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Last Part : Arrange Marriage - Backseat to dreams or the Driving seat

Ridhima was upset with the fact that someone give deal to her husband just because she is well known in her work now and he is her husband. Though Armaan had tried to calm her down to which she even give a nod for time being just to dismiss it as Armaan won’t like her thinking much about it.
Whole night she wasn’t able to sleep a wink as she was thinking of ways to make Mittal regret about his words he has said to her husband. When Armaan wake up he saw her lost in somewhere still in his arms.
“Ridhima” he called her out as he opened his eyes to welcome new day but seeing her reddish eyes he knew she was up all night. Ridhima look at him and instantly regret it as his morning calm face instantly turn into worried face.
“What happen” he asked her but got no reply instead she got up from bed, walking towards she stop looking out birds chirping around starting their day with happy note but here her day started with bad mood al because of that Mittal.
Seeing her not responding Armaan make her turn towards him “Ridhima you are still on it” seeing her lowering her eyes confirm his doubts. “Ridhima why are to taking all this like that baby. You know how proud I feel seeing that everyone around in this world acknowledging your work and talent you have.”

“Armaan I do wanted to be what I am today to stand on my own. But I never wanted people to treat my loved once special because I am related to them, I want them to treat my loved one or people close to me special because they themselves are so capable to get that special treatment. I feel like I have achieve something great today as my working is taking my name around world but at the same time I feel like I lost something huge as I heard that news. I can’t really explain it to you Armaan what exactly I am feeling is … I can’t even give words to my feelings.”
“Ridhima please listen to me, look I know you are not feeling good about it but ridhima see it from my eyes na. Once you will see all this from my eyes then you will know how proud I am today. Tell me one thing if today u teach me about cooking and tomorrow with my hard work I make a perfect delicious dish than people will look at you and say she is his wife won’t you felt proud of that, won’t you feel proud that I am your husband who is getting all praise and you are getting to be known by my name which would be because you taught me or helped me guided me. Hmm”
“Yes I will feel proud of you Armaan, but Armaan what are you saying that totally different issue” but she was cut in middle “No ridhima it not different issue its same but with different prospective. I set an example in front of you because cooking is what you love in free time so that was what I get to make you understand.”
She stare in his eyes trying to fish out something but she wasn’t able to find it not even the hint of it. Armaan who was staring back at her was silent for some time before he continue seeing her trying to read his eyes for something “Ridhima I know you might be thinking that all this while bring some difference in our relations as it might have hurt my ego…”
“Self-respect” ridhima said making Armaan chuckle “Ridhima it’s not self-respect but ego that gets hurt of men when their wife gets more successful but ridhima that ego comes in relation when it’s not developed or when they don’t understand each other or When they don’t want to know what their partner was doing was not to make other down but because they want to feel confident in whatever they are doing. Ridhima Papa and bhaiya have asked me to join you not because they feel you can’t achieve thinks on your own but just because they knew one day you will get this what you are getting today all name and recognition so they just wanted me to be beside you so that you won’t feel this what you are feeling right now. They wanted to you feel all happy proud instead of getting worried as they knew this sweet, cute and sensitive girl of the house would feel bad if someone call her people with her name.” he ended pinching her nose ever so cutely making her pout leaving alone to frown to fade out with the incoming call of smile.
“Now just smile and have an open arms to all the happiness ready to engulf you in their arms” Armaan said pulling the end of her lips up making her smile.
“But I want to engulf my awesome understanding handsome and caring husband right now. Will that work for now?” ridhima asked his putting her arms around his neck. “Why not Mrs. Wife it won’t only work but will make my day” saying so he pulled her in himself kissing her forehead he dug his face in her hairs while she kissed him right above his heart before resting her face right there.
‘So, you won’t do anything to that Mittal na now.” He asked coming out of the hug after a while when ridhima nodded with smile “Good Girl” to which she just hit him playfully on his chest.
“Keerti why don’t you too join office with me” shubhankar asked keerti while she was tying his tie around his neck hearing his sudden demand she look at him.
“mein kaise shubhankar” keerti asked hesitant. “See papa kicked Armaan to join ridhima so he can help her plus so that she don’t feel bad once she get her work recognition and even papa should be resting he too is taking lot of things in hand due to absence of Armaan so I don’t get lot of work load as he want me to be with you and baby too. Though Armaan’s friends are there to take care too But if you join in with me then papa can rest, it his age to enjoy his life now he have worked all his life now it’s time for him to enjoy his life.”
“Par phir Krish” keerti asked.
“Maa papa hai na, they will take care of him and enjoy the time with him. Waise bhi log kehte hai grandparents see their own childhood in their grandkids so let them enjoy it.” Shubhankar answered.
“Mein ek baar maa papa se baat karlu” keerti asked “Phir maa papa agar kuch nahi bolenge toh I will join in, though I know they will never say no but still it will be good to take an opinion of maa papa.”
Nodding at her he left for the office kissing krish on his cheeks making him giggle with his father’s love showering.
Later Keerti talk to karan and nandani who was happily ready to let her work as they have always asked her to join the office with them as they never believed in making girls stay in home doing only house work. But it was keerti who wanted to be at home earlier. Hearing her karan even joked “Chalo toh finally she agreed, yaar keerti tum pehle kyun nahi join kkar rahi thi yaar mein ne apne krish ke sath do saaal aise hi bina bitaye nikal diya. Itna kuch miss bhi kiya his first word first step and all. Ja aab tum office jao ab hum enjoy karenge first things of his”
Laughing at his nautanki nandani hit his hand while keerti was happily excited. As decided keerti joined office where everyone helped her to start with today’s trends and market knowledge. Ridhima too sometimes land in to help keerti or sometimes to have a gala time with her with in office times.
“Ridhima tum office mein ye gap shap karne kyun jaati ho ghar pe bhi toh baat kar sakti ho” armaan asked walking in to see ridhima in keerti’s cabin “Vo kya hai na ditching work when it’s no harm is fun” she said childishly making keerti shubhankar smile.
Later in night ridhima was having a dairy in her hand when Armaan walk in holding water bottle in his hand. ‘Kya kar rahi thi, someone once said to me no office work at home” Armaan spoke sarcastically seeing her keeping the dairy away.
“Hmmm. Yeah I know who said that” ridhima tried to be naughty seeing that Armaan who have already kept the bottle on the side table sat on bed pulling her near him he started tickling her. “Abhi baatata hun who said it” with that the laughter spread around the room.
“Ahh Armaan s….stop it….hahahha. Armaan” ridhima plead in between all laughing. “pehle batao what was it” Armaan asked “Hahahah Armaan… It…It was my Dream Dairy” hearing her he stop tickling her wanting her to continue.
Ridhima who was out of breath tried to normalize her breathing pattern having some water she look at Armaan who was looking at as if asking her to continue. To which she just smiled and settling herself close to him she hold his hands.
“Armaan I had some dreams to look upon to fulfill them” ridhima confessed looking down playing with the button of his shirt.  Not hearing anything from his she look up to see hi still looking at her to let her speak, she just hold his hands in her before she will continue.
“Armaan every human being decorate their life with the dreams or wishes which they want to fulfill in life being close to someone they love so when de actually touch that dream they have been seeing then they have someone to share it with, to have someone who will be happy with you as much as you are for achieving something. Since I lost my parents at very tender age I always use to dream of having such affectionate family once again. I always dreamt to having a motherly figure on whom I can lean on when I have worries of who I can take care off also scold me when I do something wrong, of having a father who can always guide me in right direction also will always side me when I do something naughty. I got everything when I got married to you.”
“I have dreamt to have a man who would respect my parent as he respect his. One who will respect my feelings.” Ridhima look in his eyes ‘A man who don’t only need one thing out of marriage only but who need me as his companion, as his support, as his strength. That he would touch my heart before he would touch my body and there were you standing”
“You know Armaan whatever happen to us in past I don’t blame it much now when I think about it, you know why” she asked when he shake his head negatively “Because it has told me who caring you were and who strong you were despite of all the condition you were in you were strongly struggling to let you free so you can search for me. Armaan many people give up and accept the crime they had never committed to resist torture but you didn’t”
“The slow steady way we took to set strong base for your relation I have dreamt off. To have full time with my family despite working you helped me balance it. I never felt missing on anything, even you managed it so perfectly that even when we so hard we are still there for our family and for each other. Dreams are never too big for a girls they have small-small dreams that may a times are over looked but I have got all by small or big dreams all are full filled not just because I fulfill them but because you were holding my hands strong giving me all strength to fulfil them ”
“My Biggest dream that I never thought will be full filed was to be known for my work not for the surname that I hold. I never thought that one day this crazy dream of mine will be full filled but you made it possible for me. If it wouldn’t have been for you bringing me that project I would have been still sorting few papers sitting on bed as I was doing 2 years back when you use to be back late. U brought such big project for me without thinking that if I fail then it will be a huge loss to us and Malik’s name in market. The trust you hold on me back then made me double my effort knowing you trust me so I can do it”
“Dreams of any human being can be fulfilled only if he or she have that support to look up on or to lean on and for me you were that support much stronger, much loving without whom my dreams would have remain as dream only.”
Armaan was all the time smiling while adoring his cute little wife she have to give away all credit to others only she can never let her work be hers only she herself work so hard to make everything perfect but by the end she make it look like others worked for her as she was only sitting lazing around. But it was other way round if we look closely.
“Now only one small dream is left that I have started too built lately but never word it out looking at our schedule” she said with lost smile.
Armaan who was by now listening to her silently adoring her frown with her words. “Which dream” he asked simple question which brought her out of the lost imagination world she smiled ready to word her small dreamy dream she now wants to fulfill with him. But before she could even utter a word her face suddenly becomes pale.
Before she could have word it out, she had to rush to the washroom as feeling of throwing up captured her nerve. Seeing her putting her hand on her mouth while rushing to the washroom Armaan became worried for her. He was on his feet just behind her. But before he can enter ridhima closed the door at his face.
“Ridhima… what happen open the door. Are you all right. Let me call the doctor but please open the door before that. Ridhima….are you listening jaan. Ridhima….” It been a while Armaan keep calling her asking her to open the door as he have already called the doctor.
Soon ridhima came out looking bit pale and bit fresh. “Ridhima Jaan Kya hua tha… is everything okay. Tumhari tabiyat theek nahi hai kya” Armaan fire questions at her she was about to ask him to relax but again Armaan fire another question “aut tumne ye door kyun band kiya tha”
“Armaan relax sit down. Panic hone ki jarurat nahi hai it was just that I felt like throwing up that’s it.” Ridhima paused and Armaan was about to question her about door once again but ridhima saw he mouth opening to fire the question so she herself told him “Aur door is liya band kiya tha kyun ki mujhe dekh ke tum bhi vomit kar dete. I know you can’t tolerate the voice of it. So it’s better I Close the door”
Armaan sat with hang face “I’M Sorry”.
Ridhima became confuse hearing him asking forgiveness to her “Sorry Kyun”.
“I wasn’t there to help you when you need me I wasn’t there to support you in your bad health.” Ridhima cup his face making him look at her “You are there Armaan. I always are. It’s just that I didn’t want you to be there when you fall sick. I want you to take care of me when I am sick. I don’t want you to fall sick with me. Isn’t it More Helpful loving and caring?”
Armaan smile at her nodding like a kid. He do have his own set of thought but the other side isn’t that bad or it was rather not only ‘not bad’ but it was great. Every aspect doesn’t only have 2 sides as we say everything is like 2 face coin. Sometimes things are like just one face of the solid cube which certainly has many faces that can’t be seen unless we walk around even then we would have left 2 faces of it the top and the bottom. He made her sit peacefully on the bed restricting her even to step down from the bed as now he was taking care of her.
He words have surely lighten his guilty mood but now it was making her guilt of uttering such thing as now he is not letting her life even a small figure leave alone letting her work.
After some time there was knock on the door Armaan opened the door to see doctor sending on the door or better say Nikki standing there.
“arye ao na Nikki. Acha hua tum aa gai. Dekho na ridhima ko pata nahi kya hua hai… she is throwing up thing she have eaten.” Armaan said walking her in the room.
“Relax Armaan I will check her” saying so she move up to ridhima. “Kyun Ridhi. Kya hua tujhe bechara Armaan pareshan hai. He said you are throwing up.” She asked ridhima who was already frowning.
“Nikki tu isse rehne de. Ye pagla gaya hai. Mujhe kuch nahi hua hai bus ek baar I felt like that so I did went to washroom. Nothing much ek baar mein hi he is like this mujhe uthne bhii nahi de raha bed se.” she said last part giving him a look which is conveniently ignored.
“Armaan tum bahar jao I need to check her” nodding his head obediently he went out from the room. Nikki look at the door closing behind and fire a questioning tone name “Ridhi” making he confuse “What”
“When was your last Cycle?” She asked her directly not wanting to beat around the bush.
“Hmm… I don’t remember wait… Hmm… I guess it’s more than that time now. I haven’t gotten the cycle yet.” Ridhima said remembering her dates.
“Hmm … Then I guess you know why you felt like throwing up.” Nikki stared her with happiness in her voice. Ridhima stare at her blakly for a minute. As her word process in her mind the smile lighten up her face. “Really” ridhima almost shouted it out.
But Controlling she asked again “Really”.
“Hmm… Let’s be sure. You just lay down” ridhima obeyed her instantly.
Nikki took out her stethoscope to examine her. After a minute of hearing the sounds and beats she took out her stethoscope out of her ears and ridhima was looking at her face to know what her answer is. But nikki had kept her face straight not giving in any sign of any kind of news but soon she pulled ridhima’s cheeks saying “Aww Mommy-to-be”
Ridhima just hugged nikki “I am Soo happy nikki. I am going to have a baby” hearing her shout Armaan rush in “What happen sab theek hai na nikki. Ridhima theek hai na”
“Idiot tumhe ridhima ki smile nahi dikh rahi….” Armaan was confused at nikki’s reply and ridhima’s smile.
“Tum Dono rukho mein niche hun thodi der mein dono aa jana” nikki said to ridhima caressing her checks. As soon as she went Armaan fires the question “What happened.”
Ridhima didn’t answer his question but keep looking at his face then shy away hiding her face in her palm leaving Armaan confuse if she is happy or sad. If happy then for what and if sad then sad for what.
Sitting beside her he look her hands off her face. Ridhima look at him being shy and then hugged him pulling him towards her. He was miss-balanced for a second but soon balanced himself and hugged her back.
“My Last dream is coming true. We are going to have a baby” ridhima whispered in his ears.


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