Friday, 14 September 2018

part 10 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

He got off from her with the guilt of her being engaged. As he neared the door, he heard something falling on the floor. It sounded like a metal piece, he turned and saw the ring on the floor.

 As the ring smoothly took its place on the ground, his eyes turned to Ridhima. She was standing there so still, with tears in her eyes, she looked hopeless. He turned back around towards the door, as her sobs got louder. He held the doorknob, as she went down on her knees crying. He locked the door and turned to her. Hearing the click of the doorknob, she looked up to see Armaan's gaze at her. She saw all the hidden love and feeling for her in those blue eyes. She was helpless, they couldn't be together, but she needed him, wanted him... She needed to feel that love of his... For the past 1 week, she has been crying due from their separation... She wanted the pain to go away for a moment, although it may be momentary. She got up and ran into his chest. As he arms flung around him, she placed her head on his chest

Armaan was startled, she never did this before, but now he was positive that she loves him. He put his arms around her tightly, never wanting to let go. He cupped her face, and kissed her everywhere on her face... As the wind flew in from the window, the cold breeze was running through both of them. He sucked on her cheek, taking her tears away. He kissed her nose, her forehead, he chin, and slightly rubbed her lips. ''I love you'' he whispered nears her lips. She leaned a bit forward, enclosing the distance between them. She grabbed onto his collar and pushed his back to the door hard, and slammed herself onto him. She kissed him hard and passionately. She rubbed her lips on his chest while detangling his buttons. He stopped her from taking his shirt off, ''say it please,'' he asked. ''I need you,'' she said jumping on him. He held her firmly on her outer thigh, while she tangled her legs around his waist. She bit his ears and rubbed her lips on them arousing him. He sucked on her neck leading her to the bed. ''I can't live without you baby,'' he said settling on her. ''Make me yours,'' she said pulling him towards her. He kissed her forehead, then her nose, her neck, and went down to her breasts. She moaned as she felt him grab them, and squeezed them. He caressed them with his lips, as he sucked them, and nibbled on them. He kissed them hard, leaving damp prints of love. He then kissed her down her ribs, and to her stomach. He left wet kisses by her navel, and licked her navel. Armaan turned her around on top of him. She sat on his stomach, and moved her hands down his chest and rock hard abs. She kissed his abs hungrily and went up to his chest. She left wet kisses there, and kissed his neck. She bit him back for all the bites he gave her. He couldn't take the intensity now, he grabbed her breasts and sucked on them. She gasped at his sudden actions, and tried to keep Control. He turned again, landing on top of her... It was finally time. He stroked her thighs gently, and parted them. He penetrated the force between them, and entered her. She grabbed a fist full of his hair as it pained. He went inside deeper, as she aroused him by pulling his hair. After moving out slowly and gently, she moaned loudly as they separated. Armaan kissed her everywhere, trying to take the pain away. He turned over slightly next to her, but still on top of her, and pulled the bed sheet over them. Armaan pulled Ridhima closer to him, and kissed her all-night afraid he might loose her.

''Hello'' Ridhima answered waking up from sleep. She tried to speak as low as possible because Armaan was still asleep besides him. 'Hey baby... Why are you whispering for... Do you have guests over... Guests from last night?'' Vivek said Chuckling. ''First of all it's Ridhima for you... And does it really matter if i have guests over... I mean you have them everyday, in packs...'' Ridhima said in an annoyed voice. ''Ahh'' she moaned a bit loudly, as she felt Armaan sucking on her neck. ''Ummm... Do you have to say anything... A date.... No.... No.... Fine lunch, but never call me again.'' Ridhima said cutting the line. After she put the phone down, armaan shifted completely on top of her. ''Armaan get off, I'm exhausted, and i have to take a shower,'' she said weakly. ''Oh, why didn't you say that before'' Armaan said getting up.

He picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bathroom. He settled her on the shower, and started removing the bed sheet that was wrapped around her. She stood there still, loving the feeling of his touches. He completely removed the bed sheet, and watched her exposed right in front of him. She hugged in tightly, as their bare bodies rubbed against each other. Armaan turned the shower, and the water drops fell on them, while they were still in embrace. He applied shampoo on her head, and she did the same. Armaan took the soap and rubbed it over her body. She put her arms around his neck, while he placed his around her waist and pulled her soapy body closer to him. Both swayed to their own tone as their bodies rubbed against each other, transferring the soap from her body to his.

She opened her eyes and stared at the clock ''shit Armaan... Hurry up, I only got an hour before having lunch with Vivek" Armaan pulled her out immediately after hearing his name. "WHAT! Why are you going to lunch with that bas***d?" he asked shocked. "I have to, we are gonna discuss about our post martial plans" she said rubbing herself with the towel. "Post martial plans… what post martial plans… your gonna have none, cause your not getting married to him" he said tired of repeating the same thing for the umpteenth time. She just ignored him and was about to walk out. Armaan firmly grabbed her and pushed her toward the wall hard. He kissed her all over her body vigorously, until her knees became week. Armaan looked at her, "you're my property… if he dares to even touch you, tell him that" he said walking out angrily. Ridhima sighed at his protectiveness, and just prayed to god that her plans don't get ruin.

Armaan was enjoying his lunch, when suddenly he looked up to see his beautiful angel walking down the stairs. The yellow color of the dress really completed her skin, and the dress itself hugged her figure to show off all her curves.

He sighed as he thought how irresistible she looked. Suddenly his facial expression changed once he realized that Ridhima was going on a date with Vivek. In addition, she was wearing a really cute and sexy outfit, which is making her look tempting. He walked up to her stomping on the floor. "What?" she asked looking at his immature behavior. "I don't like what your wearing… go to your room and change" Armaan commanded. Ridhima looked at him in temper "Armaan, what did I tell you about telling me what to do… Nobody tells me what to do not you, or my father!" Ridhima said angrily walking out the door leaving a shocked Armaan.

Armaan paced around the living room in full panic mood. He kept on checking the clock, 10 minutes since she has been gone, he sighed sitting down on the couch. Shashank saw Armaan with his head placed in his palms, and wondered what was bothering. "Anything bothering you son" Shashank asked casually. "Yeah… Ridhima…" Armaan bit his tongue with an impulse. With all the tensions thriving through his head, he hadn't meant to say Ridhima in front of her dad. Shashank raised his eyebrows in suspicion and sighed, "what has this girl done now… you know, she's know for doing crazy obstacles… 7 months ago she ran away to pursue her dreams in the business field… when I strictly told her, a woman's job is to look after her household". Armaan gave him an angst look "I'm surprised that you view women in that perspective… Women have came a long way… Take my mother as an example, although she may not be around anymore, her presence is still alive as a successful executive. She gained honor and integrity due to her handwork and capabilities… Ridhima's dreams show her ambition to make herself successful… I'm surprised you don't have that much of a faith in her, even after she  proved herself worthy by being independent…". Shashank took Armaan's words into consideration "It's not that women aren't worthy of such high positions, but they lack the experience… Over the years, it's a proven fact that men are built to work, while women are meant for house jobs…" Shashank tried to restate his point to win his claim. "I'm sorry but I have to disagree on that matter… Men are only stronger than women in body wise, but check their mentality, you will find women far more superior… They have a brain which is far more mature, and highly intellectual" Armaan tried his best to defend Ridhima in this matter. "They may be intelligent, but choice wise, I don't think so… See I have to empires, one in being looked after by Rahul… and what am  I supposed to do with the other… that's why I'm marrying Ridhima off, so that Vivek can look after it… And with a bonus, two exclusive companies crash, into a major empire" Shashank stated happily. Armaan looked shocked and disgusted on his views, being a man in a modern world, he still has old time view…. And those views aren't the good one's, they contradict women's rights, and power. Armaan rested his case, as he figured Shashank wasn't worthy of his time. He received a text from Ridhima saying, "I'm at the Bastide restaurant… There's a hotel nearby, meet you there" Armaan smiled at her text, as last night came gushing back.

"So my love, tell me how shall we spend the rest of our night… Sleeping or getting busy" Vivek said winking at her. Ridhima gave him a disgusted look, "excuse me, never call me 'my love' ever again… and spend the night, I'm leaving from here in 1 minute…" she said getting up from her chair. The restaurant they went to was held in private property, so there was nobody there. Vivek followed her out, she practically tried running from there, but he also ran after her. "Wait up, why are you running baby" he said trying to grab onto her. As Ridhima was about to open her car door, Vivek put his hand over hers. He put her legs in between hers, so that she couldn't move from her spot. He bent her hands back, and took out the rope that he carried along. Tying her hands up as she struggled to get out, Vivek showed her his evil grin. "I told you before, I get what I want" Ridhima tried best trying to get out of his grip. "Why are you doing this to me?" she asked helpless. "Because you didn't sleep with me last time… and I have a feeling your not gonna after marriage either" he said lining her face… Ridhima tried pushing away, but her car was right behind her. "Listen if Armaan was here…" His hand cut her off. "If he was here… Well baby, he's not here… who's gonna save you now" Vivek said picking her up into his arms. He took her to the hotel room, and threw her on the bed.


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