Friday, 17 August 2018

part 7 : Love Endures All

I Love You

Ridhima was blank not know what to say or what not. She just keeps hugging Arman not wanting to part away from him. Even though he was with her all day night from past 5 months physically but emotionally he was on another level from her, but today they are back to the same ground. The ground of their love. Ridhima was hugging him from 5 minutes and in between that she has numerous time moved a bit away from him without un-linking her arms around him seeing his face
with love staring in his eyes she again hugged him. It happened many times in last 5 minutes Armaan too didn’t said anything as he remembers few things from this past month if not all. Armaan didn't even try to part her away knowing if not all day physical Work has taken away her energy than this emotional outburst surely would have. So without parting away from her Armaan lift her slightly to make her stand on his feet and then he just took her in the room. Ananya just nodded in his direction when he looks at her for unknown permission.

Ridhima was too involved in let out her fear, insecurities, love, pain and what not that she never realize that now she wasn't just hugging Armaan but also sitting in his laps.

He never asked her to stop crying, he just keeps caressing her hairs with on hand while another hand rubs her back smoothly to relax her. Her grip never got lost on him. Armaan wanted to ask her about her feelings so her pain can be lessened but on other thoughts, he didn't want to make her go through the same pain again remembering it.

It’s been hour but there saw no change in the situation just that ridhima's tears stopped but not her sobbing. Ananya wanted to give them time but it was time for their dinner which she can't skip as since morning due to one or the other reason Ridhima haven't eaten anything. So make a plate for two with water kept beside Ananya took the tray inside the room after a simple knock as the Gate of the room was left ajar. Ananya kept the tray on table few feet away from bed with chairs arranged, she looked towards them blinking an eye to her Armaan acknowledge her gesture. Smiling at him Ananya just cares his head with all the love admiring him then moved out letting him handle Ridhima, the person who made him came back to life again.

Ridhima keeps clinging to Armaan not wanting to leave him even for a minute. He asked her to have food but she just shakes her head in denial as she don't wants to leave him.

Armaan just smiled at his basket from days she was all strong handling everything own her own, not just her life but to him to the naive, innocent and delicate Ridhima who never took the smallest decision of her life own her own always look up to someone to help her was taking everything in her hand from the past few months dealing it with every possible strength in her not scaring of anything. But know she is back to what she was when he was with her the scared, innocent, delicate Ridhima was back. Isn’t it always that she is what she is when he was there letting him handle things for her but that doesn't mean she can’t be on her own anyway. If she wants she can be as strong as the rock, as fierce as fire but she prefers being his basket that is the Trait of her that he adores and love her for.

She likes to be dependent doesn't mean she can’t be independent. She likes to be innocent doesn't mean she can’t be mature enough. She likes to be naive doesn't concludes she can’t be fierce.
If she wants she can be anything, you just name it but for him, she is just what she prefers to be.

With all these thoughts Armaan picked her up in his arms making themselves settle in the chair beside the table Laden with food.

He took the plate off from the dinner revealing the content and it was everything from his favorite to her favorite dish cooked by his own mother.

Armaan makes a Morse of the chapati filled with the kadhai paneer bring it near ridhima's moth. She opened her eyes smelling the aroma of the food. Suddenly she felt thirsty as well as hungry after all the hours of crying. So without saying anything she just opened her mouth wiping away the tears that were left behind on his shirt, making him laugh at his baby innocent basket.

He keeps feeding her with his own hands while she keeps looking at him while eating. After having few chapatis Ridhima shook her head in denial getting the tummy full.

Armaan was about to put that bite on the plate but she holds his hand pushing the bite in his mouth she kept staring into his eyes. This gesture of Ridhima brought tears to his eyes, even though she is a bit in shock still she manages to be aware of him not eating anything. She just started feeding him with his favorite chapati and Kathal (jackfruit).

After feeding him Ridhima once again rest her face in the crook of his neck making him smile. He once again pick her up in his arms moving to washroom he made her sit on the platform near the washbasin letting her wash her hands while washing his as well. Once they were done washing their hands he once again gives her a ride back to the room. Making her lay on the bed tugging her properly Armaan got up once again to be held be ridhima.

She holds his hand looking at his face not uttering anything but the look in her eyes said it 'not to leave her'

Caressing her hairs placing her hand on her tummy Armaan said "bus Abhi maa se mil ke 10 min mein wapas aa Raha hun.Hmmm" ridhima kept looking at him but then left his hand slowly.

Armaan patted her cheeks with love before moving to meet Ananya.

Armaan knocks on the door gaining his mother attention who was looking at something in her hand. Keeping that thing away from her hand below her pillow she smile at Armaan "Armaan Aaja beta"

He moved in sitting beside her Armaan just put his head on her shoulder closing his eyes for a moment. Ananya knows he needs strength after whatever happened happening she knew he needs strength. He shows case himself as a superman but even he is a human who is emotional too.

Moving her arm bit behind making his face slide from her shoulder to where the heart lies she hugged him. "Sab theek ho jayega Armaan, tu to Mera strong beta hai na. Tu to sab theek kar deta hai, aur Phir ridhima bhi to Tera Saath hum sab hai. Ghabrata Kyun hai"

"Ridhima ke hi liya toh dar raha hun maa, bahut kuch saha hai usne. Pata nahi kaise sambhalunga use. Aur abhi toh sirf meri yadash wapas aai hai maa i mean abhi toh bus mental health aai hai maa par risk toh abhi bhi baki hai maa" armaan expressed his pain.

"Janti hun armaan par is baar tu akele nahi hai, bachpan mein tujhe pyaar nahi de paai par aab mera saara time tera hai. Vo waqt wapas nahi aayega par ab jo bhi waqt bacha hai mera pass sab tera" ananya said kissing his head.

"bahut miss kiya mein ne apko maa" Armaan confessed hugging her in same position.

"Mein ne bhi apne beta ko bahut miss kiya bus hamesha socha ki mera beta bada ho gaya, ye bhul gai ki bache baade ho bhi jaye tab bhi maa ke bina jina muskil ho jata hai"

"koi nahi aapko aab mein bahut pareshan karunga., sab badle lunga bachpan ki farmishe kar kar ke pareshan kar dunga" armaan spoke making ananaya laugh at him

"theek hai Phir to Abhi rest kar leti hun Mein ache se kal se meri class lagne wali hai," Anaya said making him laugh despite having tears flowing from their eyes.

Both kissed each others forehead wishing good night. Armaan gave Ananya her dose of medicine that she took every day then tugging Ananya happily in the duvet letting her have rest, closing the lights behind he moved back to his room with the bottle of water in his hands.

When Armaan entered the room he saw ridhima was looking at the door only as if waiting for him to come soon.

Armaan came up to her placing the bottle beside the bed table he sat near her. She shifted her head from the pillow to his laps, pulling his one arm she placed it in her hairs asking him with her silent actions to caress her hair.

Armaan smiled at her obeying her commands. With another hand, Armaan tried to close her eye by sliding his palm over her eyes but she never closed them. She opened her eyes as soon as his palm left her eyes. She kept staring at his face, he tried once again but again no effect she just kept looking at his face without blinking her eyes.

"Mein yahin hun ridhima Kahin Nahi ja Raha tumhe chod ke abhi...." before he could complete his sentence he saw her palm in front of his face raise above.

Armaan looked at her hand and stop speaking, looking back in her eyes than back at her palm he was confused when he heard her whisper "waada"

From the past few hours now ridhima spoke up that too just one-word 'waada'. He was now a thing that ridhima isn't yet over her shock but he was wrong she was above all the shocks she was just living in that moment having him. And that one word from her confirm all that to him, as her one word confirmed that she heard everything that he was saying and reacting to it. She has gone all silent as she was hearing just his voice be it the voice of his heartbeat or be it the voice out from his vocal cords.

With the small tear in his eyes, he placed his palm over her palm, holding it in a grip her give her his promise. Adding to her one-word 'waada' he said: "over life". He made the promise to her over his life.

"kyun" she simply asked making him smile again "kyun ki tumne hi mujhe ye jindagi di hai, pehle mera aur us bullet ke bich aake meri maut ko apne upar le liya tumne. Phir vo bhi kaafi nhi tha toh tum phir mujhe wapas le aai ye jante hua ki mein tumhe nuksan bhi pahucha sakta hun. Ehsaan nhi manta mein in sab baaton ka kyun ki sab tumne kisi suwart (selfish) se nahi balki apne aur hamare pyaar ke liya kiya hai."

She keep stairing at his face "pyaar ka kabhi eshaas na chadta hai na hi kabhi chukaya jaa sakta hai. Tum mujhse pyaar karti ho nein tumse pyaar karta hun, janta hun ek dusre ki nazaron mein humne jo ek dusre ke liya kiya hai vo galat tha.

(He said referring to point when he left her and she took bullet for him then later brought him back when his mental health was disaster)

Par hvo hamare pyaar ki nazron se dekho toh biklu sahi tha. Janta hun mein ridhima ki jo bhi hua vo koi nhi badal sakta aur mein badalna bhi nahi chahata, janti ho kyu"

She shake her head in no.

"kyun ki isse humein ye toh pata chala ki hum ek dusre se kitna pyaar karte hai"

She once again shake her head in denial. "par Mujhe Pata Nahi Chala"

"kya nahi pata laga" armaan asked being confused

"ki mein Tumse Kitna Pyaar karti hun" she started to answer him in a whisper breaking the wall of silence.

"aur vo Kyun" he inquiry softly

"Kyun ki ....." she once again felt Silent.

Armaan waited for her to complete what she wanted to say but when she didn't mutter anything he just cares her cheeks.

Looking in his eyes deeply still laying in his lap "Kyun ki aur jayada Pyaar ho Gaya hai Tumse" she confessed

"vo Kyun," Armaan asked her smile never leaving his face while her face was blank just a far staring look was permanent on her face

"kyun ki sab ek dusre ko kabhi na labhi bhul jate hai. Jaise nikki abhi ko, rahul muskaan ko, di atul ko aur papa smriti maa ko. Sab ki situation alag thi par tum kabhi mujhe nahi bhule yaadash jane ke baad bhi tum ne mera liya hi vo sab mehsus kiya jo pehle karte the, bache baan gaye par tumhara pyaar mujhe bhul nahi paya tabhi sab se saath mein hone ke baad bhi tumne sirf mujhpe vishawas kiya, jab ki nikki bhi wahan thi tumhare bachpan ki dost phir bhi usse chod ke tumne mujhpe vishwas kiya. Armaan tumhara pyaar itna gehra hai ye koi nhi jaan sakta tum bhi nahi mein bhi nahi aur tumhare pyaar se hi mera pyaar juda hai jitna gehra vo jayega utna hi gehra mera pyaar jaayega. Pata nahi kitna pyaar karti hun tumse, itna ki shayad ek baar nahi hazar baar tumhare liya bullet apne upar le sakti hun" ridhima confessed making the tears to find there way to his eyes.

"jante ho armaan jab mujhe pata chal ki tum mujhe chod kar chale gaye ho ye keh ke ki tum ek apahij ke sath jindagi nahi bita sakte tab bahut durkh hua nahi maani mein ne papa ki vo baat. Par phir unhone mujhe tumhara likha hua letter dikhaya, jante uspe bhi mein ne believe nahi kiya, par kuch bol nahi pai tab bus roti rahi din raat aur koshish karti rahi ki aapne pairon pe jald dse jald khadi ho jaun pata hai kyun. Kyun ki mein tumhare pass ana chahati thi, bewakuf nahi hun mein ki ye maan lun ki mera armaan mujhe aise chod ke jayega kyun ki mein ne dekha tha, jab hum gire the toh tumhara sir table pe laga tha. Janti thi tumhe kuch toh hua hai par kuch bol nahi pai kisi ko jab papa ne tumhara letter diya mera haath mein."

"Mein ne sab se pehle apne pairon pe khade hote hi writing expert se contact kiya tumhara vo letter aur tumhare pehle ke letter de ke match karwai tumhari writing ki vo yumhi ho ki nahi. Mein ne socha tha shayad papa khud hi ye sab kar rhe hai kyun ki unhe tum shuri se nahi pasand the par jab unhone kahan ki ye tumhari hi writing hai toh ek cheej confirm ho gai. Pata hai kya..?" she asked him looking up in his eyes to see he is shaking his head in no.

"vo ye ki tum jarur kisi baadi problem mein ho nahi toh tum kabhi vo letter nahi likhte. Jo insaan aaj tak bina bataye gayab hua hai hamesha vo achank se letter likh ke kyun jayega, tumne aaj tab sanjeevni chodne se pehle kabhi letter nahi likha jab bhi hamari ladai hui hai toh is baar kaise likhte."

"mein ne bahut koshish ki sab pata karne ki par nahi kar pai kuch bhi pata tumhare baare mein. Papa se nahi puch sakti thi kyun ki vo letter tumne likha tha toh papa pe kabhi doubt nahi hua. Par mujhe kya pata tha ki tum jis insaan se least baat karna chahate the usi ko apna sab se bada secretbata ke jaoge."

"Jab mujhe pata chala ki tumhe hua kya hai kyun gaye  ho tum us din se le ke aaj ka din hai tum mera saath hi ho. Par subha tak mera armaan ek baacha bana hua tha par asal armaan toh mujhe abh mila hai" saying so she just kissed his hand that she was holding till now

Armaan was speechless hearing about all the efforts she has made for him trying to find him. He was as broken as she was hearing her pain, maybe more than her at this moment as at this moment she is taking out her painful days in front of him getting that hurt, that sorrow that pain out of her system but he was receiving it not letting it vanish in thin air.

"aur aab... Jab Mein tumhare Saath tha, bacha ban ke tab kaise feel Hua ridhima...?" he asked her seeing her getting silent once again, wanting her to get rid of her all sufferings.


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