Tuesday, 11 September 2018


Opening her eyes, she saw the sun shining, high in the sky and its yellow gold raises smiling at her. She smiled and looked beside her as her smile widened and her cheeks turned beetroot as she felt his strong possessive hold over her. His hands firmly placed around her waist and stomach encircling her small petite figure, pulling her close to him. His head in the crook of her neck, his lips releasing hot warm breathes caressing her neckline and nap. She blushed thinking of last night, and feeling his warm bare body upon hers. Getting out of the bed, taking care that she doesn't disturbs his sleep, she properly and firmly tied the satin sheet around her body covering her naked body with it. Going towards the window she looked out as a huge grin appeared on her face, thinking about how her life changed into a paradise. She needed nothing more, she couldn't ask for more, she had everything; her world, her life, her love, Armaan! Smiling she reminisced all their beautiful sweet memories. How he had taken her to the same place, where they had first met and kneeling down on his knees how on the same road where she had hit him with a rod, stopping the whole traffic, with everyone watching at
them in awe he proposed her. Taking out a beautiful ring from his pocket, how he promised her everything he could give her, all the happiness and joys of this world. How he promised her to love her more than everything in his life. How she had teased him that she won't marry him and he had replied that she had no other option but to marry him and he knew how exactly to get his way with her, how she had turned blood red with his comment and said "I love you armaan, I love you so much, il marry you, you are my everything." He had engulfed her in a tight loving hug after that and how everyone had clapped with sweet tears in their eyes. Her marriage day was the most beautiful one, clad in a beautiful lehnga she looked like an angel. She was still blushing thinking about his intense and passionate gaze when he had seen her first on that day, how they got tied in a pure loving relationship. She lowered her eyes thinking about their hot and passionate yet so sweet and beautiful wedding night, when there was no one except their boundless, pure and immense love. How he touched her like never before, like no man had ever done. How his hands sensually and seductively explored her body. How his sweet breathes, and lips created a havoc in her body where ever they touched, how his sweet promises brought tears in her eyes, how his passionate and intense gaze made her heartbeat race. He had always said she was his, and that night he broke all the barriers between them and made her his in every way possible, he loved her like never before, as he took her into a world full of love and only love where she was his with all her body, soul and heart. How they explored and reached the new heights of elation, passion and immense love where nothing could agitate them, how he showed her his madness and strength of love for her, and how they lost themselves into a completely different world of love and passion. She smiled thinking of her crazy husband, who was madly in love with her. How he showered her with love and only love every second, how he made her feel that she was the most special and luckiest person, how he had filled her achromatic life with so many colors and joys that she wasn't able to hold them. He always was her Romeo, but there was just a slight difference. Romeo had lost his Juliet, he couldn't fight their fatal destiny, but his love was way stronger, their love story never ended but they reunited somewhere far from this earth, a place where only their love existed, and they became one for eternity; but her Romeo fought everyone, he had promised she was only his, how impossible all this had seemed to her at that time, but his determination and immense love forced their destinies and God to change his decision, fighting with this world and their lives he won her at last. She was lost in her thoughts, when she felt his hand slowly moving around her waist gripping it as he came forward smiling and hugged her bare body from the back. She gasped feeling him removing her hair from one side of her neck, leaving it totally exposed to him, as he sensually traced his hot lips on her sweet milky nap and placed fervent kisses there. She closed her eyes feeling him again driving her crazy with his touch. "I love you" tracing his lips all the way up to her ears he slowly and huskily whispered. Feeling shy she turned around and hugged him tightly, as she hid her face in his bare chest. "I love you too Armaan" she said softly making him give out his million dollar smile, and his ever so cute and sexy dimples. Placing his hands on her waist he gripped her small waist as he kissed her forehead, and brought her closer, inhaling her fragrance. She slowly placed a soft kiss on his chest as he closed his eyes, feeling the sweetness of her lips, pleasuring his body. He placed his hands below her hips and back as he picked her up in his strong masculine arms. She gasped and slowly whispered, "Armaan kya karrahe ho? "Tumhe kya lagta hai?" he said mischievously as he carried her back to the bed

"Armaan Please not now, we have to go Sanjeevani today, please."

"No! i dont want to go, and Anyways no you are not intern Shilpa Malhotra but Senior Dr. Armaan Malik's wife" he said placing her down on the bed as he tilted his shape putting his elbows on the both sides of bed he leaned down. Feeling his weight upon hers, she said in a slow soft voice, "Armaan, please we will be late, and anyways it has been a month for our wedding., we are on a leave since one month so we r going back today, im already missing sanjeevani so much."

"Shhhh, let me feel you, this moment" he said as he slowly parted her sheet and placed his lips on hers.


Everyone stared at the newly wedded couple with awe. Though they were married a month before, but they were finally joining back after a month, after returning from their 20 days long honeymoon. They looked the hottest couple walking hand in hand as no matter how much she tried she couldn't hide the blush creeping up on her cheeks and he looked handsome than ever showing his dimples and teeth to the fullest. Anybody could tell how madly they were in love. The new couple had to bare all the teasing from their hell curious friends who asked everything in detail about their honeymoon and all Shilpa could do was blush and blush harder. Standing in the main area all waited for Armaan to start briefing who was smiling looking at Shilpa who had left his hand immediately and had gone to stand beside JP. Everyone tried to stiffen their giggles as they saw the scene in front of them, when finally Armaan had to assign duty to his beloved wife.

Trying his best to surpress his laugh he failed miserably as his mischievous eyes gave all out. "Um so Dr. Shilpa Armaan Malik" he said looking deep into her eyes, stressing on each word, "You'll be assisting me in the case." He finished as he smiled slyly looking at her, and she looked away with shyness. Everyone stared at her with evident laughing expressions on their faces.


"Armaan please this is a hospital." she said as he dragged her inside his cabin. "So.." he said hugging her body, as he rubbed his face in her soft hair. "Nothing... You have gone made Dr. Armaan.., now let's work."

"I am doing my work only" he said smiling as he kissed her below her earlobe.

"Armaan plssss leave"







"I love you" he said cheekily as he kissed her cheek letting his lips linger there. She blushed at his sudden confession and hugged him back

"I love you too." She said pouring her love out for him


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