Sunday, 23 September 2018

Intro : Unknown Truth

All her life she was told that she is an orphan. No one knew about her mom, dad or any other family. Even the orphanage where she is living knows nothing about her family background except that she was brought to this orphanage when she was about 11 month old. During her growing up years she used to feel sad watching other children play with their parents. Everyday people used to come to the orphanage to adopt kids but no one adopted her. As time passed she accepted this as her destiny that she is destined to be alone. There is no one to call her as their child, love her, tell her bedtime's stories, play with her and even get angry on her when she makes mistakes.  Still every day she prayed for just one wish to see her parent's once.

Now all of 23 she is starting a new journey. Although she never got the love of parents, it didn't stop her from achieving her goals. She always wanted to help other children who don't get the love of their parents and today is the first step in fulfilling this dream of her. Today is the first day of her job. She is about to leave the house when she receives a call from someone telling her that she is the daughter of Shashank Gupta ,one of the top businessman of the country. The man who is worshiped by millions of people, the idol of youngsters and the one who is going to be her new Boss.


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