all set to drag her downstairs when two tears trickled down her cheeks making way for a bout and soon her face was tear stained;
"Arey yaaar ab tum---------- Ye ladki pagal karke chodegi mujhe!!
Armaan stood there helpless for a minute, he rubbed his palm against his face and then looked up still a bit annoyed;
"Aapko pata hai----- ma... ine kuch jaanke nahi kiya... I know mujh----se galti hui, par----- mujhe bolne ka mauka tak nahi diya aapne. Mai----ne keh diya toh chali thodi jaungi, aap... aapko kabhi chot nahi pohcha----- sakti main jaan bujhkar, pat hai aapko, fir bhi mujhse jhagadte rehte hai humesha.
She spoke between her hiccups as her drunk state made it worse.

"Toh fir aisi bakwaas karti hi kyu ho tum? Tum jaanti ho tumhari aisi harkatein jaan nikal deti hai meri. Lekin tumhe kabhi kuch sochna hi nahi hota bas---
She dragged him to the swing still shedding tears and snapped;
"Baithiye yaha... Chup chap baithiye aur meri baat suniye ab.

He did not have choices, she had already pushed him down before she settked next to him;
"Main bhi bohot pyaar karti hu aapse Arm----aan, isi liye toh aa----pse baat karna chahti thi na. Aapko samjhana... chahti thi jo hua, par aapne meri taraf... dekha tak nahi us din ke baad. Pata hai mu---jhe kitna bura lagta hai jab aap aisa karte hai! Aapne jo kaha maine suna na---- aapka ghussa sahi tha, par---- par uske baad mujhe samjhane ka mauka toh diya hota na? Mujhe nahi acha lag-----ta jab aap mu pher lete hai... Aur aise ghussa ho jaate hai.
Her hiccups grew as she snapped all worked up so he gently wiped her tears with the back of his hand. Though she had triggered his anger again, he could not reject her heart felt apology, and his heart went out to her seeing her shed tears.
"Acha theek hai... ab rona band karo!

"Nahi, aap---- aap humesha aisa karte hai. Ek toh pehle itna kuch su---na dete hai, aur... aur fir main rone lagu toh phir khud--- hi boora maan jaate hai. Toh fir mujhe itna... rulate hi kyu hai aap?

(Yesss... maine KaSh ka scene churaya DMG se!! He-ha-ha-ha Evil Smile LOL Ab kya karu the lines were just so perfect I had to recreate it!  )

Armaan smiled at her innocent accusation, all his anger fading in thin air. Least expecting this outcome that he would be apologizing or feeling bad about her little stunt, but he could see she was truly hurt and though at fault, she had been guilty enough so he finally let go;
"Galti ho gayi baba, aage se dhyaan rakhunga. Ab chup ho jao!

She looked up at him and her anger multiplied ten folds when she saw him smile;
"Aapko ab bhi hasi aa rahi hai na mujhpe------ aap kitne bureee hai Armaan!
She threw her tiny fists attacking his chest terribly mad now;
"Main kabhi--- *hiccup* baat nahi karungi aapse *hiccup*. Aap udaiye ...*hiccup* majaak.

"Nahi baby main-----
As his smile was still intact while he tried to hold her hand she snapped hitting his harder;
"Hasna band keejiyeee!!

Her whine did nothing but added on to his smile now making him chuckle. Holding her wrists to stop her assault he gently held her head and engulfed her in his arms;
"Main has nahi raha... Bas----

"Jhut mat boliye ... maine dekha aapko haste hue.
She snapped back coming out of his hold, he tapped her nose replying her instantly;
"I am just smiling at my cute little wife. She is tooo adorableee you know. Is liye I have decided I won't be mad at you anymore, hmm!?

"Hmm... Good!! Maine bhi dec---ide kiya hai ki main... apne husss---- huss---

He helped her out muffling his chuckle this time.

"Haan... Unko maaf kar dungi.
Armaan couldn't stop the smile that almost hurt his face now and cleared all her tears. She was hardly aware of what she spoke, but he knew they were all her hearfelt emotions her drunk self blurted. Engulfing her in a tight embrace caressing her head and rubbing her back till her hiccups stopped completely. Though he had calmed down on the topic, she needed to see and understand his reasons but that could wait for tomorrow when she could make sense of any of it. She looked up drowsily but still refused to get back to their room and sleep; so he pecked her nose hiding her in his arms again.
"Pata hai mere pati hai na Armaan... ghussa karte rehte hai humesha, par mujhse bohot pyaar bhi karte hai main jaanti hu.


He played with her hair patting her head gently; soothing her, knowing it wasn't too long before she would fall asleep. The conversation hardly made any sense anymore but he continued replying to her murmurs pushing her mind to sleep;
"Aur tum?

"Mainnn?...  Main toh---- sirfff apne Armaan se pyaar karti hu.
She replied after a long pause finding it hard to understand anything anymore as her mind and body demanded sleep. A smile adored her lips as he placed a soft lingering kiss on her head making her sigh in relief, her fingers still fiddle with his buttons and she snuggled closer.


"Aapke andar se ... Kuch chotu chotu aawaj aa rahi hai!! Par acha lag raha hai---- hehe...
She somplained in a surprised tone but was too tired to move away making him frown at her words, but then realized she was probably talking about his heartbeat as she was resting against his chest. With a sigh he looked down at her as it was his cue that she was a goner, he cupped her cheek making her arch her face up;
"Aap sunenge? Kuch----

"Shhh... So jao baccha, just go to sleep. Goodnight!
He pecked her lips softly holding her head firm in his hold but let his lips linger lulling her and caressing her head till he was sure she was fast asleep. All her movements came to a complete still and he moved back once her breathing grew shallow and steady. He admired her calm face that still held a soft smile for a long time. She was out like a light, of course only after she had raised hell for him, but her content face made worth of all of it and maybe much more. There was no scope of her sleep breaking even if he shook her hard at the moment, nonetheless, he very carefully pulled her against his chest; picking her up he walked her down and tucked her neatly in the bed. Discarding the robe knowing she had grow hot in her sleep. Using the washroom he decided to even freshen up a little; splashing some cold water against his face since she gave him no chance after coming back home.  He shut all the lights returning to the bed to hear her moaning in her sleep while she thew her hands around probably searching for him as she had lost his warmth. He chuckled hard to himself before pulling her to him covering them under the cozy blanket and she relaxed almost instantly hiding in his chest. The top two buttons he noticed were still undone, so he quickly closed one leaving one still undone knowing she had be suffocated otherwise, he locked her arms against his waist and caressed her head placing a final kiss against her head finallly calling it a night.



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