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Last part : Frozen (AR mini ff)

 "Stop complaining Riddhima. I am doing everything as per your wish and still you are cribbing" said an agitated Armaan. She giggled at his state but shut her mouth on seeing his narrowed eyes. "Don't know what I was thinking when I came to Bangalore to stop you from marrying that Sid guy? Aaj tak saza bhugat raha hoon" he stopped and rubbed his arm where she had just punched him. "Oye!!! You should be grateful to me that I melted on hearing your song otherwise aaj tak bhi Romeo bane ghoom rahe hote" she replied arrogantly with a smirk. "Hum to aaj bhi aapke ke Romeo hai Riddhima Julliet Armaan Mallik" he said cheekily. "Ewwww Armaan that was the worst cheesy line you have ever said to me. You seem to be breaking your own all time low record of the worst cheesy lines ever" she said making a face while poking fun at him. He laughed listening to his crazy wife whom he married three years ago.

 He felt so lucky to have her beside him. He still remembers when he went to Bangalore three years ago to get her back and how they ended up marrying with everybody's consent. Nikki and Abhi were shocked when he called to tell them about his marriage. They were happy beyond words and flew to Bangalore the very same day.

 He smiled remembering the events of his wedding. It was simply amazing. All the rituals and traditions were followed, starting from ring ceremony to sangeet to mehandi to haldi to shaadi and to all the post marriage rituals. Everything was just perfect and not to forget his first night with Riddhima after marriage. It was just beautiful to say in the least. He had never imagined he would have such a grand wedding, specially without his parents.

He missed them a lot but Shanshank dad and Padma mom filled that space for him. They had been so supportive of everything. They treated him just like a son and now they love him just as much as they love Riddhima, Anjali and Atul. Infact, to be honest, they trust him a little more than Riddhima. They know that she can be a little impulsive at times but as long as Armaan is with her, nothing can go wrong. He now shares a very friendly relation with Anjali and takes Atul as his elder brother. Atul and Anjali are the first ones he calls whenever he is in any problem.

He smiled remembering how everyone teased both of them on the first day after their marriage and for the first time he had seen his feisty tigress blushing to the core. He still remembers how everyone embarrassed them for the love bite he had on his neck after their first night. "Arrey Armaan, what is that on your neck" said Muskaan faking innocence. Armaan was caught off guard with the sudden question and fumbled "w-wo'K-kal'..". Taking the cue, Atul said "Kya Muskaan samjha kar na. Wo kal raat machchar bahut the na, to kisine kaat liya hoga." "And I know the name of that particular machchar" added Anjali.

Riddhima was quiet all this time, looking down trying to save herself from the embarrassment but suddenly looked up hearing Anjali's words. She tried to move away from there as soon as possible but Muskaan stopped her by holding her hand "Arrey arrey ja kahan rahi hai. Atleast machchar ka naam to sun le" "N-nahi..w-wo mujhe mom bula rahi hai" saying this, Riddhima fled from there. Everybody laughed out aloud and before they could resume their teasing session, Armaan too ran away from there without saying a word. This caused all them to double up even harder.

He went back to his room knowing Riddhima would be there too and saw her standing in the balcony as soon as he entered. He went and hugged her from behind, holding her from her waist and keeping his chin on her shoulder he said "see what all I have to go through because of you". Riddhima blushed even harder but kept quite. He continued naughtily "and you know what, looking at you last night, I think I will have to face all this way too often". "Armaaaaaaan" was all she said and turning around she hugged him.

He laughed and hugged her back tightly. "love you my pretty girl" he whispered in her ears kissing it softly. She closed her eyes feeling his breath on her ear and kissed his chest, where it was exposed. He picked her up in one swift movement and carried her inside. Both of them didn't look away from each other even for a second. He gently placed her on bed and she rolled over for him to settle.

He settled next to her and she, without wasting a second, rolled back and snuggled in his chest. He smiled at his cute wife and heard her speak "Is it a dream?" He pulled her closer with a sudden jerk and kissed her on her lips passionately. She was stunned with the sudden kiss but responded nonetheless. They backed off when both felt short of air and he said with a smirk "does it still feel like a dream?" She smacked his arm saying "you know you are a jerk, right'" and he laughed out before claiming her lips again.

Soon they were packed off to Bora Bora islands for 10 days for their honeymoon. Those were the best days of their life. He can never forget those 10 days. They had a time of their lives. They spent time together, talked, laughed, argued and made love every night. He had seen a completely different Riddhima then. She was so sweet, caring, understanding and not to forget PASSIONATE. Well, to be honest, she still is all of that.

They shifted back to Mumbai after their honeymoon but life had never been same ever since they got married. Having her with him at his home, oops correction, THEIR home was a dream come true for him. She is the best in every aspect, best daughter, best sister, best wife and now best'..


"ARMAAAAAAN kaha kho gaye ho?? Dekho sara halwa jal jaega" he came out of this thoughts with Riddhima screaming at him for burning the gajar ka halwa that he was making on her demand. "Sorry baba. Aur inti chila kyu rahi ho? You are disturbing my angel, she is sleeping" he replied with a serious face. "Acha?? Aur tumhe kaise pata she is sleeping and how the hell do you know that it's a girl??" replied an annoyed Riddhima as she wants a boy whereas he wants a girl. "Ofcourse I know, after all it's my baby" he said. "After all it's my baby" she mimicked him and added angrily "aur agar itna hi tumhara baby hai na to khud hi paida karo, tab pata chalega how difficult it is to carry a baby for 9 months". "Arrey yaar, I was just kidding, tum to serious hogayi. Acha baba, it'll be a boy. Happy now???" he said trying cheer up his 6 months pregnant wife. She made a face and turned it to the other side.

"That's not fair Riddhima. You wake me up at 2 in the night and tell me to drive you all the way to Paradise and ask me to cook this halwa for you as soon as we reach here aur ab tum gussa hokar baith gayi. Meri to koi value hi nahi hai" he pouted cutely. She smiled at his stupid remarks, turned towards him she asked him to come close to her. As soon as he moved towards her, she pulled him closer and kissed him softly on his lips. "Do I really trouble you this much?" she whispered against his lips. He smiled and replied "Not even a bit sunshine. Infact I love doing all this for you. It makes me fell the most important person in your life". She smiled and hugged him tightly.

She knew she gets difficult at times and her mood swings could be really annoying, though she can't help it as it's all because of the hormonal changes due to her pregnancy but Armaan never lost his cool with her and takes all her mood swings and tantrums with a smile. "You are the best husband in the world" she whispered in his embrace. "That I know" he replied arrogantly and both burst out laughing the next moment.

"Something's burning, isn't it??" he said sniffing around in the air. The next moment both looked at each other in shock and then towards the halwa that Armaan was making a while ago. "OH SHIT" both exclaimed unison. He moved towards the stove to check but unfortunately it was all burnt and wasn't edible for dogs even. He made a puppy face and said "I am sorry, sab jal gaya but don't worry I'll make it again. Bas half an hour mein baan jaega".

She was over whelmed by his gesture. Despite having a hectic day at office, not sleeping a wink the whole night, driving her all the way to Khandala, fulfilling her irrational demand to make halwa as soon as they reach here, hence being hell tired, he is ready to make it again just for her.

Before he could start preparing for the next session of halwa, she stopped him saying "nahi I don't want to have halwa now. Can we just go inside, watch some movie and relax". "Are you sure baby? But you said earlier that you are craving for it and want to have it badly" he asked innocently. "But now I just want to sit with you and some spend time in your arms" she said.

He smiled and turning off the stove, picked her up carefully and moved towards the lounge. He made her sit comfortably on the recliner and settled next to her after playing a nice romantic flick on TV. He pulled the duvet over them to cover her properly and she snuggled into him making herself all the more comfortable.

"We can go and sleep if you want. I know you must be really tired after such a hectic day" she asked seriously He smiled at his cute wife and put an arm around her replying "no I don't feel sleepy right now. And I don't feel tired too'''. Tumhari ek muskurahat se meri saari thakan door ho jati hai" he added dramatically. "Oh god!!! Not again. That's the second one in the same day. How lame do you get Armaan? Aur itni tacky line tumhe soojhti bhi kaha se hai" she replied with a sigh. He laughed out aloud and kissed her lips softly adding "I can do anything to annoy you sweetheart".

She hit him on his chest lightly saying "you are really mean Armaan. You always do something or the other intentionally to get a reaction from me. But it's ok, do whatever you want for the next three months. Then once my son is here, we'll see how you win from our team" "O hello!!! How many times have I told you that it'll be a girl and she'll be in my team that too against YOU" he said challengingly. "Puh-leez, since I am the one who is carrying the baby for 9 months and I am the one who will endure all the pain during delivery, so I will be deciding whether it'll be a girl or a boy. And I have decided that IT'LL BE A BOY" she said adamantly.

He pouted listening to her "ab ismein meri kya galti that only girls can get pregnant and boys can't". She laughed hearing him and seeing him pout "acha baba'whatever it will be, a girl or a boy, I am sure we both will love it to the core". He hugged her saying "exactly, no matter if it's a girl or a boy, I just want it to have a heart just like you" She smiled and snuggled into him further.

He placed his hand on her bulging tummy and moved it there slowly. She smiled and said "she is sleeping right now" "How do you know???" he asked curiously. "Because after 24th week of pregnancy, mothers can feel whether their baby is asleep or awake. And what they feel is generally right" she replied seriously. "That's not fair yaar. I can't feel anything our baby is doing" he pouted. "Awwww'don't worry sweetheart, even you will be able to feel the baby kicking in a few weeks from now" she replied seeing him pouting cutely. "Really'.I will be able to feel the baby???" he asked all excited about feeling his baby. She laughed seeing him so hyper and said "yup hunnie, you will be'just a matter of a few weeks".

He then lowered himself to the level of her tummy and started speaking to it "hey baby!!! I know you might be sleeping but just incase you are hearing, remember me, I am your daddy. I might not be able feel you right now like Mumma but I love you a lot and I promise to fulfill all your wishes and demands once you are here. You have no idea how much I am waiting to hold you in my arms. I'll will spoil you and pamper you to the core. You are and you will be my little angel. And I love you more than mumma does". He looked up on feeling Riddhima's hand in his hair.

He held her hand on seeing tears in her eyes and kissed it softly, then kissing her tummy he said "good night my pretty angel". He gently moved up and sat next her like before. Placing his one arm around her, he wiped her tears with the other hand and said seriously "don't cry sweetheart. Are you jealous that I love my baby more??" She looked at him with a blank expression and hit him on his chest a moment later saying "what the hell Armaan??? You are mad. You spoilt such an emotional and touching moment with your senseless wisecrack. How wasted are you??? I don't like you". He laughed his head off, listening her rattle off all 'praises' for him.

"NOW STOP LAUGHING; WILL YOU???" she nearly shouted seeing him laugh. Instead of stopping, Armaan laughed even harder, holding his stomach. "You know what, I HATE YOU" she said getting irritated. On seeing her getting annoyed, finally he stopped laughing and said "Ok ok peace!!!! I am sorry but I said that because I didn't want you to start crying" "Yeah right'like I believe you!!!" she said looking at the other side.

"Seriously yaar, I didn't want you to get emotional and cry. It's not good for your health na" he said trying to pacify her. She looked at him on hearing him speak solemnly and said "Armaaaan, you are abso-freaking-lutely mad. It's ok if I cry once in awhile, it won't hurt the baby. And it wasn't as if I was crying out of pain. I was so touched with everything you said and those were tears of happiness, you idiot". "Oh!! Is it??? But I still don't want you to cry. Just be happy and always keep smiling" he said seriously.

She smiled seeing his care and love for her. She moved forward and kissed his cheek only to make him smile his 'cute dimply smile'. She then pulled his cheeks saying "I soooo love these dimples of yours. They are the cutest thing I have ever seen" he laughed and embraced her tightly, making sure of not hurting her and said "And you the most amazing woman I have ever known".

Forgetting the movies, they talked more about their unborn baby and its future. Fighting and arguing over issues like: the name of the baby, the color scheme of the nursery, which school the baby will go to etc'. "Acha how about 'Subah'? 'Subah' meaning morning. Hmmmm now that's a nice name. What say?" asked Armaan after giving like 100 options for a girl's name which were all rejected by Riddhima. Not getting any response he bent a little to look at her and found her sleeping peacefully with a small smile playing on her lips.

He smiled and kissing her forehead, he picked her up slowly so as not to disturb her. He lay her down on the bed comfortably in their bedroom and lay down next to her. She turned and hugged him as soon as he lay beside her and mumbled sleepily "I love you". Hugging her back, he closed his eyes on hearing her heartfelt confession of her love and slipped into a peaceful slumber after whispering "I love you too princess".


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