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Part 12 (last part) : it’s a love worth waiting for….

Billy uttered worriedly : “par dr. shshank hain kahan? Unhein kaise manayenge?”
Arman : “wo kal yahan aane wale hain,I mean sanjivani me ek conference hai attend karne aayenge aur dr.subhankar ke house rukenge. I will request sir to forgive riddhima.

Riddhima uttered sighly : “papa nahi manenge..wo mujhse nafrat karte hain.maine unhen bahut takleef di hai.”

Billy assured her : “toh hum sab hunger strike karenge riddhima..don’t worry unhein manna hi padega.

Riddhima smiled sighly hearing it. She thanked to god for getting all things back..getting arman back..getting back her these nice in laws and prayed to live with them forever.

After finishing conference shshank came to sanjivani,met with the other staffs and patients also. Today evening he had to go back but his heart was not ready for it. He had spent the best time of his life in this hospital..he had gotton his love dr. padma from here..and their daughter riddhima..whom he used to take here sometimes.when padma opposed and said him : “itni choti bachchi ko wahan kyon le jate hain aap?”

Shshank used to explain her.. “abhi se usey sanjivani se pyar hona sikha raha hun padma..usey is baat ka khyal rahe ki badi hokar usey sanjivani ka head banna hai..yeh mera sapna hai aur uska bhi hone chahiye…

Shshank heaved a long breathe and thought…”shayad maine uspar apna decision thopna chaha tha..maine kyon nahi socha ki meri beti ka sapna mujhse alag bhi ho sakta hai…

Sister lovely came and uttered : “Namaste sir..kaise hain aap?”
Shshank nodded and uttered : “I am fine ,aap kaisi hain?”
Lovely uttered : “mai toh bhali change hun sir,mujhe ki hoya..

Dr.shshank smiled as he knew it was lovely’s talking style. Lovely uttered : “o ji,sir ji..dr. subhankar ne aapko apne cabin me bulaya hai ji.”

Shshank nodded and uttered : “haan,mai unka cabin hi dhundh raha 2 saalon me kafi changes hue hain sanjivani me.”

Lovely nodded and uttered : “sir ji,unka cabin 2nd floor par hai ji,chaliye mai aapko le chalti hun.”

Shashank smiled and followed her. When they came there,saw subhankar and kirti was stood there to welcome. subhankar uttered : “sir,mai aapka wait kar raha tha..i called you sir par aapka phone shayad busy tha.”

Shshank saw missed call .he uttered : “sorry,maine dhyan nahi diya tha..”

Subhankar smiled and welcomed him. they sat in cabin and subhankar discussed about some patients and new medicines then uttered : “sir,aapse koi milne aaya hai.”
The door was opened and arman came with riddhima. Shshank jerked and stood at once. All were kept quiet there.after sometime arman cleared his throat and addressed riddhima : “riddhima,papa se asirbaad lo.”

Riddhima ,who was stood there while staring at the floor…stepped to shshank and touched his feet.shshank kept his shivering hand on her head but didn’t look at her. Riddhima understood papa was still angry on her..tears started flowing on her cheeks. Arman uttered : “sir,aapne riddhima ko maaf nahi kiya abhi tak?”

Shshank uttered in a painful voice : “kya usne maaf karne laayak kaam kiya tha arman?”

Riddhima covered her face with her palm and started sobbing. Kirti uttered : “sorry sir,par aapki beti hai wo.kya insaan se galti nahi hoti hai?

Shshank didn’t reply of her question only uttered : “meri kuch der me flight hai,I have to go now.”

Just then muskan came in and uttered : “sorry sir,par aap is tarah nahi ja sakte…agar aapne riddhima ko maaf nahi kiya toh hum sab hunger strike karenge.”

Shshank saw the whole gang was stood outside of the cabin.all came inside and requested together…”sir please..warna sach me hum hunger strike karenge.”

Kirti,who always maintained discipline,uttered in a serious tone : “doctors..yeh unka personal matter hai..and I think aisa behuda idea aap doctors ko shobha nahi deta.”

Billy came inside with ananya and uttered : “yeh idea mera hai dr. kirti..mujhe toh shobha dega na? agar dr. shshank ne meri bahu ko maaf nahi kiya toh abhi isi pal se mai khana –pani sab chodta hun.”

A smile crept in shshank’s lips hearing it. Ananya uttered smilingly : “bhai sa’b ,maaf bhi kar do meri bahu ko.”
Muskan uttered : “sir,please inke bahu ko maaf kar dijiye..
Rahul : “ji sir..please..

Nikki : “sir,aapki beti na sochkar inke bahu sochkar hi maaf kar dein..

Shshank looked at riddhima and a pain arose in his heart seeing riddhima was standing while tears flowing constantly from her eyes and her hands were folded in front of him. he remembered when riddima was a kid,she was very naughty and whenever shshank wanted to scold her about her mischief ,she used to stand folding her hand and tears in eyes. His eyes also became wet and he stretched his arms towards her. Riddhima hugged him and uttered in her crying : “sorry papa..”

Shshank caressed her hairs and smiled lightly. arman's friends jumped with joy and yelled : “yeeeeeeeeee!”

Kirti uttered smilingly : “doctors!go on your duty.”

Shshank uttered : “haan mujhe bhi jana hai..i am already late.”
Ananya uttered : “aap kahan ajoge bhai sa’b? ab toh aap kahin nahi ja sakte humey chodkar.”

Arman uttered smilingly : “yes sir,chaliye apne ghar chaliye.”

Shshank uttered : “ab wo mera ghar nahi arman,maine tumhe de diya hai.”

Arman uttered with a respect : “sir, mujhe bas riddhima chahiye tha..wo aapne mujhe diya ...ab asirvad dijiye ki mai aap jaisa ban sakun.”

Shshank uttered in a wet voice : “aap toh mujhse kai guna achche insaan ho dr. arman..aapne jo kiya wo koi nahi kar sakta.”

Billy uttered : “bas ab yeh topic yahan khtam karein aur ghar chalein? mujhe thodi thodi bhukh lag rahi hai.”

Arman laughed while ananya glared him and uttered : “aap toh hunger strike karne wale the na?”

Billy : “mujhe pata tha shshank maan jayenge..aur tumhe bhi pata tha isliye toh aaj special dishes banaye tumne.”
Annaya smiled and uttered: “bhai sa’b, chaliye,aaj humare yahan dinner karne ke baad arman aapko aur riddhima ko aapke ghar chod aayega.”

Then she addressed to dr. kirti : “kirti,please aaplog bhi aana aur arman ke friends ko bhi allow kar dena kuch der ke liye..”

But before dr. kirti could reply ,subhankar replied : “sure ..hum sab aayenge..”

Dr. kirti glared him and subhankar mouthed sorry to her.
Arman riddhima

“At last my love has come along
My lonely days are over and life is like a song, oh yeah
At last the skies above are blue
My heart was wrapped up clover the night I looked at you
I found a dream that I could speak to
A dream that I can call my own
I found a thrill to press my cheek to
A thrill I've never known, oh yeah
You smiled, you smiled oh and then the spell was cast
And here we are in Heaven
For you are mine at last.”

Arman came in the room and saw riddhima was looking at their wedding photos. Today when a grand party was celebrated in shshank’s house .arman instructed kaka to fix the wedding photos in their room. After party,shshank gave riddhima’s hand in arman’s ,his friends clapped and muskan asked : “sir,toh kya arman ab riddhima ko apne sath le ja sakta hai?”

Shshank uttered smilingly : “of course dr. muskan,maine toh pahle hi riddhima ko vida kar diya tha…haan shayad apni beti ka hath arman ke hath me dena bhul gaya tha isliye wo bhatak gayi thi..aj wo duty maine pura kar diya.”
Nikki : “par sir,riddhima aise jaye achcha thode lagta hai..hum usey dulhan banakar le jayenge.”

Riddhima uttered slowly : “par..
Muskan uttered glaring her : “tu kuch nahi kahegi.humne sara intzaam kar rakha hai..tere dresses and all..chal ab chupchap.”

They took riddhima in room and dressed her like a bride and when they came back with bride riddhima..ananya uttered happily : “ab meri bahu ko vida kijiye bhai sa’b.”
Arman’s friends also came their house with them.they stayed there for sometime then said bye while muskan warned arman…”abey!ab yahan time waste mat kar aur apne kamre me ja,aisa na ho riddhima bore hokar phir bhag jaye.”

After they left,arman came in his room and saw riddhima was looking at the photos.arman asked slowly : “kya dekh rahi ho?”

Riddhima turned to him and uttered in a wet voice : “tumne ab tak sarey photos sambhalkar rakhe they?

Arman : “of course..shadi toh baar baar nahi hoti na.”
Riddhima asked in a teary voice : “aur agar mai wapas na aa sakti toh?”

Arman shrugged shoulders and uttered : “toh kya? Inhi tasviron ke sahare ek zindagi gujar hi leta mai..”

Riddhima wiped her tears and hugged him. arman kissed on her forehead and uttered: “raat bahut ho gayi hai,jao change kar lo riddhima.”

After changing her bridal dress into night suit,when riddhima came in room saw arman was lied on the bed while closing eyes. She hesitated a bit and stood there silently. arman opened eyes and gestured her to come there.riddhima sat on the bed and smiled nervously. Arman slipped to her and kept his head on her lap while encircling her waist with arms. Both were kept quiet for sometime then riddhima uttered slowly : “arman..tumse ek baat puchna tha.”

Arman uttered looking at her : “haan pucho na.”

Riddhima hesitated a bit then said : “muskan ne bataya mujhe ki tumhe pata tha wo mangalsutr tumhara hai..par kaise?”

Arman got up and said : “give me mangalsutr.”

Riddhima hesitated to remove it so arman himself took it out and said : “see riddhima…yeh beech me jo white pendant hai…. tumne kabhi isey shayad dhyan se dekha nahi..its made of very tiny diamonds ,with AR.”

Riddhima looked surprisingly at the mangalsutr and saw ..the pendant is made of 2 words..AR.

She mumbled with a sorry face : “maine kabhi dhyan hi nahi diya tha.”

Arman dragged her into lap and teased : “tumne toh mujhpar bhi dhyan nahi diya tha .”

Riddhima mouthed sorry.

Arman uttered in a mischievous voice : “sirf sorry se kaam nahi chalega.”

Hearing it riddhima blushed and uttered : “mujhe mangal sutr pehna do arman.”

But arman kept it aside and uttered peeping in her eyes : “aaj bas mai aur tum riddhima..humare beech aur koi nahi.”

Riddhima blushed and closed her eyes. Arman brushed a lock of hair back from her face and then traced her jaw with a finger which made riddhima shivering. Arman lowered his head and pressed his manly lips against her soft ones which skittered heat through her body. In next moment she surrendered to his warm lips and secure embrace, clinging to him as her heart stepped up pace. Their soft kiss didn’t take time to turn into passionate one…but after sometime they realized they had to remove all obstacles to dip into the ocean of love…arman asked permission through eyes and getting that the same fire was inflaming in riddhima’s eyes…he took one step more and in some minutes they entered into a new world which was only made for them…their own world..the world of wild and passionate love…

Love u all

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