Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Chapter 1 & 2 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 1 :

She smiled seeing him coming towards her as he handed her, her favorite chocolate. she snatched it from him and started eating like a child. he smiled seeing her childishness but she looked extremely cute and adorable.
"Sid wow i so love this nuts and rice one."
"shilpa and i so love this smile on your face." she looked at him smiling whole heartedly and she shook her head at her silly friend.
"well mr sid u always lose the bet not my fault." she again reminded him of her victory. "i love loosing from you." "why?" she asked getting curious
"because ur a monkey, if u lose ul start attacking me." he laughed as her mouth hung open in shock and she fumed in anger.
"sid ke bachhe i will not leave u." he ran for his life as she ran after him.

"Armaan did u see Shilpa and Sid, nowadays theyre always together, i think they are falling for each other wow this will be so amazing na even JP was telling me about their closeness." riddhima said while hugging him. but little was he paying attention to her he didnt like this, not at all. he just didint know wat was happening to him from few days. he cudnt see this closeness between sid and shilpa. it pierced his heart. Whenever he saw them hugging laughing spending time with each other he started feeling angry. he didnt know why but he wanted to just go and kill him for touchin her. he himself was not aware of wat he was thinking and why.
he excused himself from riddhima, his anger rising badly as her words again echoed in his head
"i think they are falling for each other wow this will be so amazing na even JP was telling me about their closeness." as he went after shilpa

coming in the store room, he locked it behind. she turned startled to see him standing there. she heaved a sigh of relief, greeted him and started to go out when he held her wrist aggressively turning her around he pushed her towards the wall. she winced in pain as her back hit the wall. coming closer he jammed his body upon hers and his red bloodshot eyes displayed rage and anger

Chapter 2 :

Shilpa stunned with his action speaks in a low voice... " Armaan... what are you doing... Leave me... "
Armaan looks at her in rage.... " Whats going on between you and Sid.... Are you now falling for him... "
Shilpa looks at him confusedly... " Armaan... what are you talking about... We are just friends... "
Armaan speaks sarcastically..... " just friends... Ya right.... Thats why you are always with him  right.... Only spending your precious time with Sid.... And still you call him as a friend... "
Shilpa's eyes get welled up hearing him.... " Ok i spend time with Sid... but what about you.... You are always with Ridhima di..Did i ever complain.... Then now why are you disturbed with this.... "
Armaan stares at her not knowing what to say... He himself didint knew why he was angry on this....  " I dont want to talk about it.... "
As Armaan proceeds to go he hears her trembling voice.... The pain in her voice disturbed him....
" Armaan.... the truth is you never understood me.... You always took me wrong.... i wish you understood me ever.... "
Armaan look back and sees Shilpa crying.... He felt a pain come in his heart... Slowly he moves closer to her and looks in her eyes.... For a second he felt he saw something for him in those eyes... With this the thought escaped his mind... Does she love me...
Armaan slowly moves his hand and clears her tear strained face.... " i am sorry... I know i have hurt you a lot... I have been a complete jerk.... "
Shilpa stares at Armaan loosing into the moment.... Armaan himself gets lots in her beautiful eyes.... He didint knew what was happening.... Something was attracting him towards her... he didint want to think..... In his heart he knew he was loving the moment....
Armaan press his body close to her... Sooo close that even air couldnt pass between them..... Shilpa gasp feeling him sooo close... She didint understand what was happening... " Armaan..... "
Armaan moves closer to her and gives a longing kiss on her cheek.... " Shilpaa...... "
Giving into the moment he starts to give several kisses on her face..... He then moves down to her neck and starts to nibble her skin... Shilpa slowly moves her hand on his hair gently caressing it....
As Armaan moves up and brush his lips on hers Shilpa's eyes pop out.... She come back to reality at once..... Stunned she look at Armaan who was going to kiss her.... But Shilpa roughly moves away from him and run out of the gallery......


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