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part 69 : An Arranged love Marriage

That immediately lifted her mood and she did not even have to answer since the shine in her eyes said enough making him chuckle;
"Go freshen up if you need to, fir chalte hai.

"Main bas do minute mein aayi.
She made it to the door but turned clearing her throat making him turn around still having a smile plastered on his face;
 "Aur haan... dubara kabhi mujhe aise daantna ya darana mat, varna main HR mein kehke apna Boss change karva lungi, aur Mom se kehkar aapko bhi! Now Excuse me!!
Throwing the warning in his face in a perfect business-like tone she ended with a tongue at him and walked off flipping her hair. He stood still for a minute before laughing heartily at her innocent threat knowing how both the conditions were never possible and made no sense either.

Though it wasn't a long, cozy evening they had to themselves since a lot of things were lined up, but they managed to have a peaceful meal together after a long time. They had to get to bed soon, as there were quite a few things lined up for both early morning, but she for once thanked her stars for that as; he was using all the time to remind her of everything she said and did the last night, and it couldn't have gotten any more embarrassing. When he was sure her face could compete with the brightest of red, he finally stopped laughing at her adorable face, and decided to end the torture. He couldn't help peck her lips as they got down the car, since she had gone completely quiet out of embarrassment while she turned away still with a frown adoring her face. It was getting difficult by the minute to face him anymore and she simply wanted to run away but he did seem to read her mind as she was held back the next minute. He came around to the front and held her chin and caressed her face lightly, his face no more holding any mischief but the smile still intact in his eyes;
"Heyy... I meant it when I said you don't have to be embarrassed about anything. You are my wife Riddhima, just understand this; there is absolutely nothing you have to be careful about around me. I laughed at all of it, because I found your drunk antics too cute, par main tumhe embarrass nahi karna chahta tha. You say and do certain things when you are drunk, which you otherwise won't ...EVER! But you have every right to say and act with me, however you feel, however idiotic, stupid or embarrassing you might think of it, I had still want to know, cuz it will be about you. So don't ever be embarrassed about any instance/ act that you pull off with me or atleast wish to. Kyunki Baby itna yaad rakho that whatever it is; I had still be loving you the same, if not more, through every moment of it. There's absolutely no doubt about that.
His words slowly erased the frown off her face and the embarrassment was soon replaced with a lighter tint of blush at his words which he very well noticed and chuckled at her. He pinched her nose teasing her further;
"Oh Goddd... how are you so adorable; cute lil wifey!

She whined at him but nonetheless smiled as he bent in to place a sweet peck against her lips and she soon hid her face deep in his neck, both of them washing away all the bitter memories of the past few days and relaxed finding relief in each other's arms. Armaan questioned her as he couldn't hear what she murmured, as that was stifled against his neck;
"Hmm? I did not catch that baby...  Kya bola tumne?
Tto which she simply raised herself on her toes to reach his ears and quickly pecked them after her mini confession before hiding in his arms again;
"I saaaid... I love you Armaan.

That brought his wide smile back, making him chuckle again and he affectionately caressed her head pulling her more into his arms;
"I love you too bachaa.


The clock was ticking and it was soon that she would have to leave for Dubai, but unfortunately time did not favour them much. She had been quite busy with her presentation works, while he was busy with his own routines. The entire gang had gathered up for the evening, with all of them gathered at the table playing cards it was a roller coaster ride. Riddhima being a newbie at the game they were playing, she had been a silent spectator for a long time, with the first two rounds won easily by her dearest husband who had soon left the table/ game and gotten busy with his files and laptop. After a while, as the excitement soared she too decided to join in but obviously kept losing as she was yet to catch the hang of it. Armaan who was done with his other tasks, had just settled down nearby still busy with his mails on the phone, decided to throw in a suggestion or two for her; turned out he had purposely made her lose making all the opponents quite happy. Riddhima had literally shooed him away at the realization of his stunt so she could be on her own and the poor guy was not left with many choices anyway.

Riddhima somehow got accustomed to the game when she actually challenged Rahul before they wound up for the night. Rahul gladly accepted who had actually been helping her throughout, after all how could he deny Jerry and he anyway had an upper hand so he was all in. While they had just begun Armaan was back and surprised at the scenario;
"Kya baat hai, ye aaj Spiky aur Jerry ek dusre ke khilaaf kaise ho gaye.

"Aisa kuch nahi hai, bas ek game ka sawal hai. Vaise bhi aap yaha kya kar rahe hai, jaiye aapke kaam sambhaliye na... , huh boring no 1!...
She uttered the last bit slowly but he had clearly heard it but decided to ignore her comment and offered anyway;
"Tum akele haar jaogi, kaho toh main madat-----

"Koiii jarurat nahi hai! Achi tarah jaanti hu main aapki madat, acha khaasa jeet rahi hu tab bhi hara denge aap main jaanti hu. Thanks but No thank you!

"Arey bhalai ka toh jamana hi nahi raha. Itni achi help offer kar raha hu... soch lo, ab bhi waqt hai beta. Khel mein nayi nayi aayi ho, mere jaisa pro khud help off--------

Nikki, Abhimanyu, and Atul stifled their laughs while Anjali, Muskaan and Sapna cheered her making Armaan roll his eyes and he switched his side instantly;
"Theekay, toh for a change main tumhare Spiky ki help kar deta hu aaj. Just wait and watch how you are going to regret, ki mera offer kyu thukra diya.

Rahul shook his head at his "modest friend;
"Vaise toh mujhe tere help ki jarurat nahi, and tujhse bhi main jeet hi leta. But Jerry, however I might hate him I have to agree, he is great at this. He could have helped you stay longer in the game atleast.

"Oye Enstein ke bachhe helped nahi, I make people win samjha! EK bhi baar yaad hai jab tu mujhse jeeta hai cards mein? Nahi... Jhoot toh bolna hi mat, toh ab tu rehne de samjha. Bas isi mein khush reh that I am on your side now... uh-uh shush! Concentrate!!
Armaan did not give him any chance to retort and got engrossed in the game while Riddhima just cursed him under her breath. How could the guy be good at everything?  But she was not going to give up, she would put in everything and win this against both of them! Others got busy in their own chit- chats and banter; as this was an everyday scenario for them, especially the much in love couple were always in some or the other debate so they completely ignored them. Though the trio's debate and game was serving as a perfect entertainment for background.

Riddhima was dedicatedly playing with a clear intention to win, but as the game came to its end she was quite nervous. Every now and then that she would look around even a bit nervous she could see him smirk and how she wished she could throw a brick at him just to wipe that stupid smirk off his face. With the last draw, Armaan had insisted for Rahul to pass on a card he was not very positive about;
"Arey tu chill kar na Raaoool, bas trust me yaar.
Though Rahul wasn't very convinced, he knew Armaan always had something up his sleeve so he just stayed mum. The atmosphere had grown quiet, everyone awaiting the conclusion of the game with Armaan now holding the cards still playing at Rahul's end as he was busy munching on his snacks, Armaan announced a show. Riddhima gulped at the confidence his face held, even Rahul looked quite happy as if they already knew of their victory, but she couldn't give up and placed her cards down. She had an idea that she did not have that bad a set, but their faces had confused her a bit. As she was done with her turn there was pin drop silence. Rahul had a calculative look on his face which confused her even more and as he was almost about to say something; Armaan slumped the cards down quite unhappily with a grumpy face.
"Fine you get this one... Let's just call it a beginner's luck!
Everybody kept staring at him for a moment and as the words sunk in there was a loud roar, while Riddhima squealed with utter happiness; probably as if she had won a world cup. All were happy to see her so excited about the small victory, of course except for the losing team, who were quite much shown a tongue by a fervent Riddhima;
"But Armaan how did she---- tu----
Rahul tried to retort who was instantly consoled by Armaan;
"Yaar theek hai na, kabhi kabhi bachon ko jeetne dena chahiye, vo khush ho jaate hai. After all it's not every day that's going to happen na!

"Huh... Rehne deejiye, aap bas jalte hai, jeet nahi paaye toh bahane bana rahe hai bas. Acha khasa khel raha tha vo, shayad jeet bhi jaata, lekin aapko hi apni expertise dikhani thi na. Huh... Lo ho gaye khush!
He rolled his eyes and dragged a very sulky Rahul away;
"Oye tu itna ro mat oye Spiky, chal tere liye drink banata hu main khud, Armaan special. Mood theek kar apna.
He dragged Rahul to the bar while the others celebrated Riddhima's victory, though it wasn't a big deal, but winning against Armaan, being just a beginner was indeed something they knew. While they were all back to munching on some snacks and gossiping Rahul was busy staring hard at Armaan as he made his "special drink;
"Oye Majnu ki aulaad, agar haarne ka itna hi shauq tha toh khud khel leta ye nautanki karne ki kya jaroorat thi.

"Aisa nahi hai yaar Spiky bas----

"Shut up! Mujhe sab pata hai kaisa hai, acha khasa jeet gaya th------umm-----
Armaan thusofied chips in his mouth dragging him even further stifling his words;
"Shhh... dheere bol yaar, sun legi vo.

"Abey kameene toh main kya karu? Itna hi tha toh ye drama kyu kiya, uski help hi kar leta na genuinely. Bina vajah meri image bhi kharab kar di.

"Us mein kya maja yaar, abhi uski shakal dekh. Tu jaanta hai, usko jeetne ki kam mujhe harane ki khushi jyada hai. Tujhe kya hai, tu ye drink le aur apni jeet celebrate kar na. Bas sabko batane ki kya jaroorat hai ki tu jeeta. Let's keep that to us, kya fark padta hai!

Rahul shook his head at his hopeless friend, but anyway finally smiled as he accepted the drink;
"Tera kuch nahi ho sakta... nahi actually tum dono ka kuch nahi ho sakta. Ek dusre se lade bina khana hazam nahi hota, lekin kuch dino ke liye dur kya jaa rahi hai, janaab Majnu bane baithe hai. Par dikhaega aise jaise koi fark hi nahi padta.

"Arey yaar ab vo itna upset hai vo kam hai kya, main kuch bol dunga fir toh madam ki halat aur buri ho jaani hai. But ab main bhi kya karu, jaroori nahi hota toh I would have worked out some other way yaar aur use rok leta.Vaise bhi hardly is week hume waqt mila hai to spend with each other. Already itna sab chal raha tha... such a long week man. The whole "gone missing fiasco, ghusse aur naarzgi se nikalne mein hi hafta chala gaya ek dusre ko manane mein. Bas kal thoda sa time mila finally to have a quiet dinner, but yeah well that's that!

"Ohoo... Pata nahi itna ladte hi kyun ho tum dono. Par chalo koi nahi ab bhi 2 din bache hai na, plan them well. Vaise bhi kal dupaher ke baad jyada meetings nahi hai. Aur uska schedule tu rework kar le, so that she's also free for some time atleast.

Armaan turned to glance at her who just looked up from their busy conversation and met his gaze but looked away instantly as he winked at her making him smile;
"Hmm let's see, main plan toh kar bhi lu but she's really quite focused about this whole presentation. Bohot time and efforts invest kar rahi hai vo, I don't want to break her link, she had not like that either.

"Haan mehnat toh bohot kar rahi hai vo; that's true.

"Vaise tera haal kya hai?

"Kya matlab? Mujhe kya hona hai?

"Abey ullu ke patthe, tera kuch ho bhi nahi sakta, I know. I meant about Muskaan. Baat kuch aage bhi badi ya-----

"Well... that's just. *sigh* Not easy bro.
He too looked up at Muskaan who was just as busy chit- chatting with everyone else.

"Arey aise kab tak chalega, she clearly likes you too toh-----

"Haan, ye hum dono jaante hai, but there are certain things. We both don't want to jump into it, is liye we have just decided to go with the flow. We don't want to name it anything yet Armaan, jo hai acha hai. And we both agree with it that it's just too early to say anything. Jab waqt aayega we will know it.

"If you say so, but mujhe lagta hai ki you guys should just be out with it. But theek hai, you both are sensible enough, jaisa theek samjho karo. I know it's not easy, it takes all the efforts in the world to make things work. You have a great greeeat example tere saamne, *chuckles* there's not a single day without ladaiya, naarazi, differences of opinions and *sigh* much more dude, but at the end ek dusre ke liye jo pyaar hai vo sab theek kar deta hai. Noting else matters any more then I guess. Par tu dekh le, take your time; Bas don't goof up and then coming crying to me, cuz m not gonna help...
He said rolling his eyes and tongue in his cheek, both knowing how untrue that was but Rahul just huffed at him anyway. Rahul had finished his drink and they were to get back to the gang when he saw Riddhima and remembered something;
"Acha vaise talking about your recent tiffs when she went missing; ek bohot jaroori baat batana toh bhul hi gaya tha, Sun toh...

Armaan had just walked back to him when he received a strong blow in his stomach catching him off guard and he almost fell back is not for the support of the bar ledge.

"What the fu** dude? Why would you-----
Armaan cursed while he groaned in pain, the commotion catching everyone's attention when Rahul shrugged with a smirk standing with his hands tugged in his pockets coolly as he stated;
"That was for Jerry. Just a warning you know... Last time that I remember you guys fought and you decided to leave for Bangalore, tab tune khud ko punching bag bana liya tha. But I noticed the mark on her wrist this morning, she did not say anything but I am not dumb to not understand how she got it and I know tune intentionally kuch nahi kiya hoga, you love her too much to cause her any kind of pain on purpose, I understand! It probably doesn't even hurt her, and I know tum dono ka personal matter hai but ye bas tujhe itna yaad dilane ke liye, ki agli baar agar mujhe aisa kuch bhi dikhai diya, toh yaad rakh ki main uska bhai pehle, tera dost baad mein hu. Even if she wouldn't have any complaints, agli baar that I notice something like that, uski nahi teri maram patti karne aaunga, ofcourse after teri khubsoorat si shakal khud ke haaton se bighadu.

All of them were surprised by Rahul's act, while Riddhima had instantly run to his side but even she had missed the conversation between the duo;
"Armaan... Aap theek toh hai? Rahul ye tum kya------

Armaan who had managed to get back straight was busy cursing Rahul under his breath but held her back as she was about to snap at him;
"No, Riddhima it's alright! Its all cool...
He said the last bit clenching his teeth, as he very well took and agreed with his point but obviously was still unhappy about the punch. But he turned to Rahul still groaning a bit and nodded;
"Though I hate you for this, but *sigh* yeah... I'll keep that in mind

"Good for you... and not so sorry bro!
Rahul shrugged at him again offering his hand for a fist bump, which to everyone's surprise Armaan accepted with a small smile. Rahul hugged him lightly making Armaan curse and push him away instantly as it hurt his stomach and he knew it to be on purpose;
"Kaamene, iske pehle that I change my mind and let you off for this, just leave.

Rahul chuckled at his words but knew better than pushing him anymore, he knew the message was very well received so that was that;
"Have a great night guys, see you tomorrow. Chale guys?
He offered others and all of them who were still confused about the whole thing just decided to shrug it off and called it a night.

Having cleared the room, the two had walked back to their room where she had put on her favourite series she had been binge watching on Netflix recently, as they were both not so sleepy yet; after such an eventful evening. Armaan without having a choice was again busy with his mails for a while, but after getting a nice scolding from his wifey dearest, he finally decided to shut it all and settled down with her instantly pulling her down in his lap. It had been a while she had been trying to enquire about the little stunt with Rahul, but he had kept avoiding. Soon enough the tv screen had lost all the focus as his fingers had started invading her shirt, when she once again repeated herself;
"Armaaan... Mat kariye naaa, I am trying to watch! Acha bataiye na, kuch problem toh nahi hai na?

"Arey meri Maaa... chill! Koiii problem nahi hai, it's all fine. Bas samjh lo it was just a guy-to-guy wali baat. You know, humare beech ye sab chalta rehta hai. You don't have to be so worried!

"Nahi Armaan, jo bhi ho main ye bhi jaanti hu Rahul aise hi haath nahi uthayega aap pe. However I might be offended about what he did, mujhe pata hai there has to be a strong reason for what he did.

Armaan gave a wide and genuine smile at her words, he felt really happy at heart for the bond his best friend and wife had developed. He felt genuinely touched by the care Rahul held for her, he really did take her as his little sister and Armaan was quite assured, if not yet, that he would always protect her come what may. And he could see the same trust his wife held for him, she was rightfully upset at Rahul for hurting him but still managed to defend him feeling somewhere responsible for no reason and that was quite adorable to be honest.
"Aap muskura kyu rahe hai, kuch boliye bhi na.

Armaan pecked her forehead shaking his head slightly assuring her;
"Kuch nahi, baby really just calm down. Trust me, we are all good.  I am not upset about what he did, and he is quite aware of his actions, tum tension mat lo. We have known each other's since we could even make sense of what we spoke. You don't worry, trusttt me it was just a very tiny thing and it's all sorted now, okay? So let it go, hmm? Just smile, come on.

"Pakka na?

"Haaan baba pakkka!

She finally looked relieved and smiled a bit.

"So can we resume our tasks then?
He gave her a suggestive look which she had completely missed and instantly shook her head;
"Nai actually I am quite sleepy, toh I think I will just continue with the rest of it tomorrow. I will just turn it off.
She turned it off and was all set to place the remote away completely unaware of her husband rolling eyes at her ignorance and more than needed innocence. Just as she was out of his lap she heard a song played in the background before she felt a tug at her pants, only to turn around to a pouting husband with his phone placed beside him that she figured was the source of the song.

aaj jaane kee jid naa karo
yu hee pehlu me baithe raho
aaj jaane kee jid naa karo
hay mar jaayenge, ham toh lut jaayenge
aisee baate kiya naa karo

"Armaaan? Ye kya...
She giggled at her hopeless but adorable husband who simply shrugged and deepened his pout at her still standing away and tugged her pant gently once again like a kid would.

aaj jaane kee jid naa karo
hay mar jaayenge, ham toh lut jaayenge
aisee baate kiya naa karo, aaj jaane kee jid naa karo

Riddhima shook her head at his antics but gave in gladly, and as he moved up from the floor to the bed patting it inviting her; she instead tsked at his offer and shifted his hand away. Without a second thought, she had smoothly and without any questions, straddled his waist and settled in his lap facing him; placing a loud kiss against his lips catching him off guard. He locked his arms at her waist caging her in his hold;
"Oye hoyye, sachii mein jaan logi kya!

"Ab main kuch karu toh problem, na karu tab bhi problem. Aap decide kar leejiye what you want!
She complained with a not so innocent smile, and he was more than happy to see her opening up all by herself. He knew this wasn't an unknowing act, but she was trying to let it all go and just be herself, shedding all inhibitions as he had asked for and he had no complaints. He definitely did not want to spoil the fun as she just awaited his reaction, quite nervously as he noted, since she was playing with his collar buttons looking down. So he played along not wanting her to feel even a bit uneasy;
"Who said anything about having a problem?

She bit her cheek having a hard time to hide her blush, only to slap his cheek soon as he checked her out up front without a shame in his look;
"Stop it Armaan!

"What? I am just appreciating how good you look in my shirt Baby!

"Yeah well I do love wearing them!
She admitted trying to brush his hand away which had deliberately invaded her shirt and was playing along her back, which obviously she wasn't very successful at.

"Acha... vo kyu?
He asked playing innocent and she snapped in an equally innocent tone while he managed to open her top two buttons already nuzzling her neck;
"Because ... *ugh*----- they look better on me
His actions made it a bit difficult for her to keep up with her tone but she somehow managed only to make him chuckle;
"Oh really now?!

That instantly earned her a soft bite against her collar bone, but she couldn't care less as she was herself too busy biting on his earlobe.

"Actually no offense taken, because I see how it is. You mean like... I look better without it, don't you?

Riddhima chuckled at his "modesty, coming out of his hold;
"You wish Mr. Mallik!

She snapped; placing a kiss on his nose anyway, to which he instantly pulled her down in a deep- mind boggling kiss and she responded with equal fervent. As they rested their foreheads against each other catching on their breath he concluded;
"You had wish the same Mrs. Mallik, bas tum accept nahi karti... but I know you too well baby! Vaise on second thoughts, you had look great too you know. Wanna compare?
He winked at her while his hand had already slipped down to her last few buttons making her shriek;
"Armaaan... stop it. Kya kar rahe hai aap!

"What do you think Riddhima?
Riddhima slapped his hand away who had still not given up, fixing her shirt a bit but not yet bothering to get off him unless he uttered the next question;
"Tumne apni dawai le li thi na?

"Tch...sss... haaan Armaan, le li thi.

Armaan smiled as he noticed the instant irritation that had  up her face as she tried to get off but he held her hips keeping her in place, rather pulling her even closer;
"Arey ruko rukooo... Kaha ja rahi ho!
She simply frowned at him with a pout or spoiling the mood; only to be rewarded with a peck on her nose;
"Sorry baba, but it's important na! Acha chodo... Don't sulk over it.
He held her wrist as she was again busy playing with his buttons looking down at it;
"Does it still hurt?

"Nahiii Armaan. I seeeriously don't even remember it anymore. You should also just let it go now, it's okay... I am fine!
She caressed her cheek affectionately reassuring him.

"Hmm that's good. In that case honestly... What do you think about my offer? It's still up, do you want to compare.

"Ughhh... Aapka kuchhh nahi ho sakta na?!

"Nahi... actually if you wish, bohottt kuch ho sakta hai! Tum bas bolkar toh dekho Baby.
All the while that the debate continued his hands were busy drawing circles against her waist, and even though she was quite much wanting to shut him up, her hands contradicted her words as they gently ruffled his hair at his nape as she pretty much relaxed in his company,

"Armaan SHUT UP!

"Arey sachi, I am serious, tum-----

"Armaan stop it...

"Lekin tum-----"

"Armaan you have seriously lost it.

Armaan was having a gala time annoying her, and though she was aware of his antics she just couldn't ignore the irritation surging up slowly which added on to his fun. She had casually laid her head against his chest; though cursing at him unable to make sense of anything that he said or what she replied anymore due to the sleep taking a toll on her senses, still pulling him closer trying to snuggle into him finding a better position, with the debate still on while he adjusted her comfortably in his arms rubbing her back still finding new antics to tease her. Amidst all the teasing and bickering, unknown to themselves, unaware and unbothered of everything, they dozed off in the same position, slipping into deep dreamless sleep content in each other's arms. 


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