Monday, 24 September 2018

Part 11: pyar ke mod pe….

Time passed…and with time,riddhima also started changing. The girl once who didn’t like anyone or anything except her work,and hated india ,now started liking a guy who is Indian… the girl once who didn’t want to share anything about her life,her sorrow to anyone,now she started sharing everything every moments with the guy,whom once she didn’t like as he was an Indian….the girl ,who once loved to live alone,now couldn’t live without a guy,whose name was arman.

Arman had completed 2 years of his fellowship And with time their friendship grew more but still arman was not able to understand riddhima loved him or not. One thing arman understood that riddhima was very moody and introvert. He got to know from padma that riddhima was only close to riddhan and after his going and she had a strong feeling that whom she will love,will lose so she didn’t want to accept anyone in her life ..and about listening it,arman determined to step in her life and will never be separated from her.
One day riddhima told arman that her research was completed.she invented a vaccine of it.
Arman jumped with joy hearing it and said : “wow!congrats riddhima. Par tumhe yeh baat toh officially declare karna padega na?”
Riddhima nodded and uttered : “haan,par tumne suna nahi maine kya kaha..i only got the vaccine par isey abhi implement karna hai ..i have to use this vaccine on somebody and after getting positive result,I can declare that I am succeeded.
Arman nodded and uttered : “right.iske liye kitna time lagega?”
Riddhima : “maine jo vaccine nikala hai wo kisi pregnant women,who is the carrier of this disease..usey pregnancy ke first month me hi dena hai and she should follow up. After the baby born,we will get the result by examining him/her.”
Arman uttered smilingly : “aur jab tum us baby ko us disease se bacha logi,kitna bada achievement hoga na? wow!mujhe toh abhi se sab kuch ankhon ke samne dikh raha hai..clearly…tumhe award mil raha hai…they are announcing…”dr. riddhima gupta..we are pleased to give you award…
Riddhima uttered in middle : “bas bas..maine award ke liye yeh sab nahi kiya arman.”
Arman uttered : “I know riddhima..mujhe pata hai tum jab riddhan jaise bachchon ki jaan bachaogi toh tumhe sabse jyada khushi hogi,par award milega to inkaar mat karna.achcha..award mujhe de dena.”
Riddhima asked surprisingly : “why?”
Arman : “kyonki hum toh hardam sath nahi rahenge,jab mai india chala jaunga to tumhari yaad ke liye tumhara award rakhunga..tumhari photo toh dogi nahi rakhne ke liye.”
Hearing it riddhima felt that her heart stopped for some seconds. She gave flabbergasted look and asked : “tum..tum chale jaoge?”
Arman uttered shrugging : “of course,mera fellowship finish hote hi chala jaunga. I am missing my home..sweet home.”
Suddenly Riddhima got up and uttered in an annoying voice : “phir tumhe yeh sab batane ka kya faida…jao,taiayri karo wapas jane ki…”and went from there stomping feet.
Arman smiled and mumbled : “I know riddhima,kuch toh mehsus karti ho mere liye isliye itna gussa ho jati ho mere jane ki baat sunkar..par confess karna is not your nature..i am waiting riddhima .anyways,ab toh tumhara research bhi complete ho jayega aur hum toh bhai,apni dulhaniyan ko apne ghar lekar hi jayenge.”
One day when riddhima came back from her work ,padma informed her that arman’s friend came to meet him. riddhima was surprised to hear it.she asked : “india se?”
Padma uttered smilingly : “nahi beta,japan se Reo aayi hai,,bahut hi pyari bachchi know aate hi tere papa ke aur mere pair chukar pranam kiye usne aur humara haalchal pucha. Bahut sanskari bachchi hai.”
Riddhima felt something burning inside her. This year arman couldn’t go japan because of his study and that girl reached here to meet him.
she uttered angrily : “mumma,pair chune se koi sanskari nahi ban jati..” saying she stomped feet and came in her room. She came in her room and heard the loud and cheerful voice of arman and reo.Reo was saying something and arman was laughing heartly. riddhima murmured : “itni bhi hansne ki kya baat hui..huh!”
She banged the door from inside and threw herself on the bed.but still arman and Reo’s voice was reaching in her ears.arman uttered something in a low voice,which riddhima couldn’t able to hear but in a while..Reo laughed and whistled loudly. Riddhima felt to break arman’s head..she shut her ears with pillow and tried not to hear their voice but in a while her heart suspected…”yeh arman itna hans kyon raha hai? Aur yeh ladki kya arman ke karib baithi hai? Dono itna khush kyon hain? Tere sath arman itna khush toh kabhi nahi rehta..aur yeh dono achanak itne dheeme awaz me baat kyon karne lage? Kya wo kuch personal baat kar rahe hain jo aur unhen dar hai kahin riddhima na sun le…
She disturbed with her own thought and sat on the bed throwing the pillows.
Other side arman and Reo heard the sound of banging door and arman mumbled : “aa gayi kayamat..”
Reo rounded eyes and uttered slowly : “tum nahi sudhroge arman..i saw her photo and heard about her a lot from your mouth..i know she is a nice girl not kayamat..
Arman smiled and uttered : “kayamat toh hai..duniya ki sabse khubsurat kayamat..jise dekhte hi insaan apna hosh kho baithe..”
Reo whistled hearing it and laughed. Then she asked in a slow voice : “kuch baat bani?”
Arman nodded in na disappointedly and replied : “nothing…
Reo uttered smilingly : “shame you arman..ek ladki ke dill ki baat nahi samajh paye in 2 salon me.”
Arman uttered in a shy voice : “usne apne dill ke darwaje band kar rakhe hain Reo but I know she loves me isliye toh kisi aur ladki ke sath dekhkar jal jati hai.”
Reo nodded and uttered : “hmmm…wo batana nahi chahti ki tumse pyar hai par kisi aur ke sath dekh bhi nahi sakti..then I got a way to make her confess her love to you.”
Arman asked excitedly : “kya?”
Reo uttered with a sweet smile.. “ I am here for 1 week and you will be with me the whole time except night..wo sirf tumhara dream your love.
Arman blushed on her words.
Reo : “aur jab tak mai hun you have to show riddhima that you forgot about her getting me, phir dekhna magic..”
Arman uttered making a nervous face : “magic yahi hoga ki tumhare jane ke baad hi mera dead body india bheji jayegi…kali ma mera murder kar degi..”
Reo burst into laughter and uttered : “I want to meet her arman..mai bhi toh dekhun jis arman ko mere jaisi khubsurat ladki jeet nahi payi,wah kis kayamat par dill haar baitha hai..”
Arman rounded eyes while Reo laughed out loudly. Arman also started smiling and uttered : “chalo usse milvata hun..par abhi toh sachmuch wo kali ma hi bani hui baithi hogi..dar mat jana..”
They both laughed and stepped to riddhima’s room.
Riddhima heard the knock on the door and arman’s sweet voice : “riddhima..kya tum jag rahi ho?Reo tumse milna chahti hai.”
Riddhima made face but she also wanted to meet Reo so she replied : “1 minute..”
She arranged the pillow in right place and moved down the bed and opened the door. arman smiled seeing her and uttered : “how are you?”
Riddhima thought in heart : “roj toh mere aate hi coffee lekar mere room me aa jata aur batein karta rehta..aaj kaise formality kar raha hai..i hate u arman malik..”
She heard Reo’s voice : “hi riddhima..i am Reo from japan..”
Riddhima uttered in a pale smile : “hi..please come.”
Reo came to close to arman and sang in a whispering tone :
“Ye aankhen ye masti
Ye aankhen ye masti
Ye palken ye kaajal
Ye zulfen ye khushboo
Ye chudi ye paayal
Qayamat qayamat
Qayamat qayamat…………
Arman frowned to her where Reo gave him a mischievous smile. arman uttered hurriedly : “mai coffee banakar lata hun,tum riddhima ke sath baat karo..”
Reo smiled and whispered : “haan,wo toh karni hi padegi..mai bhi toh dekhu mera dost kyon pagal hai uske liye.”
Arman ssssshed her and blushed and went from there hurriedly.
Reo stayed in riddhima’s house for one week and arman took leave from hospital and with her the whole time. Riddhima tried to show them she was very busy in her work but actually she was keeping all news of morning,when she got up and came to breakfast,got arman and Reo was not there.padma informed that they went out and when she came in the evening,again got to know that arman and reo were went somewhere. she came to room and tried to sleep or to concentrate herself in some work but all the time ,her mind started imagining some nonsense things about them and it made her restless.
And that day came,when reo had to return. At evening when riddhima returned,padma informed that Reo was about to go in some time and she wanted to meet with riddhima,so waiting in her room. Riddhima came in room and saw Reo was sitting in the couch while holding some papers in hand. Seeing her Reo smiled and uttered : “mai ja rahi hun riddhima,only want to meet you.”
Riddhima smiled lightly and uttered : “sorry Reo,I was very busy ,couldn’t entertain you ..sorry.”
Reo uttered smilingly : “no need to sorry..i know you are doing a great work. But I want to say you something.”
Riddhima gave her a question look. Reo uttered softly : “I know you are very busy riddhima..par zindagi aur pyar kisike liye rukkar nahi rehti..aisa na ho jab tum successful ho jao..aur peeche mudkar dekho…tab pata chale ki tumne kuch precious kho diya hai…anyways,bye..khyal rakhna apna …
Riddhima nodded and uttered : “bye..take care..
Reo smiled ,nodded and uttered giving those papers to riddhima : “yeh arman ke letters hain,jo mujhe wo in 2 salon me likha hai…I want you should read and know what is your place in his life…”
After Reo going,riddhima closed the door and started reading the letters and numb to know how much arman started loving every letters,he had written about riddhima and in one letter he wished to live his whole life with her only.
After going Reo,arman was looking very day when riddhima returned from work got arman was in his room.she got worried and came in his room and saw he was sitting on the bed and looking something.she got it was an album and arman was staring at the photo where Reo and he was dancing. She stood there for sometime then asked slowly : “bahut miss kar rahe ho?”
Arman jerked hearing her voice and uttered : “riddhima..come..”
Riddhima came slowly to him and asked again : “missing her?”
Arman nodded and uttered with a sigh face : “badly…
Riddhima kept quiet for sometime then asked with a sigh smile : “jab india chale jaoge..toh mujhe bhi yaad karoge kya?jaise aaj Reo ko kar rahe ho?”
Arman gestured her to sit there. riddhima sat beside him and gave him a question look.arman smiled looking at her and uttered : “ tumhe yaad karne ki koi wajah toh ho.”
Riddhima asked with an annoyed voice : “kyon,mai tumhari friend nahi hun?”
Arman nodded and uttered : “Reo is my best childhood friend..she is close to my heart…kitni yaadein hain uske sath meri..ek khubsurat feelings hai wo.”
Riddhima uttered with a sulking face : “toh mujhe bhi apne dill ke karib rakh lo…
Arman laughed hearing it and asked peeping in her almond eyes : “kyon? Tum koun ho meri jo tumhe dill ke karib rakhun?”
Riddhima bent her eyes and uttered slowly : “jo tum mere ho..wahi mai tumhari hun.”
Arman thought a while and uttered smilingly : “achcha toh yeh batao,mai koun hun tumhara?”
Riddhima replied with a naughty smile : “tum mere wahi ho jo mai tumhari hun…”
Saying she laughed and got up and about to run from there but in a while arman dragged her and she fell into his lap…she looked at him and in a while they lost in each other’s eyes…they didn’t know how long they were remained like this,suddenly riddhima’s mobile started ringing…she tried to free herself from arman’s grip but arman was completely lost ..she whispered : “arman..please …leave me…”
Hearing it arman jerked and left her immediately and mouthed sorry .riddhima whispered.. “it’s ok…”
They looked at each other and blushed. Riddhima covered her face into palm and ran to her room…

Riddhima ran to her room and closed the door..she was panting heavily. Her face became red tint …she dumped on the bed and closed eyes but the scene when she was in arman’s lap..made her more blushed…she hummed………

Uljhi si baatein dil
Mujhse bhi baantein
To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya
Khud hi samajh ke mujhe samjha de
To mehar.. mehar.. meherbaniya

Arman smiled and looked at the way where riddhima went..he shivered remembering the moment when she was in his arm..he hummed in his melodious voice….

Ho meherbani jo dil de zubaani
Keh de wo jo na kabhi kaha hai
Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu
Aise Tera Main.. Jaise Mera Tu..

Riddhima got up and took out the pic of arman which she had kept under the pillow..she caressed it and hummed…..
Milte rahe jo aise hi dono
Lag na jaaye ishq ki nazar
Aye dil farebi, tham sa gaya kyun
Aisi waisi baat soch kar

Arman stretched his arms…twirled and sang….

Bas mein na mere ab ye raha hai
Tujh pe aake dil ye jo ruka hai
Aise tera main.. jaise mera tu
Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
Jaise Mera Tu..
Aye.. oo.. ee..
Na na.. yea..
Riddhima kept the photo close to heart and hummed…..

Fariyad karti phir yaad karti
Sochti hoon tumko baar baar
Na chahatein hain, par chaahte kyun
Tumko yunhi mere aas paas
Arman swayed imagining riddhima is in his arm and hummed……

Kuch bhi nahi hai
Kuch phir bhi hai
Tumse milke dil ko ye laga hai
Aise tera main.. jaise mera tu
Aise tera main.. Jaise mera tu
Jaise mera tu jaise mera tu..
Jaise mera tu jaise mera tu………..

Love u all

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