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Part 10 : Pyar ke mod par......

Summary – riddhima,padma and shashank live in America,where riddhima was doing research on a rare disease which is called Batten disease after losing her beloved brother riddhim. She hates india as the doctor of india couldn’t recognize the disease in time and when they went America for riddhim’s treatment,it was late for riddhim. arman is a senior doctor in sanjivani. He was about to marry nupur but she ran away on the wedding night which broke arman and his family so balvinder sent him America to complete his fellowship as he wanted to keep him away to forget that incident. There he stayed in riddhima’s house as billy is shshank’s childhood friend...riddhima had not interested in anything except her research but arman’s jolliness won her heart and she accepted him as a friend...arman helped her in many ways and now riddhima was feeling something for arman ...........


Arman uttered smilingly : “haan Reo toh bahut request kar rahi thi but I said her,meri ek pagal friend hai,abhi nahi jaunga toh maar degi mujhe.”
Riddhima uttered frowning : “waise bhi tum marnewale ho mere hathon se…kab se wait kar rahi hun..apne aapko samajhte kya ho tum?”
Arman uttered making an innocent face : “dr. arman malik…
Riddhima yelled angrily : “dr. gadha malik ho tum…
Arman laughed and uttered : “yeh naam bhi achcha hai,abhi sabko batata hun mai,miss American gave me a new name..and I liked it………”
Riddhima yelled in same tone : “sabse pahle apni girlfriend ko batana…..”
Arman repeated surprisingly : “apni girlfriend ko!” and in a while getting the meaning he laughed out loudly while uttered : “hu…lalalala.jalan…!!”

Now....."tumse milke"
Riddhima glared him and uttered : “mai nahi jal rahi...
Arman whistled and uttered : “tum nahi,wo tumhare seene me ek pyara sa dill hai na,wo jal raha hai..”
Riddhima looked at him and about to reply but their eyes met and locked...they didn’t know how long they stood like this.suddenly arman’s mobile started ringing...arman picked the call and uttered smilingly : “ya..i am fine problem...i am i will tell you later..why? actually kali ma...i mean someone is here...ok,darling...see you..bye..”
He kept the mobile and stared through the corner of eyes to riddhima,who was standing there while keeping hands on her waist and making an angry face..arman’s heart said... “oyye hoyye!gusse me bhi kitni khubsurat lagti hai..”
He cleared his throat and asked making an innocent face : “kya hua riddhima? Are you angry?”
Riddhima yelled angrily : “tumne...tumne phir se mujhe kali ma kaha?”
Arman nodded in na and uttered making an innocent face.. “nahi toh..maine toh..” saying he turned, took out a calendar from bag and said... “maine kaha,kali ma ki tasveer lagani hai ..dadi ne aate waqt diya tha mujhe..”
Riddhima looked at the calendar and turned to go but stopped hearing arman’s voice : “dadi ma ne kaha,beta arman ,yeh kali ma tujhe dusri kali ma se raksha karegi..”
Riddhima turned and threw the pillow to him and yelled angrily : “wapas kyon aaye? Jao apne reo ke paas.”
Arman uttered surprisingly : “sachchi!thank you miss American.”
Riddhima glared him and uttered in same tone : “agar kahin bhi gaye na toh mai...mai tumhari tang tod dungi..”
Arman laughed and uttered : “apne papa ka eklouta bachcha hun..aisa gajab mat karna please..okay,i am jocking ..ab se nahi karunga.” Saying he took out a jar and uttered giving it to riddhima : “yeh reo ne diya hai..tumhare liye.”
Riddhima looked at the jar and asked with a suspicious look: “kyon?”
Arman kept quiet for sometime then asked slowly : “bata dun?”
Riddhima uttered angrily : “jaldi batao.”
Arman uttered making an innocent face : “actually reo saw your picture and said..thodi moti hai(fat),isme special medicine hai..khakar mere jaisi slim ho jayegi...”
Hearing it,Riddhima’s anger reached in high..she once looked at the jar and about to threw it but arman caught her hand hurriedly and uttered : “arey re..isey mat fenkna..dadi ma ne diya hai..your favourite lemon pickle.
Hearing lemon pickle,water came in riddhima’s mouth but she uttered glaring at arman : “par tumne toh kaha ki..
Arman uttered smilingly : “sorry..wo tum gusse me khubsurat lagti ho so...
Seeing riddhima’s glaring he added...”nahi,i mean normal se jyada..gusse me normal se jyada khubsurat lagti ho isliye thoda tease karta hun..”
Riddhima blushed a little and bent her head. Arman uttered smilingly : “khakar dekho na ..dadi ne khud apne hath se banaya hai..bahut achcha banati hai.”
Riddhima uttered slowly : “par tumhe kaise pata mujhe pasand hai?”
Arman shrugged and uttered “ pooh!dr. arman ko pata na ho yeh ho sakta hai kabhi? He is a magician...”
Riddhima thought in heart : “magician toh ho arman warna riddhima gupta ka dill jitna itna asan nahi tha.” But she uttered making a don’t care face : “huh!”
Arman uttered smilingly : “ok,pucho kya janna chahti ho..mai bata dunga.”
Riddhima glared him and uttered : “mujhe kuch nahi puchna..mai ja rahi hun.”
She turned to go but stopped hearing arman’s voice : “tumne pucha nahi mai japan kyon gaya tha?”
Riddhima looked at him once and went saying : “mujhe tumhare personal matter me interfere karne ka souk nahi hai..mujhe lab jana hai..i am going.”
Riddhima went lab but didn’t concentrate in work as she wanted to know how arman managed to get back her research to her and about Reo also..what is the relation of arman and she beautiful more than her...does arman love her?
She came back home early at evening. When padma asked ,she excused that she had a headache and came in her room and lied on the bed.she was lying on the bed closing eyes but she was waiting for arman’s returning from hospital. After sometime she heard a knock and uttered : “come in.”
Arman came with a hot coffee mug and asked worriedly : “what happened riddhima? Aunty ne bataya sir dard hai..lo coffee pee lo aur medicine le lo.”
Riddhima sat on the bed and uttered annoyedly : “mere sir dard toh tum ho..medicine se kuch nahi hoga.”
Arman looked at her surprisingly then uttered smilingly : “isliye kahte hain..bhalayi ka jamana nahi...mai kahan tumhare liye kahan kahan bhatkta raha,kitne logon se mila,unhe samjhane ki koshish ki..aur ab tumhara sir dard ban gaya hun...kaam nikal jane ke baad dudh me se makkhi ki tarah nikal fenkna tum american ki aadat hai kya?”
Riddhima didn’t get the meaning and asked surprisingly : “kya dudh,makkhi?”
Arman uttered annoyedly : “kuch nahi..mai ja raha hun aur kal hi yahan se chala jaunga.”
Riddhima’s anger again reached in peak.she moved down the bed,blocked arman’s way and yelled angrily : “maine tumhe jane ko kab kaha arman? Tumhe pata bhi hai mai itne dino kitni pareshan thi? Aur tumhe hardam majak sujhta hai..” saying suddenly she started sobbing.
Arman didn’t expect this from riddhima .he came to her and asked worriedly : “tum ro kyon rahi ho? I am jocking..mai kahin nahi jaunga...promise.”
Riddhima uttered in her sob : “apna dost mante ho aur kuch batate nahi..kaise dost ho?”
Arman asked surprisingly : “maine kya nahi bataya?”
Riddhima thought a while then asked : “Reo koun hai?tumhari kya lagti hai?"
Arman felt to laugh loudly he understood the matter..miss American is tensed about Reo...means she surely felt something for him.but he controlled his laugh and uttered : “meri friend hai,bahut achchi friend.”
Riddhima asked : “only friend?”
Arman uttered smilingly : “ya...i have kept my heart for an Indian girl.”
Riddhima asked with a hesitate: “koun hai wo?”
Arman made a sigh face and uttered : “don’t know,abhi tak mili nahi mujhe.
Riddhima asked suspiciously: “toh phir Reo ko darling kyon keh rahe the?”
Arman remembered and uttered laughing : “hum dono bachpan se ek dusre ko darling kahte hain.”
Riddhima nodded and uttered making a pouting face : “uski photo dekhna hai mujhe.”
Arman smiled and took out Reo’s pic in mobile and showed to riddhima.riddhima saw Reo is very beautiful..she felt jealous in heart.really she was slim,very fair and a perfect figure.”
Arman asked : “hai na khubsurat?”
Riddhima didn’t understand what to say. She knew Reo was beautiful but she didn’t want to express it. She nodded and said : “haan,par iski eyes kitni choti choti hai.”
Arman smiled in heart. He understood she is feeling jealous and he had a great urge to tease her again so uttered : “waise mujhe aisi hi eyes pasand hai.iska ek reason hai.”
Riddhima looked at him and asked : “kyon?”
Arman looked at her big almond eyes and replied peeping in : “badi badi khubsurat aankhon wali ladki ke ankhon me khud ko khona nahi chahta...shayad phir sambhal na paun khud ko..”
Riddhima was about to reply but she lost herself in his gorgeous bronze eyes and forgot to blink . she got sense hearing arman’s humming.....
“Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
sharabi yeh dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko oh mere yaaron
sambhalna mushkil ho gaya”
She shifted her gaze immediately and uttered while sitting on bed... “jao yahan se,mujhe sona hai..”
Arman smiled understanding that riddhima wanted to hide that she was started falling for him. But he didn’t want to force her for anything and also afraid of her rejection too so he nodded and came in his room.
Later,riddhima got to know that Reo is the daughter of Saki Toyoda ,who was a Japanese business executive and the president of Toyota Motor Corporation.he came india when his daughter Reo was a child and stayed for 15 years here. Now he is the finance minister of japan and he loved arman as his own son . His influence helped arman to contact with the health minister of America and the medical officers to get back riddhima’s research.
riddhima kept quiet for sometime hearing it then uttered in an tensed face : “but i think you should stop to go japan now.”
Arman asked surprisingly : “kyon?”
Riddhima hesitated a bit then cleared her doubt : “ab saki toyoda tumhe itna pasand karte hain toh ho sakta hai wo apni beti ke liye tumhe pasand karte ho..phir tum kya karoge? You want an Indian girl na?”
Arman uttered mischievously : “haan toh Indian girl hai kahan? Shadi toh kisise karni padegi na,kab tak dadi khana banayegi?”
Riddhima uttered annoyedly : “toh tumhe shadi karni hai khana pakane wali se?”
Arman gave a big nod and uttered : “waise mujhe is mushibat me fansne ka koi shouk nahi..bas dadi ke liye karna hai..actually girls are very irritating things..”
Riddhima glared him and asked : “mai bhi?”
Arman laughed and replied : “tum girl kahan ho? Robot ban gayi ho. Insaan ke paas dill hota hai,tumhare paas wo hai toh nahi.”
Hearing it riddhima got angry and pushed him and uttered : “go to hell..mujhe tumse baat hi nahi karni..”
But next day when her sleep broke ,she smiled hearing the song coming from arman’s room....

Kacchi doriyon, doriyon, doriyon se
Mainu tu baandh le
Pakki yaariyon, yaariyon, yaariyon mein
Honde na faasley
Eh naraazgi kaagzi saari teri
Mere sohneya sunn le meri
Dil diyan gallan
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu milaa ke

Dil diyan gallan haaye…
Karaange roz roz beh ke
Sacchiyan mohabbataan nibha ke

Sataaye mainu kyun
Dikhaaye mainu kyun
Aiven jhuthi mutthi russ ke rusaake

Dil diyan gallan haaye
Karaange naal naal beh ke
Akh naal akh nu mila ke.................

Love u all

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