Monday, 10 September 2018

Chapter 13 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

For a moment Shilpa close her eyes ginving into the kiss.. Armaan who kept kissing her roughly becomes gentle and pull her close to him while deepening the kiss... All he wanted to show was how much love he had for her... To prove that He dont love ridhima but her... Ridhima looked at the scene infront of her eyes... She couldnt believe it.. He never kissed her soo passionately like that... They didint even share a small kiss... Deep down her heart she had a feeling that Armaan felt something towards Shilpa... Even though he was  with her his eyes was always looking for Shilpa... The passion she wished to see in his eyes was towards Shilpa...  She did feel bad as she loved him a lot.. But she knew  this was happening for the best... Moving on was the best solution they had now....

Feeling breathless Shilpa move out of the kiss.. But her gaze was fixed on him... She never imagined he would kiss her like this infront of all... She couldnt deny the fact that she always loose her senses when he kiss her... His every kiss passionate.. His eyes speaking out his heart... In her heart she knew now that he  loved her truly.. The love for which she had been craving for in years....
The hall was now full of silence.. No one dared to speak.. Everyone's eyes was on the pair which kept staring at eachother not caring about the world.. But Sid wasnt in peace... He didint trust Armaan.. How can he say he love Shilpa all of a sudden..
Furiously he walks to Armaan and holds his collar roughly... " What the hell Armaan.. How could you do this to Ridhima... Damit she divorced me for you... She moved out of my life cauxe she loved you... How can you all of a sudden declare you love Shilpa... "
Armaan slowly moves sid's hands out of his collar... He looks at Shilpa who stood beside him shedding silent tears.... And then he looked at Ridhima who stood with a blank expression...
Armaan signs and speak in a low voice... " I wont lie Sid... Yes i did love Ridhima... I cant deny it.. But when she got married to you i was totally crashed... I had no reason to live... I was totally broken... That was when Shilpa entered in my life... I remember how she consoled me.. She was beside me in every moment... He beared my Anger... My frustration... But i never heared any complains from her... She was with me beside me in the bad circumstances... I didint knew this but i started to move on.. I felt i have a reason to live... But again my ego came in between... I know i was wrong.. That was wrong of me to go after Ridhima.. When she divorced you and came back to me i thought i would be happy... But i felt something missing... I wasnt happy... Still i ignored it... And then  Shilpa walked away from my life.. Thats when i felt i have lost something precious.... I felt i have died again... I needed her..  Thats when i understood i had feeling for Shilpa.. "

The hall was full of silence... Sid looked at Armaan calmly... FOr the first time he felt Armaan's words were making sense... Armaan looks at Ridhima who stood behind Sid... Slowly he walks upto her and take her hand into his... Ridhima looked at him blankly... She had nothing to say to him....
Armaan speaks up hesitantly ... " Ridhima... I wont say the love i had for you was fake... I know i did love you... But when you got married to Sid .. I guess tahts when everything changed... Seeing you as someone else wife determined me thats its high time for me to move on.... I know you also did the same.. Didint you feel something missing between us... You came back to me.. But i didint see the same happiness in your eyes like before... We both knew we had move on But never accepted it.... Yes its true i love Shilpa... Cauxe she has taught me the true meaning of love... She has taught me the importance of love.. Sacrifice.... She is the person who gave me a new life... I never meant to hurt you... I am so sorry... "
Ridhima looks at him with a smile... " You dont have to be sorry Armaan.. I guess i knew this was coming... But as you said we always ignored it... I knew i also moved on but never accepted it... I feel guilty for hurting sid.. I know i would have lived a happy life with him... But again i lost it too... But i am happy for you.. I am happy you got Shilpa... Just never hurt her plss... Always be with her."

Ridhima looks back at Sid... How she wished she could take back everything.. Leaving Sid behind was the biggest mistake she ever made... Ridhima moves near Shilpa and gives her a hug.. " Am happy for you Shilpa.. YOu got ur true love.. Always be happy.... "
With this Ridhima walks out of the party silently... Sid looked at her retreating back... just then He feels a tug on his shoulder... Shilpa speaks in a whisper... " Go and get her... See Di still loves you.. And dont ever let go away the true love.. "
Sid gives  a big smile and walks out of the party... Eventually everyone leaves the hall leaving behind Armaan and Shilpa... Armaan slowly walks up to Shilpa who stood shyly avoiding his gaze... He pulls her to him holding her waist.... Shilpa looks up at him only to get lost in those blue eyes.... All she saw was immense and pure love for her...
Armaan starts to caress her face.... " I told you i will prove my love for you infront of all.... Now i just want to know onething... Are you happy... "
Shilpa hugs him tightly... " I have no words to tell you how happy i am... I always craved for someone's love.... And today i have got my true love.. What more can i expect... "
Armaan brings her face close to his....  " I am Armaan Mallik.... YOu should Expect more from me... Well you know i still have many ways to prove my love... "
Shilpa starts to blush hearing him... She turn away from him shying out... " Armaan plsss... "
Armaan moves back to her and pull her hair to one side... He starts to trail his lips on the length of her neck inhaling the sweet fragrance of her.... Shilpa stood enjoying his touch.... Armaan slowly bents down and gives a bite which make her hiss in both pain and pleasure... Again moving up he speaks in a husky voice.... " Well you know.. I was serious about confronting with you in your house... Soo shall we move back to your house.... "
Shilpa starts to get more red.... " Armaan plss... dont tease... "
With a swift he pulls her back into his arms and smack his lips on hers... Shilpa moans and pull him down kiss more deeply.... He sucks her upper lips sensuously while she keeps kissing his lower lips.... The kiss starts to become more passionate.... Armaan starts to caress her body while kissing her begging for a entrance into her mouth....And when she opens he puts his tongue which makes the kiss more passionate... As he starts to rub her back Shilpa moves out of the kiss feeling nervous.... Armaan keeps staring at her with passion desperate for her touch... How he wanted to loose himself to her and make senseless love to her all night...Still he control his demons and pull her back into his arms.... " I love you Shilpa.... "
Shilpa hugs him shyly... " I love you too Armaan... I love you.. "


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