Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Part 1 : Sab Mera Tu (ARSH ss)

In Mumbai 

@ One of a Bridge

"Armaan main... Phirse keh rahin hoon... Ki... Soch lo abhi bhi waqt hai... Kyunki agar main chali gayi naa.... Toh dusri mujh jaisi koi nehi milne waali..." a girl warned while stepping back gradually where as Armaan was only watching her wd calm look "You know itne saare... Qualities ek hi ladki mein nehi hote... Jitne mujh mein hai... Like... Main beautiful hoon... Smart & Intelligent hoon... You know like Beauty wd Brains" she parised herself still stepping back while hearing this he shook his head and stood against his car wd crossed hands "Kabhi dekhi hai... Kisiki Green aankhen... Jo meri hai... Kabhi dekhi hai... Kisiki hairs perfect ho jaise mere hain... In fact mera toh naam bhi ek proud k saath aata hai..... Shilpa Malhotra..... Sabke liye Khatra except you..." she said wd pride while ignoring her he corrected his goggles calmly "Meri height weight sab kuch perfect hai... Main business bhi sambhaal sakti hoon... Aur ghar bhi... Sirf tumhaare liye... Aur ek tum ho... Jo ghar aayi Laxmi ko thukra rahe ho...." hearing her
words he looked away from her whose mouth half opened "How mean Armaan... Yahan main marne se pehle.... Apni feelings share karna chaahti hoon tumse.... Aur tumhe meri koi parvah nehi hai..." she complained in her cute anger making him to watched the beautiful sea under the bridge "Aree... Gadhi agar parvah hoti toh aaj yahan nehi hoti tu..." as her mind scolded her she looked down on ground sadly "Haan toh... Khudko ek baar dekh bhi nehi paayi... Marne se pehle..." she said to herself wd cute sad look while looking at her self(She is wearing a sea green check shirt which is tucked inside her white shorts also she have wore white shoes, her hairs are opened in smooth silky wave which have brown wd black mix colour, she didn't had put any make up or something she is simple as beautiful, in her one hand she have wore a black wrist watch and in another a simple dagling Bracelet in fact on that hand only she have held her goggles) "Par Shilpa tu mari kahan hai abhi tak jaa... Ek last time khudko dekhle..." as her mind said to her she gave herself an encouraging nod and taking a sigh she approached towards him who didn't even noticed her "Suno..." hearing her strict voice he looked at her calmly "Thoda side hatto... Mujhe khudko dekhna hai ek baar..." pushing him a little side she said in her Not-So-Serious voice and started looking at herself on his black Mercedes's mirror making him smile amusingly "Hmmm... Achi lag rahi hoon..." complementing herself she looked back at him who is checking something on his phone and then she scanned him from head to toe(He have wore a dim blue denim opened shirt wd white vest underneath and white denim ripped jeans wd white shoes not to forget his black goggles were making him look like real Rockstar and of course his tattoos) "Aur tum bhi thik hi lag rahe ho..." hearing her normal voice he looked away from his phone "Ab aise kya dekh rahe ho... Main koi last selfie nehi leni waali tumhaare saath... Kyunki main chaahti hoon ki... Meri koi yaad tumhaare paas naa rahe bas... Toh No selfie n all..." hanging her goggles on her short's belt she almost ordered making him narrow his bows confusedly
"Main... Selfie nehi le raha tha... Vo toh bas... Main concert ki dates bata raha tha Shaad ko..." his calm slow voice made her mouth hung open 

"Uff! Tumse umeed bhi kya kar sakte hain.... Looser..." saying this annoyingly she started walking again towards the bridge's railing "Aur accha suno..." stopping in middle she looked back at him who stood straight hearing her "Tumhaari mom ko koi message dena hai tumhaari taraf se...?" she knew she hit his old emotions but she didn't had any choice coz she want to make him realize that if she jump off the bridge he will loose her for forever just like his mom "Kahin isse bura toh nehi lag gaya....?" she thought staring his blank look "Nehi re... Isse bura nehi laga hoga kyunki yeh toh emotionless aur heartless hai... So don't worry" her heart cheered her who noticed his face which have calm look 

"Nehi..." hearing his calm voice she became perplexed but calming herself down she put her both hands behind her back like a teacher and then stared him 

"Kyun... Areee trust me yaar... Main aunty se milne k baad tumhaara message unko de dungi... Vo bhi khush ho jaayngi... KI UNKE BETE K PAAS EMOTIONS TOH HAI..." she was saying this normally but at the end taunted in extra sweet voice making him stare her calmly "Godd!! Tumse baat karti hoon na... Toh lagta hai kisi Patthar se baat kar rahin hoon jiska koi jawab nehi aata..." stepping towards him she almost shouted which made him to look away from her "Tumhe daya nehi aati mujhpe.... Ki ek ladki Diwaano nehi... I mean Diwaani ki tarah tumse pyaar karti hai vo bhi bina kisi condition k... Aur tum ho ki usse ignore karte ho... Uski feelings football ki tarah Goal karte ho... Kyun?" now her voice turned soft as she saw him looking away from her "Kya tumne kabhi nehi socha ki... Iske bhi kuch Sapne aur Armaan honge... Jinhen pure karne chaahiye.... And most important tumhaara naam toh Armaan hai.... Armaan yaani Desire.... Toh tum mere Desires kyun nehi pure karte... Dekho kitni pyaari shakal hai meri... Kisiko bhi pyaar aa jaaye..." pointing at her face she spoke in dramatic way but his eyes were fixed on side of bridge which was blocked by his bodyguards, also it is one of an oldest bridge of Mumbai where no vehicles were allowed but coz of Shilpa he is here wd his bodygaurds who were only praying for Shilpa's safety "Par nehi tumko toh farq hi nehi padta.... Par dekhna bacchu mere jaane k baad tumhe farq zaroor padega... After all tum apni aankhon k saamne mujhe marte huye jo dekhoge..." this line she said in proud tone making him sighed "Aur Hello!! Main tumse baat kar rahin hoon... Idhar udhar kya dekh rahe ho... Kahin apne emotions toh chupa nehi rahe" clicking her fingers in front of him she spoke in suspicious voice 

"Aisa kuch nehi hai... Main toh bas..." he was explaining this normally when she interrupted
"Reasons mat do.... Mujhe nehi jaanna... Bas yaad rahe apni aankhen... Mujhpe se hataana mat... Varna main yehi samjhungi ki... Tum mujhse pyaar karte ho... Bas koi majboori hai tumhaari...." stopping him she almost ordered him who gave a nod in Yes "Kyunki koi bhi insaan jisse pyaar karta hai... Vo usse apni aankhon k saamne marte huye nehi dekh sakta" her philospher words made him to look at his wrist watch 

"I think tumhe... Jaldi karna chaahiye... Kyunki mujhe kuch kaam hai... Toh jaana padega..." in a very careful manner he said slowly making her heart sank hearing his 'Kadva dialogue'
"How mean Armaan..." she spoke wd cute sad look making him frown "Arrgghhh.... Just go to hell.... Baat hi nehi karni mujhe tumse.... Jab jaaungi naa tab dekhna kaise bura lagega tumhe.... Huh...!!" stumping her foot angrily on ground she started again walking towards the railing "Looser ka looser hi rahega... Bhagwaan ne zubaan toh di hai isse... Par usse us kaise karna hai yeh nehi sikhaya... Lekin haan ussi awaaz ko gaane k liye use kar sakta hai par mere liye nehi.... Bewkoof Jerk Idiot... Duniya ki saari gaaliyan iske uper huh..." she was blabbering while walking hastly towards the railing when
"Shilpa...." his voice made her stop in her tracks hopefully coz she thought he will stop her
"Haan..." looking back at him she spoke in happy tone
"Actually vo... Tumhaare..." but before he could say something she became happy and interrupted
"Ek minute... Main apni aankhen band kar leti hoon... Tab bolo... Kyunki yeh kisi sapne se kam nehi hai..." hearing her excited voice he got confused while she closed her eyes still happy coz she thought he is going to propose her "Ab bolo bhi..." she spoke curiously still wd eyes closed while shaking his head he looked at his wrist watch again for the time "Armaan..." her voice made him look up at her 
"Emm yaah... Actually tumhaari... Shoe laces khuli hai.... Toh baandh lo... Varna gir jaaogi..." as she heard his suggestion her eyes snapped opened shockingly
"Kyaa??" she exclaimed when he pointed her at her white shoes who looked down confusedly but as she saw her shoe laces opened her anger rosed "Toh girne do na... Kya farq padta hai... Vaise bhi khud bhi toh girne waali hoon bridge se..." she taunted stepping back angrily while he stared her wd calm look "Stupid..." cursing him she turned again to go when her feet stopped as something clicked inside her little brain "Shilpa soch... Isse teri shoe laces ki parvah itni hai toh... Tere liye yeh toh jaan bhi de dega.... Meri baat maan toh tu kudne ki taiyaari kar... Kyunki yeh tujhe girne nehi dega..." as her mind said to her a wide smile reached her lips who wd a smiling face looked back at him "Acha Armaan... Ek baat puchoon??" as she spoke cheerfully he gave a nod in Yes "Tumhe mujhe dekh k kya feel hota hai...?" in a curious way she asked making him to watch her silently 
"Umm.... Kuch nehi..." hearing his calm answer her smile vanished
"Kuch nehi...?? Kuch bhi nehi??" she asked to confirmed but he gave nod in No making her heart sank but loosing not her cool she took a sigh "Acha jab tumne mujhe pehli baar dekh tha toh kuch... Feel huaa tha...??" she asked carefully making him frown
"Hum... Bahoot chote the... Yaad nehi mujhe..." as he replied normally she held her head
"Offo! Buddhu... Main bachpan ki nehi... Abhi latest ki baat kar rahi hoon... Jab tum Damam se return aaye the.... Ek saal pehle.... Aur hum raat ko takra gayye the..." she tried to make him remember but he didn't reacted much just gave a silent nod in Yes "Arrgghh.... Bewkoof looser..." she cursed him mentally seeing his unattentive reactions "Acha... Tum mere baare mein kya sochte ho... Come on.... Main mar rahi hoon... Toh itna toh jaanne ka right hai..." she spoke in her Not-So-Angry look 
"Kuch nehi...." she fumed from inside as she heard again this from him 
"Nevermind.... Tell me... Kya tumhe mujhse... Kabhi... Kabhi... Kabhi pyaar nehi huaa... Ek second k liye bhi nehi??" she knew what he will answer but then also she asked where as hearing this he was quiet for seconds but then gave a nod in No making her heart broke into pieces "Main nehi maanti.... Aur aaj dekh lena main yeh proof karungi.... Ki tumhe farq padta hai.... Dekh lena" saying this confidentlly she started walking again towards the bridge's railling "Aur haan... Ab suno dhyaan se... Mere jaane k baad ki Conditions..." getting angry she almost spoke wd grumpy look making him stand still "Jaisa ki tumhe pata hai ki main kyun is duniya se jaa rahi hoon... Toh kuch mere adhoore kaam toh tumhe hi karne honge..." she almost neard to the railling while she saying this coolly but a little loudly so that he could hear "Sun rahe hona??" she looked back at him who gave a nod in Yes "Hmmm good... Toh suno meri pehli shart yeh hai ki... Mere is duniya se jaane k baad... Tum kabhi kissi se shaadi nehi karoge varna... Main bhoot banke pareshaan karungi tumhe..." as she spoke normally a smile reached his lips who stared her from far "In fact tumhe girl friend banane ka bhi right nehi hai... Kyunki jab tumne mujhe Haan nehi ka toh kisi aur ko bhi nehi kahoge... Is that clear" pointing at him she almost ordered who took a sigh nodding in Yes "Hmm good... Aur meri dusri shart yeh hai ki... Mere marne k baad mere saare kapde aur cheeze ek Graveyaard mein dafna kar ek hi jagah karde.... Aur mera tomb banvaayen... So that koi bhi mujhse kabhi bhi vahan milne aa sake... Vaise main vahin milungi... Sabko..." removing her wrist watch she was putting her wishes in front of him whose eyes were only fixed on her calmly "Dad ko keh dena ki vo apni best daughter ko khone k baad... Kisi aur ko naa paida karen yaah adopt karen... In fact mere business ka saara paisa vo tumhaare naam karde... Aur haan mera business tumhi ko sambhaalna padega... Kyunki main Sid(Shilpa's twin brother) pe trust nehi kar sakti..." she was saying this normally while taking out her phone to check her Whatsapp FB Insta Twitter status "Haan mom ko bolna... I love her more than anyone except you... Naani ko meri taraf se kissi de dena... Ronit uncle(Armaan's dad) ko bhi bol dena ki is janam main unki bahu nehi ban paayi toh kya huaa agle janam beti banungi... Surbhi(Her best friend) ko sorry bol dena ki main uske saath New York presentation mein nehi aa paayi... Swayam(Armaan's younger brother) ko bol dena vo mujhe marne k baad bhi Bhabhi hi bulaaye... Koi Di vi nehi.... Saath mein usko yeh bhi suggestion dena... Ki vo tumhaare jaisa kabhi nehi bane varna kisi.. Masoom si ladki ka dil toot jaayga jaise mera toota hai... Aur haan.. Tum thoda Shaad(Armaan's PA) pe dhyaan de diya karo kyunki usse tumhaari bahoot parva hai...." she was blabbering while putting her new status 'I am a Free bird... And now i flew away for forever...' she put this on her social a/cs "Ritvik(Sid's bestfriend and her biggest enemy)..... Emmm... Nehi uske baare mein kuch nehi kehna mujhe... Bas" looking back at him she finished her conditions on which he gave a nod in Yes obediently "Hmm... Ab meri last selfie post kar doon... Phir kudti hoon.." taking her phone she started clicking her selfies while he was still staring her shoe laces which were opened "Hey dad... Hey mom... I love you all... I know aap gussa honge ki maine aisa step kyun liya but dad... Yeh proof dena bahoot zaroori hai ki... How much i love him... Aur Armaan ka reaction bhi utna hi zaruri hai... Saath mein mere jaane k baad koi bhi mere Armaan ko kuch nehi kahega... Kyunki yeh mera faisla hai... Toh ismein iski galti nehi hai.... So koi bhi kuch nehi kahega... Ek word bhi nehi... Varna mujhse bura koi nehi hoga.... Haan maine kuch messages apne Armaan ko diye hain aap sab k liye toh... Vo sunn lena... Bye... Love you..." giving a flying kiss to the camera she put off it and then making a serious face she approached towards him who stood straight as she stood in front of him "Hmm... Meri family ko dena mere marne k baad..." forwarding her phone goggles & watch she spoke in slow emotional voice which he observed but wdout saying anything he moved his hand to take that when "Ek minute.." stopping him she stood beside him and clicked a selfie of both making him to watch her silently "Yeh tumhe yaad rahegi humesha... Meri taraf se..." saying this she handled her all things and soon stood beside bridge's railing while he was only staring her calmly "Goshhh! Yeh kitna deep hai..." her heart beat skipped as she saw the deep green water waving hastly just like her green oceanetic eyes which became wide noticing the depth of water "Shilpa soch le... Abhi bhi mauka hai... Varna andar chali gayi toh pata bhi nehi chalega..." her heart said to her scaredly as she gulped seeing the deep water from this high bridge "Par..." taking a sigh she looked back at Armaan who was blankly staring her "Isse toh farq bhi nehi padh raha... Hai..." she thought wd cute sad face "Aree Shilpa chasmen k peeche koi bhi apna emotion chupa sakta hai... Tu isse bol goggles utaar kar dekhe... Tab pata chalega ki farq padta hai yaah nehi..." as her mind said to her a new hope developed inside her heart who wd a smile looked back at him "Armaan..." in a very sweet voice she took his name who hummed calmly "Sach bataona... Ki tumhe tension ho rahi hai ki main kud jaaungi... Tabhi tum apni emotional aankhen apne goggles k peeche chupa rahe hona...?" as she asked smilingly he took a sigh and removing his goggles he kept that on his car's head wd her things, her expressions became sad one as she saw him standing calmly even his eyes also were fixed on her "Heartless...!!" she muttered angrily wd cute pout "Pagal tune iska check up karvaaya tha... Iske paas heart hai bhool gayi..." her mind scolded her who glared him angrily "Aur tumhaara phone bhi... Kya pata apne emotions chupaane k liye tum busy hone ka naatak karo..." she knowingly said loudly so that she could see his face but to her heartbreak he wd silence took his phone and kept that beside his goggles then looked back at him wd phlegmatic look making her disappoint "Matlab yeh chahta hai... Main kud jaaun.." thinking this she turned to go when her shoe laces came under her shoes
"Shilpa... Sambhal ke..." but before he could warn she fell on her knees
"Aahhh..." she whinced as she fell on her knees making him to take some steps towards her but soon he stepped back "Shilpa tu giri... Iski awaaz aayi peeche dekh... Kya expression hai iska... Jaldi" as her mind said to her she abruptly looked back at him who was still standing on his original place
"Tum thik ho..." he asked in calm voice making her to read his expression as if wanting to see Worry Sadness Love Care etc... But to her bad luck his face have calm look
"Kya farq padta hai... Abhi giri hoon... Thodi der baad kud jaaungi... Huh!!" saying this she stood up while clearing the dust from her knees n all "Gadha... Geer rahin hoon toh puch raha hai... Par kudne waali hoon toh rok bhi nehi raha... Looser" mumbling this to herself she stood holding the bridge's railing "Ab jo bhi ho... Faisla tune kar liya hai... Toh kud..." taking deep breath she closed her eyes and then looked down at water "Soch tu Aashiqui 2 ka The End dekh rahi hai..." she thought making a loose pony of her smooth long hairs "Par usmein bhi agar... Aditya Roy Kapur Shraddha k saamne kudta toh vo.... Bhi ek thappad maarke rok leti usse... But Looser Armaan Malik... Losser hi rahega..." she thought wd fear and wdout thinking anything wd closed eyes stood on the railing facing the water while Armaan's bodygaurds got worried seeing her standing on railing even Armaan's expression also changed in little worried
"Sir rok kyun nehi rahe mam ko...?" one of a bodygaurd asked to another one
"Sir chod hum kyun nehi rok rahe unhe..." another one asked worriedly
"Yaad nehi Mam ne khud sabko mana kiya hai... Koi unke karib nehi aayga... Jab tak Armaan sir khud naa roke unhen..." third one spoke calmly still watching Arsh
"Aur mujhe toh nehi lagta vo unhen rokenge..." the second one replied worriedly
"Haan yaar... Ab toh mujhe bhi lagta hai... Ki sir k paas emotions nehi hai... Pyaar k liye naa sahi... Insaaniyat k liye toh rok leyen..." first one spoke slowly while praying for Shilpa's safety 
"Par manana padega... Mam ki himmat ko... Seedhe khadi ho gayi... Proof dene k liye..." fifth one praised smilingly
"Par vo unke liye aisa kar hi kyun rahin hain... Jab sir unse pyaar nehi karte toh vo kyun majboor kar rahin hain unhein...??" seventh one asked confusedly making others smile
"Vo unhen majboor nehi kar rahi pagal... Vo toh dekhna chaahti hain ki kya sir k paas koi emotion hai yaah nehi..." first one answered wd a smile making him to gave nod in Yes 
"Par sir ko dekh k lagta nehi unke dimaag mein kya chal raha hoga..." as the second one spoke they all looked at Armaan who was standing still while watching her wdout any expressions when she looked back at him still standing on railing
"Apni nazren mujhpe se hataana mat..." pointing at him she tried to say in cool voice coz from inside she was hell scared of this height and water while hearing this he managed to give a nod in Yes "Good...!!" saying this wd fake smile she looked back again on the dreadful water only to get scared "Dekh Shilpa yehi hai teri kismat.... Tu kahan se kahan aa gayi aaj... Koi kahega tujhe height aur paani dono se bahoot dar lagta hai.... Lekin... Sirf is ek ladke ki wajah se... Aaj tu is musibat mein hai...." she thought scaredly while staring the deep water which only left her head spinned "Neeche mat dekh.." closing her eyes she prayed silently...
(So guys... Yeh main hoon yaani Shilpa Malhotra jo ab kisike liye bhi Khatra nehi hai.... Kyunki ab main jaa rahi hoon yeh duniya chod kar... Sirf mere first and last love Armaan Malik ki wajah se... Main shuru se aisi nehi thi aur naa hi Armaan hum dono bachpan se hi alag the... At least aise toh nehi the... Haan humaari kahaani bachpan ki hai... Jab hum dono ek dusre ko pasand bhi nehi karte the... Especially main... Actually mere dad yaani Mr Ram Malhotra aur Armaan k dad yaani Ronit Malik dono hi collage se bahoot acche dost hain... Jinhone apna business saath mein shuru kiya jo jaise hi successful huaa in dono ne ghar bhi ek saath banaya... So tabse meri family yaani mere dad Ram meri mom Gautmi meri Naani aur mera judwa bewkoof bhai Sidharth... Aur Armaan k dad Ronit uski mom Naina aunty jo ab is duniya mein nehi hai aur uska chota bhai Swayam... Hum sab ek saath rehte the... Main bahoot choti thi uswaqt.. Shayad teen saal ki thi main jab maine Armaan ko pehli baar dekha tha jo mujhse do saal bada hai... Mujhe vo shuru se hi nehi pasand tha reason meri mom k saath meri puri family usko pasand karti thi except main aur mera nalayak bhai jo usse bilkul pasand nehi karte the kyuni usse humse zyada attention milta tha... Even humaari naani bhi usse humse zyada pyaar karti thi... Kyunki vo bahoot masti karta tha pure ghar ko utha k rakhta tha... Bachpan se hi prankster tha vo aur hum dono bhai behen humesha uske pranks ka shikar hote the.... Isiliye mujhe usse chid hoti thi aur shayad vo bhi mujhe nehi pasand karta tha bachpan mein... Aisa mujhe lagta hai abhi bhi... Par uske parents bahoot acche hain... Naina aunty bahoot sweet thi vo mujhe bahoot pyaar karti thi.. Even vo mere favourites cookies aur cakes banati thi sirf mere liye kyunki bachpan mein mujhe mom mana karti thi kuch bhi khaane se... But Naina aunty was sweet like Swayam jo uswaqt do mahine ka tha... Main Armaan se itni nafrat karti thi ki main usse dekhna bhi pasand nehi karti thi like Raksha bandhan waale din jab dad mujhe bolte the ki usko bhi baandh do jaise Sid ko bandha tha... Toh main chid k bhaag jaati thi kyunki... Mere liye vo kuch bhi nehi tha uswaqt fir sabne bolna chod diya mujhe....)
She looked back at Armaan whose eyes were fixed on her wd blank look "Par accha hi haina nehi baandhi maine isse Rakhi... Varna aaj main isse itna pyar nehi karti" she smiled at her thinking then again looked down at the water still smiling 
(Phir dad aur uncle k business mein kuch problem aayi... Toh unhone mujhe Sid aur Armaan ko Dehradun k bade se hostel mein shift kar diya... Main girls hostel aur vo dono boys par hum teeno ka... School ek hi tha... Bas class alag kyunki Armaan Sid dono mujhse ek class aage the... Buddhu Sid ko dad ne mujhse ek class aage hi daala tha kyunki usse bhi bada bhai banana tha baakiyo ki tarah... Isiliye usne 4th class padhi hi nehi direct jump kiya 5th pe.... Dekhte hi dekhte hum thode bade huye meri ek bestfriend bani jo Surbhi thi aur jiske saath main Armaan ki buraai bhi karti thi and trust me vo mere side thi... Aur vahan dusre side Sid Armaan bestfriends ban gayye the aur vo nalayak Ritvik bhi toh uswaqt shayad main hi akeli thi jo Armaan ko pasand nehi karti thi... But nevermind sab kuch acha chal raha tha main Armaan ko ignore hi karti thi... Par ek din sab change ho gaya jab meri hitler science teacher ne mujhe ek aisa project diya jiska mujhe shuru bhi nehi pata tha aur us teacher ne yeh bhi kaha tha ki chaho toh ek senior ki help le sakti ho.. Main uswaqt 8th mein thi aur Armaan 9th... Par yeh bhi sach hai ki... Main uswaqt khush ho gayi yeh soch kar ki chalo yeh nalaayak Sid kahin toh kaam aayga par hai toh vo ek gadha hi... Kyunki usne mere hi class ki ek ladki ko help karne ka waada kar diya tha... Surbhi ne choose kar liya tha Ritvik ko... Armaan ne sabko refused kar diya tha ki vo kisiki help nehi karega par vo nehi jaanta tha ki main uski help leti bhi nehi... Aur baaki kisi senior ko main jaanti nehi thi... Mera project toh gaya kaamse... Phir Surbhi ne mujhe samjhaaya ki mujhe us Armaan ki help leni chaahiye kyunki shayad last year usko first position mili thi issi project mein aur uper se main usko jaanti bhi thi toh apne faide k liye main maan gayi.... Lekin usse pehle maine Sid ko bahoot maara tha ki kyun usne mujhe nehi choose kiya aur mere Karate waalo haath se vo pit gaya... Phir vo ghadi aayi jab main apna saara ego aur self respect side karke Armaan ki class k door pe gayi... Ek toh mujhe uski class bilkul pasand nehi thi kyunki vahan pe sab bandar jaise behave karte the aur Armaan unka Monkey king... And trust me jab maine uski claas ko dekha mann kiya bhaag jaaun... Kyunki uswaqt sab log masti kar rahe the kud rahe the gaa rahe the even vo Armaan toh gaane ga raha tha aur baaki baja rahe the... Par jaise hi kuch boys ne mujhe dekha vo chup ho gayye aur ishaare dene lage ek dusre ko... Mann kiya tod doon unke haath par khudko control karke maine Armaan pe dhyaan diya jisne mujhe dekh kar ignore karna pasand kiya....)
"Armaan..." as she called him arrogantly everyone in class looked back at her stunnedly coz the whole school knew Shilpa Malhotra never talks properly wd any boy especially Armaan who was equally stunned as his classmates
"Dekh teri... Behen ne Armaan ka naam liya" Ritvik whispered to Sid who was confused coz he never imagined Shilpa calling Armaan's name 
"Sunn rahe hona tum... Main tumhe bula rahi hoon..." looking at Armaan she almost ordered while all the classmates looked at him who pointed at himself still not believing
"Me..!" he asked wd raised bows which made her to cross her arms
"Yahaan aur koi toh Armaan hai nehi..." as she said in sarcastic way few girls giggle from backside while Armaan smiled seeing her attitude
"Yeh toh sahi bola...." jumping from bench he said wd pride in his voice making other boys to hoot (Pata nehi khudko samajhta kya tha uswaqt Armaan... And trust me mujhe uski inhi harqato se chid thi... Par aaj wahi sab main miss karti hoon uski...) "Bolo Miss Khatra... Kya kaam hai..." in a very cool voice he walked towards her who rolled her eyes seeing him
"Yahan nehi akele mein mujhe baat karni hai..." as she said wdout thinking regreted in next second when
"Wooo...." his all classmate shouted in teasing voice except Sid who was trying to understand Shilpa's mission, Ritvik who always hate Shilpa and of course Armaan
"Just shut up... You morons...." Shilpa yelled at his class who soon became quiet while Armaan hide his smile "Aur tum... Aao bahar..." pointing at him she walked out leaving a smiling Armaan there
"Oye... Sid... Teri behen ko kya huaa...??" looking back at Sid he asked coolly
"Kya pata..." he shrugged carelessly which made Armaan chuckle who shaking his head moved out of the class only to find an angry Shilpa standing in corridor
"So... Malhotra khandaan ki Princess bolo kya huaa??" putting his hands inside his pant's pockets he asked calmly
"See... Main clear baat karne mein believe karti hoon... Toh main directly tumhe bata rahi hoon... Ki tumhe mujhe ek project mein help karni hain... Kyunki last year tumne wahi project mein first position haasil ki thi bas..." pointing at him she almost ordered 
"Bata rahi ho ki order de rahi ho...?" he asked suspiciously making her to calm herself coz her ego & self respect were knocking inside her head
"Dono... Ab tum bolo..." she replied wd arrogance making him chuckle
"Aur tumhe lagta hai... Main tumhari help karunga... No ways... Maine already faisla kar liya hai ki main kisiki help nehi karunga..." in a very cool voice he announced which made her angry but putting aside she tried to be polite
"Kyun nehi karoge..." she tried to sound polite to him who grinned 
"Aise hi... Meri marzi mera mann..." his careless answer made her angry (Uswaqt mann kiya tha ek kheech k maarun... Par project k liye khudko shaant karna pada tha)
"Dekho Armaan... Mere marks depend hai uspe... Kardona... Varna main fail ho jaaungi..." making a fake innocent face she said in sweet tone which made him laughed
"Itni sweetness tumpe suit nehi karti Shilpa..." he directly taunted which made an urge inside her to kick him but just bcoz of her project she gave him a smile "Par agar tum mujhse... Request karo... Aur bahoot saara please kaho... Toh kya pata main maan jaaun..." and this made her to glare him but composing it she gave a sweet smile to him
"Armaan please meri help kardo... Please... Please..." she said in fake sweet voice making him grin
"Maza nehi aaya Miss Khatra... Aur pyaar se kaho..." he too said in same tone who got annoyed but loosing not her mind she moved closer to him and folded her hands in front of him
"Armaan please... Tum acche hona toh kardo meri help... Please" as she pleaded a trumphant smile came on his face who held her both hands
"Of course... Aakhir dost hote kis liye hain..." putting his hand around her neck he said wd winning smile while dragging her towards the class where as she was only staring him wd disgust look (Uswaqt mujhe uspe bahoot gussa aaya tha par aaj hasti hoon ki kuch pal toh hain is looser k saath yaad karne ko)
Flashback ends
(Zindagi mein kabhi socha nehi tha ki mujhe uske aage gidgidaana padega... Par khair vo kar diya tha maine apne project k liye... Jo uswaqt first aaya tha sirf Armaan ki help ki wajah se... Bande mein kuch toh tha jo har cheez mein perfect tha... I mean maine uske saath do hafte guzaare the library mein jahan maine usko first time in history notice kiya... Apne footbal team ka captain hai vo sabse baat karta tha friendly tha supportive tha... Girls k bich bhi famous tha par aisa nehi tha vo unse flirt karta yaa use karta vo unse bhi vaise hi baat karta tha jaise boys se dosto waala... Armaan bahoot accha gaata tha in fact vo paintings bhi bahoot acchi banaata tha... Tabhi toh aaj uske haato pe aadhi paintings hai...) She giggle as it clicked inside her head about his tattoos (Main itna jaan gayi thi jaisa maine isse bura socha tha vaisa yeh hai nehi... Tabhi toh project khatam hone k baad bhi main uski acchi dost banni rahi... Aur dekhte hi dekhte saal bite aur hum dost hi rahe is chiz se agar koi sabse zyada shock huye the toh vo Surbhi Sid aur Ritvik... Kyunki unhone kabhi nehi socha tha ki main aur Armaan dost banenge jo ki maine bhi nehi socha tha... Phir kya Armaan k school ka final year aaya aur vo din aaya jo aaj bhi main regret karti hoon...) she sighed when a cool breeze touched her face who closed her eyes remembering that worst decision of her ( Jab Armaan k exams ko teen din reh gayye the ussi din mera jhagda ho gaya tha mere kuch class k ladko k saath kyunki vo mere books choo rahe the... Toh unko chillake chali aayi par jo gussa reh gaya tha vo nikaal nehi paayi thi aur ussi shaam stupid Armaan ne mujhe mere hostel k garden mein bulaaya... Us bechaare ko toh pata bhi nehi tha ki mere andar ki Sherni tadap rahi hai kisiko maarne k liye... Mujhe naa chaahte huye bhi vahan pahuchna pada... Par jaise hi main pahuchi dekha candle balloons aur haath mein ring liye Armaan ko jo apni knees pe baith gaya aur mujhse kaha ki...... Will you merry me... Can you believe this pagal hai vo koi itni choti bacchi ko shaadi k liye propose karta hai aur mujhe gussa aaya toh bina kuch soche samjhe maine ring phek di uski aur saare arrangements kharaab kar diye... Armaan mujhse puch hi raha tha ki kya huaa maine chaar thappad aur do kick maari usse... Just go to hell kehkar chali gayi vahan se... Mujhe nehi pata uske baad uska kya huaa yaah phir vo kahan gaya... I know maine galat kiya... Par uswaqt main gusse mein thi yaar... Aur agle do hafto tak maine koshish ki... Ki main Armaan ko dekhoon bhi nehi jo huaa bhi par do hafte baad jab Sid aur Ritvik mile... Surbhi ne unse pucha ki Armaan kahan hain kyunki vo teeno humesha saath rehte the vaise main bhi sunna chaahti thi ki hai kahan vo... Kyunki uswaqt tak toh mujhe realise ho hi chuka tha ki maine galat kiya... Par jo Sid ne kaha hum dono k hosh udd gayye sunke... Usne kaha... Armaan ne last week hi school chod diya aur vo chala gaya bina kissi se mile... Vo news mere liye kisi pahad tutne se kam nehi tha... Reason kisiko nehi pata ki vo kyun gaya par uska last year tha usne apne final exams miss kar diye the... Mujhe bura laga tha par un sabko ignore karke maine padhai pe concentrate kiya.... Bahoot saal ho gayye the par main vo apni galti bhoola nehi paa rahi thi toh maine vo baat Surbhi se share ki jisne mujhe bahoot sunaaya tha uswaqt ki mujhe usse mana karna chaahiye tha maarna nehi... Par galti toh main kar hi chuki thi toh ab kuch nehi ho sakta tha... Graduation khatam ho gaya tha mera aur Sid ka aur hum ghar jaane waale the... Uswaqt main bahoot excited thi ki ghar jaakar sabse pehle Armaan se maafi maangungi... Par ghar pahuchne pe mujhe ek bahoot badi shocking news mili ki Armaan yahan nehi rehta vo Damam mein hai aur usse bhi badi ki Naina aunty ab is duniya mein nehi hai... Main aur Sid bahoot gussa huye apni family pe kyun unhone hum dono ko kuch nehi bataaya phir Naani ne hume bataaya ki vo humaari padhaayi pe effect karta... Naani ne hume bataaya ki Naina aunty ka car accident huaa tha toh vo apne aakhiri time mein Armaan ko dekhna chaahti thi... Aur jaante ho vo din konsa tha jis din Naina aunty apni aakhiri saansein le rahi thi?? Yeh wahi din tha jis din maine Armaan ko maara tha aur reject kiya tha... Ussi raat ghar ka ek servant usse lene aaya tha aur hum dono bhai behen ko koi khabar bhi nehi thi... Maine toh dad se do din tak baat nehi ki kyunki main ro rahi thi ki uswaqt kaise sabne handle kiya hoga especially Swayam jo bahoot chota tha uswaqt... Par jab Ronit uncle ne samjhaaya ki haalaat aise the uswaqt ki nehi bataana pada tab jaakar kuch samjha mujhe... Jaise taise maine move on hone ki koshish ki par Armaan ka khayaal dimaag se nehi gaya mere... Maine aur Sid ne dad ka business join kar liya tha jo bahoot hi accha jaa raha tha... Main naani aur mom se humesha Armaan k baare mein puchti thi kya reaction tha uska jab vo yahaan wapas aaya tha aur kyun vo chala gaya yahaan se... Tab naani ne bataaya ki vo chup tha jab vo aaya tha aur aunty k jaane k baad usne khudko andar hi andar lock kar liya tha, Vo kisi se baat nehi karta tha not even Ronit uncle also shayad depressed tha kisi chiz ko lekar... Usse sabne baat karne ki koshish ki par usne kisi se kuch bhi nehi kaha ek word bhi nehi tab finally Ronit uncle ne usse baat karne ki koshish ki aur usse samjhaaya... Unke samjhaane k baad mere Armaan ne sirf itna kaha ki 'Dad mujhe yahan se dur bhej do bahoot dur sabse dur... Main India mein nehi rehna chahta please.... Itna kardo bas' aur shayad wahi vo din tha jab mera Armaan sabse dur ho gaya) 
Staring at the depth of the sea she though emotionally and thought to look back at him but then dropped that idea coz if she will see him, she could not jump from here 
(Armaan ko bhej diya gaya Damam sabse dur kyunki sabne socha may be usse yahan aunty ki kami khalti ho... Maa ne bataaya ki Armaan aakhiri baar apni mom se mila tha hospital mein aur usse dekhne k baad hi aunty is duniya ko chod ke gayi... Aur yeh sab sunne k baad mere andar ka guilt badhta gaya jo guilt se sympathy mein change ho gaya aur phir last mein Pyaar... Mujhe Armaan se mile bina hi usse pyaar ho gaya tha jo Surbhi ne mujhe realise karvaaya tha uswaqt. Maine usse dekha nehi tha sunna nehi tha even vo kaisa dikhta hoga yeh bhi nehi jaanti thi kyunki mere liye vo mera bachpan waala hi Armaan tha jo mere saamne knees pe baitha tha mujhe Shaadi k liye propose karne k liye vo bhi us age mein jab log padhai aur girlfriend boyfriend k baare mein sochte the... Ghar mein sab Armaan ki taarif karte the kyunki vo Damam ka ek bahoot hi famous rockstar ban chuka hai sabne usko TV megazines etc mein dekh liya tha bas ek main hi usse dekhna nehi chaahti thi kyunki mujhe lagta tha usse jitna dekhungi utna mera pyaar badhega jo badhta bhi tha sirf uske gaane sunke... Vo English songs hi gaata hai par sab yehi bolte the jab vo western itna accha gaata hai toh Indian mein dhoom macha dega.... Main bahoot khush rehti thi office mein sirf yeh soch kar ki jab vo aayga tab yeh kahungi vo kahungi aur meri yeh khushi Nalayak Sid aur Ritvik ne notice kar li aur Surbhi k help se mujhse ugalva(Blurted) liya... Pehle toh dono ne khub mazaak banaaya mera phir hasne lage par jab unhone mera Sherni side dekha dono dar k chup ho gayye... Ritvik aur Surbhi bhi humaare hi office mein job karte hain toh hum chaaro milkar humesha sochte ki Armaan ko kaise wapas laaya jaaye kyunki usse gayye 16 years ho chuke the ab toh usse wapas aana hi chaahiye... Tab mere Not So Smart bhai ne ek idea diya ki kyun na yeh baat family tak pahuchaaya jaaye aur unko ek naatak ke liye ready kiya jaaye jismein Naani karengi Heartattack ka natak aur request karengi Armaan ko India wapas aane k liye like a Filmy scene... Aur phir kya tha meri awesome family ko plan pasand aaya aur vo maan gayye turant) she giggled as she revinded that day were they accomplished their plan which worked on Armaan also (Buddhu hai mera Armaan jo maan gaya aane k liye phone pe hi... Main khush thi ki vo aa raha hai par saath mein nervous bhi thi ki jab maafi maangungi toh kya vo maaf karega mujhe... Aur main yehi sab sochti rehti din raat Office mein meri gang notice karne lagi aur ghar pe sab... Phir vo din aaya jab badbole Sid ne apna mooh khol diya ghar ke saamne ki main gum sum kyun hoon...)


"Shilpa... Tum kuch khaa kyun nehi rahi ho...? Aur kya soch rahi ho kabse...?" Gautmi asked wd a frown as she saw Shilpa's dinner untouched which grabbed everyone's attention
"Haan... Parso se notice kar rahi hoon... Aise hi chup hai yeh" Naani spoke concernedly which made Shilpa to look down at her plate silently 
"Tabhi kahun... Ghar mein itni shaanti kyun hai.... Do teen din se" Ronit joked in his usual calm way which made everyone giggle where as Shilpa held her head (Ab inhe kya pata tha... Ki mere dimaag mein inhi k bete ka khayaal chal raha tha... Jisne mera chain sukoon dono le liya hai)
"Zaroor isse kuch chaahiye hoga... Varna aise mooh nehi banaati..." Gautmi knowingly teased her so that Shilpa could react but to her surprise she was quietly staring the food "Ram... Ram..." she whispered slowly on Ram's ear who was busy on eating his food 
"Hmm..." He hummed while enjoying the 'Aloo Paratha'
"Ram yahan aapki beti khaana nehi khaa rahi hai... Aur aap khaane mein busy hain.." Gautmi lightly slapped his arm while scolding him in low voice which made Ram smile
"Aree... Tum fikar mat karo... Vo meri beti hai... Jab koi bhav nehi dega tab khud hi bol degi..." taking a bite from Paratha he whispered back which made Gautmi to held her head (Mere dad duniya k best dad hain... Jo mere kisi best friend se kam nehi hai... Duniya mein do cheezo se unhe sabse zyada pyaar hai... Pehla meri maa k haath ka khaana... Dusri Main.... Bas ek hi problem hain unme vo kabhi serious nehi hote... Kissi bhi matter mein nehi)
"Kya karoon main apni is family ka..." she thought 
"Bolegi kuch ab...?" Naani nudge Shilpa who made a face (Aree koi samajh kyun nehi raha ki mujhe... Bas yeh jaanna hai ki Armaan kab aayga... Par meri yeh family dekho... Kaam hone k baad ek baar pucha bhi nehi ki... Armaan kab aayga)
"Kuch nehi Naani... Sab attention lene k tarike hai iske..." chewing his food Sid taunted only to get a light kick on his feet under the table by his angry sister "Ahh..." he made a face while glaring Shilpa who rolled her eyes (Gadha Sid... Uswaqt mann kar raha tha ki khaana phek doon uske mooh pe direct)
"Ab tujhe.... Kya huaa??" Ram asked angrily naking Sid to nod in No (Kyunki Sid bhi jaanta hai... Ki Dad uski kabhi nehi sunte specially mere case mein... Coz he loves me more than him.... Par aaj dekho Armaan k liye mujhe unhe chodna pad raha hai... Jaanti hoon duniya ki sabse buri beti hoon main)
"Di... Aap khaana kyun nehi khaa rahe ho... Kuch huaa kya...?" hearing Di from Swayam's mouth Shilpa's head snapped turned at him 
"Tumse kitni baar kaha hai mujhe Di mat bulaaya karo..." as She directly scolded him everyone hide their giggle coz finally she said something
"Toh kya bulaaun... Aapne aaj tak mujhe bataaya jo nehi..." Swayam's calm retort made her grumpy (Uswaqt mann kar raha tha ki keh doon... Mujhe bhabhi hi bulaao... Par sabki wajah se chup thi...)
"Haan tu sunna kya chaahti hai yeh toh bata de yaar..." Ram's friendly words made Shilpa sat wd cute angry look while Sid giggled seeing this
"Bhabhi....." as Sid teased her everyone became confused where as Shilpa ignored him (Sid humesha meri band bajaane k firaat mein rehta hai... Par pehli baar usne kuch sahi baat kahi thi... Jo mera bhi mann kar raha tha ki keh doon Swayam se ki mujhe Bhabhi hi bulaao) "Mera matlab hai... Shilpa ko kahin ek Bhabhi ki toh jarurat nehi hai" he soon changed his words so that Shilpa could not beat him later
"Bhabhi laane k liye... Bhai toh dhang ka ho pehle" Gautmi's motherly taunt made everyone laugh except Shilpa while Sid made a face hearing this (Lo yahaan main pareshaan hoon yeh kissiko nehi dikh raha tha... Par is Doost Sid ko sab dekh rahe the... Toh mere bhi sabra ka baandh toot gaya... Aur soch liya maine ki aaj toh pooch k rahungi... Jisse jo sochna hai vo soche... Aur phir kya... Maine unka dhyaan kheechne k liye do baar khaasin(cough) di par kissine notice nehi kiya... Jo mere gusse ko badha raha tha uswaqt)
"Mom Dad..." calming herself she tried to call them in sweet voice but no one again noticed her coz they were busy on Sid's topic "Offo! Kya musibat hai inki... Dikh nehi raha kabse main pareshaan hoon..." she thought wd angry look and tried again but again no one paid any attention to her whose patient level died their "BAS...!!" she stood up angrily which made everyone shocked 
"Kya huaa beta...??" Ronit asked calmly
"Armaan kab tak aayga....?" she directly asked the question which was bothering her since long (Main uswaqt bhi jaanti thi ki sab mujhe pagal hi samajhte honge ki direct maine yeh sawaal hi kyun pucha... Par main kya karti... Desperation kam hi nehi ho raha tha) 
"Kya??" everyone looked at her strangely
"Aree kaise family members ho aap log... Sirf phone karke bulaane se baat nehi khatam hoti... At least jab tak vo sahin salaamat ghar naa aa jaaye.... Tab tak toh puch hi lete... Pata nehi mera Armaan kaisa hoga" she blurted out in her cute tensed voice where as her family were only staring at her wd Shock "Ab pata nehi kaise aayga... Ek toh solah saal baad ghar aa raha hai... Pata nehi aa bhi raha ki nehi... Lekin aap sab ka toh farz haina usse puchna ki... Armaan beta kab aaoge... Airport pe aayen ki nehi..." she started scolding them wdout taking any break (Main bhi kitni badi pagal hoona... Bina soche samjhe khud hi... Sabko bata diya... Par main regret nehi karti) "Lekin nehi aap logo ko toh..." but before she could blast more Sid's knowing cough made her aware about the scene which she is creating who soon put her both palms on her mouth shockingly and getting embarressed she immediately sat on her chair while keeping her head on her hands which was kept on the dinner table (Uswaqt khudko... Laakho gaaliyan dene ka mann kar raha tha kyunki main zindagi mein kabhi itni embarressed nehi hui jitni us din thi...)
"Kya tha yeh...??" Ram looked at Gautmi wd amusing smile while she hide her smile seeing Shilpa's condition
"Toh ab main samjha... Armaan ko bulaane ka mission..." Ronit smiled while keeping the folk beside his food plate 
"Ab bataogi bhi hume kuch" Gautmi lightly slapped her head who looked up at them slowly but was still staring down at her hands
"Main batata hoon Mom..." and then Sid narrated everything except the Armaan's propose scene which he thought its wrong to say this wdout Armaan's knowledge (Yeh baat sunte hi meri family do minute k liye chup si ho gayi thi... Aur mere toh dil ki dhadkane ruki huyi thi unki khamoshi dekh kar....)
"Hmm... Matlab Shaadi k baad bhi tumhe jhelna padega hume..." Gautmi's teasing voice broke the silence while Shilpa became confused
"Bechaara Armaan... Kaise jhelega isse..." Naani made a fake pity look which was enough for Shilpa to get their intension
"Aur ab main samjha... Bachpan mein yeh usse Rakhi kyun bandhna nehi chaahti thi" Ronit's words made everyone laugh where as Shilpa was a little surprise by their positive reaction
"Matlab aap sabko koi problem nehi hai...??" she looked at them wd happy face
"Baakiyo ka nehi pata... Par mujhe toh khushi hai... Meri beti mere saath hi rahegi... Puri zindagi..." Ram's chilled out voice made her happy
"Love you Dad...." she said wd a smile
"Aur mujhe toh bilkul nehi hai... Kyunki tab zyada mehnat nehi karni padegi ladki dhoondhne k liye" Ronit spoke wd a calm smile which made Shilpa's smile wide
"Aap pehle bata dete main aapko kabhi Di nehi kehta" Swayam too participated to tease her who showed her glare
"Yeh samajhne waali baat hai Swayam..." Sid spoke in meaning ful tone which made Swayam smile 
"Zyada mat bolo Sid..." Shilpa pointed her index finger at him 
"Acha... Aur koi iccha hai... Tumhaari... Toh hume aaj hi bata do" Gautmi asked wd a smile which made Shilpa excited
"Haan haina...." she looked at them wd wide smile 
"Toh bolo..." Ronit encouraged her (Mere liye toh maano yeh kisi Jinni ne mujhse meri teen wishes puch li ho... Specialy Jab saamne Ronit uncle ho...)
"Haan toh suniye... Pehle mere Armaan ko yahaan wapas laado... Dusra usse humaare office mein hi job dena... Teesra hum dono ki jaldi se shaadi karaado...." counting her fingers she shared her future plans which made everyone giggle at her excitment 
"Ohhh..." they teased her who rolled her eyes instead to get shy
"Enough... Pehle meri suno..." she requested cutely making them laugh at her
"Tu pehle meri sunn le.... Kya pata tu yahaan uska wait kar rahi hai aur vo... Kisi aur ko le aaye... Tab kya karegi...?" Sid tried to make her angry who showed her extra sweet smile
"Haan... Bhai Rockstar hain... Kya pata do teen girlfriends banaayi ho... Yaah fir relationship mein ho..." Swayam supported Sid wd teasiness which somewhere made her worried but soon she diverted her attention on her food coz she is starving now
"Uska toh nehi pata... Par Armaan bahoot pranks karta tha bachpan mein... Toh tum apna soch lo... Kaise bachogi... Agar kabhi tumhaare baal kaat diye toh?" Naani's joke made everyone laugh while Shilpa became serious hearing this and soon touched her hairs
"Nehi maa... Ab toh vo bahoot bada ho gaya hai... Ab aisa kuch nehi karega vo" Gautmi took Armaan's side smilingly which made Shilpa to take sigh of relief 
"Haan... Kisse pata ab usse Khatra ho is Shilpa Malhotra se..." seeing her Dad teasing her Shilpa made an adorable pout face 
"Aree nehi Ram... Mujhe nehi lagta..." Ronit knowingly supported her 
"Aree tujhe kya pata yaar... Jab vo iss Tufaan se milega... Tab tu khud dekh lena" Ram joked 
"Dad..." Shilpa whined making everyone enjoye her expressions "Aap log rehne do... Vo aa jaayga tab main khud handle kar lungi... Agar koi ladki laayga toh main un dono ki shaadi kara dungi... Agar bidga huaa hoga toh sudhaar dungi yaah fir khud bhi bigad jaaungi uske saath... Aur agar zyada masti karega toh usko join kar lungi... Bas" hearing her cool voice they laughed
"Ab mujhe Armaan ki aur bhi zyada fikar ho rahi hai" Naani showed her fake sad face making Shilpa giggle
"Vo toh aap sabko karna hi chaahiye..." wd a proud smile she spoke 
"Acha khaana khaalo meri maa... Ab" Ram pleaded in fake dramatical voice making them laugh (Shayad isiliye meri family... World mein best hai... Kyunki itni understanding aur supportive family har kissiko nehi milti... Shayad kissi ke paas itni bhi nehi hoti aur jiske paas hoti hai vo kadar nehi karte unka par mere paas hai toh main bahoot pyaar karti hoon unse... Uswaqt mere dimaag mein sirf yehi chal raha tha ki... Armaan tum yeh sab miss kar rahe ho jaldi wapas ajaao kyunki tumhaara bhi right hai yahan....)

Flashback Ends
"I know main galat hoon... Ki apni best family ko Armaan k liye chod rahin hoon... I know main galat hoon sirf ek k liye sabke emotions ko todungi... Par mera Dil kehta hai Armaan mujhe rokega aur agar nehi toh bachaayga... Mujhe pata hai" she thought sadly and fisted her hand helplessly, the waves of the water were banging the bridge's wall which made her more scared who soon closed her eyes tightly(Us din k baad se ghar mein sabne mujhe tease karna shuru kar diya tha... Aur office mein Surbhi jo meri hi tarah excited thi Armaan se milne k liye kyunki usne usse TV pe dekh liya tha uar mujhe sunaati thi ki vo aisa dikhta hai vo vaisa dikhta hai aur main ignore hi karti thi... Phir vo din aaya jab main Armaan se mili thi trust me har roz ki tarah vo din bhi tha par us din main Surbhi k saath humaare kisi office k ek important meeting ki taiyaari kar rahi thi office mein aur mujhe idea bhi nehi tha ki ussi raat Armaan already ghar aa chuka tha jisse main anjaan thi in fact meri family ne mujhe bataaya hi nehi kyunki vo mujhe surprise dena chaahte the... Raat k ek baje main ghar aayi tab saare lights off the ghar k... Jhoomte gungunaate masti k mood mein main hall k andar aayi Yaah i know pura din office mein masti karne k baad main itne happy mood mein kyun thi mujhe toh thak jaana chaahiye tha... Par naa meri ek bahoot hi cute si aadat hai ki main ghar aane baad bahoot hi acha feel karti hoon after all main barah saal se dur jo thi... But nevermind Haan toh main jaise ghar mein ghusi thi lights ko off dekh kar thoda sa zyada nehi thoda sa dar gayi thi...)


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