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Part 7 : ~TORN~~

~~Part 7~~

She opened her eyes to see no one in the room as sat up she felt the bruises on her shoulder sting her she closed her eyes as the memories of everything came flooding back and she remembered him kissing her forehead as he held her promising her nothing like this would happen again and smiled.  'I knew my faith in him would save me…' hearing the door open she looked at him smiling with a tray of food as he looked at her seeing the scars on her body ….he felt a lump in his throat and sat down on the bed next to her.

"Sugar?" he asked as she looked at him.

"Armaan ji I make the tea…why don't you have you're shower you're be late for work…" he looked at her a little taken back after what happen she was concerned for him why?

"I've re-arranged some meeting for this afternoon…I want to spend some time with you…" she looked at him lower his head as she took hold of his hand holding the spoon.

"Can we go shopping…I need to get something's for the wedding…" he looked at her. Why does she never think of herself? He thought handing her the cup of tea.

"One Condition this formality stops you calling me Armaan ji make me feel old!" He looked at her and smiled as she smiled back at him nodding…


He looked at her as she held his hand and looked at the sari and shook her head at the sales man…He felt odd in the shopping mall as he never attended the Mall as everything was bought by him by Muskhan. She took care of his clothes as she would get everything from abroad for him and have tailor visit the office to suit him up.  Everything was done for him by the people he hired yet this seem new to him as he looked at her holding up a shirt against him.
"Armaan this would look nice on you…" he looked at her and frown.
"Riddhima I don't need anything and Muskhan gets me everything and…"

"Does she?" he looked at her lower her eyes and place the hanger on the rack as she stepped forward away from him.

Picking up the shirt he sighed handing it over to the sales person….he caught up with her and took hold of her hand as he looked at her a little distracted in her thoughts. He looked at her and did not know what to say…as he never actually thought about anyone as everyone around him seem to know what there where doing and now he looked at her lost in her thoughts and sighed she need sometime, so I just kind off be here…

"Ok so you got you're clothes Riddhima and I think one thing is missing!" she looked at him paying the bill as he looked at the sale person smiling at him

"Sir I make sure they delivered to you're home today.." Armaan nodded before Riddhima could speck and lead her out the store…

"Armaan Sir please welcome!" Riddhima looked at the jewellery shop in amazement as they stepped inside.

"I need something elegant and expensive Ram Lal!" Armaan looked at the old man smiling broadly as he turned from the counter and headed to the back.

"Armaan this is all to expensive and…"

"You deserve it…Now be quiet and let me choose something for you…" he said firmly as he saw Ram Lal appeared with large box ….Armaan smiled the cheap stuff was in the front of the shop and the expensive stuff was kept at the back for clients like himself.

Riddhima eyes open in surprise looking at the diamond sets and gold sets in surprise and turned to see him frowning shutting many of the boxes on the glass counter…

"Ram Lal I am disappointed…." Armaan said looking at the old man.

"Sir you know this is all I have and…
"See this woman.." Armaan turned to look at Riddhima and then looked at Ram Lal

"I want something as elegant, graceful and beautiful as her…do I make myself clear!" Riddhima blushed looking at him frowning at Ram Lal

"I have one set an emerald one…very expensive…"

"Show me!" Armaan said firmly

Armaan smiled looking at the large emerald and diamond stone necklace and marching earring and he remembered her sari would matching and he picked it up.

Riddhima stared at him as he looked at the set very pleased…he stepped behind her and placed it on her neck… feeling his finger on her neck she closed her eyes as she felt him move her hair to one side and then place his chin on her shoulder…

"Beautiful!" he whispered looking at her in the mirror to see her open her eyes.

"I can't take this Armaan …It's very…"

"Ram Lal outstanding we take it…." He said stepping forward and he took out his credit card as Riddhima touched the stones and looked at him.


Armaan walked into the office it had been 3 days now and he felt calmer after the event since the party and as he leaned back in his leather chair and smiled.

"Sir!" he looked up to see Muskhan and smiled at her.

"You're credit card bill? 100 thousand rupees?" he looked at her and smiled deeply.

"Oh yeah here let me sign that ….get Akash to pay it! Riddhima was surprised when I placed it on her neck the look on her face…it was priceless" Muskhan looked at him chuckle as he signed and frowned looking at him.
That two bit hooker gets a 100 thousand rupee necklace and I have been working on this guy for a year now… Sleeping with him and getting him everything he wants over my dead body is she going to step in.

"Sir I don't want to be rude… but you need to be careful not everything is as it seems be cautions sir!" he looked at her taking hold signed papers and leave the office as he stared at her Mukshan never spoke to him in such a manner? Why would she now?

"Thank you Nana me and Riddhima will attend the party next month …as for the dinner invitation this weekend I am going to have to pass as Riddhima will be attending her sister wedding…" he said holding the mobile entering the house.  He looked at her in her usually spot at the shine, with her head bent low and her eyes closed….taking a sigh he heard Nana on the phone.

"Nana I decided to terminate the project with Rahul…I don't think I can commit to the project as I will be going to London…thank you for getting Riddhima's passport sorted no I've not told her…I will … Again thank you…"  he ended the call and saw her approach him with tea bang on time on the coffee table before him as he smiled looking at her taking hold of his suitcase.

"Armaan how was the office?" he looked at her taking hold of the cup.

"It was fine and how was you're day bored?" he said looking at her as she shake her head at him.

"No the building contractors came today….i told them what you required and they coming back with the new plans tomorrow… in the next couple of  month there going to be tearing down the place…" he looked at her nodding.

"Fine that will keep you occupied…Are you ready for tomorrow the wedding?" he looked at her smiling brightly.

"Yeah I am looking forward to it see babe papa and Di…" he looked at her smiling but felt something stir inside him as he watched her leave…

"Why don't you come with me! Inside…" she said looking at him in the car as she looked at the house decorate with flowers and lights.
"I don't care for wedding… Anyway I would not get a warm reception…" he chuckled looking at her as if for the last time as he felt her hand on his on the steering wheel.

"Armaan  you will pick me up? Its just people tell me they will and just leave me.." he looked at her oddly as she whispered looking out the windscreen…

"Yeah just call me I get you…if you need me!" he said looking at her as she smiled back at him.

She looked at him driving away as she held the gifts in her hand and smile walking into the house….

Closing his eyes he stopped at the lights…I should let her go I mean why shouldn't I? She given me a lot of pleasure and …do you want to? He looked at the review mirror to see himself at the back seat.

"Come on You're Armaan Malik! You don't have a heart and I cant believe you let her go to the wedding…she not coming back! You should have ended it instead she playing you like a fool!…" Armaan frowned hearing the horns he started the car.

"She not playing me?" he said looking in the review mirror….

"Yeah you heard Muskan not everything is what it appears she never said anything before? Right and ….your gift will be sold by the end of the day by her father and they will be laughing at you…FOOL" he frowned and put his foot down on the peddle to go faster…

"If she wanted to leave she could off any time ….when I was sick and then she got the combination to the safe at home and access to the money and jewellery she could have robbed me anytime…So why did she not do it?"

"You Tell me as she paying back her parents debt what if she leaves you today and planning to come home rob you and leave tomorrow….and then Laugh at you!…" Armaan looked in the rear view mirror shaking his head….

"She wouldn't she not like the others….she different….
**beep beep beep*** hitting the hands free button he slowed down the car to hear her sobbing.

"Riddhima? What happened?" he asked slowing down the car.

"Please come and get me?" he sighed heavily and turned the car around zooming back up to pick her up….


He got out of the car to see her standing outside the house with the gift boxes in her hand as he got out of the car and she stared into space and he cursed himself as he approached her….'I knew this would happen' ….he touched her shoulder as the gifts fell out of her hands… "I miss momma and Daddy…" he looked at her and suddenly felt her arms taking hold of him tightly as she sobbed…

"Riddhima what happen?" he as looking at her sobbing… as she just held him tightly and sobbed … hearing the brass band approaching he moved her towards his car and looked at the bhaarat dancing before them.

"I am dead for them …Bade ma said I should have died with my parents…then to show my face here at the wedding…." he looked down at her confused and took hold of her face..

"What they not you're parents?" he asked surprised.

"No my parents died and they are the only relatives I have got and raised me, when babe papa asked me to start work and pay them back I agreed and he left me with you…"  he looked at her dumbstruck. All this time she was paying them back and…the old man played me?? He sent me not his own daughter but someone else…. The B****** !!

He looked down at her and released her and looked angrily at the bhaarat.

"This wedding ends now!!" he shouted hearing the bass band playing louder as he walked forward.

"No NO SIR!" he looked at her taking hold of his arm pulling him back.

"Let go of me! No one plays Armaan Malik!" he said moving forward pushing her away…

"Armaan!" he turned around to see her collapsed on the floor…


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