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Epilogue : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

It’s been A Year Already, but it still feels fresh when i heard her whisper in my ears. That Feeling that i got earing her was not something i can explain with the finite number of letters. It was something so pure so serine.
I can never forget the days that i have spent discovering all the smallest little things about her. She was high on mood swings, sometime she would laugh hard on the joke she have heard millions of time and sometime she would cry even on the dying of the insect thinking all emotionally about them to a extend where i was ready to pull the hair out of my head.
Just after he have given me this great news i totally forgot to inform the family i was too much lost in decorating the coming days where i am pampering my angel who have their pari in her, later i am pampering the pari who is trying to walk pushing away her walker.
It was too much of happiness that i have been bombarded with in a second with just a small 5 words sentence. As i told you I forgot to inform the family about the news i was only lost holding ridhima in my arms she was whispering all the dreams she is seeing right now while i just sat soothing her back. We both were in ocean of love and happiness that we forgot the time we have been sitting here.
It was the sudden sound of door opening that caught their attention. Every person's face in the family is bursting with happiness.

Nandani keerti hugged her from either of the sides while Karan shubhankar stood beside the bed looking at the ladies and blessing Ridhima for giving them lots of happiness.
Soon Shubhankar was hugging Armaan dearly seeing his baby brother finally going to have his own baby. Maybe he isn't the baby anymore to all but for him he will always be his baby brother.
As soon as ridhima have basked in the love of the family she spare a look at Armaan who was looking at her while being in the hug of shubhankar and that very instant a small drop of the tear fall from his eyes. Ridhima look concern for a flicker of second but then the smile that remain gave her all the peace back. She blinked her eyes at him ensuring him she is feeling same as him, his smile widen on its own blinking back at her.
Nikki coughed when no one in the family seems to acknowledge her presence.
"What a great reward I have got. It’s me who told every one of you about ridhima because this idiot Armaan seems to have lost these last 2 hours not coming out and informing you all. So instead of appreciating my effort you all ignored me totally. Great." Hearing her blabbering Armaan moved ahead and hugged her tightly whispering 'thank you' as he hugged her.
Nikki who was ranting out was surprise with the sudden hug but then she smiled sensing the happiness the would-be-father harboring. Nikki who was ranting out was surprise with the sudden hug but then she smiled sensing the happiness the would-be-father harboring, she smiled nodding her head.
Soon the Couple was left alone again as nandani went to call for pandit as she wanted to keep a puja for the coming new member with just family involved. While keerti went to make something sweet for all to have a sweetness spread one very first day. Nikki too left as she got an emergency call from the hospital.
Armaan moved to ridhima looking in each other eyes both whispered 'I LOVE YOU' to the each other. Moving forward ridhima placed her lips on his for just a peck letting this all new feeling sink in both their heart.
“Ridhima” Armaan whispered wanting her to look in his eyes. But after the small encounter she was looking down with all the shyness but Armaan could see through more clearly than her pretense.
Pulling her chin up softly “Nervous” is the only word that came out of his mouth. Ridhima stare back at once in his eyes sharing her unsaid emotions with that one look. Nodding her head in ‘yes’ she again looked down.
“Armaan sab ache se hoga na.. Mein hamare bache ko khush toh rakh paungi na. vo mujhse naraz toh nahi ho jayega na. kabhi aisa toh nahi hoga na ki vo mujhe chod ke chala jayega. Mein use ache se ache galat mein farak samjha paungi na.” ridhima said looking desperately towards him wanting an answer to all her nervousness.
“ridhima. Hamara baby bahut khus rahega. Vo kabhi bhi tumse naraz nahi hoge, balki tumse sab se jayada pyaar karega. pata hai kyun.” He asked her to see her shake her head in no.
“Kyun ki Uske pass tum hongi. Tum World ki best Mumma banogi.” Armaan told her.
“Tumhe kaise pata.” Ridhima asked doubtful.
“Kyun ki Shayad tum nahi janti par tumhe pyaar ke ilawa kuch karna nahi aata. Tum sab se itna pyaar karti ho toh phir hamara baby toh hamare pyaar ki dastak hi hai. Jab vo khud pyaar ki dastak hai toh kaise hamara baby naraz kaise hoga.hmm” Armaan tried to make her understand. Listening to him she was lost in his words.
So he continued “Aur rahi baat ki tu use sahi galat mein farak kasie karwaogi toh ridhima vo sirf tuhari jimedari nahi hai. Hum dono hai na… hum dono sath mein aapne baby ko sab achi baatein sikhayenge. Kabhi vo galat karega toh hum bahut pyaar se use samjhayenge. Hmmm”
“Pakka sab wasia hi hoga na jaisa tum keh rahe ho armaan” ridhima asked unsure.
“Hmmm…” Armaan gave her a thoughtful look. To which ridhima look scared “Hmm thoda mushkil hai” Armaan said after a while.
“Kyun” ridhima asked immediately.
“kyun ki vo kya hai na 1 saal tak toh vo kuch karega hi nahi alsi baby bus sota rahega. Toh sikhayenge kya.” Armaan said this and started sulking while ridhima who was processing his words took a cushion and started hitting him.
Armaan who was wanting to play already with his baby while talking about their baby was lost. As ridhima hit him he came back to the world. Wanting to know the honor he was getting her played the words in his mind which he spoke few minute back, once he knew what he have said he looked at her sulking already.
“Being possessive already are we.” Armaan asked ridhima whispering in near her lips before taking them between his own. Ridhima who was sulking hearing him already complaining about their baby smiled in between the kiss.
“Our baby will be loved to the core and will love us back from the same core.” Armaan said once out from the kiss leaning his head over her’s.
“Promise” ridhima asked looking deep in his eyes. Smiling at her he nodded his head in yes while whispering the same word.
It’s been Two Months since ridhima was pregnant. Today Armaan ridhima were sitting in nikki’s cabin for general check, but today nikki suggested to do sonography. Armaan ridhima have always avoided sonography as the rays affect the baby as the science says it. But as nikki said they should once in a while should do the sonography so they will know if baby is healthy and fit with his positions or not.
So as soon as nikki did the sonography Armaan who was holding ridhima’s hand jump in front of the screen unalarmed. “Nikki… Hamara baby drawf toh hai kya. Mein aur ridhima toh dekh kitni lambe hai par baby toh mera palm jitna bhi nahi hai.”
“Armaan kya bol rahe ho” ridhima asked before nikki could say anything.
“Arye dekho na bhai-bhabhi ka beta bhi kitna bada hai aur hamara baby toh kitna chotu sa hai.” He answered her trying to make her see the logics.
“Armaan bhai-bhabhi ka baby bhi itna hi tha jab bhabhi 2 months pregnant thi. Baby dheera dheera grow karega na. Baby ek dum se bada nahi ho jayega” nikki tried to explain.
But to her utter surprise all Armaan could say was “kyun” confusing her.
“Kyun ka kya matlab kyun”. Nikki asked.
“Arye kyun means kyun.” Armaan asked again trying to make sense which he didn’t for sure. Not for nikki alright. But ridhima knows where he is coming from so she smiled looking at him. She saw nikki looking at her to elaborate, but all ridhima did was eyes her to give her and Armaan sometime which she happily obelized.
Seeing her moving away Armaan spoke “arye nikki… mera sawal.” He was to go behind her when ridhima hold his hand. He look back at her lying smiling at him. “vo nikki” but he was cut short with her eyes indicating him to help her sit.
“Armaan baby ko abhi 7 months aur hai aane mein.” Hearing which Armaan face fell down. “itna time” was all he said with sadness.
“Haan kyun ki baby chata hai uske papa aise hi 7 months tak usko pyaar karte rahe aur use baatein Karen aur khub sara khayal rakhen. Taki jab vo 7 months baad apne papa ke pass aye toh khub kehle uske sath ” Hearing it armaan’s face lit up like a 1000watt bulb.
“sach” to which ridhima said “much”.
Happy with the condition the baby is putting towards him, he was happy to do it. As by the end of it he would play with baby as much as he wants, to love him to his heart content.
One Day Armaan was sitting on his knees bending over with his hand on ridhima’s tummy. His expression was changing every minute from grinning, frowning, smiling, saddening, and laughing. Every second one can witness the play of emotions on his face.
“Armaan” ridhima called out not getting what he was up to after minutes of keeping his hands from one place to other on her tummy. “hunh” he made a voice coming out of his mental observations.
“Kya dekh rahe ho” she asked.
“I just wanted to see the moments of the baby. Wanted to feel them so I was just scrolling my hand around your tummy but baby doesn’t move.” Armaan said complaining.
“Armaan. Baby is fine na.” she asked all worked up herself. Armaan who was busy with the observations to make look at her hearing her worried. Seeing she is sick worried about the baby Armaan just sit straight on his butt resting his back on the bed post and pulling her closer to himself making her rest her head on his chest.
So she started playing with his shirt buttons. For few minutes he didn’t said anything but then after a minute when ridhima look above in his eyes puling her face a bit back, he spoke seeing her cute baby face. “Ridhima baby is too small for now to make any kind of moments. Or rather to make us see the moments he make.”
But seeing her eyes with floating questions inside them he continued. “Was just too excited to feel the baby that I even after knowing that baby won’t show any sign now I was just wanting to observe may be by luck he would show some pity on papa” hearing him ridhima smiled relaxing in his arms with the answer provided.
She was getting nervous without the need of it. But Armaan knew when and how to make all her worries fly away.
The same statement left its imprint on their life when the time started to fly. There were time when ridhima would share many things with her mother-in-law and her sis. But then few things felt like she would talk about with her mother only but then the missing piece of the mother from her life which at times make her cry but then one day Armaan happen to came in room when she was trying hard not to cry missing her mother and be strong.
But what can be done when the group of hormones gang up aiming at making her cry with all the worries, sickness, tiredness and the nostalgia memories. Motherhood isn’t easy in general but it is more difficult when you don’t have you mother around to understand you.
For sure keerti and nandani understand her so much and they do things to keep her happy all the time even if they have to go out of their way sometimes. Which she really-really appreciate from the bottom of her heart and even let them know that she loving them more.
But then there comes a time when she would be feeling restless over something, or sometimes wanting to eat something spicy but still would turn down all the options given by the ladies those were the times she use to miss her mother a lot.
But as I say one day Armaan walked in when she was turning down all the menu list keerti was providing her along with nandani. “What’s going on ladies” he asked.
“Armaan” ridhima cried for him to hold her hand. He immediately smiled rushing towards her seeing her pouting at him so innocently. “So what is going on my highness” he asked kissing her forehead as keerti nandani left ordering him to let them know what she wants to eat.
Ridhima just sulk around telling him she want to eat something spicy still all the spicy things the ladies suggested felt like nothing to eat from. Hearing her Armaan kissed her forehead before getting up from the bed leaving her with pout with the loss of warmth and affection from his end.
“I will be back in few minutes” saying so he was lost behind the door once he was out of the room.
After a minute Armaan came in with the Crispy Corns All hot, fresh and ready to eat. Seeing that ridhima’s face lite up who was sulking a while back was now sitting straight just waiting for Armaan to reach up to her so she can put everything on plate into her system. She was surprise as she wasn’t feeling hungry a while back but now she felt like eating everything.
As soon as Armaan reached her side without bothering about asking him she just attached n the plate filling her mouth more than its capacity, seeing which Armaan laughed at her before clearing her mouth as some of it was ready to jump out of her lips. Then very lovingly he called out “ridhima slowly baby. No one is taking it away from you, it’s all for you served and cooked.” Not giving much heed to what he said she nodded her head in yes and keep another bit overloaded like before. Seeing that Armaan shake his head in adoration looking at his cute wife who was going to give birth to their baby but she herself behave like one.
Seeing her not giving any heed to what he say made him take spoon out from her hold with the plate to earn a pout from her from taking away her food. Smiling Armaan fill spoon with small bite before taking it near her lips whispering “Here” Was all he said and that rewarded him with the wide smile from her.
After she was done eating she look up at him hugging him resting her hand on his heart while her head rest on his shoulder she said “Armaan how you get to know what I wanted to eat. Even suggest me what I wanted to have but you got me exactly thing that I wanted to eat. How..? How you know that’s it’s only this what I wanted to eat.”
Armaan smile “Because I love you. I know that you neither like all salty spicy nor you like it total sweet thing so I came up with the combo of both. Salty spicy outside a bit sweet inside.”
“Armaan” she called out who was working with some book he brought the other day. “Armaan keerti di told me that it pains a lot when baby is ready to come out in world. She said that it’s like 26 bones broken all together… Armaan will it really pain so bad” ridhima asked all afraid not know will it really pain that bad. If it will, they will she be able to handle it, more important will it be effecting their baby in anyway. “And Armaan more important is will it be effect our baby too, will it cause pain to him too.” She asked him fear of pain will be cause to their baby.
Arman who was about to say something was stopped with ridhima’s little loud voice then it was “Is it because of pain that baby cry when they came out in the world. Does it pains them that cause them to cry?”
“Ridhima…. Ridhima look at me. Baby won’t feel any pain. It’s just that baby is big enough now that he/she didn’t fit in properly. He/she isn’t able to stretch themselves properly. They want more space to live now. They have enough of their small place they are now demanding more space” Armaan replied ending it was lightly funny note to make her smile which was successful though.
“And baby is saying mumma now I want papa to hold me too, baby wants to say mumma you had given me enough so much love and gotten you share from papa. But now its my turn to take all papa’s love.” Saying so Armaan grinned while ridhima just smack him lightly on his chest. But never the less the target to make her smile forgetting the worries was accomplished.
“Ar…Armaa…Armaan baby will…will be fine na. He… he will c…come to our life na.” ridhima asked all panicked as she went into labor pain. Hough she knew that baby is all healthy and grown enough to be in their arms any second but there was that fear of losing the baby or herself, fear of not being able to see the baby suddenly hit her as she went into pain.
“Ridhima baby it’s okay… everything will be fine and what will happen to our baby he/she will be fighter just like their mother. Baby is as strong as their mother. I know for a fact that baby will be all fine and healthy and soon will be peeing on either of us.” Hearing him say that made ridhima laugh slightly in-spite of being in pain. How is it possible that he always make all her worries fly away leaving smile and admiration for him behind?
Soon she was taken inside. But her voice was coming out freaking Armaan out of his wits. He was giving all strength to her while he was in front of her but once he is out of her sight he feel week knowing all the worries and pain she is feeling from months now. Sometimes he do share his worries with his shubhankar Bhai and sometime with his mother but by the end its limit to share things, you can’t share your couple secrets with family.
He ensured her that their baby will be all healthy and will be playing in their arms soon. But then now even he scared to lose either of them, they have together started to see the future they are going to have with their love bud in their arms.
Karan was trying to console him but as we all know ‘one don’t understand things unless felt’ so it was happening with him too. Seeing her in pain screaming her lungs out in pain was making his heart sunk.
“I promise ridhima it will be our only baby. I don’t want to make you go thought same pain again.” Armaan thought and prayed to god.
“So What to name this little bundle of joy and excitement” Armaan asked as he sat beside ridhima who was holding the baby who was all smiling and trying to move his little hands here and there.
“Ansh…. Ansh Armaan Malik” ridhima announced. To gain another happy smile from the baby as if approving his own name.
“So Ansh ready to go home with mumma and papa” Armaan asked coohi cooing the baby to gain another smile from him approving his idea yet again.
And soon the Malik couple with their new born sat in car to leave for home where family is waiting eagerly wanting to welcome their baby. The car Zoom off leaving the smoke behind.
Which soon fade into

“The End”

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