Thursday, 6 September 2018

Chapter 5 & 6 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

Chapter 5 :

yes he loved her! he loved her a lot. he knew it now. all the pieces were falling right. the day she had entered his life he had fallen head over heels in love with her. her smile her innocence. everything about her attracted him towards her. she was the goddess of purity and beauty. he just cudnt help but fall deeper and deeper for her. he knew he loved her madly. much more than he did riddhima. he always claimed that he loved riddhima but today he understood the power of his love for shilpa. it had so much intensity that it forced him to love shilpa crazily and deeply. he loved her beyond limits. he had never got physical with riddhima, he never felt those physical emotions erupting in hiss body for her but with shilpa he very well knew how badly he wanted her!

he wanted her and only her. her odour drove him crazy. whenever she came close he had always lost all his senses. yes he loved her and now he was adamant to make her his.
"you qre mine, only mine miss shilpa malhotra and now i will make you mrs shilpa armaan malik. you only and only belong to me and i will go to any extent to make you mine."

"armaan bhaiya armaan bhaiya." an excited JP came running towards him
"kya hai JP?" " We told na Shilpa flower ji and Sid baiyya is falling for each other, and you didnt listen. i just heard it from my ears. shilpa flower ji was saying i love you to him. how amazing? one more love story in sanjeevani.
"What?" armaan asked totally flabbergasted and shocked
"haan i always knew they were meant to be. they look so cute together."
armaan felt as if someone took away the earth from beneath his feet. tears started to form in his eyes as he felt his soul dying and his heartbeat stopping. no he thought. she was only and only his and he knew she loved him too. she loved armaan. he got really angry jealous and frustrated.

Chapter 6 :

she was walking in the corridor when she felt someone pulling her in the store room. pulling her in he closed the door behind and locked it behind. she gasped seeing him pinning her hard to the door. his eyes were again bloodshot red and she could easily see the murder anger and passion in the. she shuddered with fear seeing this.
"Enough armaan leave me alone, what the hell is your problem god damit Leave me." she tried to get out of his hold when he took her hands and pinned them to the door hard.his nails were digging on her skin making her wince.
"what is the relationship between you and Sid?" he ask with gritted teeth
"who are you to ask this question. this is my life dont poke your nose in it."
"for the last time what is the relationship between you and Sid?." he asked trying his best to control his anger and the storm raging inside him.
"i love Sid happy, now let me go." she lied to him
"You are lying, i want the bloody truth dont test my patience shilpa." he said shocked the anger rising more
"im not lying i love sid, u wanted to know this na now plz let me go." she almost yelled
not able to control himself anymore he smacked his lips hard and wild upon hers crushing her delicate petals under his hard and rough ones. he kissed her aggressively wildly and harder. she tried to move when he jammed his body upon hers and slammed her back with the door. he tightened his grip on her wrists as he hardened the kiss.

Chapter 7 :

Shilpa moans as she feels his lips burning on hers..... She tried her level best to ignore the feeling.... But feeling his lips become gentle on hers she just couldnt resist the temptation.... Giving in to the moment Shilpa pulls him close to her.... She moves her fingers in his hair caressing them... This makes him more passionate... Armaan holds her waist firmly and pulls her body close to his..... Burning in the passion he kiss her fiercely pouring out all his love.... After sometime both come out for some air... trembling Shilpa looks at Armaan.... All she saw was passion in his eyes... The passion of his love.... Shilpa shivers with the thought.... Was he really in love with her now.....
Avoiding his gaze Shilpa turns to go when Armaan pull her back to him... Shilpa back hit on his hard chest... Armaan hug her tightly and whispers in her ear.... " Shilpa.... You have just now proved you dont love sid.... "
Shilpa tries to move out of his grip.... " Armaan... leave me.. And i love sid.... "
Armaan spins her and pull her close to him..... " Then why did you kiss me back... If u love sid... And if you dont feel anything towards me why did u kiss me... "
Totally dumbfounded Shilpa stares at him... How could she say she loose her senses when she is close to him.... Shilpa again tries to move away when Armaan speaks in a husky voice... " Forget it Shilpa... You cant act up being with Sid... I now know u  feel something for me..... I will make u mine and thats a promise "


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