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Final Part : ~TORN~~

"Is she going to be OK!" Armaan looked at the doctor taking off the mask

"You're her friend!" he whispered looking at Dr Sapna staring at him coldly..

"I knew you try to kill her! What have you done to her?…You Monster!!" Sapna screamed as she looked at him looking at the floor with his head lowered.

"Dr Sapna!" She looked over at Dr Chatterji coming towards her…

"This is no way to behave in a hospital…. Mr Malik I am sorry for Dr Sapna behaviour…" Armaan looked over at the doctors blankly

"It's ok! Dr Chatterji she loves her a lot and is right I would just kill her…." DR Sapna looked at him surprised as he slumped into the plastic chair and looked into space.
"You being hard on the guy…when she was sick he was there all night with her and he cares about her I seen him…" Vickey whispered pulling Sapna to the side.
"Vickey you have no idea what that girls been though …she was so happy couple of days ago when I told her she having a baby…..but I knew this monster would do something?……see that ward the burns unit and the picture of Dr Shub and his wife…. Thats her parents…" Armaan turned and looked at the picture…and felt as if the earth under his feet had been pulled away…

"She's Angel?" Sapna looked at him frowning as Armaan got up and looked at the photo…

"How do you know that name only her father call her that?" Sapna looked at Armaan as he closed his eyes ….

~~~Flash BacK~~~

"Its ok son! Just take my hand" Armaan looked up to see a green eyed man …Looking at him as he held his breath scared as the bomb went off around him as he reached out towards him…The stranger pulled him from under the car….

"Kirti honey he's ok!" the man shouted smiling at him as he carried him…. Armaan looked at him in the mans arms as he hurried back towards a young woman and a small child…

***BOOM*** (another bomb went off) as he felt the strong man pull him into his hold protecting him from the noise. With his hand on his small head and his hold felt so warm like something inside him told him it was going to be ok as he tighten his hold around the mans neck tightly….As the man held him running to a building…

"Ok young man what you're name?" Armaan looked at the man looking at the cut on his arm as he howled in pain..

"Saab it hurts!" he cried as he looked at the stranger…to hear a cry below as a young girl took hold of her father leg scared of the noise…

"Armaan!…" he whispered looking at the little girl dressed in a white frock holding her fathers leg as he looked up to see the friendly face wink at him.

"Angel look at Armaan he not scared….Armaan is a brave little boy! Aren't you Armaan!" the strangers voice was gentle and he nodded his head as he smiled at him… There was something about him…his gut feeling told him he would not be harmed in his presense…
"Ok Armaan I am Dr Shub this is my wife Kirti and this is Angel…" Armaan looked at him winking at the young girl and knew he was his daughter there eyes where the same…But she would not let go of her fathers legs…while her mother handed Dr Shub the first aid equipment….

***Boom*** (another bomb went off) as the build they were in shuddered. This time it was close and everyone's ears hurt with the strong vibration …as Angel stood holding her fathers leg with her eyes closed.

"Ok son I think that bandage will do…" Armaan looked up at him as he smiled warmly at him…he looked at him arm surprised as the pain was gone and he bleeding stopped ….

"Shub this place is not safe we should get going…" Kirti said looking outside to see the building burning around them…the smell of the gunpower lingered in the air and the last bomb goin off was loud …How she kept telling Shub to lets just leave the surgery but he told her firm we here to perform our duty and that was when she stopped the young boy hiding under a food cart and suddenly a burning car just hit him….If Shub and herself had not seen him the poor little boy would have died… She looked over at him he too was scared in fact they all were

"I think the young boys ok Kirti…Ok Angel you stay with him and me and mum just going to get the medical supplies and we leaving together… and be nice to the young boy…" Armaan looked  the man …pick her up to seat her next to him and looked at her grabbing his hand and frowned at her as she smiled looking at her father leave the room…

"I am goin to be eight soon… how old are you?" she asked looking at him as he looked around the room.

"I don't know 10 or 11 I think" he answered looking around the green painted room…

"Are you hunger you want a chocolate?" she looked at him nodding and smiled at him.  He watched her jump of the bench and head for a draw and pull out a chocolate bar…as she handed it to him….lifting herself up to sit next to him.

"Why they call you angel?" he asked eating the bar…she looked at him cover in chocolate and giggled grabbing a tissue and cleaning his mouth as he just looked at her and smiled. As she really acted and looked like an angel to him too and maybe that why they call her angel? She like smiles and something made him want to smile too…

"Daddy say he got me from Heaven and I am his special Angel……Where's you're mommy and Daddy?" she asked looking at him

"I don't have any?" he said frowning…munching into the bar looking away avoiding her…he did not want to explain how he grew up on the streets rejected by the woman who gave birth to him and the society who hated him….

"Oh I'll talk to Daddy! You can stay with us! I will be you're friend" she said smiling taking his hand again.

"No I live alone…I'm a big boy! I don't need anyone!" he said looking at her father and mother stepping into the room holding the bags.

**BOOM*** (the lights went out)

Armaan woke up and looked at the rumble and saw the white frock under the rumble clearing up the stones he took hold of her and pulled her out covered in blood…She was bleeding badly…

"Son!!" he heard a weak voice and ran towards it …" he looked in horror as he saw a lot of blood and the mans eyes looking up at him.

"Promise me you look after Angel…"

"I Promise Saab! You're goin to be ok? Saab!" Armaan looked at the life drain out of his eyes and turned to see Kirti next to him not  under the rumble as her hand did not move…he looked over at the small girl and she was still bleeding and took hold of a towel and applied pressure on it but she was knocked out and he had to take her to the hospital…Quickly or she to was dead…

"Don't leave me! Please Help me" she mumbled holding his hand on the stretcher and he nodded his head…seeing the doctors looking at her ….as he turned and left how was he to look after her as he did not know where his next meal would come from….

~~Flash back End~~

That first day at him home the nightmare where of him she was having and it was him she was screaming for and she would mumble in her sleep for him and her father…… he promised her father and he opened his eyes and looked over at Sapna and Vickey staring at him as he told them.

"Wow talk about fate! You're destined to be with her, She you're missing part…. All this time you never knew and she does not either…I was an intern then and we all looked after her when she arrived at the hospital and you saved her life then the internal bleeding was serious…." Vicky said looking at him.

"Her father took me out of a burning car I can never repay him…but I turned his daughter into a……" Armaan got up and looked at them

"Yeah well in the next 24 hours she does not wake up her and the baby are dead!" Sapna said looking over at Armaan lost in his thoughts looking over at the photo of her parents….

"Sapna chill!"  Vickey said looking at her know that the patient meant a lot to her…

"Vickey? You and you're chill out advise …seriously she's fighting for her life and we lucky the poison did not reach the baby …. And where is he going? He's got to sign these papers…" Sapna looked over at Armaan leaving the Ward…

"This is all to much for him…he need to think clearly about what he wants? Only then she will survive as she can only do that with him!" Sapna looked at Vickey as they look to see he was gone….


Walking down the street he did not know where he was going and just kept walking….he stopped hearing a bell and looked at the white marble stairs leading up…

"I bet you laughing at me right now!" he looked at the idol staring back at him.

"Me at you dewaar! And I guess this is all you're doing….You knew who she was before I even made the offer to her uncle but you know I said that all that to get my money …. I never knew her uncle would take the deal! But you knew all this and much more!!….and she prays to you …talks to you and yet you gave her nothing but pain… IS THIS THE WILL OF God?!" he looked at the statue as a tear ran down his face …..Touching his cheek he looked at his tears…he promised himself never to cry when he was on the streets but he could not stop now as they flowed….Feeling something hurting in his chest….unable to stop the tears for the first time in his life he was broke and torn up inside, falling onto the white marble floor he sobbed.

"I love her …I realize in the office all this time I never knew what it was and then I saw her in my mind alone with my child living and begging on the street….what if something happen? I could see my baby in the gutter or she would be in the gutter having my child…I needed to find her…I was anger she left me and then when I saw her at home I should have just held her and told her I love her and will do whatever she wants if she never leave me again! This pain is to much! …… Look Just Take me instead! Leave them alone you need a sacrifice take me…I never helped anyone never cared for anyone! You don't need me on this earth…You need people like her and her father so I beg you take me….I Will die in her place!"


Sapna sighed and looked down at the papers on the clipboard…and held the pen to sign…

"What are you doing?" Vickey asked looking at her

"Look I am all she has…her auntie and uncle sold him to that monster and I cant watch her die and…." Feeling a hand take the papers she looked up.

"Where do I sign?" Sapna stared at him as the tears ran down his face as he wiped them and looked over at them concerned…

"Here Mr Malik…" Vickey said pointing at the dotted line on the form.

"Can I see her? Do we need a specialist I can make some calls and…." His voice quivered as he spoke looking at them..

"No Mr Malik we given her something to counter attack the medicine she taken and we need to monitor her and the baby…" Vickey said looking at him.

"Can I see her?" Armaan asked seeing Dr Vickey nodding his head as he stepped forwards he stopped and turned back to face Dr Sapna.

"I was scared to admit I love her ….all this time she given me nothing but small tokens of love and she made me see the world differently slowly….She calls you Di and you love her a lot I know…see she has this gift  which makes everyone fall in love with her….and how could this beast be immune to it…" Sapna looked at him walking away…

He stared at her lifeless body lying so still on the bed  as the white sheet drapped her body …she looked so pale as she lay fighting for her life, he looked at her wiping his tears and taking hold of her hand moving the small stool near her.. looking at the monitors he heard a fast heart beat and looked over at Dr Vickey a little alarmed…

"It's the baby… see that monitor there above you thats baby …It's a very strong and good heart beat and this one near you is Mrs Malik.." Armaan nodded looking at the monitors.

"We not married?" Armaan looked over at Dr Vickey smile at him as he raised his head from the charts

"I know…." Armaan nodded as he looked at him leave and wiped his tears and looked at her.

"Stupid Woman! I cant believe you!…if you think this changes anything you're wrong…when you get up I going to teach you a lesson you will not forget…you hear me…" Placing her limp hand toward his face he kissed it holding it and staring at her……


"Sapna go home?" Vickey looked at her standing at the window looking at them

"He been there for 4 hours and not moved!" Sapna said looking at Armaan sitting on the stool hold her hand to his face.

"He loves her! he knows now….he will never leave her side ever" Dr Vickey said smiling at her to see her frown at him

"The great Armaan Malik loves no-one but himself…."

"Sapna you hate him….but Riddhima loves him! She has changed him in so many ways and She carrying his child…"

"That means nothing as she would not be lying here Vickey…if he loved her" he looked at her in tears and place his hand on her shoulder.

"Well all make mistakes and who said love was an easy boat to sail….you come across some waters which are rough…and sometime no mater how strong you're sails are you don't know when the tide will turn…but he knows now that the boat he needs to sail will only sail with her on it…and if they work together with the tide instead of against it….Go home see Amit Bhai and you're kids…I'll page you if we need you…" he said looking at her wiping her tears as she nodded.

"Man Vickey when did you become an romantic…. Call me if there any improvement…" she said looking at the window.


"Sir!" Armaan turned to see Muskhan as she walked into the hospital room

"What happen is she going to be ok?" she asked looking at her lying in the bed as she looked over at him as he looked a mess.

"We had a fight and she's angrily at me …" Muskhaan looked at him as his voice quivered as he closed his eyes…. This is not like him? What she done to him?

"Sir why don't you get some fresh air I'll sit with Riddhima…" She said stepping forward as he got up and nodded….She looked at him leave the room and looked at the machines….as she sat down on the stool.

"Hmm someone got pregnant I see…. Let me guess he told you to get rid of it and had a mental fit!" Muskhaan said looking at her.

"He told me the same thing and I terminated the pregnancy…he paid of course the heartless b******… and now he trying to save you and his baby!" Muskhan said angrily…looking at her and the tubes in her arm.
"I worked too hard to get this man…I done and played everything he wanted and you come from nowhere to claim him…. You know how many women he been through including me…tons and now he thinks he's loves you…" Muskhan signed looking at her.

"I think you're death will bring him closer to me…lets pick a tube…" she placed her hand on the tube…

"MAKE ONE MOVE MUSKHAN I KILL YOU MYSELF!" Muskhaan turned to see Armaan glaring at her stunned as he stood looking at her with the reddish eyes she ever seen

"SIR!" she got up seeing him marching over towards her.
"LEAVE! And I never want to see you're face!" he looked at her as he pushed her away from Riddhima as she hit the wall…and looked to see if the tubes where still in Riddhima's arm.

"You can't get rid of me SIR!" he turned and glared at her.

"You get what you're owed!" he looked at her narrowing her eyes at him.

"I want…" he turned and looked at her ….she saw nothing but rage in his eyes.

"You want to know the difference between her and you…. she never ask me for anything in return….and she keep giving me nothing but herself blindly….Remember when I was seriously sick a year ago and you called me up saying you scared of being sick and sent the medicines to the house….she stayed awake all night looking after me, when I was sick she never moved from my side… Not caring about her well being and she could have left….. Women like you want to feel loved when it suited you and then just act as if it was nothing…When you told me you carrying my child do you think I did not know what was going on with Akash  and you….as we both know you where playing around with other men…. do you take me for a fool? I know who you are loyal too and it not me but the green paper……Thou you where in my life Muskhan you never seriously cared about me but the power I hold ….while she cared just solely about me nothing else matter to her but ME not my money and not my power…It meant nothing to her not even the child she is carrying even that she is willing to kill because of ME… Now get out of my face…Come near me or Riddhima I kill you and will not think twice about it…" he glared at her when the monitors went off as he turned around to look at Riddhima

"What have you done?" he looked over at Muskhan grinning at him as he ran out…

"DOCTOR!" he screamed running out of the room

"It's Ok MR Malik…her drips coming to an end and needs changing Nurse…" Armaan turned to see Muskhan nowhere in sight and looked at Riddhima's hand move…

"Doctor?" Vickey looked over at Riddhima frowning as he looked her to see Armaan touching her face….

He looked over to see her eyes open and close again as he looked over at Dr Vickey as he examined her …. "Riddhima can you hear me you're in hospital…"


He walked into the house and looked over at the shine and there was no one there as he removed his shoes and looked over at the ShivJi smiling.

"Ok like you've not seen me here ….as if she catches me! Well I have a rep to protect other wise and I'll not hear the end of it…Look about our deal now that you kept your end of the barging…I will sort it out promise! Help the poor like I once was and to change…I am working on it promise! I have opened a fund in her name she will do and support the need as she see fit….." he looked over his shoulder and frowned leaving the shine.

"Where is she?" he said walking into the kitchen

"Ramu?" Ramu looked at him and smiled.

"Garden Sir!" Ramu looked at him smiling as he ran out the kitchen. A lot changed over since they got married and it was like he was a new man so different and his eyes would seek memsahib no matter what the drinking stopped but that what they all thought, when he fought with her he would drink and she would tell him off…The extension was totally complete and the house seemed different as it got a new release of life….. Ramu chuckled heading toward the dinner table for Dinner to be served.

He looked at the white blanket on the grass and saw her sitting there under the large umbrella as he smiled approaching her.

"How is my Angel?" he said kneeling next to her nudging her gentle as she smiled at him..
"Oye hoye!" he teased kissing her cheek giving her a big hug….

"Mrs Malik is very tired and…" she looked at him frowning at her as he turned his attention away from her…

"Hi boy!" she watched him picking up the baby…and looked at his face holding there son close to him as he sat down trying to cross his long legs with difficult as she looked at him giggling to get a frown face..

"Suno Ji we have to name him?" he looked at her and sighed.

"What wrong with boy?" he said looking at her as she looked at him not plead.

"Ok! Fine I don't think that man who named me is alive…" she looked at him as he looked down at the baby…to see his child waving his hands at his father and touching his cheek smiling…


"Ok see I was polishing this man shoes  he was a regular very nice old man he always wore a lungi and had a wooden stick…and he asked what my name was as he told me I was good at cleaning his shoes and tipped me big sometime….i told him I don't have a name … Everyone calls me Oyi boy….and he said I'll call you Armaan from know on…I was like cool! I got a name then I told the other boys to call me Armaan…and they did?" he looked at her as she sat there memorized by what he said and took hold of his arm as he looked down at the baby smiling.

"And Malik?" she whispered placing her head on his arm.

"It was the name on the boot polish tin…Malik black boot polish…So that is how daddy got his name boy!…Riddhima?" he looked at her with a tear ran down her face.
"Hey ok I name him, you don't have to cry about it?" he looked at her as she tighten her hold around his arm.

"Look I'm proud of my past not ashamed of what I am? So what I don't know who's blood is running through my veins but I don't need to know? And I don't care I have you and boy now ….you both will never be hunger and I will give you both everything ….Cross my heart!" he said looking at her leaning forward to kiss her forehead.

"But you said you wanted to see a pundit and have naming ceremony…" he adde looking at her as she smiled wiping her tears

"Only if you come…you have to do the pooja as well!" she looked at him frowning.

 He had changed so much since the hospital and she remember opening her eyes to see him on the hospital bed asleep holding her….. as she moaned slightly to see his eyes open looking at her… "Go to sleep rest! I knew you could not sleep without me and…." She looked away in tears as he placed his hand gentle on her chin and pulled her towards him… "I own you! You ever do this to me again? She looked at him crying uncontrollable as he just grabbed hold of her and wept…and told her she can never leave him he cant and will not allow her too….he never said the 3 words she wanted to hear but did he have to? As his actions spoke for him as he took her the mandir before going home from the hospital and married her there an then and said… "Punishment for life! You cant never leave me now!!" and took her hand and led her to the car not looking at her face knowing she was smiling hold mangulstra with her maag full of sindoor…  He looked at her and sighed on the mat she was distracted again…

"I am hungry!" he said getting up with the baby…She watched him matching inside holding the baby as she gathered everything outside.


"Hey boy! Was think of giving you …like you're Nana's name for a middle name as you look like him a little bit …you got the green eyes like you're mothers… but I was will see what the pandit says…and what wrong with you're mother? She like distracted?? You supposed to be looking after her you promised?" he noticed her coming into the bedroom and cleared his throat.

"I don't want any cheek from you and don't give me that smile…and if you think I am going to melt looking at you got another thing coming… Now go to sleep and No crying in the middle night… you heard me…Forever crying?" Riddhima shock her head as she looked down at the baby grabbing Armaan's finger and putting it in his mouth as he cried out happily in the crib. She looked over at Armaan who just smiled looking down at the baby. As she nudged him and he frowned. Pulling out his finger full of saliva…as she giggled looking at him.

"Teach him some manners!" he said looking at her as she giggled taking hold of his hand  and wiping it clean with the baby wipes.

"He only 3 months old and he going to be crawling, teething and talking you're going to have to look after him for life…and teach him you're self" she looked at him as he looked at her.

"FINE!" he said walking over towards the bed and sat down as he looked at her picking up the baby to breast feed him and smiled to himself.  'with you by my side I have nothing to fear…'


He looked at her in the bed and pulled her close to him as she sighed and sunk into his body like she always did.

"Whats wrong for days you been distracted and…" hearing her sob he frowned turning towards him and looked at her.

"Riddhima?" he whispered pulling her close to him feeling scared.

"You've not touched me anymore and don't kiss me and…" she stopped hearing him laughing out loud and looked at him.

"You told me not to when you we got married and…" he looked down at her and stopped

"Look I told you I will not stray you don't think I am?" she looked at him release her and sit up in the bed putting the light on

"I promise you Riddhima ….I…" feeling her finger on his lips he looked at her.

"I know …but you've not touched me and …" he looked at her and pulled her close to him and smiled wickedly…as he looked at her lowering her eyes at him feeling his fingers now under her top…feeling her heart race as she felt his finger tips explore her as he kissed her neck…
"I love you Riddhima …." He whisper as she as she closed her eyes pulling him towards her…


~The end~

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