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part 1 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

  Good-bye California and hello New York!

January 3rd 2009,

It hasn't even been a week and I already got a job… WOW! this truly is the best city in the world. I start tomorrow as the new assistant of Armaan Malik… I think something like that… It's so funny how his name is Malik.. he probably thinks of himself as a King or something… psht… sound more like a slave… Being the daughter of Shashank Gupta wasn't gonna help me out now…. There is a better sense of pride when you know that you accomplished something on your own… Otherwise if I had said that I am Shashank Gupta's daughter, why only an assistant, I could have straight been the CEO of that company. Well tomorrow is the big day… Can't wait to start work… WOW! I never said that before.

She looked up at the tall building standing ahead of her. WOW! this place is damn nice… I must say Mr. Malik has good taste for an old guy… Okay lets see, almost 9:00, I still have thirty minutes… Either I runaway and go back home and get married to that guy… or stay and start my life on my own, although I will have to face my fears on my own… It now or never Ridhima… she stepped inside the building, and before going in she bent down touching the floor with her hand, and taking its blessings.

The place was huge, it looked like a mall, and the first floor was mainly the reception area, which included a staff room… separate men and women bathrooms. The second floor was where all the work was done… There were separate little offices for the workers, and for the people at higher positions had large rooms. Hopefully my room is huge….i can never stay in a place with no space… it's like I'm space-a-phobic

"Hi…I'm Ridhima Gupta, Armaan Malik's new assistant" the receptionist looked at Ridhima from head to toe, and had a sheepish grin on her face Don't worry dear, assistant for maybe like 4 months… and this one that he picked up actually looks decent, "Yes, your room is on the top floor…. Make yourself comfortable" she said with the fakest smile.

WOW! I'm only an assistant and I already have a room on the top floor… not bad Ridhz, you might actually like this place… She stood in front of her room, room 354A, as she opened the door, she felt as if she was in heaven. Everything was there, a mini fridge, it was huge, beautiful glass desk; she stepped out just to assure herself that she was in the right room. As she stepped back in, she found a door to a huge bedroom. She was shocked, WOW! these people sure know how to keep their workers happy… a master bedroom and a huge office… what more do I want…hmm.. maybe I should move all my stuff in, but no one told me that the employees live in this building… ooo more money to be saved, now I don't have to pay my landlord, and can move out of that filthy apartment… She sat down on the bed relaxing for another fifteen mintues.

Suddenly she heard the door close, and she heard people giggling. She stepped out of the bedroom to see a very shocking scene, rapidly closing her eyes, she tried to remain calm. Maybe it was just an hallucination, she opened her eyes to see the same scene again. Feeling very disgusted Ridhima tried to approach the couple, but her legs felt as if they were tied to the floor. All she can hear is moaning, people sucking on each other, and scratching noises.

"Maya stop it baby… I have to work". "I know baby, but I just missed you so bad… and I'm seeing you after a week, please let me feel you again…". "Baby, if you keep seducing me like this I have no other choice… please baby let me work, and I swear, tonight is our night… only our night!". Hearing the conversation, Ridhima felt emotionally and mentally, and physically disgusted

Thinking they would stop there little game, Ridhiam felt relieved, so she went ahead. But no, again she stopped seeing the girl unbuttoning his shirt, she looked away again. Man! There going physical… AND THAT TOO IN MY OFFICE! Ridhima's temper rose. She walked up to the couple furiously, as she was about to pat the guy's shoulder, she was almost pushed down on the floor.

Feeling a strange breeze behind his back, he turned rapidly to see a person about to fall, but due to bad coordination, he also slipped. Landing on top of her, he saw a face covered with hair. Seeing a beautiful green eye catch his eye, he removed the hair on the other. Slowly unraveling a beautiful angelic face, he started at her even more. Not blinking or even moving an inch, he slowly raised his finger, tracing her face.

Feeling the bare floor thump her back, she slowly went to get up, went suddenly she was hit again, but this time with a naked body. As she tried pushing it away, she felt bare skin, as her hands landed on his muscular chest. She opened one eye, as her hair disturbed the other, she saw him gazing back. His finger, gently removing the strands of hair, covering her face. She felt him lining her face, softly, as he went down to her lips, moving ahead.

"OUCH!" a girls shriek came, erupted the dream mode of two people. Both moved their heads side ways to see a girl, trying to get up, but fell back down again. They looked at each other again, and feeling slightly uncomfortable, he got up from her. Giving her a hand, she held it, still looking down, and gently got up. Before she can say thanks he walked away to the girl on the floor and picked her up!.

"You okay Maya?" " yeah… yeah, I'm fine baby!... now where were we up to" she leaned forward, trying to capture his lips, but he backed away. Ridhima walked up to the couple, and an angry tone, "Excuse me… if you don't mind but.. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TWO DOING HERE!" she said folding her arms. 'Oh look who woke up in the wrong side of the bed… but us… the question should be, what are you doing here…?"  "Well FYI, this is my office, and I can be here if I want to… okay now please get out!" she said pointing at the door. "ANJALIIII" he shouted, and within seconds ran in a girl, that same receptionist.

"Ye… yes.. sir" she said in a trembling voice. "Anjali… I want an explanation for this… how can you let some unknown person into this building" he said angrily. "But sir…", "NO butts! I want her hear out of here NOW!" he said point and Ridhima, and then to the door. "NO one's getting out!" came a voice from the door. The four turned around to see a man in his 40's standing besides the door. He stepped inside to see what all the commotion was about, "what's going on in here? Armaan why are you shouting at this girl for?" "Dad who the hell is she , and how dare she come to my room, and scream at me to get out!" Ridhima was shocked and pissed, shocked because she just shouted at her new boss, and pissed because she cant have her own room, she has to share it with Armaan… So I guess that bedroom is his… geez a bedroom inside the office… can that man control his hormones. "What! HE'S ARMAAN MALIK!" Ridhima shouted. "Yes I'm ARMAAN MALIK!... but who the hell are you?" "Well I'm your new assistant, whether you like it or not!" she said proudly. "WHAT!... but how can this be…. Dad Maya is my assistant, how can you fire her…" he said pleading his dad. "Sorry son, but she less of an office assistant and more of a bedroom assistant to you… and since you are the new CEO of this company, you have to be more professional, and careful, and more focused on your job, so I hired a new assistant…" He looked at Armaan's shocked face… "But dad…" he was stopped by his dad's hand. He watched his dad walk away, along with Anjali.

He turned his glare to Ridhima, and made an evil look, squinting his eyes, and pointing his finger at her, "YOU! This is all YOUR fault!" Ridhima looked back at him in the same manner, and grabbed his finger twisting it back, "LISTEN TO ME! you maybe sleeping around with all of your employees, and ruling over them, but as for me… NEVER! NO ONE TELLS ME WHAT TO DO! Not you, not my DAD, NO ONE!... You are my boss, so just keep it that way… AM I CLEAR!" she said commandingly. Armaan was in a gaze, no one has ever spoken to him in that comportment, but he was to afraid to speak up. When he looked at her eye's he saw determination, and strength, and self belief.

Ridhima on the other hand just realized that he was her boss, she was about to apologize, but she realized that he didn't say anything back. To soften the mood, "do you need anything sir". Armaan looked at her, and nodded slowly walking, still trying to catch his breath. After taking a deep breath, "your jobs to guide me through presentations, to assemble meetings with clients, and to help me develop new ideas… you work from Monday's to Friday, 9 am sharp to 7 pm, and your salary 17 dollars an hour… am I clear" he said firmly. "Yes Sir…" "Good!.. and Maya, GET OUT!" pointing towards the door. Before leaving, Maya gave Ridhima a despising look.

January 4th 2009,

Dear Diary,

WOW! Today surely was a surprise, all thanks to my boss. 1st he falls on me, then yells at me, and then I shout back, all that happened and then I found out he was my boss… That stupid, idiot, good for nothing boss. Actually he's not really that stupid, he's quiet intelligent, and knows business very well. He thought me many aspects of business, and gave me many helpful tips. The best part of all is that he's freakin HOT! I cant deny that/ When he fell on me he was shirtless, and I felt his muscles on me. When I tried pushing him away, I felt his hard core chest… it was mad strong… OH God Ridhz, what on earth are you thinking… Checking your boss out… No way! Well now, I am going to catch up with sleep, and hopefully, no more crazy days at work!



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