Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Intro : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Stretching her arms out, she felt her hand hit a hard body. Opening her eyes after a long, amazing night, she woke up to see the body lying next to her. Shock and distressed, she looked under the comforter to see her naked body lying next to his. His hand around her waist, his head in between her neck and shoulder, his breath kissing her neck. She got up without making a squeak, and left the house.

June 16, 2009

Dear Diary,

Okay this guy is seriously a creep' I cant believe he took advantage of me' I mean I know I should have controlled, but I was drunk by his affection for god sake' cant he keep his hands off of me for once' Okay so what, its not the first time I slept with him' but it is the first time I "did it", and that to while I was totallyblown out by him' Man what if my mom found out' She would probably curse herself out, thinking what she did wrong with me' Luckily she lives no where near here' okay she does, bah still in another state'Lets see what work has in stored for me tomorrow'

 She put her diary inside her little cabinet, and laid down to reminisce how it all started.

Character List:

Ridhima Gupta- a smart, educated girl. Was always interested in business, and always wanted to own an industry. She has an amazing mom, who's very cool, and supportive of her daughter's decisions. Meanwhile, has a father who just wants to shatter her dream. Her father believes in old traditions, where the women's main job is to get married, have kids, stay home, and mainly be a slave of their husband's.

Armaan Malik- Spoiled, rich kid, who's main goal in life is girls. Marriage commitment, not in his dictionary, which is mainly made of the words, SEX, GIRLS, MONEY, PROFIT, BUSINESS, AND MORE SEX. Anyone can get a girl, but Armaan Malik doesn't go for girls, in fact it's vise versa. His style and attitude is what the girls go crazy for, and with a bonus his income. He is the new boss of STAR HOLLOW Company, which was first his dad's.


"MOM! you know I have to do this to prove myself right" Ridhima said pleading her mother, Padma Gupta. Padma looked up into her daughter's eyes and saw a determination' She loves her daughter dearly, and can never stay away from her for a second. She signed knowing clearly well that she cant neglect her daughter's decision. "But' Ridhima, you know I cant stay away from you doll' I am your mother, and you are my responsibility. Padma said, trying to change her mind one last time. "I understand mom, but you have to understand that I am growing up' and you have been always supportive with me, but dad' he never really took me seriously, for him it was always Rahul as the favorite' but now mom, I wanna prove myself useful, and I want to feel the joy of success' Mom, I dotn want to get married yet' and you know dad, how he feels about women' Remember, he made you quite your job' because he needs you to look after the house' and mom, you worked your ass off to become a doctor, but look what dad made you do' and now he's doing the same with me, I studied hard to understand business, and now when I feel I'm ready to start my career, he wants me to get married to his business partner's son' But not this time dad' he had his way, and now I think it's time for me to step up and make my own decision." Padma was surprised by her daughter's words, she felt proud to have a daughter like her' They were more like best friends, telling each other everything' and even now she told her mom what she wants' All Padma can do now is smile, and support her, "I'm proud of you Ridhi' Today you proved to be my daughter, not your father's' God bless you baby". Ridhima smiled and felt relieved getting her mother's approval; she bent down and touched her mom's feet, getting her prayers and blessings with her. "I'm always here for you' and if you ever need anything promise to call me'okay baby". "Thanks mom' I love you a lot' and I will miss you" Ridhima said hugging her mom one last time. "And remember not to tell dad where I am' okay" Padma kissed her daughter one last time, and lead her to the airport.

Lets see what New York has in store for this ambitious Ridhima... How will this affect her life.. Keep reading!


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