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Part 8 : ~TORN~~

~~~Part 8~~~

"Dr Chatterji she going to be ok right?" Armaan asked looking at the doctor to see him nod as he sigh in relief

"You have to be careful with her mental state…"

"You're wife's luck she has a caring husband!" Dr Vickey Chatterji said looking at him taking hold of her hand…. he watched him while he carried out his tests and saw nothing but concern for her as he looked at him pushing back the strains of hair from her face as he got up.

"Make sure she gets takes these tablets don't give her any stress her blood pressure is silghtly low and make sure she eats properly as well! I am positive with your love and support she do just fine Mr Malik" Armaan looked at him nodding as he left the room.

He looked over at her it had been 4 hours and she was still asleep and even Ramu and his father popped in to see her and looked very concerned.

"Saab Ji Memsahib will be ok?" he looked at Ramu as he sat in his study.

"Yes Ramu! Can I ask you for a favour?" Ramu looked at him a little taken back.

"Can you're wife come here and look after her please…I need someone to look after her. I have to leave in 2 days for Delhi I will be back the following morning. I have some important work in the office to take care of and you're wife can look after her….. she not to get out of the bed.  You and you're wife can stay in the downstairs bedroom when I leave. Ramu please!" Ramu looked at him taken back he never spoken like this before and was really worried about memsahib.

"Ji Saab ji I will make the arrangement for tomorrow and Papa can stay home and I bring Sita in the morning…"

"Thank you Ramu I pay for the services…"

"No Sir! Memsahib means a lot to me and my family as she arrange for my sisters wedding and me and my father where surprised as she came to see us with large sacks of vegetables, flour and rice and then she attended the wedding as well… she part of the family now and she has a heart of gold …." Armaan looked at him surprised as he left the study…


"No more crying and if you get out of this bed?" he looked at her placing the roti in her mouth as the tears ran down her face as he frowned.

"Have you eaten?" she asked looking at him shaking his head. It had been 2 days and he never let her leave the bedroom and food was brought up by him and he would feed her and then shout at her …if she did not take the large tablets…she looked at him frowning…

"I am not hunger…" he said placing another roti in her mouth…he looked at her moving the tray back and pout her lip at him.

"Riddhima? I will seriously smack you!" he said firmly as she looked away….shaking his head he looked at and placed the roti dipped in dhal in his mouth….every time she was getting cheeky and he would smile looking at her behaviour as a small child and looked at him with those sad green eyes..

"Happy now?" he looked at her smile as she broke the roti and fed him another piece.

"You're a big baby!" he said looking at her as she smiled weakly.

"I have to go to Delhi if it was not important I would have cancelled it…I am leaving in the morning early with Muskhan and Sita and Ramu are here …and you're not to do anything…as if I find out you do a certain someone will not be travelling with me to London!" he said picking up the glass of water as he looked at her just stare into space …She had not listen to a word he said….

"Riddhima?" he looked at her taking hold of him sobbing.

"Shhh its ok…" he whispered holding her as she sobbed.

"This is why I did not want you to go to the wedding…Listen to me!" he looked down at her as she looked up at him.

"There are two types of people in the world …those would will do anything by getting what they want and will do that publicly like me …I am not ashamed to admit I am draw to power as all my life I have seen people with power …stamp on the back of people like me. Who are poor and powerless…. …..And then there are the other types of people who will cheat and deceive to gain what they want…You're Uncle never told you the truth when he dropped you off fearing you would not assist him and lied to you…just to gain the money for his daughter wedding. I informed you there and then of the deal stuck between you're uncle and me…I even told you the truth that if you left I would go back on my deal…I have never lied to you and I never will….But Riddhima you have to think about yourself now and what you want…and I will support you …I promise and if you want to leave you are free too…I will not stop you!" he looked at her as she just stared at him….

"I have build my empire on rich peoples misery and debt and I am not ashamed to admit I have said this to many …I want you're daughter as my mistress to many rich guys just to get my money they own…and they have paid on the deadline….I never would have thought you're uncle would have agreed as to most rich folk there izzaat means everything and I think I have totally misjudged him…but for him and his family you where just meaningless someone who could not long pay for anymore and they left you with a cold heartless man to do as he pleased…but I never forced you Riddhima not once…Now get some rest…" She looked at him getting up and leave the room. As she lay in bed his words boomed in her ears…..

The whole thing has affected her badly he thought as he walked to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get some water unable to sleep as he felt restless… "London trip will help" he mumbled hold the glass filled with water…

"Ramu stop it?" Armaan stopped hearing the whispering from the bedroom downstairs…

"Sita? I love you!"

"Ok so tell me Saab ji sleeps with her…"

"Shhh look what to I care? I mean I trying to sleep with my wife! It been along time since we are alone…ma and papa have the kids all night"

"Does he know she loves him? I mean she like act like his wife…her eyes are full of love for him when she looks at him…and does he love her?"

"No Saab ji loves no one ….she just time pass…Ok now you ruining my mood!"

Hearing the whispering stop he headed back upstairs to his room and looked at her asleep in his bed ….grabbing the whiskey bottle he poured himself a drink…


"Sir are we ready!" Armaan looked at Muskhan in the hall coming downstairs.

"I'll just say good bye to Riddhima…" Muskhan looked at him going up the stairs.

"Sir we are late as it is! And we got the flight to look at the proposal again on the plane…" Muskhan added quickly as he stopped and turned to see her.

"Yeah you're right I call her when I get there?" he said walking towards her.

Muskhan smiled looking at him walking out the house …lets see if I can get his attention in the next 24 hours…
"Riddhima?" he said holding the mobile heading for gate 21 at the airport.

"Don't worry I be fine and why did you pack my bag?, I mean ramu could have done it…I don't pay then to sit around the house playing husband and wife!" Armaan said frowning walking to the gate.

"I wanted to do it Armaan… Ok I packed you lunch as well!" he stopped walking and shock his head.

"Riddhima?" he sighed

"Ji….I could not sleep and this morning you where asleep and I packed the suitcase and made you breakfast knowing you would be rushing and stuff….Ramu packed the stuff in you're over night back on the side pocket and.."

"You should be resting and ….Right when I get back someone getting a spanking and the punishment as well…." He heard her giggling and chuckled.

"Ok look I am getting on the plane and…I talk to you later…" Armaan ended the phone getting on the plane…

Riddhima smiled sitting in front of ShivJi…

"Ok you know I love him and I want to tell him but how? He always so tense and last night he was drinking again and when I got up he was fast asleep in the arm chair… I don't understand him sometimes…but like I know he cares for me a lot… Please give me the strength to tell him I love him…." She prayed ….


"Congratulation Sir!" Muskhan hugged him as he looked at her smiling.
"Yeah and it all thanks to Riddhima as well for giving me the idea to do this! Instead of buying the hotels I will be making one…." He grinned looking at her smiling at him.

Muskhan looked at him a little taken back as they secured a lot of land outside of Mumbai and he was giving the hooker the credit? And she worked on this project for two days running making sure everything was in order.  She looked at him taking out his iphone at the hotel bar and reading his emails.…

"Sir we going to get the permit to build tomorrow as well so we can celebrate…" she said ordering more drinks for them.

"Yeah and then we going back! …. I will be going to London on the weekend to secure the deal there.."

"Yes Sir we be going!" she said smiling looking at him

"Actually I need you here to look after this project …. Me and Riddhima will be going to see Sir Kinsley about the hotel chain he is selling… I think I can manage that deal…" he smiled looking at her placing the glass to his lips. Muskhan frowned looking at the bar tender. Riddhima this and Riddhima that? What has this hooker done to him?

"Sure Sir!" he looked at her placing the drink to her lips… he saw she was dressed in a tight revealing outfit which he liked her in but his heart did not flirter for her like it once did ….in fact he noticed he would not get that urge he once felt and then when Riddhima was in the room everything stirred inside him… What is happening to me? I have Mukhaan flaunting herself at me practical naked and we normally would just do something wild in the bedroom with her and I am not interested instead I want to go back to the hotel room and call Riddhima?

"Sir shall we go upstairs!" he looked at her leaning towards him a little merry due to the drink as looked at her.

"Muskhan I think you had a little to much …I will escort you to you're room!" he said taking hold of her.

Closing the door behind him he had placed Muskhaan in her room and head for his suite …dialing home he got an engaged tone… frowning he enter the room…

"Listen to me you B****! You're man is sleeping with me …" Muskhaan hissed holding the phone.

"Memsahib is praying you are specking to Sita…." Hearing the phone go dead Muskhan cursed hitting the pillow…

Sita frowned looking at Ramu washing up  in the kichten walking in…

"You right he does not care about her he with that Muskaan woman and she just called to gloat…I am sleeping with Armaan" Sita mimicked looking at Ramu in disgust.

"Shhh she will hear you…." Ramu said looking at the door.

"I feel sorry for her she has no one…and she loves him and he sleeping around…" Sita said cursing in her mother tongue looking at Ramu.

Riddhima wiped the tears from her eyes and walked away from the kitchen door to hear the phone ring and pick it up.

"Hi Riddhima speaking!" she heard his voice as he chuckled …wiping her tears.

"You not asleep yet?" he asked walking to the balcony looking at the moon and stars in the sky.

"No Sir!" she answered whispering

"SIR? Looks like someone wants a smack.." he chuckled as the line was quiet.

"Anyway I got the land and we get the permit tomorrow so I be home…late tomorrow afternoon…" he frowned not hearing no response

"Riddhima? Everything ok?"

"Yes Sir?" He frowned and sighed

"What with the Sir? We talked about you calling me Armaan" he said feeling his rage building.

"I am a slave sold to you by my relatives…I don't want to forget that Sir! I was sold because they need money to pay for there daughters wedding and you need a mistress and….that the plain and simple truth!" he felt something hurt inside for the first time in his life and hated it

"Good we clear on that!" he said angrily gripping the mobile.

"You're my mistress and I think we both should not over step from that reality… When I get back I wanted you dress in something expensive and I will teach you a lesson off how one should please there master…I am going to teach you how a mistress should behave and hear you scream my name as I make love to you all night…." he ended the call and threw the mobile on the bed.

"Nice does not work Armaan…bad does!" he said grabbing a bottle of whisky…


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