Thursday, 30 August 2018

Part 9 : ~TORN~~

He looked at her dressed in an expensive Sari as he walked into the house.

"Ramu! Sita! Thank you …you can leave!" he threw the money on the table and walked towards her looking at her…with her eyes lowered…hearing the door closed behind him he looked back to see they had left… walking passed her he went up to his room …Angrily he took of his shirt and threw it on the floor and marched over towards closet his eyes fell on the shirt she wanted to gift it and he stared at it …Seeing her hand appeared to get hanger he looked at her placing the shirt he thrown on the floor and place it in the wardrobe as she turned to walk away he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him hard…

"What did you say on the phone?" he glared at her with her eyes lowered at him.

"Sir I told the truth!!" feeling his anger he took hold of her hair on the back of her head hard…. Seeing the pain on her face he pulled her towards him looking at her eyes clutched together shut and her breath on his face.
"Sir your hurting me?" she whispered opening her eyes to see nothing but his rage…

"SHUT UP! I OWE YOU SO I CAN DO WHAT I WANT WITH YOU!" he shouted at her grapping hold of her chin with his other free hand hoist her up at him.

"Say master!" he commanded

"Master!" she whispered looking at him with his locked jaw.

"Now you know your place….Take off my shoes!" he shoved her away from him and sat on the bed.

Feeling her hands on his shoes he looked at her as she did not cry just did as he commanded and he looked at her 'I teach her a lesson she will never forget…'.He looked at her as she placed his shoes on the floor.

"Make me a drink!" he commanded and looked at her move to the bar in the room… he looked at her return to him with the drink in his hand.

"Take off you clothes… I just want you wear you're jewellery…" he said placing the drink on the table as he looked at her trembling hand on her pallu.

"Whats the matter I seen you naked before what you afraid off!" he shouted getting up and looking at her as she removed her sari and stood in just her petticoat and blouse before her…with her eyes lowered before him as he moved towards her…

"I did not sleep all night because of what you said and all I could think about is how I am going to punish you for you're insolence behaviour….I am calling you to celebrate my success and all I get is god dame cheek from you… I think I have given you a little to much freedom….. and WTF have you done to me I cant think about another woman but you …." He pulled her towards him and kissed her hard he looked at her trying to break from his hold as he could feel her struggling but then stop he let go of her and looked at her melt in his arms.

"NOW GET OUT OF MY ROOM!" he shouted looking at her.

"I am going out this evening and will not be home….i'm going to be F****** someone else all night while you going to be here alone wanting me to touch you…" he said marching to the bathroom…. Riddhima dropped onto the floor and sobbed…

 She looked at him walking into the house in the early morning covered in lipstick as he grinned at her.

"I don't want breakfast ….Muskhan will get it you don't have to pretend you care!" he said marching off to his room…


He looked over at the files on his desk and closed his eyes he was with someone else all night and he felt empty and hallow inside even when he felt her lips it was not the same …making love to someone was nothing to what he felt when he was with her but he need to do this find out what he was feeling and why? As always he paid the hooker and she left leaving him alone in the hotel bed when they where done…

"SIR!" he looked up to see Muskhan walk into the room

"You're tickets to London had arrived!" Muskhan said smiling the hotel bill arrived and she notice he was at the hotel and called the manager to enquired and discovered he paid cash for the escort service the hotel provided to clients like Armaan and smiled as she knew her phone called had worked its charms.

"Good! I'll call Riddhima and get her to pack my bags and her own!" he said waving at her to leave him.

Picking up the phone he sighed holding it close to him

"Riddhima we're leaving for London tomorrow morning so pack for the next 3 days and like I planned you will be coming with me…" he said holding the phone

"Ji Sir! I will make the arrangement!" she answered at a whisper.

"Did you take you're medicine?" he asked closing his eyes and turning his leather seat around.

"Ji Sir!" she answered hearing her sobbing he sighed and ended the call.

"Muskhan I am going home cancel everything today and re arrange for when I get back from London…

"But Sir? Rahul's here and needs to…" Armaan looked over at Rahul as he stood and approached him…

"Rahul?" Armaan looked at him a little surprised.

"Rahul I see you when I get back from London I need to go home…" he walked past them both and headed out the door.

"I cant believe he blew me off?" Rahul said looking at Muskhan who looked as disbelieve as him.

"He's changed because of that hooker?" Muskhan said looking at him and shaking her head.


Armaan walked into the house and looked to see it was empty and walked over to the shine ….she was not there as he went to the kitchen she was not there also

"RIDDHIMA!" he shouted to see her appear from the stairs.

"Sir?" he looked at her and went to her as he looked at her looking pale.

"Are you ok?" he asked to see her nodded

"I was feeling tired sir and was resting…" she answered as he grunted.

"Dame it woman! Get back up them stairs …." He took hold of her hand and lead her to bedroom and sat her down her bed and saw his shirt he thrown last night  on the bed and looked at her.

"I could not sleep without you and…" he looked at her sobbing as she took hold of him.

"I am sorry! I never should have spoken to you like that…" she said sobbed as he held her and looked at her…

"Ok shh! Come on get it to bed… you cant sleep… Ok …I am not going anywhere!! I am sorry too…" he slipped of his shoes and took hold of her in bed… Feeling her arms pull him close to her he sighed as he looked at her closing her eyes… 'I will make London special as I planned' he said closing his eyes…



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