Sunday, 2 September 2018

part 12 : ~TORN~~

"Riddhima!" he shouted to see Ramu enter his bedroom.

"She's gone sir!" Armaan looked at him frowning and marched up to her bed room.

Everything was tidy put away and he opened the cupboards to see the set of jewellery boxes and opened them all there nothing was missing only the picture of them she framed in Paris was missing….

"Good Riddance!" he said slamming the bedroom door…

"Breakfast Saab ji!"

"What did I say about speaking English Salle!" Ramu looked at him and could see the hurt in his eyes because of memsahib and he knew he was hurting badly as he looked at his Saabji looking broken…

"Ramu ….clean up this place!" he shouted taking hold of his suitcase

"Sir memsahib cleaned everything before she left…" Ramu said looking at him as he walked to the large doors.

"CLEAN IT AGAIN!!" He shouted leaving the room…

Stupid woman should have took the jewellery to pawn off… What she thinking? she has no one here ….ok wait there her Romeo Sumit she with him I bet! He thought putting his foot down on the peddle of the car…

"Mukshan cancel everything! I don't want to be disturbed …." He shouted slamming the door to his office as she smiled 'trouble in paradise'

Grabbing the glass round stone weight he spun it around and looked at the clock and closed his eyes. Stupid cow playing me just to marry me…I don't want a child! Heck I don't want a wife! But you want her Armaan!  He looked up to see himself in the chair in front of him.

"DO I F***!!" he shouted

"You're lying to you're self hey… you cant go near another woman you tried remember the hotel and you felt disgusted about it afterwards…she struck a cord you cant stay away from her and…"

"SHE LEFT ME!! GOD DAMIT" he scream slamming the paper weight down shattering the glass desk as it collapse in front of him. As something inside his chest felt shattered into pieces too …

"SIR!" Muskhan barged in the office seeing him breathing heavily at in his chair as she looked at him with the shattered glass everywhere he looked so upset and she never seen him in such a state ever the great Armaan Malik looked broken?

"GET OUT!" he shouted scaring her as she close the door.

***beep beep beep***

He placed his mobile to his ear…

"Hi Armaan its Sumit here!" Armaan frowned hearing his voice

"I just called to invite you and Riddhima to the opening of my new bar…" he said

"Sumit do you love Ridddhima?" Armaan asked hearing nothing but silence

"That was a long time ago Armaan… To tell you the truth she does even know I liked her I was scared to tell her… as I did not want to ruin our friendship! Anyway she love you…she told me yesterday she very happy with you and was going to give u a surprise this evening, She would not tell me saying she going to tell you first… and I think you're a luck man…She loves you a lot! " Sumit said

"Why did you never tell her you loved her?" Armaan asked closing his eyes.

"I think I was scared of rejection at the time and she never made an advance towards mine…I think I got the hint as she never liked me that way…any way why you ask?"

"Because you wanted to marry her…I heard you at the party"

"Oh Look Armaan…. I did! But I seen her look at you at the party and I know she loves you a lot…we all noticed her looking at you when we spoke to her….Look Armaan she see me as only a friend and I don't want to loose that and I don't know what you might be thinking but I can put my hand on my heart and tell you she loves you a lot. We all saw you on the dance floor yesterday and you love her too it was noticeable to everyone there. In fact I will go on record and say you two are made for each other! …Ok I have to go more people to invite…" Armaan closed him eyes hearing a dead tone….

Grabbing his suitcase he left the office in a daze and got into the car and just drove… he enter the house and looked at the shine and there was no one there and Ramu appeared with his tea and he looked at him… As he sat there pushing the TV remote channels and looked lost as he turned to face Ramu…

"I looked every where in the city Ramu! I can't find her…." He whispered turning back to the TV not all there.

"Saab ji shall I get you dinner!" Ramu asked looking at him

"No Ramu just leave…" Ramu nodded his head and looked back at him leaning back at the sofa pushing the buttons of the remote…


Staring at the nameplate on the house 'desire' she looked at it ….as she wondered the streets her feet ended up at the Gutpa house and using the spare key under the pot where she left it she opened the door and turned and locked it…. Entering the bedroom she looked over at Anjali bed and had noticed all her objects and her bed had been removed in fact there was nothing in the house which would have suggested she ever lived there ….traces of her life where erased gone for ever. Why was it she never mattered? To anyone? …as the tears ran down her face the harsh words he had spoken last night boomed in her ears… as she sat on the floor leaning against the wall sobbing….."You choose the baby or me?" ….get up Riddhima think? She thought …but I cant live without him? I just cant but he goes not want this child and you have to choose Riddhima? I need this baby its a token of my love our love growing inside me… but he believes that its all fake Riddhima… No one ever stuck by her all her life as she stood in a crowd she felt alone completely alone no matter where she was….the Gupta house too she felt nothing but empty the void in her life, which just kept groing ….. but with him she found something which filled it …his open attitude about everything and she found herself emotional attracted to him and he in someway filled something deep inside of her which was dormant for so long ….maybe it was just sex to him but to her it was something much more and she found herself unwilling surrounding to the desires he ignited within her ….and for her in someway she understood what it was and since the trip to London he been so gentle and the slight changes in him only made her realizes her feeling for him ….it was love and meaning full to her the sex and the closeness the small conversations alone meant something to her…even his eyes gave him away at times and how can she deny this anymore?….this was something she could not live without ….and when she went to see Sapna Di and she confirmed the news she was happy….now I can actually give him something as he has already given me so much….but how wrong was she…. No Riddhima you can do this? She pushed open the door to see him on the sofa flicking the remote on the large wide screen tv…totally lost in his himself…..

"Armaan!" he turned quickly and looked at her standing by the door and got up and headed towards her as she stood with tears running down her face. Looking at the confusion in his eyes as her own eyes just thirst and her body just wanted to feel his warm embrace……as he stood 5 feet away just looking at her…

"All day I been thinking and the truth is I cant live without you …so I killed the baby…" he looked at her pale face …something was wrong….and went towards her as she collapse and towards his feet rolled the medicine bottle out of her hand.

"OH WHAT HAVE YOU DONE??!" He cried picking her up and heading out of the door…


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