Friday, 24 August 2018

~TEASER~ : You Will Forever Be My Always (AR SS)

"Liar... she heard someone say and turning around she found her husband standing leaning against the door frame with that drop dead gorgeous smile of his making an instant smile appear on her face too "Tum kab aye? " she asked still struggling to hold the little monster who was now fidgeting even more trying to reach her dada. "Tab Aya jab Tum Meri Choti princess ko mere naam se blackmail kar Hai thi...Don't listen to Mama baby she is lying...Aise Ho sakta hai kya ki dada pani angel se baat na kare...Itsh not poshible only...Not poshible he said walking towards the duo and picking up a diaper clad Arima who was super excited to see him home so early in his arms and cuddling her to himself


Ridhima had just collected her phone from the cabin and was leaving when she overhead the same nurse who was filling Arima's form earlier speak to another nurse "Ek Maa Hoke apne bache ke bare Main Kuch nahi janti...I mean mujhe to samaj hi nahi araha tha Kya bolu, woh apne hi bache ke bare mein Itne important details nahi janti thi. A lone tear involuntarily made its way down her eyes, true the nurse did not know her and what her reasons were but still those words stung...and they stung bad.
The four (AR and RM) of them continued chatting about anything and everything when out of nowhere Armaan started feeling a little uneasy. He tried to ignore it and just continued to reply with whatever was being spoken off but with time his restlessness just grew and soon this was noticed by all of them. "Armaan...Kya hua? Tum...tumhe itne paseena kyu arahe Hai? Asked Ridhima immediately coming closer towards him and rubbing his back as by then he had started coughing rather vigorously. "Pa..Pat...Pata na... he tried saying something but was not able to form a single sentence as he had turned bright red and found it almost difficult to also breathe making Ridhima really worried. "Ar...Armaan tum...Tum theek...Paani...Tum thoda pani piyo...yeh lo she said and tried giving him some water but he couldn't even take in a sip and ended up spitting it all out, making everyone panic.
"Armaan...Tum Kya...Just give her to me, use bhook Lagi hai said a very restless Ridhima trying very hard to take A crying Arima from his arms. "I mean what I said Ridhima...Agar tumhe Yahi karna apni zid nahi chodni the be it ...lekin remember one thing in that case you better forget about feeding Arima, because main to yeh kisi keemat par nahi Hone dunga... replied Armaan looking at her with a look that could make even the coldest of hearts shiver with fear.


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