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part 1 : You Best Thing Ever Happen To Me(ss)

“No Matter No of People I came Across in My Life, by the End all I want is you from World just For Myself.”

Part 1 – The Bachelor Night

Music was on the blasting volume making people dance on or off beat with the smell of alcohol surrounding the air around the club. Blond girls dancing in bikini seducing on or the other men in present in the party for their profession entertaining man in there. It was not the choice for them but a   Restraints to sustain life but they were never determined in society of hypocrites.
It was a party through by some of the friends of the man of the honor. It was not some success party obvious to the environment created, but it was a bachelor’s party for the groom to be. In the
Language of his friends he is ‘A goat that was going to be slaughtered soon’. But he never mind them saying it as it wasn’t them who are in love, it was him who have felt it not them. So it’s him who know what it makes you feel like what it makes you achieve things motivating you every time, it gives you a sense of belonging in this world full of people still a lonely world. It gives you someone to call your own, someone that let you share you every emotions with and getting to know them in a way no one can know.

Leaving it all it was him not them that’s why he always laugh it off whenever they pass a sarcastic or joking comments to him and his decision of getting settle down. He was same until he meet her, his love who completely changed his ideology of love and life. She always said to him
“Love is not about how much you say ‘I love you’ it’s about making your partner feel those words rather wording them.”
 “It not the wish that one make it’s the Affection that’s steady. It’s not about hunting perfect partner it’s about finding perfection in you imperfect partner”

“If you love someone deeply it will surely going to hurt badly there is nothing that comes without pain but it’s still worth it.” She have framed her words in simplest way to him without exaggerating it in a filmy way to him to make him believe in love. Her simple ideology towards love and her way of loving people made him fall for her  so deeply that he don’t want to move out of it not in this or even in any birth.

Thinking about her and her ideologies of love made him miss her badly than ever. It’s his wedding in few days and here he is sitting on the bar counter sipping some coke watching his friends while mind rested on just one girl who have become the center of his life.
He wasn’t allowed to meet her but he have his own ways to break the rule without letting others know about it. Armaan was about to exit his own party in honor when one of his friend catch hold on him not letting him go anywhere, once again he was pushed back to stay not allowing to leave. He sat back for some time then his mind worked up for him cooking up an excuse to have an emergency in hospital being a Dr. do gave some perks to him sometimes. Like skipping the situation on pretext of emergency call when we was forced to stay without his will.

Running out of the club he made his way towards his car to get his hands on wheel to drive away to meet his lover. Reaching up to her house he debated the way to go meet her it was sure he can’t call her out at this hour in clock but he have to go in to meet her. Figuring out the ways to go he decided to go in through window climbing the stylish designed walls of the house constructed since now a days there are no pipes out in house.  Reaching inside the room he stopped on his feet not moving in but a small smile played on his lips seeing her sleeping so peaceful on her bed with a sheet covering her till her waist while a teddy bear was held in her arms securely close to her own self.

He moved inside with steady steps not making any voice to wake her up from her adorable sleep that makes him fall for her once again on her innocence. He settle down on the floor on his knees admiring her sleeping like a cute baby with soft smile on her lips. After some time tiredness took over his sense and he fall asleep sitting on the floor itself with one hand resting on her bed supporting his own head in sleep.

Next Morning ridhima got up stretching her arms wide in air with beautiful smile playing on her lips with eyes still close re living her dream which she saw a while back in her dream land. Bringing her arms down with the sigh he open her eyes to come back to reality, but the reality she saw with her own eyes was more dreamy and beautiful then her real dream was. She saw Armaan sleeping with his arms on her bed while head resting carelessly between bed and side-table. He looks uncomfortable by his posture of sleeping but the adorable smile on his face reflected back on Ridhima’s face instantly within one look at him.

She got up from her comfortable bed siting down beside him she lay her head on his chest over his heart while one of her hand went around his waist and the other one moved to made him lean against her rather than on hard table bringing him comfort immediately causing him to snuggle more into her embrace. Ridhima smiled with his childish act closing her eyes she to fall sleep once again but more peaceful one with him in her arms despite of siting on hard floor.
There was a knock on the room’s door after a while breaking their soulful sleep. Ridhima woke up with a blush on her face while Armaan have a confusing look on his face but then having her in his arms he smiled kissing her forehead whispering “Good Morning Baby” ridhima too wished him back with wide smile “Good Morning”. Soon there was another knock on the door breaking them apart.

“Ridhima Open up the door Fast. You can’t be sleeping up till this late Get up Ridhima” called the person from the other side of the door. Ridhima Armaan both got up from the floor looking at each other with different expression on both their faces. Ridhima was looking tensed while Armaan looking smilingly dreamingly at her. “Coming Di just a moment” ridhima voiced out loud enough for the person to hear her from other side, for which she got a reply “Hurry Up ridhima open within 2 minutes”.

Ridhima ask Armaan panicking to leave but he shake his head in a complete no, he made his move away from window that should be other way round according to ridhima. She asked Armaan in low voice “Armaan what are you doing. You Need to leave di is hear” But Armaan moved towards Ridhima’s Almira opening it up he claimed one of the compartment of it sitting in there he asked her to close the door of it he won’t be leaving soon “I want to have some time with you, make your di leave soon please and you close this door and open up that one point to the Almira’s and then room’s door.” Ridhima was about to argue with Armaan but another knock on the door made her nervous and she closed her Almira before opening the door for entrance.

“What took you so long ridhzy?” Anji her sister asked her to get a reply “Nothing Di... You tell me how you are up this early in Morning” just this made anji’s mind divert “I haven’t even slept ridhzy I was out gate crash one party in club” Ridhima’s mind wasn’t fully on Her sister’s word as she is worried about Armaan being closed up in wardrobe “And You know who’s party it was that me and other girls Gate Crashed on”  without wanting it to stretch long ridhima looked once at her sister asking casually “Who’s part was it” but the next thing she heard made her to give all attention to her sister’s word “Armaan’s Bachelor’s Striptease party”

Hearing her ridhima have full attention on Anjali now “What” with the word that came out loud with neck moved forwards then normal position. Anjali looked at her sister “I know when I heard about it I was too shocked so me and girls gang gate Crashed it” Anjali was talking non-stop while taking hold of Ridhima’s hand she made herself comfortable on her bed making  ridhima settle down too. Ridhima have forgotten about Armaan hearing the word bachelor’s party combined with Striptease she was hearing attentively what Anjali was speaking. It’s been half hour when Anjali summed up her speech “But you know I never saw Armaan in the party when we entered in secretly, I wonder where he would have been when his friends were just loving all the show but he was missing from the scene I wonder to where. Anyway I got to go ridhzy I will take a small sleep before moving back to work.”
Anjali left ridhima sitting on the bed wondering over whatever Anjali just told her but as soon as Anjali left shocked ridhima a smile came on Ridhima’s lips thinking her Armaan is so much in love with her that he missed out on those stuff and came running up to her but never woke her up seeing her sleep but slept on floor being the sweetest himself respecting her dignity he didn’t sleep on bed even when it was double bed. She so loved him more and more now.

These thoughts running in her mind with smile imprinting on her face got broken up when she suddenly remember Armaan still in her wardrobe. Hurriedly she get up from her bed closing the door locking it down she open her Almira hurriedly.  Seeing his eyes closed she panicked up thinking he suffocated himself in her closet on an impulse she shock him hard with slight tears in her eyes which startled a sleepy Armaan. He have fallen asleep sitting in there waiting for Anjali to leave but she took long making him fall asleep tired of hearing out the talks of the sisters that never reached to his ears closed in closet.

Armaan hang is legs down to get down but before that ridhima hugged him not letting him get off. Surprised at her sudden hug not wanting to leave him he too hugged her back still sitting in the Almira while ridhima was standing. After some time when ridhima was still hugging her asked her “What happen ridhima” but she just shake her head in refusal telling him nothing happened. Lifting her face up with his figure making her look in his eyes he spoke once again “ridhima, what happen please tell me”

tear came floating in her eyes which he instantly wiped away before they can leave their residence that’s her eyes., her inner soul.

Armaan probe her again to speak up to hear her say in broken voice “I… I thought that… that I suffocated you to… to… I got scared” Armaan looked at her with all the love and adoration in his eyes to see his such an innocent childlike fiancĂ©. “Aww… I am Okay baby… I just fall asleep” Armaan said hugging her back once again to comfort her. But she once again expressed her fear trying to get it out of her system “I got scared” Armaan heard her spoke up with such low voice that made him tighten his hold on her “Shhh… it’s okay… I am okay… Hmmm” Armaan keep caressing her back arms to comfort her.

After some Time

Ridhima asked Armaan while resting her head on his heart “Armaan Where were you last night” Armaan was confused as he knew that she is aware he was here right by her side in her room all night sleeping “I was here only ridhima you know you have seen me sleeping right here by your side” hearing him she parted to look at his face while he too look at her “No. I mean where you were before coming in here. I mean why you came from window that late and slept here on floor when you can have slept peaceful in your home” Armaan smile at her looking so cute right now that he felt to pull her cheeks and do kucci koo but she hated it in her words but loved it from her heart. He knew her more then she knew her self so not giving her fake cries from past a dam he pulled her cheeks saying “I was missing my Ridhima, this cute innocent girl of mine so I came here and slept adoring you smile in your sleep.” She winched with his action so hitting on his hands she heard him which brought back her smile back that disappear for second’s frown.

“Toh why you came sleeping here on floor you could have called Na if you were missing me” ridhima counter questioned him “Aren’t you happy ridhima I came here.” Armaan asked back felling her too much after knowing the reason of him coming in her room “It’s not that Armaan I am so much happy to see first thing in morning was you, your handsome face adored with smile.” She replied to him “Then why are you asking me the reason for me to come here again and again. Can’t I come simple when I miss you” Armaan asked her to hear her say “It’s not that you can come but I know you were tiered in at the long day at work as you have woke up earlier than usual due to the case so I was asking after that tiring day you slept so uncomfortably here”

“I was going from nearby so I thought to drop by but when I came you were sleeping so I too slept here only” he explained her but ridhima smiled knowing the real reason behind his dropping by at her place. Seeing her smile he asked her “What are you smiling for now.” Seeing him confuse ridhima have wider smile. She lifted her hands and cupped Armaan’s face in her palms looking directly into his eyes she whispered “Armaan since when my home started to come in the way from Mirabella to your house. As I know it’s the totally opposite directions.” Armaan hear ridhima spoke hinting him that she already knows the truth even if he wasn’t ready to reveal it seeing him looking down with bit guilt she once again lifted his face with her palms still on his cheeks resting “Armaan if you would have said the truth then also it wouldn’t have lessen my happiness but have increased it to many folds.” Surprised by her choice of words Armaan who have his eyes casted downwards looked up in her eyes instantly. Seeing a confusion floating in his eyes ridhima caressed his face while speaking still looking in his eyes “I love you Armaan. And after your act last night I love you more and more.”

Scared that she might be a bit sarcastic to him with her words he asked her “Aren’t you disappointed with me”. Ridhima smiled at his baby voice with questioning words “Do you see anger in my eyes or any disappointment” he simple shake his head in no “But why aren’t you disappointed or angry with me knowing what I was doing in that club” he asked again with baby tone with desperation dipping from his words “Do you want me to be disappointed in you” as she asked him he instantly shake his head vigorously in big no “No” ridhima was adoring him so much in her heart “but why” his desperation didn’t ended so he asked her again.

‘Armaan. I am not angry or disappointed in you but I love you more after all this. Though it was the party for your bachelor hood ending honor but I know what my Armaan is and how he is. When all were there enjoying the show you escaped from there that show the respect you have for women and love for me that with the thoughts of it only you escape it and came running to me without thinking about your whole day tiredness and slept on the cold hard floor when you would have slept on other side of the bed as its already double bed but you choose to sleep on floor showing that my dignity and words matters to you so high in life that you respected them and me. I love you Armaan” ridhima confessed her mind and heart to him making him smile “You read so much from so small act of mine. I wonder that why they say girls are complex to understand. I have never thought about it all but you have read every intention of mine in so small act ridhima.

But I guess that why we also say that women are next to god as they are home maker, new life giver as they know how to nurture someone to be man enough. I mean you women are really something one can’t describe you have so much in you which a man can’t have in them. I love you too ridhima, I love you so much” they talked little more before they both have to go to their respective work.

Luv u All
Aayushi Gupta

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