Monday, 24 September 2018

part 1 : Unknown Truth

Being alone all her life with no one to share her true feelings, she felt like an alien on this planet. Her life wasn't that that dull, how everyone around her felt for her. She was just like any other  human with two eyes, two ears, one nose, one mouth and perfectly functioning limbs, what she didn't had was a family. "Family" such  a simple word which even a small kid could speak without any complication but for her this word bought nothing but complication's. How can she forget the teasing that she had to hear every day when she was in school. Was it her fault that she didn't knew her last name. She remembered when she had applied for the colleges, people used to look at her as if she is a mistake and she shouldn't had been born. Some used to feel pity on her while other looked at her in shame. why was she to blame for something for which she had no idea, just coz she doesn't know who her parents are, should she be deprived of the rights which are given to other's. As time passed , she believed it as her destiny , she is destined to be alone all her life. she can't say "mom" or "dad". These words are not meant for her. At times she used to feel alone when she needed someone to cry her heart out. She used to get jealous of other children playing with their parent's , how she wished that she was one of them.

People say time heals everything, same was with her , slowly she adapted herself to the loneliness. But it never stopped her from achieving her goals. She was around 12 when she made up her mind of what she wanted in life. She knew how it felt when there is no one you can count upon. She had been through that trauma and is still going. She had made up her mind of helping other children like hers who have no one to look after. For her studies was the only step to fulfill her dream. She was always an A grade student throughout her academinc year and graduating from the most prestigious college through scholarship was an added advantage. After graduating, her next step was to look out for a job for herself. Never in her wildest dream had she thought that being alone would be a big obstruction in her life. she was interviewed in god knows how man y companies and everywhere she got the same answer "Sorry we can't hire you".. on what basis and the answer was "family Background". What had family got to do with her academic qualification she couldn't understand?. The same reply again "Company policies".. To heck with the rules and regulations. It reached to a point when she started feeling dejected , that her parents should have killed her instead of leaving her alone by herself , till she got the call from the Gupta industries. It was shock for her too. Gupta Industries was one of the most reputed company in the country and may be in the world. Every young individual had a dream of working in the gupta industries and she wasn't an exception. Her interview went well and all she could pray was to get this job. She didn'thad any strength left to face one more rejection, still somewhere in her mind she felt that this time too she'll be rejected on the basis of the family background. Praying silently all through the day, she took a sigh of relief when she was told that she is appointed. She felt on top of the world that day. All her past rejections and the humiliations she faced vanished as a bright future was waiting for her. She thanked the almighty for making her believe in her dreams again.

 Today is her first day and she isn't nervous at all. Why?? coz she is till sleeping like a sleeping beauty unaware of her surroundings. Hearing the alarm clock beeping for the past 10 min. she opened her eyes lazily, still in the state of drowsiness she yawned and looked at the alarm clock by slightly opening her left eye. Looking at the time, she threw the blanket off the bed and ran towards the bathroom. "I am late.." she screamed, smacking her head as she came back in the room with the toothbrush in her mouth. She opened the cupboard and took out the navy blue suit that she bought yesterday from the money she had saved while working part-time through her college years. She took  hours to decide what she wants and finally settled on this one, which she saw the first time she entered the shop. The nervousness and the anxiety didn't let her sleep the whole night. it had been just an hour when she finally found her sleep only to be interrupted by the beeping sound of the clock.

Combing her wet hair harshly, she checked herself in the mirror. Grinning to herself, she blew a kiss to herself and picked up her bag. Making sure she had all the documents needed on the first day, she quickly slipped on her sandals and ran out of the room only to be bumped into Ms. Carol her caretaker-cum aunt-cum friend in all her everything. Carol bought her to her house as she was alone too.She used to work at the orphanage. After her husband died she had no one to count upon.  Riddhima was always the special child and she had a special place for her inside her heart. Although she had seen other children too who were alone but whenever she was with riddhima , she felt a kind of bond. Riddhima was initially scared when she was told that from now on she'll be living with Carol. She was 11 at that time and had seen her shouting on other children who didn't obeyed her at the orphanage. But slowly all her misconception about her were cleared when  she saw the other side of her, the softer side which was somewhere hidden behind that strict disciplined look. In carol she found a missing friend which she had been looking for and carol found a child in her.

"riddhima have you eaten your breakfast??".. she asked in her strict disciplinary tone. She knew how much careless riddhima is when it comes to food. During her college days, she had a habit of skipping her dinner and if it wasn't carol , she probably would have lost around  2-3 kgs of weight.

"aunty I am late" holding her ears, she made a puppy face which could melt anyone..even carol.. "I'll eat something on my wayyyyyyy.." she shouted running towards the door , not looking back and waiting for her to speak..

"Okay but call me when you reach there and hun you are wearing different shoes" carol shouted which went unnoticed by riddhima. Smiing to herself she locked the door and turning around she wiped her tears and made her way to the kitchen.

Riddhima looked at the watch just 30 minutes had left. Her planning of reaching the office on time and introducing herself was slowly washing away. she wanted to make a good impression on other's especially her seniors. She had even learnt her introduction lines by standing in front of the mirror and when she wasn't satisfied, she went to carol room at 2 in the morning and made her listen to the intro for the whole one hour . When she felt sleepy , she came back to her room and slept. She looked at her clock again, still 29 minutes left. She wanted to make a first impression, to be precise a good first impression as she believed in "first impression is the last impression" and now as the time is passing by, she is still gonna make an impression knowing very well that it won't be a good one.

She looked around waiting for the bus as her eyes caught hold of the superman's billboard. She was a big fan of superman and right now she only wished to have his powers. She won't even mind wearing red undies over the blue tight as long as she reach office on time. Waiting for bus was of no use as she had hardly seen any bus stopping from the time she came here. Without wasting any time, she called out for a cab and found it on the opposite side of the road.. "GREAT !" she muttered under her breath. If her morning wasn't good enough, now she has to cross the road too. She was always scared of crossing roads even when the road was empty. "Some people are scared of insects or darkness and I am scared of crossing road" this was her explanation when anyone used tease her for this phobia of hers. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath, still cursing herself for the trouble she has put herself into and took a step forward not waiting for the pedestrian light to turn green. She was about to take a step further when she felt herself being pulled back.

"Now what??" she told herself in a frustrated tone and turned about only to bump into someone. She saw somone's hand holding her by her elbows. Slowly she looked up and a pair of light brown eyes were looking at her.

"my- my.. a Hottie.." she screamed….


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