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part 8 : Love Endures All

Road To Love.

Armaan was speechless hearing about all the efforts she has made for him trying to find him. He was as broken as she was hearing her pain, maybe more than her at this moment as at this moment she is taking out her painful days in front of him getting that hurt, that sorrow that pain out of her system but he was receiving it not letting it vanish in thin air.

"aur aab... Jab Mein tumhare Saath tha, bacha ban ke tab kaise feel Hua ridhima...?" he asked her seeing her getting silent once again, wanting her to get rid of her ever sufferings.

"Basket" he tried to bring her out of her own thoughts. But it’s not just through breaking call, for her it's a call that took her in the ride of another lane of thoughts.

"pata hai armaan jab tum bache baane hua the itne time se tum ek din sote sote ghabra ke uthe aur basket chilaya tha tab tumne.... Par being a baby mind tumhe yaad nahi raha tum kyun uthe kya hua kuch samjh nahi aa raha tha tumhe, mein ne tumse pucha bhi tha kya hua par tumhe yaad nahi tha. Pata hai us din pehli baar mujhe laga tha ki shayad mera armaan aa gaya, par nahi...... Tum bahut dar gaye the aur phir mujhe hug kar ke baade pyaar se sogaye." she ended it with a smile staring in space.

"Tumhe nahi pata tha par mujhe toh pata tha na ki tumhe kya sapna dekha vo jis ke karan tum ne mera vo naam pukara. Aur jaise hi unknowing tumne apni basket ko hug kiya tum waise hi shaint ho gaye, tum ab bhi kahoge tum jaante ho kitna pyaar karte ho mujhse" she question looking at him and he shake his head in no.

After a long silence ridhima looked at him staring in his eyes deeply while he was have lots of tears swimming in his eyes unshed "Bahut intezar kiya hai mein ne armaan, bahut intezar. Pehle tumhare milne ka, tumhe dekhne ka, tumhe apne saath lane ka, tumhare theek hone ka, tumhara mujhe phir se pyaar karne ka bahut inteezar kiya hai. Jante ho jab tum the toh himat hi nhi hui kuch bhi khud karne ki kyun ki pata tha tum ho jo hoga jaise hoga dekh lenge. Par jab tum nhi the na armaan bahut dar gai thi mein tumne jeena toh sikha diya par jeene ke liya apna sahara mujhse chin liya. Jinda thi tumhare bina par jeena nahi chahati thi, aab tum mil gaye aab chahati hun jeena. Apni saari farmish jo ek saal se kisi se nahi kahi vo sab kehna chahti hun. Aapna dar jo kisi se nahi share kiya vo tumse karna chahati hun, apni hasi jo kisi ko nahi mili vo tum se lena chahti hun, armaan bahut kuch karna chahati hun mein bus aab mujhse chod ke maat jana warna os baar sach mein mar jaungi." ridhima finally cried her pain out. Turning around he now lay on her stomach with head in his laps facing his tummy arms around his waist crying, while armaan keep caressing her hair while calming her rubbing her back.

"Bus basket bas.... Aise koi rota hai kya... See main Bechara itne time baad aapne sense main Apni ridhima ko dekh Raha hun vo bhi rote hua. Chalo aasu pocho aur Ek pyaari si smile do come-on" Armaan tried to cheer her up but it took 15 minutes to calm her and bring back that smile on her face that she ask him to provide few minute back.

Finally, it was 3 A.M. when ridhima's eyes started to drop due to lack of sleep so tucking her properly making her head rest on a pillow Armaan was about to move away when ridhima called him. "Phir see Jaa Raho ho dur"

Armaan came back to her side kissing her forehead he said "Bilkul Nahi Kahin dur Nahi ja Raha tumhare pass hi hun bus Abhi sone ja rha hun"

"Toh Jaa Kahan rahe ho yahin so jaoo" he was in dilemma but then thought its better if he lay beside her for now so she can sleep peacefully as its been months she was taking care of him now it's his turn.

He lay beside her when ridhima moved her head from pillow to his chest hugging him dearly caging him in her arms. Placing a kiss on his chest she rested her head back but soon she placed another kiss on his cheek this time was near to his lip. Arman was already diving in the ocean of their love since he regains his memory and adding to it was a fuel of her kisses. He was trying hard to be in his position, in his limits but this sleepy loving ridhima wasn't letting him have his peace for now. Before there can be more thoughts waking up in his mind he kissed her lips lightly for a few good second bring her out of her sleep.

Armaan tried to calm himself when it drew to him what he has done, guilt started creeping in. This time ridhima tried to be connected to him once again the same way say they were connected a few seconds back but Armaan moved her hand away from his face as she was pulling his face towards her.

"What happen Armaan," she asked to hear
"Ridhima I am sorry Mujhe Aisa Nahi Karna chahaiye the par pata Nahi...." Armaan apologies for his mistake but before that, she kept her hand on his lips.

"Armaan pehli baat u don't need to be sorry for what happened. Firstly this isn't so big to make fuss for" she said making Armaan stare at her with wide eyes

"Secondly it's me who started it. Armaan it’s been too much being away from you that I wanted to feel your love. It's been love all day but this physical link for a moment express much more love what our words can’t express. I just wanted love" Armaan was in pure shock. The girl who has always been running away from physical advancement was today teaching him the love flow with the kiss.

"Thirdly I guess after reading this you want to curse yourself or be running away," she said giving him the papers from the side drawer.

Armaan keeps staring at her in shock when ridhima one again shakes the papers in her hand to gain his attention. Armaan took hold of the papers yet staring at her face when she eyed him to look into the papers.

Looking into the paper Armaan read 'Miss.Ridhima Gupta is lawful wife of Mr.Armaan Malik' witness signed by Padma mom and Ananya maa.

"Ridhima ye...  Kab"

"Ye Sab... Vo ek week Pehle...." she narrated the story to him how he was adamant to sleep hugging her and then how she made him sign those papers in their mother's presence by the end of her explanation Armaan have tears in his eyes while there was a spark in her eyes narrating their little wedding story.

"Sirf Mera Liya tumne...” Armaan started but wasn't able to continue any further as a lump formed

"Nahi Armaan Sirf tumhare Liya Nahi aapne Liya bhi vo decision mein one apne Liya bhi Liya tha" but who she was fooling, he knows her better then what she knows about her own self.

"Par ridhima tum ne... tum toh hamesha chahti thi na ki hamara Rishta kya hai puri duniya ko pata chale, beech wedding chahati thi na tum phir mera liya tumne apna vo sapna....." she cut him in middle.

"Toh Tumse kisne Kaha hum beech wedding Nahi Karenga. Aab bus Thoda wedding sequence change Hua hai." seeing him confused ridhima chuckled before continuing but heard him instead "Registration Wedding kab Karne wale the hum" he questioned her out

"Hooo Armaan tum Nahi chahate hum Apni Shaadi register Rahway," she asked him in surprise faking hurt now.

"Haan I mean when we are getting married with all rituals then whats with registration, faltu ka drama Kyun karna" he put forward his view

"Haan taaki Kabhi hum bahar Jaye aur tum free ho Jao flirt Karne ko" ridhima reasoned. Armaan was still confused with everything she was saying.

"Kya basket kya bole ja rahi ho.... Registration of wedding ka flirting se kya link hai" he asked scratching his head.

"Mr.Malik agar aap na jante ho toh let me tell you If you haven't registered your wedding then its non-valid in the other countries... in every country they see you married if you have registered your wedding. Samjhe Kuch" ridhima explained to him while he just nodded.

"Is Liya I said bus aab Shadi ki sequence change hui hai, Beech wedding is still on. Bus Pehle we would have to get married on beech first then this register wedding but now it will be another way around." but still Armaan was confused so she asked "Aab kya hua"

"Vo basket Mujhe ye Nahi samjh Aaya ki Phir hum aapni Wedding Anniversary Kab celebrate kara Karenge.... I mean according to Court wali that was a few days back or Beech wedding that would be few days or month later" Armaan asked her scratching his head cutely.

Ridhima pulled his cheeks laughing at him "You are so cute Armaan" he gave her toothy smile.

"batao na," he asked once again bringing her back to his question.

"Hum Dono din celebrate karegna. Aab Dekho Hamari life mein Kuch bhi normal Nahi Raha shuru se aab talk, Na Hi Falling in love I mean we were in jungle normally people fall in love in romantic places but we fall in love in jungle, then the confession of love happen in OTP rather than another romantic setting, than engagement day, aur aab wedding too. So this time we will celebrate our wedding on both days. Simple" she pulled his cheeks once again.

Nodding at her he kissed her on her head while she just closed her eyes to save that moment in her heart.
It never matters to them with what emotion they started with but by the end of their every single meeting, it’s just love that they live or leave with. Ridhima's sorrow was long back changed to the longing while Armaan who was getting gripped in the sentiments of guilt also walked a small path that differed a bit from her to join her in the road of longing, to hold her and take her away from the small concrete road of longing to the smooth road of  their love.
It's just a Road of or to Love for both now.


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