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Chapter 11 & 12 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 11 :

Dressed in a beautiful red dress Shilpa walked into the party... The party was on full swing.. She looked around with rising nervousness.... Armaan's words kept haunting her... She was curious as she wondered what he was gonna do tonight.... As far as she knew him  she knew Armaan never back downs from his words... He do what he says.... Blocking the thoughts Shilpa walks in hesitantly.... Just then she notice Sid coming to her happily... " Shilpa.... Ohh i have been waiting for you.. Where were you haaan... "
Shilpa gives a small smile " Ohh sorry Sid.. uhh i was just getting ready.... "
Just then a thought comes up in her mind....  Ohh yes she could tell about her problem to Sid.... Maybe he could help her ... " Umm Sid... I need to talk to you.. Actually... "
Her words get caught in her throat as she hears the his sensuous voice from behind.... " Hello Shilpa... "

Hesitantly Shilpa turns to see Armaan who stood with a smirk.... Unknowingly her gaze move down to his clothes.. As usual he looked charming... She just couldnt herself but compliment him in her heart.... Shilpa notice his gaze moving down to her clothes... From her toes to her face not leaving a single part... She could see a desirable look on his face.. Armaan tries to control the demons which kept raising in him... How he wanted to take her away from all and show his intense love for her all night... Suddenly he shivers with the thought.... He looks at Shilpa who had the scared look on her face... Gaining back his confidence his speaks ... " Welcome Shilpa... You donno how glad i am to see you here... "
Just then Ridhima interrupts his talks.... " Ohh really... Then why were you not soo glad to see me here.... "
Shilpa looked at Armaan totally surprised... But again Ridhima speaks ... " Well hi Sid and Shilpa... Good to see you both... I hope you are enjoying each others company... "
Shilpa looked at Ridhima carefully... She felt she saw a look of jealousy in her... Was she jealous seeing Sid and him together.... Damn all was getting more and more complicated.... Shilpa speaks in a hurried tone... " Uhh I am not feeling well... Excuse me... "
Armaan kept his gaze on her every move.... he saw her moving up to the terrace.... He excuses himself and moves after her.. As he knew it was the best time to implement his plan....
Armaan walks up to the terrace and looks at Shilpa who stood silently gazing up at the sky.... He moves closer to her and hug her... But suddenly he hears her sob silently... Getting worried he turns Shilpa and look at her... Shilpa looked at him with bloodshot eyes.... Suddenly she gets furious and brush off his hands from her shoulders...And before he could speak a word she gives a hard tight slap on his face.... Armaan close his eyes in pain but decides not to speak a word....
Shilpa speaks in a muffled voice.... " How can you do this to me Armaan.. How could you.. Why are you behaving like this with me... You love ridhima di right.. Still "
Armaan starts to speak... "Shilpa... Listen to me thast not true... "
Shilpa speaks angrily ... " I am not a Toy... You cant use me like this.... Its pain in my heart... Knowing that you love Ridhima.... You cant use me as your timepass... "
Shilpa starts to hit on fist angrily on her chest... Armaan tries to control her... he moves closer to her and blocks her hand behind her... And touch his forehead with hers....
Armaan speaks softly.... " Shilpa plsss... believe me i never thought this would happen.. But whatever you are thinking is wrong... Truth is that i have fallen for you... I Love you a lot... I love you... I guess i have learned the true meaning of love from you... "
Shilpa looks at him stunned by his words... She looks at his teary eyes... All she could see was true love for her... Yes for her.... She felt a unknown happiness come in her heart....
Still shocked by his words Shilpa speaks in a low voice ... " Tell me you are not lying... You love me.. But you love Ridhima.. "
Armaan silence her with a kiss... He kiss her deeply holding her face... Pouring out all love he had for her.... Shilpa gives in and kiss him back with the equal passion... Slowly Armaan moves away giving a light kiss on her lips... " Shilpa... Yes its true i did love Ridhima... When Ridhima married Sid i was totally broken... And that was when i decided to move on... I guess i never knew.. But i did really move on.... After that when you walked away from my life i felt i have lost something precious.. Its you from who i learned the true love.... It took time for me to understand this.. But now as i have understood i am telling you... I love you and Only you.... I love you Shilpa.. "
Shilpa looks at him with tears of happiness running down her eyes.. Her happiness had no bounds...Armaan looks at her with a smile.. He starts to move closer when he feels a strong grip on his shoulder.. Suddenly he was turned and a tight blow comes on his face....
Shilpa looked in horror at Sid who was fuming in anger.... Behind him stood Ridhima with a blank look... Suddenly she felt this is not gonna be that easy......
 Chapter 12 :

Getting up he looks at sid filled with anger but before he could give him another blow he holds his hand and punches him bad. "Armaan." Shilpa panicks to see this "Omg please please stop it." She starts to sob. "Shilpa stay away from him." Sid speaks angrily getting control of his bleeding teeth. "She wont stay away from me, she is only mine." Armaan speaks with all the anger and possessiveness bubbling up inside him. "Arm Armaan how could you? I you armaan tumhe huaa kya hai? Hum donon I I love you so much armaan you luv me I I divorced sid for you, armaan tumhe ho kya gaya hai or let me guess ye larki isne tumhephasaaya haina. I knew it I knew it she was like this, how can you stoop so low shilpa? Ur disgusting ur a loose character, bi****.." she spat in anger but before she could utter a single word more armaan slapped her tightly. There was utter silence as shilpa and sid stared at them shocked. Not even in their wildest dreams have they thought armaan wud ever slap riddhima, but he did! Holding her cheek a furious Riddhima spoke "Did u did u just slap me armaan? I I cant believe you you just." Shilpa stared at him with fear and shock, nothing was going good nothing at all. a furious armaan spoke with gritted teeth and bloodshot red eyes, "Don't you ever dare say a word against shilpa I swear I will kill the person who would just even see her with a bad eye." Sid himself didn't liked what riddhima said, he and shilpa had grew really close but he was just so shocked, just two days before armaan nd riddhima had finally united and today he was saying he didn't love her but shilpa this was insane and ridiculous. "Enough bas please stop it." Shilpa broke into hysteric sobs as tears fastly moved down her eyes.

Seeing her in this position his heart pierced a thousand times but he knew this had to happen. "I dont love Armaan.. And he is dont love me.. He only love you.., We are just friends thats it.." She said crying. "Shilpa."armaan tried to cut her in between but she again stopped him. "Please armaan stop it just stop it." She shouted. He got furious and holding her arms he pulled her towards him. "You wantme to stop, fine let me finish this once and for all, you all want answers and clarifications fine let me clarify everything." With this he held her wrist and dragged her out of the terrace inspite of her continuous protests he didn't leave her and dragged her down into the main hall where the party was going. Everyone stopped as they saw an extremely angry armaan dragging shilpa down with riddhima and sid following them. Bringing her in the center he brought her forward as everyone stared at them with confusion and shock. She looked at him and everyone as she cried badly. "you all want to know wat is the relationship between me and shilpa, fine let me show you then." With this he pulled her closer with her arms, jamming her body hard with his not leaving an inch space even. Placing his one hand on her waist he placed the other one on her head pulling her head closer he tilted it and smacked his lips hard upon hers. Everyone stared at them with utter disbelief, and ridhima and sid just couldn't believe their eyes


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