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part 11 : Sensual Seduction (AR)

As Vivek threw her on the bed, he dress went slightly up, showing her long milky thighs. Vivek was in a daze seeing her exposed like that, and looking at her beautiful skin. He went to the edge of the bed, and starting moving towards her by lining her legs. He started moving up by tracing his lips on her legs, and started moving to her face. She closed her eyes feeling his disgusting touches. His legs were separated by hers, as they were placed on the opposite sides of her thighs. ''Now who's gonna save you baby'' he said grabbing her face.

Armaan stepped out of his car making sure he was in the right hotel. As he entered, he asked the receptionist for the room number in which Ridhima booked. Taking the keys, he wanted to surprise her.

as Vivek tried to kiss her, a plan shot into Ridhima's mind. Vivek's face was just an inch away from Ridhima's lips. She can feel his breath closing in, suddenly Vivek gasped out in pain. Ridhima had just kicked him right in the middle, causing him immense pain. He held his breath and shouted in pain, as he fell of the bed. Ridhima not wasting anytime had the perfect escape. Vivek wasn't down for long, he ran after her. Watching him closing up on her, Ridhima tried her best to open the door, as her hands were still tied.

''There's no place to go honey,'' Vivek said about seven feet away from her. Ridhima immediately opened the door with both her hands, and mad a run for it. Vivek grabbed onto a part of her dress while she remained running. Her dress torn up in that area, making Ridhima gasp. Suddenly she bumped into a person, and closed her eyes compulsively. She clutched onto his shirt as she was about to fall. She felt the person's hold on her tighten, as his touch arouses her. She sniffed his fragrance, and that fragrance took over her heart. ''Armaan'' she whispered opening her eyes. She saw armaan look at her in horror, ''Ridhima, what happened to you, why do u look so sweaty, and your hands, why are they tied up?'' before Ridhima can answer Vivek came running there. ''Ridhima, you cant escape me'' Vivek said not noticing Armaan. He finally spotted Ridhima, and the guy next to her, making him shocked. ''Armaan...'' he said frightfully...''what are you doing here buddy'' he said in a chocking voice.

Armaan looked at him with irritation and full anger. He pulled is hand into a fist and approached Vivek. Grabbing his collar armaan said in an anger tone ''what the f**k did I tell you... Never come near her you f**king bas***d'' armaan said punching him across the face.  Blood oozed out of Vivek's mouth, due from the powerful smack. ''I told you before, never to lay your repulsive eye on her,'' he said picking him up and punching him again. ''Armaan stop it please... Let's just get outta here'' Ridhima said holding onto his arm, while tearing up. ''Hey... What did I tell you, I never wanna see those eyes filled with water'' armaan said wiping her tears away. Vivek on the other hand found and amazing opportunity to hit armaan, since armaan was facing Ridhima. He stood up and pushed armaan fiercely, making Armaan's head bump onto the wall. His head immediately formed into a bump, with blood gushing out. ''Armaan'' Ridhima screamed. Her hands weren't tied anymore because armaan released the rope. She ran to Vivek and kicked him hard in the gut's taking Vivek down instantly. Ridhima ran to armaan, and held him up. ''Are you alright baby'' she asked armaan. He nodded his head, and stood up in a straight form. ''Vivek! I am not done with you'' he said giving him one last kick on the stomach. He turned back to Ridhima and asked her to come inside their. She nodded her head a no. He looked at her confused ''why not? What's wrong?'' she looked at him embarrassed ''actually my dress is fully torn in the back'' armaan chuckled at her reason. ''That's not a problem baby... That's just an excuse...'' he said approaching her, ''an excuse? An excuse for what...'' before he could answer, armaan picked her up in his arms. ''An excuse to come into my arms'' he said kissing her forehead.

Armaan settled her on the ground, so that she was standing up. Ridhima observed Armaan's face, and noticed the wound on his head. "Oh my God! Armaan your forehead is bleeding' hold on, let me tie a bandage around it'," she said making him sit on the bed. She took out some alcohol packets and strips of bandages. She approached him with the alcohol pads, While Armaan looked at her with fearful eyes. "Ummm' Ridhima, baby' what are you doing with those" he said backing off on the bed. "Armaan just stay on put before I force you'," she said giving him a warning expression. "No Ridhima please, it's gonna burn' please" Armaan begged her to stay away. She glared at him by squinting her eyes, and leaned to his face. Armaan closed his eyes instantaneously because he knew it would pain. She slightly smiled at his childish behavior, and rubbed some alcohol on the pad. Ridhima smoothly and softly rubbed the ad against the wound, and blew on his head to keep him balm. He was about to convulse, but once he felt Ridhima's breath on his face, he felt calm and secure.

Ridhima strapped the bandage around Armaan's head. After she was done, she looked at his innocent face; she kissed his wound to make him feel better. After felt content feeling her lips, he opened his eyes to see her staring at him, with love. He smiled at her beautiful face, and blew air on it, breaking her out of her trance. "Stop looking at me like that' your eyes are too seductive" he said pulling her closer. Ridhima pushed him away, and turned around. Armaan laid himself on the bed, and waited for her. After a long and silence wait, he decided to speak up "okay, I'm sorry baby' I was just joking, now please come here". She turned around and saw him pouting, which made her smile compulsively. She walked to the other side of the bed, and settled next to him, as he pulled her closer snuggled up to him.

"So you never told me why you lied to me, ran away from your house' and agreed to marry that bas***d!" Armaan asked her, trying to keep calm. "UHHH! Is this really important now' I mean do I seriously need to enlighten myself" she asked irritably. Armaan nodded firmly a yes. She sighed deeply "Well I ran away from home because of my dad' he's like a male chauvinist, he always thought of women as useless garbage'" she said disgustedly with anger raging inside. Armaan nodded his head supportive of her "Yeah, he really is prejudice from what I know' I spoke to him, and he sounded really pig headed." Ridhima gave him a sarcastic smile 'yup, so when I finished business school, he wouldn't even let me take over the empire, he told me women should stay home, and look after the house' That's when I convinced myself to leave this place, and make a living of my own' My mom was totally supportive of this idea, and Rahul couldn't be more proud' So they helped my pack, and escape without my dad noticing'Then I came to Malik Industries for a job and your father was impressed with my file, so he appointed me as your assistant" Armaan looked at her dreamily. "This was the best present my dad has ever given me" he said kissing her cheek. She smiled genuinely "Well it was a nightmare for me' I mean seriously, new bed sheets everyday' Do you know how disgusted I felt?" she said shriveling. Armaan chuckled at her reaction "Well I don't think I need ne bed sheets everyday now" he said winking at her. Ridhima rolled her eyes and continued her story "So I changed my last name because I didn't want people to give me a job because I'm Ridhima Gupta aka Shashank Gupta's daughter, I want to be known as only Ridhima Gupta, who made fame her own way'" She said proudly and confidently. Armaan assured her that she will succeed on her own, "I'm already proud of you' but soon your name will be Ridhima Armaan Malik," he said with hope, and happiness. She couldn't help but smile at his dreams. "Anyways, so I agreed to get married to Vivek because that day when we went to that party, Rahul was present there. He told me how dad finally accepted my decision to be an executive, but the condition was I would have to get married to Vivek to congregate our companies and take it to new heights. That's when my heart twitched, the condition, because I didn't want to leave you' but I wasn't sure if you wanted me' and well you made the decision for me'" she said choking on her words, as tears slipped down her face. "I'm so sorry baby, I never meant for that to happen' I was an idiot to ever let you go, I love you so much" he said hugging her tightly, and wiping away the tears.

"Yeah well dad promised me the top position in the empire, and I gladly accepted to marry Vivek'" She turned to Armaan and looked at his confused face. "What?" she asked looking at his confusion. "You said your dad is giving you the top position' it's funny because he told me how Vivek was going to look over the company, that's why your getting married to him'" he saw her face turn into a confounded expression. "No that can't be' My dad never takes back on his words" she said not believing him. "Well I don't about that, but yeah that's what he told me'" Ridhima looked at Armaan's face, and knew he was telling the truth. She then thought it out logically inside her head' Dad would never do this too me' I mean yeah he's sexist, but why would he lie' However, why would he also change his mind suddenly and let me take over' I can't believe that jerk, he just lied to me like that' I won't forgive you for that dad'  she thought pulling her hand into a fist.

Armaan noticed her anger raging, and tried calming her down. "I'm never forgiving him for this Armaan' I can't believe he would just use me like this' how low can he get' No, he's not winning this time" she said with ambition. Armaan held her tightly and nodded his head in approval. Ridhima felt calm and contended in his arms, and in no time she fell asleep.

Ridhima woke up, and as soon as she did, a smile appeared on her face. She felt so relaxed' she felt as if a huge burden came out of her chest, the talk with Armaan really did the trick. She turned her face around to face him, and admired him for a while. Caressing his hair, she looked at him appreciatively, while he was still sleeping. "I love you MY baby," she said gently kissing his cheek. "Then why can't you say that to me when I'm awake" Armaan said opening his eyes and grabbing a hold of her. She opened her eyes in shock and looked away, "You' why are you awake, your supposed be asleep'" she said innocently. "How can I sleep when MY baby just confesses'" he said smiling at her as her cheeks turned red. "Say it again please'" he asked dreamily. She nodded a no, which made him frown. "If you don't say it I'm going to'" he came closer to her, as she back away. Suddenly he started tickling her, causing her too laugh out loud. "Armaan' Armaan' please... Stop... Stop it Armaan'" She said laughing her life out. "Nope first say it," Armaan said stubbornly. "Okay' okay fine' I love'" before she can complete, he pressed his lips against hers. "I love you too baby" he said in between the kiss.

It was almost eight in the night when they woke up. Armaan and Ridhima got ready and left for Gupta mansion. "Ridhima, where were you' I called Vivek and he told me you weren't with him'" Shashank stopped once he saw Armaan's hand around Ridhima's waist. "What's going on' and Armaan why are you with her?" he asked suspiciously. Ridhima went up to Shashank, and took out the engagement ring, and handed it to him. "I don't wanna marry Vivek" she said walking back to Armaan. "RIDHIMA! You can't do this' you promised me, your breaking your promise'" Shashank said sternly. Ridhima turned back and gave him a furious expression, as if she's about to burst in anger. "PROMISE! YOU THINK I'M BREAKING YOUR f**kING PROMISE' I WAS READY TO KEEP MY PROMISE, UNTIL I FOUND OUT YOU f**kING LIED TO MY FACE'," she said aggressively. Shashank tried to keep his confidence but hesitated "what are you talking about?" he asked unknowingly. Ridhima gave him a 'you-are-pathetic' look "You weren't gonna make Vivek take over MY empire, which YOU promised to make ME the CEO of'" she said accentuated the nouns. Shashank looked at her guiltily "okay yes I did' but honey you should understand that girl are built physically weaker than boys," Shashank said trying to prove his point. "WELL WHAT THE f**k DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH BRAINS" Ridhima said giving him a dismal look. "Yeah, boys are just physically stronger, that's all' and I told you that earlier, that strength has nothing to do with brains'" Armaan said defending Ridhima. "And dad, what is physical strength gonna let you achieve, other than raping girls" she said as she remembered the incident earlier. "What does strength have to do with rape?" Shashank asked confused, as to where the conversation was going. "Well for your kind information' the guy who was going to be my husband, tried raping me because I wouldn't have sex with him'" Ridhima said straightly. Shashank looked at her angst, "WHAT! When?" "Umm. About 6 hours ago' I saw Ridhima's hands tied up inside the hotel, and she was running with Vivek chasing after her'" Armaan said acting as a witness. Shashank looked at him questionably "What were you doing at the same hotel?". Ridhima saw Armaan's face turn pale with no answer, "I told him to meet me' 'She answered." "Why?" Shashank asked again. Ridhima sighed and realized it was time to come clean "because we like sleeping together". Shashank's face turned pale and in shock' No words were being transferred between the two parties.

Suddenly Shashank smiled "So you mean to say, you and Armaan want to get married" at which Ridhima nodded a yes. At that time both Rahul and Padma were present. "Ridhima you never made me prouder' I mean seriously, I rather do business with the Malik's than the Khanna's anytime," he said gleefully. Ridhima just looked at him astonished "you think I'm marrying Armaan so that you can do business' NO! I'm marrying him cause I Love him'" she screamed. "And plus, I'm not letting you do business with him, because I'm the new CEO of his company' and therefore I ban any connection with the Gupta Industries'" Ridhima said smiling at her dad's defeat.

Suddenly the Gupta door's opened. In comes a girl with curly hair. "MUSKAAN?" said Ridhima, Armaan, and Rahul. "Armaan? Ridhima?" said Muskaan. Ridhima and Rahul looked at each other, "You know her?". "Rahul, of course I know her, she's a really great friend of mine from work'" Ridhima said approaching Muskaan. "By the way, how do you know her?" she asked raising her eyebrows. Rahul scratched his eyes shyly looking down, Ridhima smiled knowing what's going on. "So this is my Muski babhi, right bhi'" she asked smiling and hugging Muskaan. Rahul nodded his head, and hugged Ridhima. "Actually Ridhz, Rahul told me it's time to tell your family about us' so here I am' but I'm also glad that you and Armaan worked your problem out'" Muskaan said smiling. "It's all thanks to you Muskaan' If you didn't tell me that day, I wouldn't have known how much I love Ridhima".

Padma smiled at the two couples laughing and talking happily' She finally got the courage to speak up to her husband. "Shashank I have been a quiet shell for many years, but no more' I don't care if you don't accept these children, but their mother is always with them..," Padma said hugging Ridhima and Rahul. "And I approve of their choices, and I can't with a man with such low thoughts of women' so it's better if I leave with them'" she said walking out of the house with all four.

"Padma" came a voice from behind. "Please forgive me dear' I don't know what's gotten into me' I don't know why I grew up this way, with such low thoughts and ideas' but I realized a women's importance, the minute you told me you were leaving my heart crashed' If I promise to never think like this again, can you all forgive me'" Shashank pleaded. He was about to go on his feet, when Padma made him stand up. "Shashank I'm glad u understood your mistake' and yes I forgive you," Padma said hugging him with tears in his eyes.

Shashank finally announced Rahul and Muskaan's, and Armaan and Ridhima's wedding. Both got married at the same day. Shashank declared Ridhima as the executive of Gupta empires, giving Muskaan a similar position.


"Armaan please leave me' the people in the office might hear'" she said trying to runaway from him. "I understand you moan loud baby' but I had this room sound proofed just for you'" Armaan said kissing her neck hungrily. "Armaan, I have work in 10 minutes'" he said pulling open her bathrobe. Armaan ignored her complains and settled her on the bed. He pinned her down and started kissing her hungrily. Ridhima panicked, as she knew going to office was mandatory. "OUCH" Armaan screamed. He rubbed his neck where Ridhima has just bitten him. "Mr. Malik we have to go to work' I'm your boss, so now GET UP! And GET OUT!" she said sternly. Armaan looked at her pissed and upset. He got off the bed and left without saying a word. Ridhiam sighed at his stubborn behavior, and left for work.

The whole day Armaan ignored Ridhiam. He was still mad about the morning's incident. Suddenly he received a text from her 'Armaan I'm in danger' please help' he looked at the text and was in shock. He ran out immediately, as if his life was about to end. As he reached home, he noticed all the lights out. Once he turned the lights on, he looked perplexed.

His eyes wide open, as his mouth watered up. Ridhima was wearing a pink nighty dress. It was way above her knees, exposing her thighs, and it was very low cut, exposing cleavage. He gulped the water that formed inside his mouth as she approached him. "Hi Armaan" Ridhima said sensually inside his ear. Armaan looked away from her, as he couldn't keep his control. "Umm. You said you're in danger' what's wrong" he said closing his eyes, composing himself. "I can only tell you if you look at me" she said turning him towards her. She put her hands around his neck and brought her face closer to his ear, "actually I need your help" she whispered moving her lips up and down his ears. "Ridhima what are you doing' aren't you too busy for that" he asked pushing her away. Ridhima pushed him down on the sofa, and landed herself on him. "I didn't even do anything Armaan' I just told you I needed your help' will you help me?" she said tracing her fingers on his face. "With what" came a whisper from his mouth. He couldn't utter a word right now. "Follow Me," she whispered getting off from him. He followed her, as she led  him to their bedroom.

Her back was still towards him. "What do you need help with" he asked her still confused. "I can't get my zipper off" she said approaching him. "Can you please take it off for me?" she whispered on his cheek. "Armaan slowly unzipped her dress. As his fingers brushed her bare back, she gasped. Her gasps aroused Armaan, as he saw her back exposed to him. Suddenly she felt his lips on her lower back, moving up. "Armaan" she gasped as she felt his lips on her neck. "Ridhima" his whispered back capturing her lips. She ripped off his shirt, as he took off her dress, and pushed her on the bed. Moving on top of her, he kissed her everywhere, leaving no place behind. He gave her love bites throughout her body, making her moan in pleasure. Armaan stroked her thighs, as they numbed from his touches. He finally entered her, making her scratch his back with the pain of pleasure. Armaan kissed her once more making the pain disappear. He settled next to her and whispered "did you just seduce me sensually". She snuggled into him closer "it's called sensual seduction after all" she said kissing him. "I love you Armaan" she hugged him. "I love you too MY baby" he said kissing her throughout the night.



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