Sunday, 9 September 2018

Part 1: The Breeze of the Beach (os in 2 parts)

Aah! The breeze of the beach was enough to make me smile. I just love it. And the weather was superb. It was a hot and sunny day ' just what I wanted. I wasn't here on my own. And I wouldn't have minded it even if I was. But when I had suggested a little trip at the beach to my mom, she decides that it would be great to invite ALL her friends to it. I mean we even had to hire a coach to support 20 or so old women plus their blooming husbands plus the spoilt brats that they call children. When I say spoilt brats, I mean spoilt brats. It's as if one can't be sure if their mothers actually gave birth to them or if they had been made in some factory. It would be too rude to say all of them were spoilt. Some weren't but the majority were.
So much for planning a beach trip. The main point of a trip to the beach was to relax my mind (and my heart) a little after all that stress and confusion from the past month. It was also to spend a bit of FAMILY time. Urgh!

It wasn't even the fact that I can't relax properly or spend time with my family that was bothering. It was the fact the HE had to be here too! HE who has bothering my mind for the past month. HE has been bothering my heart for the past month. HE who is going to be bothering me today. Especially considering that HE is going to have a bunch of annoying girls around him!

And why does that bother me? I don't know but it shouldn't be! I mean, why do I care? It's only HIM. The stupid, ugly, pig faced boy who lives next door to me and who has no life other than to go around bothering me.

OK, maybe I am lying slightly. Actually a lot. But there is kind of a bit of truth in it...


He isn't stupid, ugly or pig faced. In fact, he's the most hottest and gorgeous guy ever to be created by God. OK, maybe not the most gorgeous but you get the picture. Along with great beauty, God seemed to have oddly given him good brains too. Maybe God was experimenting to see if beauty and brains can mix. It definitely can in his case. He was a straight grade A student in school and he came top in college too. Now he's some business dude. Successful in that too!

And the bit about him bothering me ... well it's partially true. I mean I do get bothered by him but it's not he who goes around bothering me. He does bother me by being the annoying best friend(I know he is my best buddy) but ever since he asked me for a dance at that party, my heart has been experiencing this newly found sensation at just the sight of him. Not only that, I would feel my cheeks burning, I would feel butterflies in my stomach, my knees would go weak, I would go all tongue tied and I would be gazing at him for ages unknowingly! I know what you guys are thinking but it's only been a month. A bit too soon to decide anything at the moment.

Man, I just got to the beach and I already was filled was his thoughts! I turned around and saw the rest of the tribe still standing around the coach gossiping. Urgh! Seems like I am the only one who was excited about going to the beach! My eyes searched for one person. You know who I am talking about. And as predicted before he was surrounded by a flock of girls and guess what ' he seemed to be enjoying.

Why wouldn't he be?

After all he is Armaan Malik...

The guy with beauty and brains

And boy did he know it! (Of course he did!)

It's at get togethers like these that I hate him the most. Not just because he has a crowd of girls around him but also because he avoids me. It has been happening ever since high school. It's not like he avoided me elsewhere. Oh no ' at both school and college we were known as best buddies by everyone. But it's just as such get togethers. And reason? Because he doesn't want any girl to think that I was his girlfriend(I wish) ! I just hope that one day, he realises that I am better to hang out than those idiots.

To avoid his thoughts, I set myself down to make sandcastles. Something I've always enjoyed ever since I was young. I decided to leave the splashing my feet in the water bit for later. I knew I wouldn't get much peace or water to myself if I went there now. Already, Armaan along with those bunch of idiots were there splashing water at each other.

I seriously wanted to stab him with my spade but I thought to leave that till later. Maybe when he falls in love me. Ha! Fat chance that happening. As if Mr Perfect would ever fall in love with Little Miss Imperfect. Not that I love him anyway.

So I decided to once again focus my concentration on the sandcastle. Half an hour later I had made a collection of mini sandcastles as a circular wall around me. Since I am not being allowed much space here on the crowded beach, I thought that I might as well make a wall. I had a bit of trouble making it because I had to keep on going past Armaan to collect water to make my sandcastles stick together. But now I was done. I had a new and wonderful mini wall around me. A wall that would allow me my own private space that no one could get through. Not even Armaan Malik.

"Hey, Basket!" Armaan screeched coming running towards me not even noticing the wall around me. And guess what happened?

"Armaan!!!!!!!!!! My wall! You destroyed my wall!"

"Girl, relax! It's just a wall made of sand. It would have been destroyed sooner or later anyway. Besides, your best buddy is here and all you worry about is your stupid sand wall thingy!"

"Oh, so where was my best buddy all this time, huh?"

"Just busy," He said winking, "Besides at least I was with people. You were with a wall!"

"You all those things people!"

"OK, relax! Why are you still sitting here?" And with that he picked me up with arms and ran towards the sea. This wasn't new to me. I meant Armaan picking me up like this. But what was new to me was the new sensation within me when he did that. It never used to be like this.

When we reached the sea, he placed me down again. Urgh, did he have to put me down so soon? OMG, what am I thinking? Seriously, Ridz, you have lost it! I glanced at him and saw him walking into the water trying to pull me with him. But I just stood there on the edge feeling the waves lap against my bare feet and breathing in the air of the sea. I lifted my arms to the side and closed my eyes as I felt the wind trying to push me backwards. It felt like heaven. Suddenly, I could neither feel the wind nor the waves. Instead, I could feel the familiar breath of someone on my face. I opened to see Armaan standing in front of me with a look which I couldn't figure out what it meant. But that wasn't for long. Soon, the cheeky Armaan smile appeared on his face again. His eyes were also sparkling. Not that they weren't a second ago. That seemed to be different sort of sparkle.

Uh oh! When Armaan starts grinning like a freak, it only means one thing; TROUBLE!!! Just as that shocking message had been received by my brain, I felt a splash of water on my face. I knew it!!!!! I opened my eyes to see him in fits of laughter.

"AAARGH! Armaan Malik, I am definitely going to kill you for this!!!!!!!!!!"

And with that I scooped a litre of water with my bucket and through it right at his face as a sort of payback. And then to top it all just to give Riddhima speciality to it, I took the chance to leap on him whilst he was still in the shock of the splash in his face. He fell right into the water fully drenched and I was sitting on top of him a bit less drenched as the water was too shallow to reach me.

"Riddhima! This is too much!"

And with that, he pushed me over making me fall into the water too. And that started it all. The biggest water fight of the century.

We were fighting like this for about quarter of an hour now and by now I had noticed that people were eyeing us weirdly. I also noticed those spoilt brats also standing in corner sending comments to each other. Haha! They were burning in jealousy with seeing Armaan with me. Just as I celebrating victory inside my head, I had noticed Armaan had stopped splashing water at me. Instead, he was gazing out somewhere. I followed his gaze and it obviously lead to those girls.

I was really annoyed now! I had just gotten some time to spend with my best buddy and they already have to steal him. I started to make my way out because I'd rather I left by myself than Armaan ignoring me and leaving me. Just as I was about to take a step towards the beach, I felt an arm pull me back. It was none another than Armaan. With the pull I felt myself crashing into his chest. I looked up at him in confusion. What was he doing? I saw him look at me with the same look that I couldn't yet decipher. Suddenly, the most shocking thing ever happened.

He pulled me right in and smacked his lips against mine. I stood there still for a while in shock. But gradually I started to reciprocate as all the feelings that I had bottled up, had by now started to escape from within me. Unknown desires, emotions and passion had started swirling within me. My head started to feel dizzy as I was trying to solve the confusion as to what was going on. Suddenly, it all clicked my brain. My immediately pushed him off, quite violently actually. He looked quite surprised. Well, why wouldn't he be? He's the one who started it. He gave me a questioning look (isn't that supposed to be me). But before I could answer him, Maya, the worst of the spoilt kind, had intervened.

"Well done Armaan! You won the bet! Wow! Didn't know that you had this much courage, dude! Keep it up!"



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