Saturday, 8 September 2018

Chapter 9 & 10 : ARSH SS TRUE LOVE

 Chapter 9 :

Shilpa set silently in the locker room thinking about today's incident.... She just couldnt throw away his memories.... The way he touched her.... The way he kissed her.... She just couldnt deny the fact that it effected her... His every single touch effected her... No matter how much she claimed that she hated  him... Her heart knew she can never hate him.... The feeling were still the same for him... And Sid... She knew Sid was just a way to stay away from him... And now all she wanted was to stay away from him... As much as she could....
Shilpa holds her head  feeling the tension rise..... She kept thinking about his words.... today il make you mine in front of this whole world.... What was he gonna do.... Shilpa felt the nervous thinking about it... what was he planning to do.... As she gave more thought about it she felt herself getting more tensed.... Shilpa tries to calm down herself when Sid enters into the locker room.... " Hey Shilpa... what wrong... You look tensed... "

Shilpa force a small smile.... " Ohh Nothing.... Just a little headache....
Sid looks at her concerned... " Ohhh wait let me give you a little Massage....It may help.... "
Sid moves near her and starts to Massage her Temple... Just then Armaan walks into the locker room and notice them... He feels jealous seeing him Touch her.... Shilpa feels someone's presence... When she opens her eyes she sees Armaan looking at her in anger.... She could clearly see the rage in those eyes.... SHilpa instantly gets up from the bench.. She knew Armaan will try to come closer again.... " Sid lets go to Canteen... i feel hungry.... "
Before SHilpa could move Armaan speaks up.... " Wait... I have a announcement to make.... "
Shilpa looks at him in fear.... She wondered what was cooking in his mind right now... Armaan gives her a devilish look when Ridhima and other Interns walk into the room...
Armaan walks into the center and speaks.... " Ok people... I have a announcement to make.... Am giving a Party tonight... Sooo all of you are invited... "
Ridhima speaks happily.... " Wooow Armaan... You never told me about the party.... "
Armaan looks at Shilpa and speak.... " I just made the plan.... I thought it would be a fun night.... "
Shilpa avoids his gaze and turn to her locker..... She starts to shuffle item just soo she could wait till everyone leaves.... Slowly she looks around and see the place deserted... Shilpa takes a breath of relief and turns to go when Armaan blocks her way and crush her body with his.... Shilpa gasp feeling close to him... She starts to look here and there with the rising nervousness...
Armaan looks at her and speaks huskily... " Sooo... You are coming to Party right.... "
Shilpa shots a accusing look at him.... " After seeing your behavior do you really think i will come to your party... Forget it Armaan.... "
Armaan looks at her calmly.... " I know you will come... You will have to come..."
Shilpa speaks up sarcastically " Ohh Really.... what makes you think like that.... "
Armaan looks at her with a smile... Slowly he moves closer to her nape and trace his lips on there... Shilpa signs and tries to control herself.... Armaan gives a light kiss and speaks huskily.... " If you dont come... i will go to your house and confront with you.... what happens rest you can imagine yourself... "
Armaan moves out of the locker room leaving behind a totally dumbfounded Shilpa..... Shilpa kept trying to digest his words..... The circumstances would be more bad if she dont go.... Unwillingly she decides to go to the Party...

Chapter 10 :

Washing her face she looked into the mirror as their memories came rushing back. Shivers ran through her whole body when she gazed at her own lips which were still trembling due to that wild kiss. She had always yearned for love, his love. This was her first ever kiss, she had for once dreamt of sharing it with him; the man she loved more than anything in the world. But before things were different, she never knew armaan loved riddhima, she was shocked and broken when she had come to know this; it felt like this word love was never made for her, she loved her di much more than she loved him and she decided to stay away from him. But maybe it wasn't that easy, when ever his blue eyes stared at her she seemed to lose all her senses, why? She always asked herself. Turning around she started to go when Armaan entered the room. Looking at her he smirked and started to walk closer when she tried to walk pass him but he held her arm and pushed her back, as her back hit the wall she winced in pain. Coming closer he jammed his body with hers as he held her wrists firmly, digging his nails in them he jammed them with the wall, bringing his lips closer, he saw her close her eyes tightly and breathing heavily. Smiling he placed his lips on her ear as his tongue lingered over her earlobe sensually licking it. She began to lose all her senses as he touched his nose with hers and rubbed it softly, he caressed her whole face with his nose sensually moving it up and down. She gasped as his lips replaced it and he began to place passionate kisses all over face, as the moisture of his manly lips wetted her soft skin. Kissing her eyes, cheeks, forehead he came down to her lips blowing soft hot breathes upon it teasing her badly. She couldn't take this feeling of ecstasy anymore and begged to release her "Please Armaan" her soft whisper and heavy breathes just made him want her more and more, how he wished he could drag her to a corner and make senseless love to her, but this wasn't the time and he knew it, but one thing more he was utterly sure about was she was his and tonight would be a night when the world wud also know about it. Moving back he stared at her, with a crooked smile plastered on his face. As she opened her eyes, once again decreasing the gap between their faces he whispered not breaking their intense eyelock, "You dont care..?, So when i come close to you why do you forget everything.., Why does your heartbeat soo fast..., Why cant u move urself away from me Shilpa.., Cauxe you Love me.., I know u luv me and I dnt need any expalanation after this, Today i will make u mine infront of all.. and this is armaan maliks promise, stop me if u can"


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