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last part : Sensual Seduction (AR)

Okay guy's so many of you wanted to know how Rahul and Muskaan got together. So here's a brief summary of their love story.

Muskaan was the person assistant of Rahul. They really enjoyed each other's company. Having to stay in the same cabin was advantageous towards their relation, as it brought them closer. They got to know each other very well, and felt comfort around each other. Then one day Rahul confessed his love for Muskaan, at which she also confessed. Both were happily together, working side by side. Until the rumor of them being together spread throughout the office. Once the words got into Shashank's ears, he couldn't take it. He immediately fired Muskaan, and threatened Rahul. Rahul being an obedient child listen to as daddy said, and let go of his love. Soon the departure was killing him inside, and he realized his love for Muskaan was stronger than ever.

So he planned out to get Muskaan in his life once again, but this time no one will find out. When he found out where Muskaan was, he was shocked to see her appearance. She looked weak, and ill. He had just found out that her mother has passed away, and she had no one else in her family. Muskaan didn't have a job or anything. Rahul then provided her a job at Malik Industries, and visits her every time he comes to New York. Rahul knew his dad wouldn't accept Muskaan into the family unless she was rich, therefore he wanted Muskaan to gain experience at Malik Industries.




"Armaan a boy"

"No Ridhima, I want a girl"

"A boy Armaan" Ridhima said irritated.

"A girl Ridhima" he said with the same tone as hers.

"Okay fine, we can't control whether boy or girl' but I want two babies" she said smiling.

"Two' you're funny, I want 70'" he said happily.

"70... are you crazy'. Nope I want two," Ridhima said, still in the shock of 70 babies.

"Come on Ridhima' what's two gonna give us' See if we have 70, we can beat the world record" Armaan jumped gleefully. "Nope I only want two, and how on earth am I supposed to have 70 kids, you want me too have babies till I'm 90 years old?" Ridhima said pouting. Armaan melted as he saw her pouty lips. He immediately captured them with his, and broke her into a dreamy spell. "70 kids aren't that hard to make, we can have twins, triplets, and even quadruplets' we just need to have hard sex" he said whispering in her ears, as she closed her eyes. "Armaan" she whispered nears his lips, "I love you Ridhima" he answered her back.

He stroked her waist up and down, making her numb. She was a delicate, fragile body that only craved for Armaan's touches. He pushed her against the door hard "ouch" she yelped. Her screeching aroused him even more, as his finger kneaded through her skin. She moved her nails down his chest, and abs, as they left scratch marks. She took off his shirt and threw it out some unknown place. Meanwhile he moved his hands inside her , and pulled it over her head, throwing it away. He kissed her neck and throat vigorously. Armaan moved down to her chest, then her ribs, and then her stomach, leaving a trail of kisses. He turned her around so that her back was facing him, and pinned her hands against the door. His hands moved sensually along her back, as he kissed it spot by spot. Not leaving a single spot behind, and untied the knot of her bikini. She gasped as her bikini top felt loose, and felt him turning her back around. She crossed her hands against her chest, as she felt exposed, and sat on the bed. Armaan sat next to her and loosened her grip around her chest. "I won't hurt you," he whispered along her lips, as he captured them.

Armaan gripped her hands by intertwining their fingers, and bent them behind her, making both fall on the bed. He felt her stiffen and struggle to get out of his grip, but soon relax as she felt his lips capture hers. His lips moved against hers vibrantly and smoothly. He pierced his tongue through her teeth, as their tongues touched. They danced, twisted, and rolled with each other gleefully. He broke the kiss, and snuggled into her neck, as she kissed neck and shoulders. He kissed her down her throat, and grabbed her breasts inside his mouth. She gasped as he sprung her nipples out. He kissed them, leaving damp prints, as they pressed through her softness. He nibbled down her ribs to her stomach. He tried grabbing a hold of her soft skin on her belly, and sucked on it until it became red. He licked her navel, and nibbled on it, making her restless.

 The emptiness was taken over by his firm legs momentarily. She gasped as his hands released hers, and starting fingering her. She held onto his hair for support as he parted her thighs. "Armaan" she moaned a loud as he entered her. She grabbed onto his hair firmly as he pushed in more. "I think I want 90 kids" she closed her eyes as she heard him say that, and she knew what was coming to her. Slight tears brimmed down her face as she pushed in harder, "Armaan" she gasped, as she held onto the bed sheets, with a rough grip. He came out momentarily, and kissed her face. He bit her all over her body, to distract her from the pain he had given her a few seconds ago. Soon after she eased off, he moved and laid besides her, pulling the blanket over their naked body. He pulled her closer and caressed her the whole night, while she laid her head on his chest.

Feeling soggy lips kissing her bare shoulder, she opened her eyes with irritation. "Mmmm' Armaan, stop it' I'm really tires, and I feel really weak," she said pushing him away from her. "Come on Ridhima, it's our last few hours here' let me enjoy naa" he said kissing her neck. Ridhima sighed as Armaan shifted his body on top of hers. He intertwined her fidgeting hands with his, to get a better grasp of her, still not breaking the kiss. "Armaan I'm starving" she managed to say, in between the kiss. Armaan immediately broke from the kiss, kissed her forehead one last time, and stood up. "You go and freshen up, while I order some breakfast," he said sweetly, while Ridhima nodded. Ridhima went to the bathroom, and freshened up, while Armaan set out the food on the table. After eating breakfast, and resting for a while, both headed out for the airport, as it was their last day of their honeymoon.

***Few Weeks Later***

"Congratulations Mrs. Malik, it's positive" Ridhima smiled gleefully at the doctor, as the news of her pregnancy came out to be positive. Her mind was jumping with joy, she wondered how she should tell Armaan. Hmmm. It has to be a great way, it's not like I get pregnant everyday' but then again with Armaan around, I can have 90 babies' She slightly blushed remembering their honeymoon, and Armaan's words. "Hmmm' Maybe I'll surprise him, but how?" she thought for a while, until her head hit an idea.

As he entered the house, he looked around to find to dark. "Ridhima" he yelled out, but finding no response he turned the light on. He walked around the house, trying to find his wife, but she was nowhere near. "Ridhima yaar, where are you'" he said again. Suddenly his gaze turned to a door colored in blue, "When was this blue" he said stepping inside. He looked around the whole room, and was shocked to find a crib, baby pictures, and toys around. He walked up to the dresser which contained a file. Opening the file, his confused expression turned into a shocked one. Shock as in surprised, no words to describe his feelings, no words to portray how good he felt.

Armaan immediately ran out of the room, screaming Ridhima's name with joy. He was so impatient; he wants to hug Ridhiam as tight as possible for giving him such a pleasant surprise. He opened the door to their bedroom, and with an impulse, his heart immediately stopped beating. Looking at the gorgeous, extravagant wife of his, is enough to kill him. Ridhima was standing on the balcony, as the white curtains flew behind her, and her beautiful hair blew with the winds reaction. She was wearing a red nighty, and was looking pleasant this evening. Her face glowed with the moon, perhaps even more. His eyes then went to her hand, which was caressing her stomach, ever so gently. That broke him out of his trance, once he realized he was going to be a father. Quietly sneaking up behind her, and slid his arms around her waist and placed his palm on her stomach. Placing his head on her shoulder his mumbled, "Thank you so much Ridhima'" he turned her around and immediately pulled her into a crushing hug. "I love you so MUCH!" he shrieked twirling her around in his arms. After putting her down, he settled on his knees, and caressed her stomach. "Hey baby, this is daddy' I just wanna say, welcome to the family' You know, you and mommy sure gave me the best surprise ever' I love you so much baby, and tell mommy I love her also" he said placing a gentle kiss on her stomach. "I love you Ridhima' Thank you so much for this angel" he said kissing her forehead, and pulling her into a tight, pressing hug. "Thank you Armaan... For letting all my dreams come true".

**1 month later**

"RIDHIMA!... STOP IT YAAR' You just threw up on my important file'" Armaan said angrily. "Well then blame yourself Mr. Malik' and STOP YELLING AT ME' I CAN SHOUT ALSO!" Ridhima said placing her arms around her chest and turning away from Armaan. "Oaky' okay, fine I'm sorry for yelling at you, but you should see where your vomiting though'" He saw Ridhima's expression get more furious. "Armaan it's not my fault I keep on vomiting' it's your fault for getting me pregnant" Ridhima said furiously. "Okay, I'm sorry, I got you pregnant' please forgive me" Armaan said holding his ears, and making his puppy dog eyes. Ridhima's hearted melted at that point and hugged him tightly, "Promise me you will never yell at me again'" she said like a baby. "Awww I promise my baby' you too cute to yell at" he kissed her forehead, and made her go to sleep.

**another month later**

"Armaan, I wanna watch a horror movie" Ridhima said happily as they reached to the theaters. "No baby, a horror movie isn't good for you , our little angel might get scared'" Armaan said caressing her stomach. She immediately jerked his hands off from her stomach, and started walking away. Armaan looked at her confused, "Ridhiam what happened, why are you so mad?" "WHY CAN'T I WATCH A HORROR MOVIE' IF I WANNA WATCH  A HORRO R MOVIE, I'LL WATCH IT THEN' and no one can stop me" Ridhima said pushing Armaan away. Armaan grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him, "okay fine, we'll watch a horror movie, but if you get scared, don't hold on to me". At that point Ridhima started crying loudly. "Armaan, you don't love me anymore' I knew you would turn out like this' all guys are like this, just because I'm pregnant you taking advantage of me' Armaan I hate you, I hate you so much'" she said hitting his chest. Armaan grabbed on her fists, and kissed her lips to stop her from crying. "Ridhima, I love you baby' okay here, let's go watch you horror movie and I won't leave you'" he said smiling at her. "Promise" she looked up into his eyes for support. She smiled as he nodded a yes. After standing on the line for 30 minutes, they finally got the ticket to the horror movie. "Armaan, horror movies are really scary right" she asked, trying to understand the situation. "And scary movies are bad for the baby' you know I think we should see a comedy". "RIDHIMA ARE YOU'" Armaan was about to blowout his anger, but once he saw slight tears appearing on her face, he stopped. "Fine, let's go and watch a comedy," he said trying to keep patience, while Ridhima smiled gleefully.

***Another month later***

"Armaan, I want a chocolate cake' you know with double fudge, and chocolate moose' oooo, I can just taste it from here, can you go and buy me please?" Ridhima asked sweetly. "I'm sorry baby, we don't have chocolate cake, but we do have chocolate ice-cream, let me get you some'" he was stopped by Ridhima's hand. "No' I want chocolate cake, and that's final'" She said like a spoilt brat. "Ridhima, stop being stubborn and just eat the ice-cream, I promise to buy you cake tomorrow, but for now I have a lot of work to do'" he said firmly. "FINE! Be THAT WAY!... and anyways, who the f**k am I that your gonna care for me' you rather go to work than listen to me right'" She said slightly tearing up, and facing the other way. Armaan sighed deeply; he knew it wasn't her fault' "Okay fine, here no work, only Ridhima' happy baby" he said wiping her tears away. "Do you know how much I love you baby" he asked her hugging her. Ridhima nodded, and kissed his cheek for baring her for these months. "Let's go to the cake store and buy you your chocolate cake" Armaan picked her up in his arms, and lead her to his car, while she laid her head on his chest.

***2 more months later***

"WOW! somebody's looking sexy" he said whistling at Ridhima. Ridhima started pouting miserably, "Armaan, I'm fat... I gained so many pounds" she said putting her hand on her belly. "Hey that belly of yours is the thing that's making you look sexy" Armaan said caressing her stomach. "But Armaan, I'm not hot anymore" she said thinking about how many pounds she has to loose. "Hey, you're the hottest, sexiest, wife in this whole world' Fat or skinny, all I care about is what's in your heart' and nobody can have your heart Ridhima," he said hugging her. "well except for you' you're the owner of my heart" she said hugging him back.

**6 months later**

"Congratulations Mr. Malik, it's a boy" Armaan looked at the doctor gratefully. His heart did about 500 cartwheels in 1 second. "Can I see Ridhiam right now" he asked, impatient to meet his wife, and their new son. The doctor nodded a yes and took Armaan to Ridhima.

"Ridhima' Thank you so much Ridhima' I love you so much" he said puling her into a side hug. "How are you feeling baby?" he asked stroking her hair. "I'm fine armaan, but how's our son" she asked, impatient to meet their son. "your son is perfectly fine, you can take him home right now" the doctor said handing the new born baby to Ridhima. Ridhima and Armaan observed their newborn son, and smiled at how much it looks like Armaan. "Armaan he has you eyes, those blue deep colored eyes'" Armaan kissed Ridhima's forehead, and then their baby's forehead.

**2 years later**

Armaan, Ridhima, and Danny, yes Danny was (their son's name) were sitting on the couch and enjoying television. Ridhima was holding Danny, while he clapped his hands gleefully. "daadaaa" he said pulling an arms for Armaan. Armaan took his son and played with him, until he went to bed. "Armaan, it's not fair, our son has you eyes, your nose, your hair, you lips' he ahs nothing from me' he's even naughty like you'" Ridhima said pouting. "Well he has something I don't, your cuteness' I mean look at his pouty face when he sleeps, and those chubby cheeks, I don't have those.." Armaan said pinching her cheeks, while Ridhima smiled at him. Both looked at their son lovingly, while he slept. After biding their son goodnight, they headed off to their bedroom.

'So you think our son got his naughtiness from me' but who's naughtier, the son or the daddy" Armaan asked sliding his arms around her waist sensually. "Armaan, your naughtiness is getting out of hand" she said pushing him away from her. "Ridhima I love you" he whispered sensually, as his moist breath made contact with her soft skin. She closed her eyes feeling his hands moving inside her shirt. He turned her around and pulled her close, so that their chests are touching. He pushed her against the wall, and kissed her hungrily, like a wild dog. Smacking his lips against hers, he pierced his tongue through her mouth compulsively, and played around in their. Their tongues danced with joy as if they themselves were soul mates. Ridhima unbuttoned Armaan shirt, while he did the same. Both threw each other's shirts to an unknown place, and caressed each other sensually. Armaan took Ridhima in his arms, and carried her to the bed. He settled on top of her and kissed her neck, while stroking her cheeks. "Armaan" she gasped as Armaan bit her continuously. He sucked on her skin, until her skin became blood shot red. He kissed her in-between her cleavage, and started stroking her breasts. He sucked them, squeezed, and kissed them, until they became numb. He stroked her thighs, softening them up for what's coming towards her. "Armaan" she moaned loud, as he entered her with a gush. An adrenaline rush stroke through her body as he pushed in harder. She grabbed a fistful of his hair, and scratched his back as the pain started tormenting her. He came out, and started kissing her belly, for her comfort. His kisses always took away any sort of pain for her, and now it was working. He kissed her until her pain eased. Settling next to her, he snuggled into her neck and kissed it, while she giggled.

Suddenly the clock stroked 12 a.m., "Happy 3 year anniversary baby" he whispered, and kissed her cheek. "Happy anniversary Armaan" she kissed his lips. After breaking out, both snuggled up inside the comforter, feeling each other's warmth.


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